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Kerry Byrne with the cold hard facts on Pats Broncos

Jan 17, 2014|

Kerry Byrne joined the show to discuss the key numbers this Sunday in the AFC Championship game. Kerry told the guys the numbers favor the Patriots.

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You want some pertinent number crunching down. Welcome back in -- -- -- 61777979. -- 37747. In Boston a 104 degrees in Melbourne Australia. May have. Said the temperature and the heat will break this -- of ultimate say so good and it costs a lot used to gonna go to -- mean if the Australian Open on. Is on to deal weakened Kirk. Obama Obama's or not tough call you'd that you missed the Australian Open -- never while I was right to buy. Brought that would bail Judi Dench won from negotiate the right yeah as polar. When -- -- land of the two -- would you view she's when he for him he's aggressive like that. Hit it is. Give a temperature force and Boston. 38 degrees thirty degrees anyway it started to say if you want to crunch and -- army that numbers. This weekend's AFC championship game there's only one person who -- personal -- we need to talk to nuts are good pal Kerry Byrne from cold. Hard football facts Marty Carey joins us on the AT&T -- like. Gloria John Jerry Parrott from doing well by the ways negative nine right now and International Falls, Minnesota negative mean Roger Goodell want to put a Super Bowl. That probably makes some sense -- bills that's gonna be a non story it's just an -- I want to be Armageddon we likened OnStar like it is Sunday I mean yeah Denver it's not a big deal. If I agree it'll be 38. And clot which I. How good would this be okay assume it's note we have this magical. Cinematic Super Bowl in the snow and how would that what would be acting as a candidate Tom Brady legacy is the best you know bad weather what -- all time to have that moment in the -- what -- -- actually brooding. But it felt I I like that what a game tonight -- that's why you're never gonna have another chance privacy ace you know -- super -- wanted to know I. I'm I'm and a calm something more dramatic more cataclysmic than Nat -- my sense is I'm gonna say this and Marty said I think Denver's gonna win the game which means. Peyton Manning will be in New Jersey on that fateful day and I think this would be the time that he can either. Not enhance in all of the fact that he is a horrible cold weather quarterback or -- shed that that -- policy. If he's there I wanna see. Peyton Manning try to deal with and win it -- though all that's anyway. Based local art on on that note but they wanted to one of the candidate. Statistically titillating storyline. But this game is is we're looking at the two greatest winners. In NFL history in the way we measure that one thing I did last week is look at the greatest win -- differential. -- every quarterback in NFL history is typically goes to a 100 games and number one all time guys it was an amazing number Tara Brady plus a 106 he. Wins the losses and put in the play a 166. And if he. Number 21 that was to Peyton Manning what 9323. Games behind isn't operating when -- want to frontal. And number three guys know let the legend and -- once in a plus 7937. Games and win a lot different Tom Brady. I don't -- don't think you know -- and appreciate what we're seeing that perpetual. Victory machine with a -- average it was thirteen when you -- in the play out and it's amazing it really won't have a significant in any sport. OK -- obviously that is a statistic that that that is the big picture from 35000 -- lets this it's narrow win on this weekend and when you and your staff sat down. To begin preparation for crunching numbers on this game. How to adapt. All and key meeting go in terms of where do we -- -- -- what number's do we -- examined to tell us what might happen Sunday afternoon. What -- we go to break good coach who numbers out passer rating differential we called the mother false steps -- -- you guys about it a lot of back this year team the playoff teams in the twelve playoff team. If they had a better passer rating they went a 114. And seven at the despite having just you know some people think that no matter -- stat matters when your quarterback is more efficient doesn't have to pass the 400 yards. This -- be more efficient win 95 among the upkeep of what 95%. The ball games this year are in one thing you don't repeat its -- said. Peyton Manning aren't really kind of spit the bit at right now at week twelve game. You know department bring -- to 280 yards what do you which you registered to run for that many are in loose ball game Payton Manning. Four point two yards per attempt that came. The second worst day of his career the worst since his rookie season of 1998. The Broncos it will affect -- because in a big moment. -- heard this before Pete Manning didn't you know came up small. And obviously that -- the -- a better team that better statistically in all these different ways but. Are clearly his track record against the patriot putting that you've been is not a good one. So Republican you know Republican at all these different numbers and I also want to look at how has this what about. Are performing -- -- team -- we all know that story right -- -- go to Tibet we twelfth. -- -- -- -- as usual this year you make sense here but does that all changed because it's going to be 58 degrees sunny and in Denver. You know I I I don't think so I don't I don't know I -- will find out I suppose but obviously. Pete struggled in in the -- been well documented and it's going to be a little warmer he he might play better. We don't have -- interesting that we talked with historical operating differential the picket for the best as he sent. Denver's they -- even that we talked be the -- -- -- number nine this season -- defensive after one of the most important that's what all right. Are based Denver had a pretty soft schedule and I'm not taking anything away from from what do you mean I mean an amazing season -- one of the -- of -- time. You know it's a touchdown passes and ridiculous we know he did not play particularly tough fleet of defense is in the best defense we played. In -- win when he had one of his worst games it's not his worst game. Of the year and we can talk and he would have been talking with this year's -- need to -- that -- and due to our you know to get over the hump but they've not been able to get over since 2000 -- that -- they haven't ruled that the couple would get one thing I think -- really. Are we talked -- beginning the -- guys. The -- to -- soft vaccine are scoring teams in those seven. We we -- that if we get half or die a little hard -- that Johnny Cash on the boy named -- could get tougher guy with a they're tougher harder hated football team