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Brady Manning XV is here

Jan 17, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the week coming to a close and the AFC Championship being just days away.

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I am going to be brutally frank completely honest with you. And commence our final Schobel for the AFC championship committee chairmanship weekend here and W -- and a minute or something -- this. I am going to say -- or listening audience what I just said. Two and a half minutes ago -- -- Callahan. And that is I'm trying very very hard up with a fresh theme a creative -- as we get ready for this football game on Sunday. And I am struggling coming up of something new and fresh and all I don't know motivational talk about I think I may have won and this is a stretch. Kill me if you think it's. Hyperbole -- -- think it's. Not where we should be going we know that Eric Hernandez is not going to be allowed to watch this game. We know that he's allowed to have a radio. In his cell I -- correct me if I'm wrong. Sheriff Tommy. Says he only gets to listen to an hour correct. Right and guys upstairs who got their own TVs we get to watch an -- forget that I do believe we're correct yes so we're talking Eric Hernandez -- after by the way I think he's in trouble now with that double homicide Imus in effect off. Yeah yeah yeah but anyway. Eric Hernandez has the opportunity to listen to one hour of the patriots Broncos game. Our do you think he will choose which I would go to. I would choose the last almost people what happens but it's not a slam dunk nobody if you tuned in within -- left -- it was you know 3812. Yes. Stay right you get like terrorist activity I was gonna say it's a risk you have to -- because if it's tied yet. Music am glad it didn't pick the first -- the middle oral what do we do understand my point that it I can't believe that's the case that you would say you've -- an -- some guys listening spaced out. And half with the fourth quarter it's tied to say like I'm on the radio itself on child left out -- -- do does that work. -- this request they even sheriff -- pale. In Arizona would let them listen to commanders would be a pink jumpsuit that that's true yet Gandhi's. But that's OK. But think about it -- not -- our. Obviously that's the answer because six of the last seven times Brady and Manning of met. It's been decided by seven or fewer points so it seems like it's going to come down to if not the last possessions certainly the last three possessions on either side. If not the last hour for Hernandez you think it will be decided -- the crux of the matter. Will be decided are right out of the bats like that ravens patriots nightmare in -- not -- somewhere in the middle or somewhere like after the adjust. Aaron Hernandez could turn on -- with exactly one hour to go in the game yet it's going to be a field goal or -- -- touchdowns I think that's the one thing we all agree I mean bill William -- you know blow up. -- blow out. -- in the estrogen I said it's ten points. You said well all lies the blog at checkpoints have been honest about it go to to score you can be habit you've got to games -- -- -- blow out in this day and age. I mean so you think you -- -- the only guy gullible and the guy ahead. Well -- scientific point of C Harry have a score to give it to you at 950. That that keep people yeah and on but I think. Mean the all the evidence suggests that that will be a good. Close game which I think favors the New England Patriots I think the pressure builds. On Peyton Manning like it did last year in the Baltimore game when he choked in overtime to pick. And that -- was who -- Graham picked them off. And they've lost their first playoff game I think it is every game they've played the last seven times -- teams have met. Has -- more than a touchdown six it lasts seven every game the patriots have played this year every loss -- been close every loss and on the last play. As Bill Belichick pointed out to to -- our -- the -- permanent one of his pals. He goes out to the last play they do not quit they do not give up that market blown out I don't see how you're probably that's gonna have so. If -- remove the last hour from Aaron Hernandez equation would you choose to listen to the first part. Spanning the end of the second quarter in the beginning of the third or starting the third blown all the way to the fourth because we're talking about. Which team gets out of the -- more quickly which one makes the early adjustments during the course of the game before halftime. What happens and who does better at halftime fixing what was wrong. In the first half of the game or just the air I mean the the act of attrition. Going forward in the third quarter and body start to drop and people start to get pressured all that sort of step where's the drama gonna take place if not at the end of the game. I think if you look at the last hour but it doesn't matter -- -- any -- -- in the game it's just as likely -- stuff happening I mean. I was from the third quarter I guess you could -- that one was from the start gaming -- -- he could with him -- -- trump you like the Broncos and -- yet what if it's tied with. Four minutes left. -- elect the Broncos. I think that's really thought I was doing I think