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Debating how the Pats beat the Broncos, and Bill Cowher puts the Spygate crowd to rest, or should

Jan 16, 2014|

We talk Patriots as they put the final touches on the gameplan to take on the Broncos in Denver on Sunday. Plus Bill Cowher should have just silenced all the Spygate morons... SHOULD have.

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So last night Michael I went to have do. Radio hit for station in Portland Oregon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not really now. Now I hope portly and get things that's not a really a rivalry you know really hate each other like now the oxen and -- sort of didn't like each other but it was never real rivalry yet. Now but the -- about a two and a half hours -- have three children that there are trained but they totally need each other people once the public eye out for your from Portland. -- it's not quite like that it's closer like Boston Hartford Maine Portland just -- and a lot smaller. If Hartford was a look like a little bit bigger -- now as well in Boston New York it's like you know. A real city in -- Almost makes it. While the Phoenix felt like I don't know -- there's I don't ask our life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Celtics used to play like I know -- -- I would grow -- easiest hole and why they do about it for all I know because there's no way in hell they give up the revenue well that's crazy in -- the other thing and I don't think -- -- Larry -- was was part -- about it at the time or -- that isn't Larry -- sixty point game there. I did that in Hartford still. -- audio you'll want to play there every -- -- clearly agreed to come on -- you know bird that he needed Hartford all out -- to pay for the best game of his career he did in Hartford anyway. So they asked me questioned last night on now Sports Radio in Portland. But I didn't really know the -- -- and I was characters have huge new war or not clarify policy if you -- look at some. -- And it was in New Orleans bird in neurology three in the I guess that was that if the hawks -- the hawks are the hawks were celebrating on the -- It was in our fellow Michael Portillo was the coach and he's got mad. There's like he got what we got to like 54 and every shot from the corner calorie editor get a fellow prevention -- I got the debate. He did something that are maybe wasn't that but I'm pretty sure crazy games in Hartford of Mikhail I had had 56. Maybe a week before. He told Rick Ellis had been higher. And went out and it would count showed pocket. Yeah that that's just kind of -- that was if that's what we're talking about in team rivalries yet today we probably should put them on the live with bill and they are friends but rivals at the same time OK you can do that likened to this. I think it was a big bird was keeping score more and McHale -- yeah. Trickier now you talk to a lot of Kevin -- right now. Instead Kevin you have humanities and yet he would say yes I can talk for two minutes. That fifteen minutes later he was the -- and phone is nicely just why those guys love to tell jokes and in. Wasn't as intense. As Byrd was when when games anybody as intense as burglars. If you you know I can't vote I mean like the all time Hillary supporters -- I -- -- -- Those the only guys who were at that level of intensity -- really mattered anyway -- question asked of me was this. Gore people in New England giving more credit to for their success this year raise your Belichick. -- I guess I guess we haven't really talked about it that much -- I didn't really have a good answer for the guy the stock answer I gave them was. Essentially I think that over the course of the whole run. I think Brady gets more credit than Belichick does that the quarterback so freaking important and radius and so good over the course I mean the whole twelve years not -- this year. That -- Belichick was fine but then when he got Brady if things really took off I think that's my stock answer over the course of that the relationship together. But this year. I think I have to go Belichick right. Elegiac feel like that the system being in place the drafting of the young players the young defense surviving some of the problems that they've had some Ivan Hernandez and all the injuries. It's not like Brady start for 5000 yards this year he's had a good year. By keeping things on the on the you know on the rails he has Nickelodeon you don't what -- our touch sharper just for example on 25 touchdown passes this year. -- quarterback who. Threw for more than that mean he did not have an isn't that your governor -- season so it's hard to look at Brady and say he's dubbed them the biggest reason. Why the patriots are where they are they had the most success running the ball I mean they celebrating in reserve and they've won games just because in the world comes to mind. Cleveland comes to mind and for comes to Miami he's been incredibly important to what they've done. But if you look at this year and maybe you look at the whole thing. My personal view has been -- Brady's been more important to the run in general Belichick's been more important this year to the success of the team is -- All right now this is probably not -- wanted in Portland. And could give the talk radio answer or you can give the panel discussion answer I. Could think it would -- don't war. A lot of talk radio they would talk radio right into the panel discussion answer first panel discussion answer is. People in Boston are not separating them that it that it ever -- absolutely right when you have both of them. Just today. Great got a broad and hall who knows who is more important but we don't have to worry about it right now because they're both on our side you're now there's talk radio that the talk radio answer is. Belichick because it's the entire operation in -- that would not just talking about the office we know what the losses on options. It's not like Tom Brady just had his receivers taken away from him the defense was intact and Brady had to make due with what he had on offense. As the rest of the team went about