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Rob Bradford and Alex Speier talk with former Paw Sox and current Los Angeles Angels third base coach, Gary DiSarcina about his time with the organization, working with players like Will Middlebrooks and Xander Bogaerts. They ten talk with Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava, about his offseason after winning the World Series and his thoughts on being talked about as possible leadoff hitter.

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Already blame this season Red Sox Cubs. Its first world the offseason moves in the world champion Boston Red Sox. -- -- -- -- Right TCU. TCU's debut and the beaches of four. Consider a bill on Sports Radio they'll. -- there is Alex. I heard drugs welcome. But the hot stove show up rob Bradford WEEI dot com that of course it's Alex -- of the sack. Same organization. However original me. -- well I encourage you. To be of the same organization as I have the last five years ago it gave you a much better about our great showed today I'm good -- we -- -- it I'm an. Flash toward the future. The end of the show would be saying the same thing great Saturday there is going to be great so I believe in it in the middle just a reinforcement or if it's. I did a novice could be joining us on outfielder for the Boston Red Sox are right after him is going to be Gary. Almost the Boston Red Sox before the Angels and obviously had a huge huge role. In the Red Sox success last year being Tripoli major pot -- And helping -- hander Bogart's. Helping little medal -- I am and I just think when the best baseball and abusing had on -- tired last. I think fit beyond that yes he's a great interview and he is such a sharp talent to evaluate or use a great asset to the organizations that he's in. -- really as a triple -- manager he was. Invaluable to the Red Sox that's why baseball America recognized him as its minor league manager of the year. And that's pretty good a lot of minor league managers. Be recognized as the guy that's pretty good. I shouldn't make no doubt that for a lot of people who are waiting for planet Mikey waiting to talk more football enormous game coming up on Sunday. For the next hour is just a great opportunity just to take him take a step back again. Big brass -- -- football all week you talked football all week heading into Sunday. It's it's just. This this talk a little baseball this -- a break we're taking a break for the next our multi various topics in the idea of spontaneous interactions are lend themselves to kind of more thoughtful. Dialogue that's exactly what I put on the bumper -- thank you Alex event. Before we get the -- a -- might be able squeeze in a few phone call 6177797937. -- eighteen keep Tak Tek signed 37937. And Alex before he had. To the to our guests which I'd really look for to -- -- -- -- obligated he says you know really bright very thoughtful and I think Brett and I think there are really fascinating topic which I wrote about today in a lot people were talking about the last 24 hours is the Clayton Kershaw contract. And more importantly for the Red Sox perspective how it might affect on last. And his contract. All star if you don't mind you my forest are pleased the okay. This isn't. Jon Lester narco approach Clayton Kershaw -- money we understand that which was seven it get to ten. 200 super team to 5250. Million for seven years disguised 25 years old a lot younger than last year. He's the best pitcher in baseball right now at this stage. No one is surprised that he is cutting the history. For pitchers out right now this isn't a surprise absolutely not in the same -- on a surprise when Tim Lincecum was setting the records for you know Patrick sellers a couple of years ago. And so how it relates to last year before -- -- however relates to Lester is at Kershaw is a guy. Who was can be a free into the same time is -- which is after next year eligible to be anyway. Along with James Shields a long -- of Max Scherzer. So you're taking Kershaw out of the equation that's -- one last potential top of the rotation guy no one. Now would you agree this Alex number one guys who are available. After next year free agent market they don't sign -- extension Lester right yep if he does what he did last year term. -- I will seize shields I don't see Homer Bailey shields has pretty closely comparable to Leicester -- older. Remember remember the Royals viewed shields is being ahead of Leicester one year ago right. But older and and hasn't. That's fair and Lester aspect do you think this is -- isn't part ID yeah I do think that's important with the Lester conversation in the post season part. The pitching in the American League east so my point is but he's big games. Yes I guess he did pitch mark is he's pitched in a number of I guess the post season par it was more than anything. And Jon Lester made a lot of money or Jon Lester is one of the best post season pitchers ever so he's a separate cameras are ready -- October that's as good as minor league manager of the year that's not bad. Tom do you look at reelected that's not the case I would I would ask. Charities are seen if he would rather be one of the greatest post season pitchers ever or the minor league manager of the year. I'm guessing you do with the pitcher. Okay so the obvious the army's. Attribute thought win Lester Kurt shock and residency you to -- struck out the market so. It's if you have a lot