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NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin previews the AFC Championship with Salk and Holley

Jan 16, 2014|

We break down the big game on Sunday with the playmaker, the man who can entertain you while informing you, Michael Irvin, now of the NFL Network.

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Oh wait for my color of the playmaker -- just a minute or two but if you really wanna (%expletive) yourself off. Go to YouTube and -- Michael I just did the last three minutes. Go watch for place I'll go watch four plays and at the end of you're not incredibly pissed off. I don't want to tell argued that though he says -- analysts during early enjoyable wasn't what to -- -- -- and enjoy -- really what to do that well the goal then at the end what we've started to do before Whitcomb accurate got a few people 36 the first thing you do is go watch. Wes Welker dropping the ball. And on line. Got that right now it is. He's wide open no -- no one of the -- else in the frame Gisele speaks the truth shall find everything. Letter this week popular -- what you're talking about partner Barbara. Like a guy and think that. -- what does she say that some women use pregnancy as an excuse to become garbage holes. What's that went out there. -- this is not your excuse to be a garbage disposal to say it's worked out and out right. Or however you get that extra -- could stand -- and a lawyer got in order not but she's that you worked out up and they'll. Weeks before it was pork yet she also -- -- out and -- TV the other day just holding on. The driver's track. No helmet candidate the just nobody of its two month sold them on the on our comment that the it to be a worldwide law. Women should breast feed a six month old. A worldwide law. Anyway it's Phillips she's dead right on this when they're right well no one else in the rain is appalled absolutely -- tangible ball guy and don't tell Welker doesn't -- -- -- he's lying on the ground because he knows he just blew his opportunity to win that game to watch that as you know was there. You can see in the frame as well look at Adams and you going to be in trouble for -- Hernandez. Or if he's lucky if elected was to drop stop. -- -- with the news that came out today. That -- -- -- -- says they're not just looking for him as the shooter in the double homicide but actually -- the -- as well when we watch anyway so go watch Wes Welker dropped the ball then go watch Peyton Manning throw line -- him it is a perfect pass and an even better catch in the fact that Manningham could make that catch Mario -- and -- third receiver on -- team comes -- about all drags his foot on the sidelines doesn't drop it and your -- Wes -- the greatest thing in the world grid slot receiver -- What ever drops that stupid -- it is hands. Are you -- -- -- and he's got two players on the any applause the sideline. That's what it comes down to catalog all -- maker about this Michael Irvin because you bring up -- point. I've always. Felt was lucky to win the super bull when you have a dominant team. Against. A team that doesn't belong like it used to be in the day in the in the old days NFC was always dominant AFC. Whoever was there with the place holder made the -- somebody. Got to be a blow up. But you've got through all good teams. Equal teams in the Super Bowl. That's what you need. You need you can't say. All of the ball could've been thrown better exceptional players making exceptional plays in these games. Michael work into -- that was about. Lynn Swann knew what that was about an apparently started Mariano -- am David I'm sorry don't marry -- if not exceptional player but he made an exceptional play. Eli Manning and and mark and Manningham together. Great -- amending. Great catch and sidelined work. -- Mario Manningham David Tyree who was out of the league was not even a good not even an average receiver in the NFL. Great play. So I got for that that's why don't give Wes Welker. A pass on this nobody should he's he's he's even if he was just a good paycheck or is there very easy -- or care to name. And I -- a great player you hold them to a higher level of care the pro is up by 10% right to 8%. Or Tom Brady can definitely better to -- that he can really aren't a hundred out of a hundred times we hear of any draw out the ball. Nobody knocked it away from -- that would match when you're -- that after you infuriate yourself by watching those two plays. Go back and watch David Tyree catch in the -- by Eli Manning and him escaping it really is a great play by Manning but -- for the high re element of the more I watch it after what the comparing the Welker one. I think if he's more open he drops the ball under I honestly think that Harrison being their draped all over a minute. -- -- can help them catch the ball and it knocked the ball to his -- did your heart is not there I think you might drop it provided so his arm was almost like what you're helping me get control of this thing brokerage arm is -- the area approached it like he was blocking Rodney approached it like he was blocking a shot in basketball it was almost a basketball player who try to deny somebody a program as opposed to just. Really playing the ball and trying to break and then the two or three illegal aliens in the face -- retirement -- didn't catch any of those now didn't see -- -- those -- -- but I did -- like make a great way to get out of trouble and throw the ball deep down the field in the works out and then the just for just it really just didn't irritate yourself a little lecture at the end of all that. A dual quicker YouTube search of us on -- -- annual dropped interceptions Super Bowl we disagree on this one I still think he's he could account it's hot pot it's petty cash. -- act tough but it's definitely catch that it is of course -- -- we went to respect. But it's a tough play for a corner at winters was at the top of -- what was