New England used to being in these fights -- -- to have more faith. -- in their ability comeback win a close game it's the one downfall when you kick ass all year elect page used in the 07. -- posted for the most part this year you're not used to be enough light a street fight in the and get used to that feeling of oh my -- one mistake. And it's all over one mistake. And it happens again just look at that last year. I think that there was some real tension in that stadium and in mile high last week and they place when I went to India and and they made a couple of players men and did their their their offense made a couple plays right. Com and it was kind of this collective sigh of relief. But do you think that crucible over the hump that every close game they look at Manning they look at. A fox and they say they look at Del Rio and they say we're good we're okay we're -- set these guzzle. I'm come through it in a big moment I don't like to have that feeling patriots without a doubt have that feeling. Mean they have been battle test I think that's the one thing that you hear from every player from every coach for bill. They have mentally tough that they used to these kind of battles that if it's close at the end. Mammoths and definitely will be deal may be right it maybe ten maybe fourteen maybe 21 points by then and I wouldn't be surprised would be shocked. But if it's close I like the patriots elect the patriots in the clutch down in both -- have lost three close games this year in Denver made plays down the stretcher. Last week if it's close the Broncos are home I think it's coin -- 5050. I've decided I would not pick the first hour under any set of circumstances none whatsoever why the pressure. In this game is enormous and what happens in those enormous pressure games generally there's a three and out generally does drop ball generally there's a mistake. Gotta come stumbling me the aberration the out liar was that ravens start of a playoff game. That doesn't happen very often are certainly not on the wrote well to the patriots -- in -- important as they did against the colts. Scoring the first three possessions they had -- where -- Peyton Manning and in Denver right out of the bat scored fifth outscored you know a fourteen or 21 points here so I think the first important feeling out kind of process. Would you say it's more important for men get off to a fast start. I mean the patriots that that down 24 and often that's right when they want you on the patriots I honestly believe. Would Bill Polian said the vote about Andrew Luck I believe that about the patriots their. Fine shape when they get down 101214. And they allow Brady to open up and they throw and they go for -- if Manning if rewrite many falls down. There's nothing ugly person in the AFC championship game there's no history of him ever coming bend in that game against Tom Brady Bill Belichick and easily -- panic sets in a -- before. -- -- they can't teach everything else I mean it's not that just the other day it was it's more recently the Brady won a super not more recently than 24 nothing at the half that's true. And I know it was cold pocket was -- we all -- it was cold stock will be cold this week and all that matters. It's a big factor treaties that factory -- the next day talking about the effect of one dollar spent the next time but the pressure and the weather's part of the pressure I think things have broken OK for men -- this week the weather is good. Everyone knows gronkowski out and so there's it it's much more difficult to come back with a crock. We know Julie Thompson back and -- one -- out all that but I think it is tougher to come back on the road with a -- of ski. But I used to operating yesterday that you look and it was nice idea yes field did you seize sole. -- -- get ready for buffalo didn't that look like a very confident that he was getting. Ready for buffalo I didn't regular season gets sick today was a factor and it wasn't just that whatever it took a day off but that we come back on the sick they would that twinkle in his eyes and smile and giggle and laugh and it's and it already to go here. He said OK that was -- would you call prophylactic that was percussion from Leonard wasn't really collective there was a rest day for Tom Brady look like he looked like it very well rested guy is that. And the challenge them and let's see you know what what they do what solid they're gonna install holder defense this week. And they've got what they've done we've got you know eighteen games to really see how it sorted itself out and you try to make educated guess on how you think they're gonna play against us that's what you game plan and then you go from there and then you be prepared to make adjustments if you need to. We spent considerable time this week talking about tattoos tattoos and called cap predict how it affected his draft status. Also spent some time yesterday talking about -- my English just made. When you said of -- once a heart wants a signal public get a tattoo on the get the tattoo that says -- once the heart wants. If -- going to get a tattoo today and it will expire and not be relevant after Sunday at 7:30 in the evening it would be this. If not -- patent. Win. If not now 8 -- I just -- that just that just as we say. Right I'm not sure that's gonna