of teams median number one then Lester isn't a better position. When I was writing the story last night one thing that jumped out to me wise if you do if you are the Red Sox and you do signed Jon -- to this 25 million dollar a year contract which is -- -- around what cranky guy which grand close to a Cole Hamels got which is a relevant part of Coors and even though Hamels was a little younger both both great comparisons right both great comparison so this to say 2525. Year. Okay. Judging off of what the Red Sox have right now when their starting rotation and what they're committed to. It really is amazing because you can go the next four years. Even -- 25 million a year contract. And still have a commitment of about 48 million dollars. For your entire starting rotation. Over the next four years right now in comparison. The Red Sox this year what have what worries about 69 million. Right and the Dodgers one couple over ninety million so even win this contract. You only have committed forty about forty well. I heard about this I think I think it was for this past I forget exactly when but the Red Sox have 96 million dollars coming off the books after this season today. They can afford a lot of things that includes resigning Jon Lester and David Ortiz. This is a matter of their choice rather than them being pinned in against the -- against the luxury tax against the collective -- luxury tax threshold. That's not an issue for them bacon resigned Muster at 25 million dollars a year if that's what is going to be reasonable now. I'm sure that they're going to make the case that okay. We think fit you know -- someone like a Matt Cain who got 22 million dollars a year who was younger at the time but he did so. That's a fair building points and you know they can go back and forth about precisely where that dollar figure lies Jon Lester when he was on our show a few weeks back. Had an understanding that if he wants to have to have an extension with the Red -- he's gonna take it will take he while I'd not -- -- -- on -- -- -- some money out some hypothetical money on the table. But again. Josh Beckett left some hypothetical money on the table and he did -- 72 that went out and have the worst year of his career and he probably would have been looking at a you know at a short term what year make good deal after that. Well and you should also be pointed out of how we get to this number we talk about forty million -- how the Red Sox starting rotation would be constructed dip yes. You have a manageable rate but you also have potentially a good starting rotation you have Clay Buchholz still there. You have an affordable based on luxury taxes he's control through 2007 team less than eight million a year in 2015 in thirteen and a half Max out 2070. And you have John Lackey who becomes the Major League minimum in 2000 feet fifteen. By -- 100000 right exactly and then you're filling it out with guys who are you are arbitration eligible very early in the process -- abroad. Or guys who art even near arbitration. Henry Owens Braden Workman. -- Webster. So if you took that collection of guys along with the Jon Lester 25 million dollar a year carpet or if you don't -- -- last -- or whoever. The David Price the. -- matchup they wanna get in on that you have the one big ticket item. You can do this in -- not gonna kill yourself -- -- -- -- yet they have really built and it's of its -- -- extraordinary confluence of circumstances because they have money. They're one of the most wealthy to one of the wealthiest teams in baseball they have a ton of prospects. That are coming up in that are going to allow them. To be really efficient different parts of the organization. Which means that they're going to have some spending money it's free going forward. But the question is what do you spend it on because the free agent market isn't that attractive to me you know it becomes a no relative no brainer and I'll likely head. To get Lester back to get Ortiz back. You know and then go from there when you still have a good. You know let's say with the arbitration -- you still have forty to fifty million dollars to play -- Dads it's it's a great conversation will continue that maybe leader and show. But before we do that we're gonna have a couple really good gas come in on Daniel Nava. Did a number is working out at athletes performance out in Arizona with Jacoby Ellsbury able Jonny Gomes is out there as well. Will touch base see how they're all doing out there. Along with how he views -- field situation. Potentially playing more at first base also and it'll get in the Gary -- are -- we talked about everything that he went through last year including having enormous. Impact on some key key guys I mean news here would get to those guys right after this. -- -- back hot stove show up rob Bradford of the guide dot com allotment Alex beer out the exact same organization. We're taking a -- for taking the NFL playoffs the brass. Patriots the brass. After the show is over when planet Mikey gets back on adds another great show. I event because -- -- this just kind of like the beat Mason Dixon line down of the AFC championship game week right. I expose. I -- say they've Mendoza line okay that's veteran it's like it's like the hump day of the working up towards the you know towards the playoff game how well you talked about it. And now once they show is over ball. Out dated and it's you know what crunching program okay. The