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Daniel Nava talks about his offseason on the Hot Stove Show

Jan 16, 2014|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier talk with Daniel, who is spending his offseason in Arizona training for the 2014 season. They discuss Daniels thoughts on being a possible leadoff hitter, and his success as a Red Sox player.

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I think we get the economic here in line. You know he's been running around dale -- Dillon. Listen this that's got to the chase you're working out -- performance right. Yeah okay and is well I've been out there a few times my quest to reach -- not yet not or my quest to reach -- -- capacity. I came very close. And yeah. It's it's it's a crazy crazy scene out because you waking up you go to this place and half of baseball there along with the entire NFL scouting combine. So give us the names who are working out there. What name or working out I don't know who's who you bench pressing OK you're bench pressing it Jonny Gomes. You guys Eric Young junior. In. So you know -- Mean. The day a month and what -- -- No no regard since they know well -- that that was that was rob being interested that was that was Robert Moses media you've been around here a few years doesn't that was my -- -- Over well enough to make out of what he. Actually got a legal like eked out and stroke doesn't occur. After. There admitted to sell follow up question so. Jacoby Ellsbury right -- or that he's physical it. Jacoby Ellsbury he's in good shape. Yeah -- think I've got to go there. Don't there is the arc in that department and let you take its very seriously -- beat people that territory -- the and you put doctor the guy that would that would. I've loved me he. A boxer so -- -- around we get treatment in the league -- -- dot net. Book will do that yet but suddenly it was a perfect eight -- cut it -- -- -- -- there yet. You my last question about Jacoby Ellsbury promise dale is that we needed -- cast early in the offseason and you really sounded optimistic that he might be back. Were you surprised when he didn't come back especially considering you went through all out good part of the offseason let them. -- I would. What I doubt that I'm hopeful I'd really want it back in what what what would -- -- your team needs it so that's why I think I. Probably more hopefully optimistic that optimistic actually -- about really go for everything I've been told about where. Both sides were and so what I read it wasn't too optimistic that comeback but -- -- would think I'm one back at. You really only in practice he would for that book what -- you last. I would. I I wouldn't surprise. All I was trying to. I want that got -- he'd. So you're coming up on me and Daniel italics here nice to talk to you know I don't say that I don't drop you may have to invest the formalities may have been skid since yeah -- as it all happened -- it up what. We've got to -- I'm all about. He'll be giving you teacher dad at -- -- it in spring training aspect that's fair Daniel I ever -- vividly you know thinking about spring training how last year even as as -- starting to wrap up getting close strapping up and even as John -- -- said he first saw. A significant role for you on the 2013 team he said look I would never take for granted anything. You know based on my background. At this point. Do you approach is approaching its when he fourteen season after you've hit 300 in the major leagues after you finished. In the top five in the American League in on base percentage and played you know roughly a 130. Plus games in the regular season. Is approaching 2014 does it feel different than any other than any other spring training you've been you've gone -- I think it would happen so -- that -- got a certain yet on a league this year I'm trying to approach it with about one. Like you yet on network of its Arctic. I'd just I don't know I don't know any other way to approach things that sort -- article about it so. On the approach it as it but I hope alive but at its prime. Trying to make you get into what -- -- -- -- distributed but work ethic had not not a Yankee optimistic that scrutiny just where I and other. I need to be some guys. -- -- like that sparkle about it just hate in every single bit if it. Beckett that an excellent and it in the first perspective. On the -- -- that he needed you know. I'm really real realistic. Have to worry about that that should not mentality but if you can go -- coached and well. I'm not blog -- be at our work -- Looking back on last season do you have any explanation you know is -- is there's some fundamental area of your game that permitted you to enjoy this kind of this break -- season really ends is you know and how confident. Are you -- you know that kind of what you were able to accomplish last year something that is repeat double. May argue that there's one -- work that there is a lot picnic so consider. There. Like something out -- and yup he. I. That there's different training in different work in terms of the ball let it help. -- that there is he knows that role. No one right from the get go let you know out there and put it that -- what do you know help you out sure he'd. And now. Lack of a violent too. That brings train out last year I took every every day is like I the year before but -- -- about -- and -- -- them. Got great will be pop and -- in the big week in. At that lap and then it is but you know I don't -- -- go out. Ball out play in the and that the -- and it but I'm out there that got it but it that you'd you'd beat the pick the burnout itself and use all got me the rest. It's about the luck Indians you'll have fun and we had it you know actually out there and I want to gain the cute so that it is I did. Heard something about dale -- about it all right. -- RT eleven I'll feel for the Red Sox last question for me game. Is that certain there is going to be. In new dynamic at the top of the order. And every once saying well the the logical candidates to fill that spot Shane Victorino and -- them -- Is that something that you enjoy you did a few times last year by it. There's very real possibility could be there a lot this is that something you look for too. Yeah I don't really care where it -- orders are a lot a lot apart. It fortunately in the past what two years that cut it will everywhere except for. I don't know -- -- something like that subject for the most part it now about eight feet it's a little more used to different spots yet pitched differently but. Up on the one of the lower Columbia it happened -- B well it. So you don't you know one of the guys who change their approach so right you hit that you hit leadoff man at the same way. That you do if you are fourth viewed the same guy. Not been changed I mean I don't think Matt Murton is too complicated. So -- -- they're human that would need to change certain well because. Most guys they striker picked at first that occurred today Lleyton the Leah got about art that's what you do. Regardless of that so. That's about it it -- -- the first time through. He hoped what pitches but after that second third -- -- It would it would probably be fit in I normally do. Well Daniel I'm gonna say great interview except that you messed up the question about your success for last year you were supposed to attribute all your success to fatherhood. And say that of course you know of course now that your father because that's what Alex is doing for the last week after having his new. -- -- that lately actually it should I should -- back is ugly unit brought up in that actors. It's Uga you hit -- sixteen with a 426 on base percentage after you after her daughter was born. Yeah but he'd bat don't you think that you. About it it now. That the heat oversized high on my -- but that was. Clearly and that's all right but that thought. That's all right he got a -- to get here here interview game shape. Ready in news -- -- all the only a month ago for Mars and obviously relief for deceiving Alex I -- both be there and in the meantime. Keep on trucked in over an athlete performance. You guys you got a picture thanks for coming out and are productive and --

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