find out on Sunday but but I think. If not now -- and I think just as we understand. We -- Nazi Brady and Manning in this same situation again in a playoff game head to head another legacy -- who were three or four when everyone occult. I think he thinks the very same thing and this is your last best chance. To be. In that -- rush or Montana Brady Manning and -- Johnny and I knows ever noses. Devastating to -- in this Sunday and 630 Sunday. And patriots win and Manning throws two picks in Manning looks nervous and Manning fumbles and dropped its -- act like Chandler Jones. You imagine what that does to this poor man I will really Cuba I honestly feel that few factors personal thing Manning believes to be back in the same spot next year I do believe he thinks but he's too Smart oh I don't think so I felt -- to -- -- his playoff record the last decade is virtually the same breeze. Except it's actually better you want to global. He's bend -- to around 500. And he's beaten Brady and if -- check how his record as the Denver bronco houses record is what this is why after this is Peyton Manning you know 2.0 this is Peyton Manning. After the neck surgery at. After the next surgery after the injuries. Peyton Manning comes back with that team that team that is much better if you would just back up those two offenses this right vs that one. This is him against his nemesis at a home with -- all those weapons he's never except in the Super Bowls. Had this much pressure on. Like a serious surely it's a great it's a great challenge. When you've played against. Team's coach -- Bill Belichick but sort of brought her. Well my first couple years and deepest corner with the jets. And you know it's the job patriots -- His teams his defense who's -- New -- coordinator. Like -- all as well coached always well disciplined in the notes can be a sixty minute fight. Jerry said going into that last segment. What if Peyton Manning throws a couple of interceptions and spits the bit and can't run lead a game winning drive at the end of this game and that's why you know what it's fun. To deal with absolute either end of the spectrum it's no fun to say well I'll probably have liked. Who touchdowns in May be one pick in -- have two touchdowns and one pick and it won't -- conduct on an op plan. We're playing the either or game what do you think the series what do you think is more likely. We have a Manning meltdown. Of epic proportions where he throws three interceptions. A strip -- And they absolutely the bad. And it's all on Manning's head or. Peyton Manning rise of education continues the string of an historic offensive year and source in the Super Bowl. With four touchdowns. No interceptions and an efficient dismantling of the doing a patron what you think -- Like -- is going to play great on Sunday at a ball I -- I have to pick one -- I obviously more likely be somewhere between what I picked the meltdown. -- I get both gonna play great many Denver win tonight scored -- still having -- in congress look at at their schedule you know they haven't won a close game. -- -- haven't haven't won a close game and gunned down -- the patriots to every week. Close to -- A close game is something they're not used to it's something they haven't done -- there's any reason they haven't won a close game they are great offensively there is nobody that can keep up with them their very few people can. Harness that historic offensive juggernaut that is Manning -- the and the Broncos a bottle those losses and lost three games all. -- they lost three games we know that record just lost three close games. Like the patriot -- -- look up you know the patriots won close games of your arguments your argument brought pictures have won more close games are patriots know what it's like to win in the end yes the -- know what it's like two and a close game. Seven -- closer and was close you sought do you do you consider that that seven -- you consider them coming through in the clutch last week when they let San Diego back in the game I -- -- it -- -- have come off the -- points close yes you know it's I don't know it's a close game they don't have one within seven points program that is they don't have one closer than that touched. In winning game by a field goal all year it used to that every week unfortunately I mean. It's great argument that -- is the fact turns out though are you suggesting that are you suggesting that the Broncos are resilient that they haven't been tested to be they haven't been tested and it's like the patriots in 07 it's that one flawed teams that just steam roll. You say what happens when things get tight August recess so that when the giants hit you in the mouth in the comparable -- those things get. -- five Broncos 51 probably forty to sing America it was a three point game that was September -- -- -- -- that it. Which isn't anyone that. Brady on resilience stupid. We talked about that for a long time about how we've become a team that's more resilient and mentally tough and I think we proved -- courses season that we are that. You know we've wanted to bunch of different ways think we won't come from behind we've gone with leads we've won with. You know pretty crappy weather conditions so. You just fight through whatever it takes and it's all about winning a football game that's