gap in the now at both you go in and we should also make note Alex that you were on Twitter at Alex beer. I've been known to go on area SPE I ER do not have a teacher says. Well in my those teacher it's a coming out pretty soon yet. Brad -- he -- that I know of people are patiently waiting so I appreciate that. You reach me on Twitter at Brad I think I should get one of those like Erica and things to fire them -- it's it's like random well it is funny is funny because went quiet when I was talking to the person who's making up by the T shirts they said well he can do acts to. USC my my eyes get. But if it. I'll look to have big deal about law read psyched outfielder on years second and also Gary d.s are CNET. Third base coach for the. Los Angeles actually in Anaheim Angels thank you I still wanna -- Anaheim I just desperately wanna stay in time. Both talk about now would before he comes on year. It's a fascinating fascinating guy and I -- I've always said this about lasted most underrated story. In baseball last it is I just don't think that we appreciated. And the one thing is to know when you pointed this out went all the Andrei eat fewer talk with going on. Every once they are they'll get Andre eat the on the in the east year well or camp race yet well look look at look at what you half. You -- not the same path. Not the same age maybe but you know a guy who is as productive as you would want in a -- -- I totally agree he is and he became an extraordinary contributor. You know in a way that I don't think that anyone could have forecast including Daniel -- himself as he kind of acknowledged there is a he there was a kind of pinch yourself type of type of reality to what was going on and as he was trying to process -- or something impressed you the most about them. He would -- approaches extraordinary. The offensive approach is extraordinary it's very Youkilis like. In terms of how narrowly you zeroes in. I was really impressed by how he in the middle of kind of sporadic playing time in the post season still managed to have exceptional at bats every time he did get into the games. And continued to get on base -- die at a formidable clip. Meant for the most part his -- his overall way he had what 429 for 29 a BPs in the first two rounds. And the World Series it tailed off then I think the -- to become too sporadic but he's one of the four he's. Really kind of very Youkilis like in terms of just having an idea what he's doing at the plate zeroing in -- What can be -- to me the thing that jumps out is his defense and I know talk to him even half the season it was slide. Law yards something about it by the improvement was this -- -- and along with Diego now about the other. Person that word were privileged to have -- showed tonight. Gary -- you -- you know who is on the line right now as we speak. Gary how you doing. This do an outstanding now. Although there's a sense of -- -- you know now that the idea of you not being in the Red Sox organization means that union means -- dot. We're we're gonna turn -- -- -- I realized that Kevin -- is a great resource to talk to. Nonetheless I'm sure that he'll be missed in not in New England. Particular book -- it's. An organization that that injury and and the -- -- in the Major League step load the articles on a. -- I you have quite a little outlets that took a live in the same house that you lived in when you were playing there. It marked -- That particular credit to hustle and -- -- the supplement also note a poor records so that. Could have written an employer -- The remember but. I'll probably wouldn't shut it Mike -- that particular group were revert back and maybe. The double it. -- -- -- -- -- Now where where where exactly Libya and Nate are you now that you're an LA guy is going to be on the Hollywood Hills you'll be hang out the viper room on what's going to. It's like. Georgia a little short in. Stroke of regulation. -- kind of despite coastal. The way it always came back over the wintertime and it in the short so. And it went to stop back here so. My most -- don't expect you know so to. Well these are now that you're no longer the Red Sox organization we we believe that you can kind of speak with you know just complete and gas is. -- you Carolyn to start. Listen this is that's a tough doesn't live up to because I've said about five times so far -- show that you were the best baseball interview Dhabi I had been tired of last year we had some good ones. But that was that was a good one of. I put -- that I had -- had -- sorry but I think it is going to be honest to be -- it -- -- special way respectful and that so and so were the two cripples and so there's elements there's. Well along those lines I don't think this quite gets into a feather ruffling but it it was one of the most interest -- episodes that you had to manage through in in Pawtucket you know you have to manage through the question of of who should come up to the majors will middle Brooks or Zander Bogart's. In the middle of the season after the Red Sox traded Jose Iglesias. -- you his his transition to third base was obviously a pivotal thing that you hope to accomplish but. Well at the time that decision was being made how did you view the middle Brooks Bogart's dynamic and ultimately. How closely did what those guys two in the majors align with what you saw from them and talk it. That's a great questions and you know pick it back opposed -- there was another -- -- pressure. You know the course Sanders. Because because the impact bat. In his ability to do -- -- that -- the shortstop which will could not do it but I'm looking back on and you know first. You know recollection recollection it was it was you recommend well because -- what we've done in the past the and it at that the same time with the development of standards you know he try to develop. Very very -- and it wasn't so you know so -- for him. Wouldn't want to question was first out early and Sanders -- the pocket you know. Whatever -- -- it was -- I recommend it will be a part of a -- -- Could help the big league club and experience renewed confidence that he could step right up there and I'll vote. At the same time within that six week span Vanderjagt truly awesome starts. It'll make it -- that the players that were culpable. Recommend that you know the areas that that. That are really see -- in the box scores choose. On the decision -- in in the game in the field in the pieces -- getting some. All the little things that it just kind of a sharp and the hole before you -- -- at the bit to what appears it will -- Well I have 10. For a -- the last time. You know he is the basis our news from -- properly. As. -- -- -- solid piece sent to work at -- -- Is that that solid you know I know it was only that but to execute the summer. He was too low all the things that Major League ball players should be you know that your players are -- -- recommend it will. And -- within -- it's definitely time for. Intricate. Very strong and there was no kickback. You were one of the first people are kind of really get a feel -- from middle Brooks who he was at the start of his professional career and you you were you know you've kind of he evoked thoughts of of Troy Glaus. For you back when he was starting his pro career. Bob do you still see that kind of a -- kind of a future for -- Brooks how would you know kind of offering me a scouting assessment of of what you think he's going to be. Going forward I think there's more almost more uncertainty now about him. Based on the extreme differences between his 2012 and 2013 mutually seasons then there is about Bogart's. -- -- -- -- will you know he's considered as a striker. Struck. You know don't look at -- sort. I look at he's gonna get it to this. The time that it's in the pocket that I'll stop street. That it missing sliders. Change. I didn't -- -- up. 01 RB go out and it's even during that stretch where he. On our our current stories about what (%expletive) -- out there. And it was what it was that are that you don't not this mistakes and epic. Will expect to. The that it gets the ball park as it has to be focused on. What he has to do that day or change in the cage is batting practice routines and that. What will get very. Or is it is forced to be rock state that absolutely it's only. He stepped to the batter's box you know and from -- market it down the third biggest of arts. He looks like it was about. Like that were close look at notre development he can still call well. In. But -- He has such. Great in the Arctic. With -- field work defensively and help them. Progressed you know Major League level last year he made. Still get better at the one thing. The world but it which you did last year because this year is when it comes to this portrait because that the weather. He has the upper hand it to the consensus but wouldn't you ought to Arctic when you get the players that. They'll be aggressive QB you know Smart QB. Almost took the for a ballplayer there commitment and be entitled commitment and what did you Q did you. -- Former Red Sox triple A manager and the next native bill record ago on the baseball game of course. Well those lines scary. Do you think that. That it was cart before the horse little bit -- middle Brooks last year you had made mention of when he's in competition that's when he's at his best. And last year because spring training user number five hitter he's your third baseman do you think looking back that it was a little bit cart before the horse. What -- the I look at it well you know this prospect but plays and experience to news that a lot of players and remote. Really cute run with the Olympics open whether it's July or August -- they could do really well so into the year or reverse. This is about three months with -- about 782. Of the to be the order. But to be a stat where most guys to get report partners and you pay your dues. You know go out to right Wednesday was the veterans. A ball park every day knowing your role. All those little things. In your experience extra so quickly and that's about all we will -- or so so quickly. It's such a young age were more balls to all the couple -- -- It's really easy for player carpet and I think. Well the thing that is so -- you know -- Support to you know it's played baseball and it -- and chipped -- chipped in and he's pretty proof that you know the year. It should be and how many people -- 00 -- afterwards. Report to the process of stripper at a third -- what it was in market. And will it will grow all the Nokia. And a well. It will grow all senator workers. And two. -- -- From the from home plate it will -- you know how well she ought ankles it was it was actually there are -- although there. Yeah I have stopped the correlate to what will talk -- opposite. I like both but. Don't let you know maturity Kosovo will have doubles but he. Ireland. He took 567 minutes to help