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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com: Gives the latest news surround the AFC Championship

Jan 17, 2014|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Merloni to give injury and practice updates on the Patriots and Broncos. He also gives his prediction on who will win Sunday's game.

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Which critics on the eighteenth the outlines a buddy Mike Reese from ESPN boston.com as we Digisette. The past -- Broncos on Sunday Mike -- are you. Good afternoon you are very analytical in your breakdowns the last Q of course a very non analytical question to start do you feel in your bones like like blue and I do that this just. This feels like were in front epic game a legendary sort of met a historical game Sunday 3 o'clock in Denver. Well I I think so I think that -- it's going to be a great game I'm curious to see how plays -- -- in terms of will be issued will be more that they keep away long drive type game. Two great quarterbacks effort to talk about legacy all throat. The show and I just think. Patriots to me the better overall team Broncos to the have the one unit that might be able to control the game. From interest -- that push and -- plays out. If the patriots cannot establish the run can Tom Brady and his weapons. Beat Denver. Knew that the great question because I think I'm fascinated by the fact that when I think the patriots look at the Broncos defense they keep vulnerability. I've really across the board I don't think it's a very good defense but I think if all things were equal. They would probably attack more through the air in this game but my question is what do they think about their own weapons. To be able to do that and. Look I don't have to answer I'm not even sure they do at this point I think there's got to be some semblance of balance. But that's the big question in everyone's right on it I mean. They don't have the same weapons they had in past years disorder reminds you a little bit 2006. May be a little bit at the past couple years when they don't have that that outside guys the media are adopting comes back in May be helped -- that board a little bit. Do you think that admission kind of start that loss in Miami you know the first game full game with outcrop. And rubio Brady threw the ball 55 times and never had a good game you know and and -- dole had a good game and they still could win he think after that going into Baltimore shouldn't we need to be different team because they have been since. You know -- when you think about a turning point that you could go there I think is really probably the place I would go is. When Steven Ridley sort of fumbled the ball cut -- and they sort of that he was enacted the next week and they sort of turned to look -- one. That's not necessarily their their bell cow but really their lead guy. And look what he's done since that point he's sort of transformed. A little bit of their identity and what they are. So I guess if I had the pick a point I'd start there. But certainly there is always -- multiple points along the way. The other point I would make in this one that colleagues feel the eighth grade that I where where were acquitted. You get the sense they got a little momentum going sort of like the giants you know and at 2007. Season. They -- common. No they they they picked it up right at the end of the year and they were common through the playoffs. When you look at the Broncos enormously man did they look a little bit like the 2007 patriots. When they were so explosive early on but now they're just sort of hold -- on and again and again if he -- Sort of cure for this colliding. Here he talked about the running game we talked about one getting the opportunity do you think that. He is it just by default the lead guy like I see Steven Ridley and what he did I thought he ran. As well as blunt did and I could see -- those guys having real split carries when it comes the running game like what -- think. Yes so I think they started off with blunt end and he gets the start if you will -- -- by the end of the game you're probably looking at that you know. 33% 33% 33%. Between blunt. Ridley and Marines now the -- could always go up higher if they end up in more of the spread game of baseball behind the situation. Dictate that that's the way it -- But I think it's not necessarily like OK you know we're gonna give. Force series the point 12 Ridley and they're really rotating series. And then it sort of depends on how many plays are within each series I think it starts with the care -- but Steven Ridley has proven to be a solid two complimented him. You know is going to be adjustments because there are game to game and isn't that the weather is -- a big factor out different was the last time these two teams have played but. Odd of them patriots count of that running offense you know they ran right through them you believe that this different personality can make a difference. New major break for the Broncos first and foremost with the weather I think that's a -- I think that's a huge story that that everyone certainly has been on -- start there. And I think look at it from an x.s and o.s standpoint they played ninety defensive snaps in nineteen. On November 24 and all ninety's where in the sub defense with 56 -- more defensive back so that means you're later in the box against Iran. The Broncos just kill them right up the gut in that game which Chris Jones and killed a lot of the undersized defensive tackle. Getting blown off the ball by this senator Manny Ramirez the -- seen Beatles and company. What's different this time around still bristling -- this is the guy that you have to mention for the patriots are saying he's Vince Wilfork but. He's sort of like Kyle Love their old nose tackle he's six foot 2325. Pound. Didn't play in that last game is playing a lot more now he's starting he's proving that he can handle some double -- Think he's -- key guy for the patriots in this game. Like -- ESPN boston.com is joining us -- in the secondary Mike. Other pages not just up front -- I was talking earlier about. -- corollary to being now Wes Welker and Alphonso -- beer and Eric Decker and you pointed out you have the numbers that. Logan Ryan played a lot more than Kyle Arrington did have always assumed -- -- was the slot guy. The match up -- Welker who do you think draws that first assignment against Welker in the slot on so Sunday afternoon. Somewhat Ellington started in the slot against the colts and and ended up getting replaced by Logan Ryan -- game. My sense is because there was -- in effectiveness he struggled a little bit in the slot but if you go back. To begin on November 24 I thought Arrington played very well against Welker and it's my hunch you'll get the first shot. And the lining up across from him I envisioned the key to leave on the -- Thomas. I Alfonzo standard on Eric Decker -- Collins with a heavy focus on Julius Thomas. And that leaves you with Kyle Arrington on Wes Welker -- help and I heard a decade earlier in the show the idea of defending you inside the field out. Gonna make Peyton Manning beat -- they can beat you down the field outside the numbers that makes a lot of sense to me. -- Jamie Collins did you. See this coming to me that game he had I don't know also have a duplicated. They'll