that's why we're here playing that's life when shows up and watches it and it's tunes and on television because they don't see it was a win not just. You know shows -- -- Roberts went. -- we have come full circle now to where we began on Monday when I said I think I've got an idea. What how this thing is going to breakdown I just have to decide which is more important these tangible factors of a great quarterback Peyton Manning. With a bunch weapons who has great weather and home field advantage and a very very. Efficient if not overpowering offensive machine or the team with the intangibles that's -- -- with a great quarterback but somehow. Finds a way to win this somehow resilient when things get tough who somehow does not knuckle under when 23 point game do you think tangible vs intangibles and between now -- Sunday you have to decide which you think carries the day are clearly they let them run the ball. In November they clearly says the too deep safeties that played DP six guys like walks and Peyton Manning. Checked off the runs or called -- all night long there for 280. Yards. They gave it to Moreno 37 times it didn't work they lost. What makes you think that. Met Patricia Bill Belichick just do that again -- -- it worked last time -- lost sound like it was 3117. It they they it will not thirty -- that -- did their offense when I gave them. No I mean about their offense. Put up those thirty no but they say they lost for a number of reasons that worked exactly the offenses all -- -- the punt hits the guy. They turned it over as many times of the pay the patron patrons don't -- them the ball gave them that they gave the patriots the ball do you think think -- so many points in the second half you thick. That the patriots say that worked let's do it again let's elect an illegal let's dare -- to throw into a it run. I've defense I don't -- you'll be little different Bradley will be totally developed during the same and -- -- twice I think it'll be a totally different I think duke in the gonna force in the pro. -- the barks mythic about it they gave up 280 yards on the ground and the Hebron and spikes. They had their best run stopping linebacker. He's gone it's going to be tough. I think to do that. You know. Do that same thing and expect Peyton to just keep him the ball off and if he does maybe he breaks one -- -- breaks one may -- ball bricks one in the in the end up scoring. But I think. They played right and I think -- played right into Belichick's hands he handed the ball off he did not throw he you know trying to grind it out and it didn't work I think. The patriots and Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick wants something similar to happen it takes a long time to score on the ground even with more Reno's. Remarkable performance. You know one of the -- the tenants of what Bill Belichick wants to do is make you make. Correct play after correct play after correctly and make no mistakes on your way down the field that's harder to do. When you're running and passing the ball possible to pass pass pass can be over. Quickly Peyton Manning and these weapons strike quickly I mean you can have a drive it goes eighty yards and -- -- two minutes and ten seconds I don't think that's LaBella. I -- and I think Denver thinks that they can make Brady throw. Because he doesn't have weapons in the league and cover guys and we cover their guys if you -- Manning throw -- got a lot of -- -- eagle yeah. You have a lot of playmakers Corey. Koskie Julie's office that. -- kind of situation to beat yourself in a room this week here -- -- Jimmy console coat room I mean I hope your. There's the guy would we even know under blood pressure last week right and now he's going to be covered Julius Thomas and and good luck to him and I hope -- Those feeling confident going in this game but if you are -- don't you think you know -- -- matchup you like that's. What matchup don't Cilic. Welker on Arrington. Their current honored guests to leave on them to -- Thomas yeah. Matchup I mean you know summer better and others but the if you're Manning and you're looking around it's not like it -- Brady recently is was number eleven which is truly a need Julian it's like thank. To be for the patriots to win at that it was it was going to be some of the receiver. And none of them jump that she was gonna come economic aid to adult tickets so I guess it has to be Yemen bill. Or every marine and -- immediate marine finally actually catches that we route that's a touchdown on the coaches the game or be drops again. You'll be sitting down at some -- pretty immediately -- As that we've practiced this. We practiced that you're supposed to be much pass catching the back field. And play it works it does work but you have to -- African ball chain. Com but. It's -- -- and -- going to be -- Explain to you why I think the matchups favor Denver because it's a matter of arithmetic here 61777979837. I also have four. As you're going to see lone survivor this weekend yeah I am -- having navy seal. At home test where you and you and -- and all of our listeners and viewers to take this weekend it's it's it's something that will be. -- very easy to do if you have the will and the guts to take this navy seal test at home this weekend.

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