as is and get this team to twelve and four. What happened was the total. Injury. And incarceration. Collapse. So no mail no Wilfork note Tommy Kelly. Along with -- ground in Hernandez and Welker defecting in Sebastian -- going on IR. And Brandon Spikes. Everything so -- your Bill Belichick. You've got to have Tom Brady continue to do his thing -- you also have to happen by a bit maybe top. I'm telling -- element you're number one receiver guy I picked up in the seventh round. A -- -- -- as a part of this mix another guy I got in exchange for a seventh rounder. And I've got to make do with this deeper into even though I really don't have any defensive lineman right that was different about using on -- for a lot. Some of Brady's issues were created by Belichick this year right even though some of them were also what album picks by about one out of one. The Welker. Do you think rock what do you do about that well you gotta throw some of the other part I -- got to put Dini would head on that list that needed you know there he was still significant part of the off I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you hate Danny wood and I go to Harry don't labeled the most significant re all signing of last year and you just -- -- that point -- -- right over him. He would cut at the bat it. It. Able to have the most significant Erica I just Peter King but your service -- Cabrera but -- tomorrow. What are -- what he says. The most significant development may rotated it can also the painters were gonna make the playoffs that's this year to around they could miss the -- -- the playoffs. The it appears that our guys have a tough you are my -- broke a little couple text messages here AT&T -- -- 37937. To the station also has which came first the chicken in The -- Right I mean. I think it's an interesting question to try to figure out. Where you put more of the responsibility right I mean you're right Michael your your first answer is is of course correct that you don't need to know. What's the difference and I mean they're going to be together they've been together and their incredible success together that that's absolutely true. Oh which one has more to do that mean I I always find it interesting because you have the people out there this he's from Fall River who believe that. Belichick has nothing to do that it's all Brady because he's hooked up with a great quarterback -- -- all the success that they have and others who just believe it's the system well what happened when Matt Cassel was here they were still pretty good even if they weren't as good so how important is -- really to the process it matters when you start talking about the legacy of each of these guys what Belichick's legacy will be and should be more on spy -- native had a couple other interest thoughts on that not all of -- just keeps -- the game he's going. Czar it's been seven years but it comes up that strange starred on now -- sometimes it doesn't come up at all it's what eleven. When the patriots went to the Super Bowl against the giants you would think New York all the New York media. I don't think it came up at all during that week is 2007 -- went so much in 2007. When it should've come up right -- it was fresh during that super ball. It all came to a head on that Friday before the game New York Times had a story. Then John to Nazi -- historian Harold the next day. And -- exploded. You would think -- -- be talking about it OK here are here the patriots artery depleted will be talking about it on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday that it worked that way. And Indianapolis. They almost forgot about it now it's coming back before the AFC championship game in. If they make it to New York again. And what not again but if they make it to New York improbable come up. During Super Bowl press conferences it's strange it's on spy gate talk is unpredictable. It shows up when you don't expect it do and when you expected there was nowhere to be far. Weird. -- for whatever reason. He showed up this week which is definitely strange anyway 61777979837. And number two guys involved early and often today although we do a lot of guests and we got the the fourth Boston -- At 2455. Bruins. Celtics patriots tough trying to figure was going on all three Celtics finally winning game last night Bruins. Place forsaken in Dallas and I DJB is on the occasions will talk to him. And then also my caller from 430 this -- not a -- Mervyn play maker himself at 430 today. What do you wanna know from Michael or anything right. Measure is there one thing that jumps out at you. -- half I don't know I mean look I wanna asking Bob Brady Manning and that's the subject this week item and I wanna ask him about the legacies that are on the line. Between these two guys got to ask emcee Michael. Would you rather catch a ball right game's on the line. Tie game the Super Bowl. Guys got the ball on the thirty your -- thirty. About a minute and forty left. You're the number one receiver which recorded. Whale. Did tell you my -- dog got a good question. Can you talk to Michael Irvin for ten minutes in Michael. All the Brothers never brought rather Italians do you make of the Q what is your daughter. Are you willing to do that are you Michael Irvin to Michael or -- here yet. Realities with this situation. Is would I do. Audio and always talks about we've got rewarded whatever talked about a controversial issue. In football. But do you know whether was Dez Bryant is team needs Dez Bryant going Tony Romo always brings in. Feeding the family likes beating the family. I deadline. Hotel young man. The quarterback out of it because this is argue for regional forum tech quarterback award before. But thought hey he's always always always agree. Great guest to a Michael Irvin we have crazy Jack Gabbert at 330 it's going to be fun yet to be good day we'll get guys involved as I said tonight. I don't -- receivers I think I would cook like -- right now. -- like my right now Marlins. I don't work cut -- well I don't move -- -- he immediately. Knowing that if somebody else to replace more than ready and willing and I don't