the slogan right -- -- -- eleven. But what you -- -- not that far left and I'm eleventh somewhere that I don't know. But I don't sixers -- at some somewhere. He was at the top of the -- And he was trying to make that catch the. All were fully -- the heart catch more acorn but it also interests. From Michael -- and talk gets no it also winters in -- doctor Samuel winters and those guys what are you always that we talked about this yesterday if he can't get GB off here. Went through his hands and then if you're really really angry after all that just two quick Google says Travolta Tom Brady's Super Bowl 36 final drive maybe you'll feel better Michael Irvin -- the playmaker joins us right now via the AT&T hotline I'm Michael how -- yeah. I'm doorway -- sitting here. I'm beating portal with some films Lucas and through -- Our what does it tell you who's gonna win this game AFC championship Brady vs Manning a ton on the line. They've been -- and I wanted to put right now it is. That it right now from -- can let me deeply trying to surmise was going to happen this week. And I -- -- you know not a total have brought him there about it do -- -- The and with that the weapon that is -- good -- -- listed and I noticed probably wouldn't. The course could be a battle in -- Koreans have taken place in the talk about there's. The name of it and you'll have now. You can you can put the communities tried to be Trombley. By pulling the ball outside. Would tall and it looked as better percentage complete but it has been -- inside. -- -- -- -- -- One that looks a little -- in the crowd and from. You know we just clicking onto it took -- but technically this is the reason why. Doesn't allow media also disputed call in the coal group is Israel winning is wrong which he please begin. You emphasize how in the world do you wanna attack anybody when you're fighting Khomeini during if you wanna count. Theater in. Don't things that are now in the middle and that's why he's and its success that campaign many. Look this group be appreciated being he would put -- different elements I'm not pregnant and and and oppose using that. He -- in the play more inside. He was Linda he's even split in them the type -- wide receivers and the Olympic course and -- This is a debate. That is that is gone on for years it will probably go on for for many more years if not forever Brady vs Manning. Where do you stand in this debate. I would lose that right now it's not a bit. It's not a debate only -- Going to make use of real debate. Agrees. Moved forward. To at least. Try to accomplish something north of quarterback -- -- -- -- means he wins will give way to support them with two K but as we -- right now. You know -- and I keep telling people on the -- and not put down treatment and he said. Read. -- book reader system because it but I. Think things like. Just to reorganize the people who report will not -- -- -- -- on the field and we want it but he was. -- improve from now as we look back. Number but the people and remember that remember some proposals would probably because each we reboot -- It's -- record holders would revisit. The replay please but it -- we read it change your opinion. He -- history. Important that congress should upgrade possible time because you can't be integrated -- -- conversation if you would not agree -- that. Well you may have answered this question already we were talking about a before he came on -- -- got to ask Michael Irvin. If he had one of these -- can pick one of these quarterbacks he got the ball. You're on the your own -- and you gotta have that drive to win the Super Bowl who's gonna throw a -- I -- Troy Aikman is not a part of this conversation. It is about that I've got to order a hard drive by anti I don't. That. Whatever parameter of cheating Detroit had to throw you the ball right now blindfolded -- the -- he's actually rob Robin Hood. -- a matter of and I did speak at. Both of those guys right. Now but when I just Q why are probably arrogant and what it is no mistake because of that incident told -- better. In Nicole and that it's -- insists it being open about the true. But don't want the best until all right this is what's happening. This is without. And bring your game closer -- I need it but that you didn't know you can you can't go wrong with rival political stuff. You're reaching -- in that situation explosive world. Michael I ask you this. I don't want. To intercourse yeah it didn't. Go to the yeah. I'd do it that way. Wide receiver what do you got your form under form and that none of their receivers can do form right now. -- I used to say when I was when I was coming up and I would watch or guys -- that lucrative -- -- But that sentiment out there -- certain that. When I'm looking back it usually does -- -- been physically put it is that they're that it went that it is bigger. -- but -- -- -- that local note that read body but I would not take that. You give me so badly needed to let which -- -- -- that -- -- the book there. You're seeing this stuff but. You know I won't play. -- -- And it that way -- the -- that might but. That's true that's True Religion should and I don't. Awkward bad if somebody's being -- through local. -- -- -- And wanted to do -- -- -- real for who he. Like -- business here at WEEI joins us via the HTT. -- Could not happen a lot of people watching Michael this Sunday's special six. Our addition event of a networks and have a game day morning airs at 9 AM Charles Woodson join them as an in studio guest analyst as well. What you we know what's on the line from an I tend to agree and I've been saying all week it may Manning needs to win this game and win the Super Bowl to make this a real debate even this thing up and maybe even takes a slight lead bubbles. What is it what is on the line for Brady and Belichick and they are legacies this weekend and direct the simple. -- -- -- This would known I wouldn't -- I think that the registrar computers. That