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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: A death on Gilligan's Island

Jan 17, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the passing of a star from Gilligan's Island.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T the nation's fastest the most reliable Ford GL TE network and by precision fitness equipment chopper the pros do precision that -- -- you know what. You're getting better you know what you know what you know what guess what you're just like -- -- just getting better at reading copy. You the worst I've ever heard when you first started trying to do it the worst ever. -- at the Iowa us -- -- like. Worst after an honest pretty bad right you're pretty bad you're getting good I practice in the car. It sounds like in I don't could get what you're doing now that you didn't do before your emphasizing keywords used to say but you are Christian and anesthesia that is equipment exactly. Again. You're very good given the temperature almost like a Medina June you'll get a -- Leno and little Dino was yeah. That's big deal. But these projectors and the places you don't get a short book a sad day yesterday -- like B -- viewer Jerry surety but you grow up watching Gilligan's Island re runs on television what. Russell Johnson. Is gone did you have any idea what it -- and it it would discuss -- Now and I know I was disappointed in myself just like it was -- Charles Durning died. Watch Charles -- my whole life had no idea him what a hero he was. I mean sport I think he Giles turned and stormed to the general Charles -- lose yet any was a battle of the bulge right and I think it was the only guy. And I think you survive all that boat yeah. I'm pretty sure some Bible he's an incredible war hero Russell. Excellence and pro Johnson Johnson Russell Johnson. Was a war hero a bomber pilot. In World War II shot beaten up by a bomber broke both legs shot down -- survived and didn't get taken prisoner and purple heart purple heart it's amazing -- these guys died this agent you know you see certain obviously fewer and fewer. Very often these guys that you reach abide by like the idea what was thought because I don't you don't brag you know it's right like they they tell you. I mean it was a little frustrating. A -- would show -- -- grew up watching him every every episode but. Why couldn't fix the -- and the rumors -- could make a water desalination -- regular cold water refrigeration couldn't plug in -- Israel radio -- yet couldn't -- it blow right I was always the ever explain that one of the conflict that little -- I want to show -- keep -- -- -- -- tax cut off his island just couldn't -- -- -- -- firms together -- suspension of disbelief. That's Woodard -- -- only to cast members left and of course it's the two bodies are great debate these -- the -- cast members left. It was a weird dog wells I know deals ginger as she looked wild. As a -- I was definitely ginger yes to yes at engine for me and you think more than once by the and that was other big question would be. Why is Gilligan who works to promote. Grown woman because guilty of skip or the other. Because it goes fast absolutely. Yes they they -- all -- hate little bloody Gilligan was. Lovely as well. Critics -- that wasn't the that is until the public organs I was great epiphany is the years went on there were gone with the popular again return to Gilligan's Island and then Charlie Daniels silence and performance he was there on -- -- gilligan's that's that's -- -- -- -- -- -- Identity that it can be you know -- -- success successful -- that -- before we should with the Gilligan's Island move he made that that would be and it's hard do you still have -- and there and and like cougars -- and let's that's. Italy India sees either one of them -- -- on the inquire at the check out -- or eighty I understand. By the way just quick aside which continue the next time you're going to the supermarket in the next couple of days this is -- on top of your Navy SEALs tester gonna do. A lot to do some filming and Phil's still -- the amino. On The National -- this week is a picture of welcome to a public enemy. Are they gonna grind no fade. Dunaway atrocious what you did -- about trying to have a bloody implied she was broke show it is so sad but if she -- soul to have a she's she's so it was like Meg Ryan in the worst and -- Melanie Griffith. To a -- heroin addict. Meg I don't know immigrant and -- to mix the point just delegate Don Johnson Miami Vice right or right to do and drugs right party and right and coming out with -- -- make -- and catch and the let's scary yeah. Like politics analysts argue these -- is now who had plastic surgeries the first -- generation of eight year old who were properly yet. But Tina Louise and on the open looks like this up picture of her