them under the third base and I know I know -- person and 001718. Year old question but. It is exciting relationship reporters it's real easy to talk to the cherries and then talk blog. -- -- those but it but it. Note that relationship early -- And ultimately knows that but I can impact -- it was anyway well. Q you mentioned Bogart's at third base obviously where he ended up. A lot has been made of of the Stephen Drew is Stephen Drew gonna come back. Right now even though that the organization views Bogart's as a shortstop long term right now do you think you would be better. At third base -- shortstop. Well. Firm believer -- you played so well the position where so off the cubbies fare well. I didn't see any indications were. -- -- At shortstop the bird in the parks it to her. But the -- in the paper route out there under is that would indicate success there but it. It's not the way you. I love the thought it was a state called the funeral. Think it plays well perpetually narrow base it fielder's ball. He's going to be picked it stove -- -- got a great arm great into our coordination. He turned two double plays at all but I've been currently it straight selectors. Both a little bit about your standard the derby. Brian -- through spring training. You know I liked -- -- that it -- -- struck. But spotters aren't seeing cheap ticket to the old Corey in structure and excited the theater that. Well all spur interest and so I sent to sleep while they're actually played well the position I've seen no indication. I'm interested in the in the kind of grouping of really potentially impact full young arms that you saw on Pataki you saw a bunch of you know pretty fascinating guys at different stages of their pro career is going through when you're talking about Brandon Workman. Ruby dollar -- Alan -- stir. You know you saw some Matt Barnes at the end some -- Renato. Do you have a you know if you were to say I would bet the house that -- going to emerge as the most impact full starting pitcher of that group. Who would -- be. But -- question rate for their priest -- you -- for one game yet security problems and more. Yeah apocalypse you -- -- the way they don't Rose. Oh Webster's right now questions. Finished the pitches but it is the most artful target right in the pitcher that we saw. Some sort. Actually mr. Cole Webster and it Webster being treated -- water -- -- balls balls or it. You know the -- it all together. -- -- -- delivery. Issues. Just finished -- pitches. But he has to. Have these these -- -- -- -- up. You know we're not -- -- there you know he has been neat to start to the little thing that. -- -- -- all -- people are holding runners due to position. Epic game where the game although I really don't. You work it was tremendously. We have five starts and four were pretty good quality you know what Coker -- when they're. His ability to grind his ability to sit out that attitude were all -- Welker. He basically. Clark competition. And I don't think there are a lot of a lot of work in. You know what it use it would it should actors they pitch that that. It'll work that are really really touched just. That's about it Saturday a trouble school prospect -- certainly worked works Burke while. It looked -- you that you know pitchers were that to slip into that. You know. You know about -- briefly -- wore purple. You can and should -- it would compare but you know he has real good like that are different than the other two so. Talked at 10 but also different individually but. You don't -- which most of if you if he is that he could straight up the NC could be he'd be the most. Well Gary today's great day obviously for you because you have secured the services of the person who filled in for Alex when he was not on the show for two weeks I've done the throttle back. Regulations on that. And -- my -- goals as if that takes you -- -- to knock a race. But but up by you get a good one obviously you get you know -- John McDonald so. A doctored -- So sweetie you want -- there -- not just. To come over Foreman fight for jobs and I want the young kids Angel Q -- it'll be. -- you opera ever -- you guys -- he's -- really don't know yet I don't doubt that the two years. That what you guys see that reports to these guys want to during Erik Howard works. Go by the business how to -- the Indy. I was a minute ago there is no we go there and discussed what 1213 years and basically the ball well for the chains and ultimately you know what -- ship -- percent of the other at the end of the year. Carcillo -- to -- this year would went a step he's just. It -- there is a gamer is professionals. Report but haven't. I dared to you sir -- seen at third base coach of the Angels once again and right he'd knock them apart. Good job and good luck with butcher yet but right now -- Karrie thanks a lot appreciate you. Garrett as scared you -- Sina. Obviously as I mentioned third base coach for the Angels also. Tripoli coach for the Pawtucket Red Sox and some fascinating inside you so get it he's out on points with every evaluation by -- -- you -- celebrities this is the guy who's a terrific value hitter and teacher. Hot stove show I'm rob Bradford -- I dot com that's Alex Spears same organization. Right after this recording got to keep on rolling here keep on rolling again we get to that and at this hour. Not only is the great planet Mikey Mikey Adams -- McNeal Osama hallway. And you're -- that's what you diving