and and other written this great running game into the into the championship and that they didn't really have a weak public really kind of blossomed late and I think all the -- despite it to help the patriot. It give them a fighting chance on Sunday. You know anyway great myths is that Brady has this great postseason edge over many because he's one priest who bulls -- want obviously that's important yes and so for. It's almost the same -- I'm looking career pass that playoff passer rating leaders you talk about important capturing -- I agree. Brady is twelfth all time 87 point to many as 1088 point six yeah I don't. In the can commanding -- -- been very volatile if you look at game by game he had you know we had to get a perfect under so called perfect 158 point three passer rating gets achieved. In the 2003 playoffs and all that up -- -- 31 point two against the patriot. The C title game I mean they're very volatile. And the reality is he got a bad -- Africa because he he underperformed -- -- -- underperformed sixteen points per game guys. In at eleven playoff or you can blame this guy can -- that they can -- the defense but. His office of the under achieved and by the way -- second you know worked downfield passing performance this year other than that given the patriots -- last week against the chargers. Our dad spent his dad that his legacy that's etched in north which is why did the legacy game you just kinda. Correct some of that but you know he's been he's had a couple great -- you know but punctuated by a lot of -- -- underachieving. Performance is that just the reality. Based on the numbers you -- to whatever analysis you have been able to do which of the following four offensive factors do you think we'll carry the day Peyton Manning and his arm. Tom Brady and his arm. Patriots running game but the Broncos running game. You know what it goes -- so obviously we elect talked about Opel in the passing game is but I just the way the patriots to run the football historically well over the last few weeks. I think they could really try to control this game and when -- back up plan is to put the ball on the here's what Tom Brady I think that's a pretty good. Bigger game and I think the patriots have shown. -- one of the best -- to want to control -- up front and when you bring in the guy local -- want to who what he doesn't have a physical being bombed. We should have been drafted in blood and beat him until that kid from that Boise State Broncos and who deserves it -- become -- public and that that clouded his career I typically been directly talk but the -- a productive -- that. Bill Belichick in the offseason that we had to reprint this team one of the back of this said he was looking you know hit a bad it's bad guys. If a guy who had a bad reputation that is the -- bad -- and we we need data and actually even eat. He's been the camera that he was needed it happened at for a long time may be helping change in attitude but these patriots have got -- they bribe them being. That pretty teams including the -- guys have not won championships in the and it's tough nasty ugly street brawling. Jerry ball we said we -- agreed that the running game is overrated running backs are a vastly overrated. What happened -- do you think of Denver loads up against the run unlike on in November 24 and load up in the box and and stop the run a controlled the run and let Brady beat them not because they think Brady campy -- -- Brady. Doesn't have the weapons he just doesn't especially compared to Manning will they force the patriots to throw. And I think that's what you want. You want the ball and I mean that that's kind of why why -- with a luxury did to be able. When -- think you can hear but -- team up front with with a guy like or don't you know -- a pretty good stable of running back. I think -- premature to have because. -- in the debate still got -- you know -- you you need quarterback to play better you need to be more efficient you need to get the ball down field if they make that easy Tom Brady. That's exactly that's exactly what you want that's playing India hand what if but when you're. All that we and it is you know have a Brady -- don't feel that that's that's not a bad and guys I know Denver has more weapons. But the picture at the highest scoring team in football the second half of the feet and 308 point since we are in 287 for the Broncos so much is all the for all the weapons Denver had. And they had a great weapons and a great quarterback the -- of the more points down the stretch. But I think I'm you know I -- I looked at this -- an easy Denver win out of the gate but the more I've got to look at these numbers and the way to patriots of all. The more I'm still a bill that featured in the -- game. Making game in terms of winning or just make it competitive what what what are you saying is gonna happen. Well I expect that I'll tell you what we provide a lot to -- -- to our entitlement went way too much of it and how it would cut public and but without -- you know I I I beat you have to like to. I'll gateway said it John you have to like the chances. Of the -- to keep it close. And -- portal when nobody blows him out and given Peyton Manning wait to see and I know people think -- he patent and we don't I'm just switching out of that it is -- -- -- it is. Art I would on the -- in -- feeling more confident today don't they went to a three weeks ago and that way and Terry how to beat. 010 -- crunch the numbers and dig deeper drill down deeper and become one of the insiders do -- Yeah you know what from the -- of football facts that are put inside a button by the way -- 995 -- -- for -- -- Wanna sign up our track record that 33 in the eighteen against the spread. Since 2009 kicking every single playoff game so our numbers were at best at work and it's pretty compelling analysis and with all that's at a public -- them from patriot -- I know a lot of about did you got to feel pretty good about their chances to -- this one I'll. Kerry. AT&T text line and the hotline AT&T coverage more than 99%. All Americans AT&T re think possible. Let's come back and played the more likely game. But. I don't -- look like you to go as -- head hadn't jeopardy I'm -- -- of that adults I don't. More fun to listen to -- giant it's going to be a sad day job and it's got a -- as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- keep -- -- -- I'm telling you -- which he bought gap but John your chance if I don't do moralists like -- but let me just say this. Just get out now because I'm in particular have been out right now to -- I'm shaking in my -- -- -- with Warren harding's vice president. Johnson who was. Right for all Johnson and regarding. More likely game next with Dennis and --

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