when it's humid we'll check The National Enquirer with -- on the cover actual local group Shuster when you check about that either you get watching jeopardy by -- I thought I should schedule like classes at Kent State. Around jeopardy watch jeopardy last night I did not what do -- -- on the same time as Brian Williams and saying you're you know away. That will learn in jeopardy DVR. -- -- All brightly that's a quid on jeopardy last -- because I get excited jeopardy comes on -- economically -- right -- it was a baseball last night. Three women were on the show about the judging them missing three women -- the where the contestants on jeopardy last night. -- -- -- Red Sox pitcher didn't like Obama pretty content to about thirteen. Women. Oh. I think is currently selling -- -- Arafat and my wife. And I know who brought content. Question was which this wreck express Augusta in the background and what would have been playing and what we just played that great sound great to some -- talk about something else. -- -- Brooke well a who urgently need quality control here on this audio got a question was obsessed according always works better and -- questions -- excellent out to back asked the question is excellent Sox pitcher at Richard 54 wins economic policy Pete Rose. Three -- repeat rose Mark McGwire -- It's -- They should be given the Curt Schilling yeah -- -- to south Kessler. A to see -- Mark McGwire we'll get a credit at least the jeopardy in spite of -- back on the -- I have no idea that a fire on jeopardy any any disrespect to me if I go over the dais and its Mac that. Pompous. This is Alex was what two days ago and attribute I -- jeopardy game between you -- -- I would. Which I was -- champion -- some might -- bodies about it much today yes wilder the grass let's begin at the beginning of Genesis or do we get to pick his top -- All movies and I wrestlers who wore what which. What we just actually Stewart Jeff got a short get a jeopardy game. And I -- out of -- -- -- recorded better sound I hope this and -- jeopardy questions anywhere local producers put together great. I think it's. -- there -- -- post it you know a couple of which -- go out and get -- -- -- Alex tremendously hellish Rebecca will punch in the face either you're always what's the bet. It -- an announcement at the height. The -- of victory Tibet. -- Your grass. This is this that's my -- was on last night is a scene. Where they go. Go to the bachelor parties. Is and have a massage place but it's one of these real massage place fancy place and have Sanders like what the hell's going concert this good look at these massage from. She goes down is a five dollar bill talked to this Powell pointed out that this -- dignity had been there all the same room together all the guys like Kelly Dylan. So often obviously guys from the proposition women for massages. For happy and to massage polished. This one's different Quincy Suze has been arrested charged with inappropriately touching -- female client during massage negativity city massage and acupuncture clinic. In November. Your -- guide massager masseuse yet on what what they do grabbed it just made the move he made the move yet. Yeah just freak out call what do there's -- police -- generate report that the mr. January -- yeah. It touched her inappropriate during the massage in no -- sorry that's a little bit too much lead time there yeah she waited two months. While traumatic -- should get over the trauma yeah I guess that's a two months. January 8 which in November and do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In December a little months to a two months that dog -- and one at twelve months would have -- movies as a category -- -- -- equipment -- could give a -- push him a basic -- movie I don't movie questions why is not a popular category no solid effort movie questions -- -- I have never -- movie question. There are. Directed. In a deal Prentice. Who direct I don't know Apocalypse Now I don't know. -- did it is for a couple under when I was 2000 dollar question -- -- X dude that's -- -- the public report in on time to pretend the ballot review that. We're able to the border hybrid player. Cut from the show we can Emeka which now. Will figured out our it will bring it help from the outside consultants. As they should do we should wait sports jeopardy. With Fred due respect across street and they don't they don't project yet but this we delayed and on this Channel 8 pay for -- due respect. BC -- -- you categories mikes for 2000 dollars Mike -- like boy you would note neither one. Public this -- hockey hockey Fred's Fred Creighton. -- downfield and Cusick you would know -- one. About this very Gaddis vs Perry Avis and actually actually I did hear he would know something about one of those subjects right.

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