in straight through Sunday all Patriots stock. But up until then what did you do little but harassment and keep on roll and -- not. Right after this Mikey Arabs -- top of the at that stage left. Last words the last words as the as the accident now -- was exactly the words I would expect and yeah Adams. And that are out it was it was about it was one father to another prelude value added I'm rob Bradford RBI dot com Alex Spears him organization this is the hot stove show coming up the great interview with Gary he says he now. Would needle novice Billy's in the middle law is offseason stop. He's going to be doing is very shortly hopefully. -- You know we talked -- blow. Off season and is not a lot going on yeah app for that one week a flurry of moves and use Stephen Drew but would you have an interview like that with decent CNET. It really is. This is what it's all of downright mean this is what it's about a guy who is there who can actually Alice -- When. Enormous amount of education while the key concern you guys wouldn't be talking about it. A month from now that's when spring training and not just a month from yes a month from now and also you know five years from now the thing that we get seduced by when dealing with the hot stove and our -- kind of guilty of that week ourselves after all. The hot stove show and kind of put front and center. All the transactions that -- around the margins well. Look the more significant thing is the state of an overall organization's help. The minor league system especially that kind of upper levels of the minor league system held to a lot more about that then the kind of fringe moves about. The team going to go after Matt Garza or something you know that's that's kind of a symptom rather than an indicator that tells you. If you're going after Matt Garza or after to knock -- That tells you that you haven't developed enough Buren -- Well. Of the Ian Bogart's fascinating middle Brooks is fascinating but even the question that you asked about the pitching. About the perspective he has on the pitching because -- we go through the story lines there are coming up in Fort Myers. When we're we're we're basking in the glow of the beaches of Fort Myers in -- about. I will back -- a whole basket Al would be basking Mike Gould's distinctive clothing they're getting the Speedo with at Brad felt printed on it. Maybe a couple of you -- -- me right now Barbara -- Margaret and that would not be Margaret in -- but I trust but when you're wearing now are all together hooked me up. But but. When we're talking about the story lines that's gonna be a big thing these young pitchers -- was gonna run outs and -- and there was run out NC. The the Renato as the Barnes but what he said about Allen Webster I thought was most notable. Because this is the guy who dominate the conversation. In spring training of last year. And -- and and then obviously it went one way which is which is understandable. If it's funny like because we're both Webster and Jackie Bradley junior those were the two most compelling people most compelling performers. Last year in spring training. And they had some regular season struggles. Hands ultimately dat whatever and I think other not what we thought there were well you know what they might well be what you thought they were. They just struggled their first exposure to the Major League I love the -- COLT game I -- they've people have to understand how good Garrett Cole is. And and you go back to watch Allen Webster was. This guy it was is not hyperbole to say this was the -- of spring training if you went through the spring training story lines okay you have David Ortiz injury we understand that. But you Al Webster throw in 99 united Jackie Bradley would he be able to find twenty days in the minor league. And and maybe fourth Lewis was Christian Vasquez. Throwing down -- second I mean talking to scouts last year in spring training base of that the three most prominent story lines for them were. Alan Webb star Alex Meyer of the twins and dying to have endorsement of the Orioles said that those three guys -- and kind of talent class of their own in terms of what they -- in spring training and I think. Will probably be reminded of that to some degree when we see Webster and improbably Bradley inspiring. By you know -- area in another thing is is that. You look at how he's viewed Ed Barnes. How he's viewed Renato and those guys -- the next knocked out and we talked early to show about the Lester. About. The Kershaw about how it's set up. Down the line for the Red Sox. And we have to start thinking about this -- we have to start thinking about the -- the -- the Renato because this is how you get to that 48 million dollars committed the tire rotation. In Africa if I was John -- or bench Harrington when they were on our show who told us -- in that they ended by 2015 days the wonder two more homegrown starters entry into the rotation probably more after that. -- it. I used AB's signal. Alex -- -- that was not a signal I was not a signal I rest my signal. Yeah so it's is really what the Red Sox have right now they don't know which of those guys going to assert themselves. -- Webster has a huge disparity. Between his between his ceiling and his floor he may end up being a sixth or seventh inning reliever if he can never learned victim it's a command that nasty two seamer. Or if he does figured out use that athletic -- to be able to repeat his