it would build the case and I -- think there's abuse before. As a beautiful historical story -- and you have the video of the -- I don't you wouldn't sit. -- an argument I looked historians. It within a game that I'm going to take it and should it would rather sit in there to -- -- -- you know users. That we -- you -- you knew it was on the network. I measured moves in exchange out to the open about what you. Put them where you came on to that when you started and where are you now I get measured distance out in the years nor will this story. No witnessed it hit home great story. With justice trial. And -- read -- to -- as well. As to what he's accomplished. And what he's doing. That -- the chicken is done. This is the second to know. Remember that there's do they can build mutual -- if at all. -- Belichick -- completed just phenomenal -- whoever it is time. What goes on in the cubicles. I look at -- can. And so that's a compatible of the risk no matter what it. So absolutely commitment and submitted. It. And they do with it and cheers or operative that just cheers to cheers settlement news. What you do during weeks like this as a player during championship weeks. Before Super Bowls. A lot of guys say that. Hey my my my wife is panel and everything ticket requests. I'm not available on a sudden everybody out I'm not return phone calls how about you did you get -- isolation like that when you play. Mr. growing isolation a little with the public hearings is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think from that position to. If it calmed down and come down to achieve real time with people who -- about it differently she's not -- would could be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And at the that the folks who have been -- -- that focuses. On the -- but it was a -- especially. Especially. When you're playing that game at home you know if some of -- limited where would people when graft trial. But when you put an agreement and it is apps of movement a draw but -- -- and support the Jews or you'll miss it right here. Let users that you know you wonder because his spot. You wanna put his -- partner who would have global. Rather the beginning of the year. Little in my mood looser feel that even the warm but beginning. About their passing game being able. Two. Make a play my commitment that pleased that they need to make now my heart. My heart. My heart the heart and -- from Manning and also give them an -- rock. In this not. Let them know. -- -- -- -- You know if you ask me what person National Football League right now certainly stupidly and probably -- That I would do you the -- global. It showed how you only need to do -- -- all man cats like all of these golf watcher I'm I don't know what that is actually brought that we were talking about that in. When you play in the Super Bowl you know listen you made. Some great player wanted to ordered a great plays and Super Bowl. Against Pittsburgh that touchdown and again we kind of did the little girl and got that you caught that the five or seven. Hopefully it would ultimately destructive outpost removed beside you keep me look good -- these people made of the future stock that was. That would definitely -- the touchdown. In -- wouldn't let it. We have a system that we can split this is so global. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well okay it was an exceptional -- remembered that number of them -- act clearly but. That's what it takes to win the Super Bowl when it Wes Welker and drop. That don't. Innocent lives -- because. What does it when I look at it would use -- who who. -- -- of food and repeating England you before you receive that Malkin to you if you had a problem group. You gotta keep that problem before you view the range and probably will improve. You've got to see that problem before you can and you have to beat you the problem before you get a ring and and. And -- in other witnesses. -- -- investment and it's called Lopez who's. 100 Sunnis and 100. Boom. Boom -- and women who sent our little impact that -- that's. And not down. We just watched it. And commitment afloat but yeah I don't mean playing -- that it would be. -- -- -- -- that -- -- let him warmly. You that this -- he shopped. The program he has -- more about it which will be because he'd been doing that welcome attacked in the cabin and that's been in the and now you don't Levin do impromptu Q and from now. And you're gonna do who actually put it at the moment. Would you have made. Doc about this is the guy called the best receiver in football. -- -- -- -- -- You called him the best receiver in football the best receiver in football should make that play an outreach and should have agreed to receivers. I'm glad that possibly. Do what you're about trying to -- -- I would not -- and one that. Or -- that's different conversation I'm not -- -- we can justify that with a hundred Julian settlement catches this year if I need to know there's different not the other Wes Welker is better and Julian adamant notes in my group. Good to approximate what you do -- -- There's. No doubt where it is better. Of some some props man who would it. Well -- expect him respect and it was just the best part about it do. You can. -- -- combat boot time prosecutors. And that. Is certain is that back up. They -- huge -- that program -- -- the and become. -- With a bat that can move steps right back that I respect. That I respect you don't grow a little brutal and good he. He put a Democrat to do any opinion that dark so humbled to cope with two. Michael why -- we do this more often why -- you on the show more often thank you so much is a lot of -- to do it again really soon. Absolutely as well let me go to the local level which is that it. There -- things better Baker Michael Irvin you can catch him Sunday morning as usual on NFL network the playmaker with a lot to say bureau backs alcoholic WB.

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