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Gary DiSarcina talks about helping to develop young Red Sox talent

Jan 16, 2014|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier talk with Gary about his time as the Paw Sox manager and coaching players like Will Middlebrooks and Xander Bogaerts, and the next step of Gary's career as thirs base coach for the Los Angeles Angels.

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And along with Daniel -- the other person that word were privileged to have -- showed tonight -- Gary how you doing. It -- do an outstanding now although there's a sense of last these are you know now that the idea of you not being in the Red Sox organization means that -- union means that dot. Where we're gonna turn out our -- I realized that Kevin -- is a great resource to talk to. Nonetheless I'm sure he'll be missed in not in New England. That -- -- much it's. An organization that that injury and the trough that's the in the Major League start the -- player develops the. Saw -- you have quite a little bit but Q are you live in the same house that you lived in. When you were playing there. You know Lamar Butler Butler for doing so it was a supplement also -- -- a career record on that. Could rip it -- lawyer poacher. The remember -- I'll probably wouldn't shut up Mike -- that particular -- really expect and treated. A double. A reporter re re connect like. Now where where where is active Libya and Nate are you now that you're an LA guy is going to be on the Hollywood Hills you'll be -- out the viper room on what's going to. It's like Georgia a little short in. Stroke. Regulations. I'm trying to despite coastal. That a player that always came back over the wintertime and in the short so. And it would stop back here so. My most respect you always expect you grew tomato so and so to. Well these are now that you're no longer the Red Sox organization we we believe that you can kind of speak with you know just complete and -- -- -- I can you -- just. -- listen this is this is a tough doesn't live up to because I've said about five times so far this show that you were the best baseball interview -- had the BI had been tired -- -- we have some good ones. But that was that was a good one of. I put it that I had to had -- sorry but I just think it is going to be honestly speaking it is it -- -- way respectful and that -- and so -- the rebels also there's elements there's. Well along those lines I don't think this quite gets into a feather ruffling but it it was one of the most interesting episodes that you had to manage through and not in Pawtucket you know you have to manage through the question of of who should come up to the majors will middle Brooks or Zander Bogart's. In the middle of the season after the Red Sox traded Jose Iglesias. -- you've got his his transition to third base was obviously a pivotal thing that you hope to accomplish but. Hum well at the time that decision was being made how did you view the middle Brooks Bogart's dynamic and ultimately. How closely did what those guys two in the majors align with what you saw from them in to talk it. That's a great question you know pick impeccable post. There was -- it was -- pressure. You know to put Sanders and two because because the impact bat. In his ability to do something that you play shortstop which will could not do it but I'm looking back -- -- you know first. You know recollection recollection it was it was you recommend -- just because of what we've done in the past the and that that that the same time with the ultimate standard you know he try to develop. Very very. It wasn't. You know six topic for them. Wouldn't want to question was first out early -- Sanders -- in the pocket you know. -- and Alexander I recommend it will be a part of a putter I'm. A big league club and and experience to renew confidence that they can step right up there I'll vote but. At the same time with this six week span Vanderjagt really awesome start. You don't make it through the -- that -- comparable. Recommend that you let you know but here is that. That are really see at a box score switches. On the decision -- in in the game in the field in the pieces you know giving science. All those little things that. But it just kind of sharp in the hole before you were commence a bit to what appears it will wa when it was oh. Report what the last time. You know is the basis our news from this is probably. The decision. Is playing solid defense to work at the rate. Is that about. In and knows all about to execute the summer. He was too low all the things that Major League ball players should be able to AAA or at least we are committed will. And it looked and it's certainly time for. -- Very strong and there was -- which is back. You were one of the first people to kind of really get a feel -- from middle Brooks who he was at the start of his professional career and you you were you know -- kind of he evoked thoughts of of Troy Glaus. For you back when he was starting his pro career. Bob do you still see that kind of -- that kind of a future for middle Brooks how would you know kind of offering me a scouting assessment of of what you think he's going to be. Going forward I think that there's more almost more uncertainty now about him. Based on the extreme differences between his 2012 and 2013 mutually seasons than there is about Bogart's. Or at -- it will you know he should sit here and you know as a striker. Struck. You know -- look at it sort of I look at it and get it to this. The time that it's in the pocket that I'll stop street it. That it missing sliders. Change. I didn't hear -- -- You know what Bobby go out and it's even during that stretch where he. On our record stores about what pocket -- there. And how it was what it was rather that you about -- mistakes. But the will expect to. The minute you get the ball park it might just be focused. What do you do that day routine in the cage in batting practice routines and -- it. What will bury. It is forced your statement that and so that's the only. He stepped to the batter's box you know from -- market it around third base coach in March. He looks like it was about the court well. And Troy OK. -- -- the world that yeah. But -- He has such a great in. With Brian Roberts field to work defensively help him. Progressed -- a Major League level last year he made. Still get better at the one thing. The world which you did last year because this year when it comes to this portrait because that the weather. He has not been in the tool. He could and just the way it ought to epic that when you get the players that. They'll be aggressive to be you know Smart they'll be. Almost to the football where there commitment and be entitled commitment and what did you Q did you. -- -- -- -- at third base coach for the Los Angeles