delivery and start pounding the strike zone with an Arsenal is unmatched in the system. Then he has he has he and Trey ball at the two guys you look at as future potential number one starters in the major leagues. But we don't know which of those is going to become. You know Henry Allen same thing we don't know I thought we don't know up -- you Varnado is going to be a number three or number five starter in the big leagues -- So that's that's why it's so compelling that the Red Sox for the Red Sox the they've accumulated all of this -- -- to meet. The Kershaw deal really underscores the idea -- it. You know this is why you hoard your young pitching because you don't want the alternate to be having to drop 200 million and -- in order -- -- up. Olivo and they gave -- -- -- as we -- said about Lester you can manage one of those guys you better read on that one. But you can still managed. There in the position where you can manage that one got it should also be noted we talk about these young players. Something's going on tomorrow the rookie Duval are actually -- week rookie development program going on over. Harvard right yes and we'll be seeing a number of those top prospects a number of those top arms are going to be there. Owens will be their Varnado will be their Barnes will be there. In so I think that'll be an interesting opportunity kind of take stock of of that accumulating depth that the Red Sox have. And the following week next week. Is the Boston baseball writers' dinner we're just going through now and he custom baseball writers' dinner is next week as is the hot stove cool music roundtable of its cool who's on the hot stove cool music roundtable Alex and -- Harrington John -- of being moderated by Peter Gammons I think of Mike -- friend of the show's going to be on there. Craig Breslow I believe. Well saw Brian who else. Adam now all you are Alex -- is gonna be on that congratulations. Now -- a lot of while someone is under qualified in that group uh oh well well -- -- about building a winning culture. -- interesting conversation I've always loved. Going there as a spectator. Because it ends up being really really insisting. Our bench her and the BB WA a dinner that is going to take place next week. Will also feature a number of Red Sox standouts were being recognized for their contributions to last year's World Series winning team. I think we get the. Not me here in line. You know he's been running round data I Dillon. Listen -- that's got to the chase you're working out after the performance right. Yeah okay and is well I've been out there a few times my quest to reach full not yet not or my quest to reach -- -- capacity. I I came very close. And yet. It's it's it's a crazy crazy scene out because you waking up you go to this place and half of baseball there along with the entire NFL scouting combine. So give us the names who are working out there. But named sort -- worked out well who's who who you bench pressing OK you're bench pressing Jonny Gomes. You got Eric Young junior. In. Don't know -- Mean. The day a month and -- -- -- all -- had no electricity no well that night that was that was rob being interested that was that was -- -- recently you've been around here a few years doesn't that was -- and stressed it. Over well and brought an outlet he. Actually got a legal like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There admitted to sell follow up question so. To Kobe -- guys aren't -- or that -- go -- Jacoby Ellsbury he's in good shape. Yeah yeah it ever got to go there. Don't know if the arc into it with a purpose and and -- you take -- very seriously don't beat people that extra period it. And you put. The guys that would that would. I'd love -- A boxer so development around we get in the trees continued leadership dot net. Oh well that -- -- -- -- -- -- an eight forgotten it did -- you go there yet. You my last question about Jacoby Ellsbury promise dale is that we -- -- cast early in the offseason and you really sounded optimistic that he might be back. Were you surprised when he didn't come back especially considering you went through all of good part of the offseason let them. A -- to myself that I'm -- I'd really want it back. Well what would be deeper she needs it so that's why I think I would. Probably more hopefully optimistic that optimistic that it actually happened that it really go for everything I'd been old about players. Both sides were and so what I read it one that you're optimistic that come back and I was like I'm one back -- You really only in practice he'd had for a sport that -- it -- last. I would I I was surprised at all I was trying to bat at me I want that I need. So you're coming up on me and Daniel italics here nice to talk to you know I don't say that I don't drop you may have to invest the formalities may have been skid since bush dedicated as it all happened -- -- it up what we've got to pick. I'm all about. He'll be giving you teacher dad at -- had it in spring trying to -- that's fair Daniel I ever -- vividly you know thinking about spring training how last year even as as -- starting to wrap up getting close strapping up and even as John Carroll said he first saw. A significant role for you on the 2013 -- he said look I never take for granted anything. You know based on my background. At this point. Do you approach it is approaching its when he fourteen season after you've hit 300 in the major leagues after you