come in this week I don't know but that was a different guy that we shot. -- I don't know how anyone could see in the coming in less you know the players say they -- all the time in practice sped. I was just sort of look at the general numbers can turn the opportunity that the player had I mean he only played 25% of the fast. In the regular season into the first ten games of the year. He was averaging ten snapped the game so he wasn't even a factor knowing that sub guy in the media would feel when you know and an injury situation. But he had never really played that much with almost like they unleashed him and said hey. It's your time now the most important game of the year so and what you had been watching practice every day and we do we with athletic we knew we we had. Gotten with the program and with sort everything that they like but there was no indication that he was gonna break out like that. Michael -- got a couple the injury notes here was punting. The patriots on some. And no well it's it's interesting I mean Ryan -- punters get this spring -- he. -- in the shoulder the right shoulder he practiced all week limited. I think that the feeling is. We patent toward doll he's gonna try to give the gulf and the concern is that you get -- snapper air -- one you know can he get his hands up over his head. How to catch the ball so I think we got to leave a little wiggle room there might you know just to say hey if if he gets out there he doesn't feel well they have to figure something out I did ask. Even that does keep the kicker if he had been practicing his punting it we just in case he said Null. So that sort of left me that you know make a judgment that they have probably pretty good young that -- -- -- will be good to go here. Thus we hear any word either bumping and kicker in all week right in tryouts on that. They begin you know they had a couple guys in -- November just to sort of -- emergency and we need a guy you know and it snapped this is our guy the fact they haven't done that. Leads me to think they'll they'll be with Allen right now. Now do you think he'll do the holding on Sunday Mike. I I talk that someone you know who's a little bit more in tune with. All the data detailed and not the one area they said probably not you know you wouldn't want to do that because of the different range of motion you know you think about a punter when he catches the ball. From the snapper it's pretty much straight on. Now think about it when you have to turn you know as a holder on the field goal I wouldn't be surprised if we see Tom Brady Ryan mallet. I do and holding one of those guys. -- -- number respective holder who gonna give more of the he phone calls what the hell they Dylan but now work a -- week. They just like with Rob Gronkowski planet right wing in the field goal unit you know we've -- now it's Chandler Jones you know we if we don't mention it until something happens that. Go to show you Bill Belichick doesn't really changes the -- based on what happened. Yet you know like one of the things to at this this game we all expected to be a great game -- -- -- -- talking about special teams you know weapon like Julian adamant. For special teams you know up penalties that kind of negate. What he can bring -- kind of the only seeded twelve lawyer long is that point of emphasis to those guys. Yet Lou I love that you brought the specialties because that was sort of the point I would make it about how hot I really believe in instead in the game in and obviously seen much more the patriots. That there -- better team. And the Broncos and the reason I say that is you look at their special teams complementing the defense cannot send you look at him being the second least. Penalized team overall in the NFL and the Broncos. I believe it's been the -- most penalized team in the NFL you throw it all together and I can get better overall team from the patriots. And special -- to the big part of that and Rick Gosselin. Veteran writer the Dallas morning news yet -- the annual rankings of the best special team units in the NFL. Just came out within the past week. Patriots were number one I think the Broncos were down a 2728. Feet to -- areas where the patriots might be able to steal points. -- field position maybe shift momentum that's an area I think you definitely have. -- mentioned I eventually listen the show and you heard our legacy talk. Mike where do you fall on this we've had only had a lot of people disagreement Lou and I saying that this is safer for Manning specifically where you ask. Well -- I ER it's I knew I was gonna come back to where where NRA to follow on the spike. I know I know I always like try to be prepared Sino what you might actually not I hope not that tenacity. And the worked like a key guy and -- such I'm still in the moment I guess. I sort of bottom line it and I just I really I think they're both amazing they're both outstanding and to me. OK let's say one of them wins this game and then loses the Super Bowl we go back and say it will. It didn't really matter you know like I mean I think it comes down to the bottom line. And winning the ring and I guess I know what you're saying you consistently well one of the doctors have a chance to win the ring so that doesn't make it's a legacy tight game I just hit it. I don't really see it that way I guess is sort of trend thing. I did see that prediction up there Michael he got this week what's the score. And I ended up going lower score level in 2724. And and for the patriot and I think part of that part of the reason is that that idea of I think that. And -- typical -- to -- the team that I feel like at a little more momentum that is the better overall team. -- go with the underdog and and part of it -- beyond -- did it and so close -- it took to the team on a daily -- he had the confidence when you're around the players when you're in the locker room on a daily basis. That that you'll be hard for me if I didn't think it I thought Denver was Rowland and and haven't. All week after that sort of -- going in the right direction maybe it would've gone in the other direction but not strong enough for me to do that. I who who the patriots face in the Super Bowl like Seattle or San Francisco. -- comical with camp and Cisco I think I think just having the experience of having played in Seattle and not playing well I will help them tough minded team and my concern would be from what I've seen from afar that the Seahawks offense. And doesn't seem like it's really quick -- and also -- -- stick with that there I had the preceded pick helping -- to get stuck -- -- Peter King about how yet. Seattle doing and I had inconsistent New England with the 49ers win the Super Bowl stuff that comes into play next week they'll be found in the surgeries. It didn't stick with it hit it equipment 49ers pick on that'll be great he's like recent ESPN boston.com look for to the coverage. Later on today with the injury reports I get is set for the weekend of course -- coverage. All week Kennedy -- PM boston.com Mike thanks travel safely -- you next week thanks -- had a great weekend that is Mike Reese habeas PM boston.com when he joins us. He's brought to you by our friends and nor -- power equipment by town fair tire. And by EMD -- pour a division of Merck KG AA AA dorms -- Germany.

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