Angels. Former Red Sox triple A manager and the next native bill record ago went to the baseball fan but of course. Well along those lines -- Do you think that. That it was cart before the horse little bit the middle Brooks last year you had made mention of when he's in competition that's when he's at his best. And last year because this spring training user number five hitter he's your third baseman do you think looking back that it was a little bit cart before the horse. I'd look at it you know this prospect but plays and experience to news that -- players -- remote. Really cute run with the Olympics and whether it's. July or August of it really well so into the year or reverse. On -- three months but he's about 782. -- of the order. You step. What are the doubles guys to get partners and you pay your dues. You know -- -- right away with some of the veterans. A ballpark everyday role. All those little things. And your experience success so quickly and that's my fault we will -- or so so quickly. It's such a page or -- All. More with a it's really easy for ordered -- carpet and I think. The world. These dollars you know to step -- support to you know play baseball and it'll be chipped chipped in in a pretty proof that you know the year. Election but he that people 000. -- afterwards. Report to the process per cent of the -- -- what certain pockets. Then we're okay well grow all the Nokia two and a well. It will grow all senator workers. And Pro -- From the plate and -- you know how well she ought ankles it was it was actually -- state although there. I stop the true that is what will talk the opposite. I like both but. Let's see a maturity -- will have doubles for me but. Ireland. It's -- 5670. -- if -- third base. No I don't willed person and -- 01718. Years old question but. In any type of relationship order it's real easy to talk to the cherries and then talk blog. And I would suppose but the but it. Note that relationship early. And ultimately -- but I better get him back -- -- anyway well. Gary your invention Bogart's at third base obviously where he ended up. A lot has been made of of the Stephen Drew with Stephen Drew gonna come back. Right now even though that the organization views Bogart's as a shortstop longterm right now do you think you would be better. At third base -- shortstop. Well -- firm believer if you play yourself off the position you play so the cubbies fare well so there's. I didn't see any indications. -- You saw the play at shortstop -- in the parks it to her. But the area but. Under is its ability but in success. In the -- the Liu. What a lot about it that's the state called the funeral. He did play well -- narrow base it fielder's ball. He's going to be picked it still -- Got a great arm great into our coordination. Picture and two double plays involved in that I'd been moderately. Straight electorate. -- little thing that I look at standard pretty. You know he's gonna pride through all spring training. You know I liked what couldn't you struck. Spotters you guys seem to -- to wobble to Korey in instructor and I'm excited the theater that. At least -- all spring training and so I sent to -- out there to play the position I've seen no indication. I'm interested in the in the kind of grouping of really potentially impact -- young arms that you saw on Pataki you saw a bunch of you know pretty fascinating guys at different stages of their. Pro careers going through and you're talking about Brandon Workman. Ruby Della -- Alan -- stir. You know you saw some Matt Barnes at the end some -- Varnado. Do you have a you know if you were to say I would bet the house that -- going to emerge as the most impact full starting pitcher back group. Who did beat. That's a direct question rate for their priest to you got -- one game -- without success. In. -- apocalypse you've -- -- way to world what call to. Webster right and now questions. Finishing his pitches but he's the most powerful arms race in which the saw. What are the actually mr. Cole Webster -- It Webster the -- Q trick water -- all's well or injured. You know the way it all together. Iron to it would review the issues. Just finishing his pitches. What is the quality they have the heavy sick it sort of -- but. You know we're not consider there you know he has been -- to start to. The little things that we all -- all -- to -- pars all the workers due to position. Epic game where the ticket -- -- really only. You know -- tremendously. -- start. Four were pretty good quality you know what poker literature there. Its ability to grind it out there -- two -- all -- Welker. He basically. Prior to -- it over and I don't think there are a lot of a lot of work in. -- -- returns that we should actors they touched that day it'll work that are not really really Europe's. That's about it they're a trouble school prospects who are certainly worked well actually for formula. It looked at -- you know it is -- -- little of that. You know. You know about -- briefly sinker slider -- Yet and she -- with -- career that he has real good like -- -- is different than the other two so. Struck it well but also different individually but. You know so I'll let you the most significant -- he can straighten out of urgency to be the most -- Well Gary today is a great day obviously for you because you have secured the services of the person who filled in for Alex when he was not on the show for two weeks -- John McDonald -- our regulations on that. And I am I a micro goals as if that takes you out there to knock a race. But but up by you get a good one obviously you did you know that John McDonald so. A truck entered -- It's great so please you -- there for a notebook just. To come over performance -- for -- -- I want the young kids -- Q but it'll be. Out shopper or are there were you guys that you -- really don't know yet I don't -- -- -- -- two years. That I want it expertise that reports to these guys -- during Erik Howard works a legal but fitness out so well in day. Always of that -- is no we go there and discussed what 1213 years basically multiple with the chains. Ultimately you know a lot of warship -- at the end of the at the end of the year. And so -- to do this year -- and coach -- he's just. It will whether he's a gamer is professional. -- report after the. By Gary -- -- -- at third base coach of the Angels. Once again right you've knocked out of the park. Good job and good luck with butcher yet. Now -- Karrie thanks a lot appreciate you. Garrett as scared he Scioscia obviously as I mentioned third base coach for the Angels also. Tripoli coach for the Pawtucket Red Sox and some fascinating inside you so get it he's out on points with every evaluation pakistanis and you can tell but -- This is the guy who's a terrific value leader and teacher.

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