finished. In the top five in the American League in on base percentage and played you know roughly a 130. Plus games in the regular season. Is approaching 2014 does it feel different than any other than any other spring training you've been you've gone -- I think it would pat we need that are at a certain -- -- on at -- this year I'm trying to approach and that was about one. Like you yet on network you -- that are they a I'd just I don't know I don't know any other way to approach being an article about it so. -- on the court. It's an elbow wise but that it's fine. Trying to make he did what it pester me distribute to -- work ethic has not thought to yanking off and Rasheed that certainly is where I and other. I did yeah some guys if that's excellent work like that. Park go about it just hate in every little bit if it. Beckett got an excellent and it was the first perspective that. Spokesman that he -- you know. I'm really really realistic don't have to worry about that it's about mentality but it you Nico keep -- so. I'm not spot where albeit department worked at the -- that. Looking back on last season do you have any explanation you know -- -- is there -- some fundamental area of your game that permitted you to enjoy this kind of this break out season really ams is you know and how confident. Are you -- you know that kind of what you were able to accomplish last year something that is reputable. And you that there's one thing that they -- a lot picnic so that. Like a -- not certain yup he and I. That there's -- different train in different war in terms of ball let it helped me. But that there -- -- -- that rule. -- right from the get go well you know out there were put it that -- what do you know help you -- sure he'd. And a lot of violence to. That brings train out last year I took every every day like I the year before I was injured and make. Him. Got great will be spot at number two in the big peaking. At that a -- -- it but you know I don't you know just go out. -- out playing. And that the patent and it but I'm up there about it but it that lead you to beat that take the -- -- what they'll use all like Utley the rest. But it's that loud India -- and have fun and everything it can match you're out there and I don't want to -- it so that it is. I did I heard something about dale now about the tourette. On RT eleven I'll feel for the Red Sox last question for me game. Is that they're there is going to be. A new dynamic at the top of the order. And every once saying well the the logical candidates to fill that spot Shane Victorino and gave them -- Is that something that you enjoy you -- a few times last year by it there's very real possibility could be there a lot this here is that something you look for too. Yeah I don't really care -- -- the -- -- to have on the Atlanta part. And fortunately in the past what two years -- cut it will everywhere except for. I don't know 30 but like that -- me for the most part it felt well on its feet it's a little more used to different spots yet it differently but. Applaud you want in the lower Columbia if I happen to be up well it spot. -- helped you know one of the guys who change their approach so right you hit that you hit leadoff man at the same way. That you do if you are fourth viewed the same guy. Let -- change I mean I don't think -- approach is is to call it. So while it's that human that would need to change certain -- because. Both guys that striker -- -- that occurred today Lleyton the Leah got out but that's what you do. Regardless of that so. That blocked it it may -- the first time through. He hoped what pitches but after that -- -- do. It would it would probably be fit the I normally do. Well Daniel I'm gonna say great interview except that you messed up the question about your success for last year you were supposed to as attribute all of your success to fatherhood. And -- it of course you know of course now that you're -- father because that's what Alex is doing for the last week after having his new. -- bat lately actually it should I should sit back is ugly unit brought up in actors. This is at Uga you hit 360 with the -- 26 on base percentage after you after daughter was born. Yeah but the bat don't you think what you -- about it it now. That you don't itemize on my -- but that was. Clearly and that's all right but that spot. That's -- you get a month to get here here interview game shape. Ready in the game all the only a month ago there for Mars and obviously relief for deceiving Alex I -- both be there and in the meantime. Keep on -- over the athlete performance. You guys you got a picture expert coming out and productive none of us are right. The called by his full name there just in case you know lots -- I don't know. That well really don't we get a big way where we're running over recruited Mike yeah and give us some extra time for the interviews it Gary decency to thank you. Joining us stain on the island also thank you for joining you patio. Great job behind the glass Alex -- job as always had a Brett -- next week are demanding the next week Alex will be back I'll be here and I will probably you also have the return of John McDonald who when you last year he was unemployed in now he's employed. A loss Angeles Angels graduate every one other shows getting contracts. Make magic happen left and right hot stove so thanks to everybody will see you next week.

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