know I don't know what a good as anybody you go to somebody you can hit airports authority. I remember that part was that it was forget the judge of patriot. And it's that Thursday night game the hour and he had a snake who was who's like gay wanted to go to the receiver for the jets and he's dropped wanted to drive that he was dropped he has. Did you -- Oh by the way that game digital strip three interceptions you know -- with terrible that I forgot about -- OK I never heard of like gates since we actually get cut through it -- -- what you got to thirteen to six game it was brutal. The patriots -- converted 23 downs. It was awful so after that game isn't it was here -- -- -- gave -- watch that -- -- Whole areas SO anyway that the reason I there and the reason I bring up the the think the important and the question. It's not because you never really need to know your -- plays on. Our army to distract you would bring her to the bottom well and it was a Rosa -- who -- as a now it was Dominic Dominic writes our. Neighbors just hearing the ball out of his hands. Open the patriots when the -- when the game against the -- anyway. It does speak to their legacy speaks of legacies of these two guys which I think we talked about all week is being very much on the line. Over the course of the next three weeks what happens on Sunday. In Denver followed by what happens in New York a couple of weeks later. I think is gonna change the way you look at three people. Brady telecheck and man. Right I mean it has to change the when they are for whatever reason -- looked on fox will be elevated he wins its first Super Bowl -- point will be one and one Super Bowls but. Ever what will look at the Peyton Manning brought you to a super -- I'd start off to good coach is Gary Payton so Peyton Manning took over your team and brought to a super boy also thanks John did a good job this New Orleans for. Right exactly replica so so his his legacies -- reeling on them on the line -- Belichick's very much is partially because the spy gate. And Brady's very much is hasn't won a Super Bowl since 2004 lost its last two has not in the same quarterback in some ways since then especially in big moments. And of course Manning's legacy is very much on the line because he's supposed to be the choke artists. All three of these guys into this game in this crazy crash course knowing that the winner of this one has the opportunity to forever altered the way the world views them. -- that hasn't happened for guys with this level of success. They don't usually have this much to play for if it's not for spy gate what does Bill Belichick playing for. A deeply wants to win on the accessible matter -- but it legacy doesn't change whether he wins three or four except that it drastically does with spike. Still hanging out there and all the haters like everyone thinks the -- game. Tom Brady's. What changed that much except that he hasn't won anything since spy gate has lost the last two Super Bowls has not been the same quarterback against Manning in the playoffs -- the first two times they played. There's something on the line for him against Peyton Manning for patent and we -- know with some. Line there as well I don't think -- unloaded I think it's more for -- and the other two. I think all three of them if they are already in the hall of I think the busts have been created. The that jackets have been sorry we're offering for all of course they're probably have speechwriters. Working on what they're gonna say in. They're there they've probably had rough drafts written. And rewritten. And things you know things moved around of course so -- Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. No matter what happens in this game is just added information for the plaque. At -- For Peyton Manning maybe it shifts that plaque a little bit. If you say now to super balls for him. If you say five MVPs and he got his last MVP. Let's say this is the last one he has maybe it's not but he got his last MVP. When he was 38 years old man. Two years removed from neck surgery. And he said in NFL record for touchdowns in passenger and that's amazing. So I think he's got more to gain from winning than the other two. I'm not gonna give that much power generators. Despite Gator haters because. The the numbers don't back come up. The numbers. If you listen to them they say the patriots haven't done anything since spy gate the numbers say lot actually they have they continue to win. At a very high level and higher level and they won before him they have not closed the deal. With in a couple of opportunity Abbott but Mike and has -- meeting of the deal area now that different -- -- only reason I would disagree with you is because closing the deal is big the fact that the paint the -- the legacy was built on closing the deal. The fact that they haven't since 2004. It is runs contrary to the way this whole thing began and that's why I think they do still have something left -- -- Some that it that it was not just hey we did it for three years but then we could never keep. That level going that Tom Brady -- Bill Belichick needed the rest of the guys around the money to close it began. I think is very important for them 61777979837. Mark is in his car hi mark what's going on. I'd like you. -- the -- it is just the result. That these that. But. Nobody expected to know what. He -- he's got them playing. Lleyton. Yeah I agree with you mark I think this is one of those. It's one of those situations where you just look at the patriot you look at the uniform and you look at the people involved look at Brady Belichick and Brady Belichick patriots. And your instinct is to say well if they don't do this then. Then that means this wasn't work there or or no or it means. Spy gate was more important than they are willing to let on -- you do have to look closer this is not like. 2007. It's not even like 2011 or like 2006. This is one of those things magical. It's a magical performance. From Brady. And Belichick. In the entire coaching staff. You know you weren't here that night we weren't in Orlando. Winter meetings the tonight goes on to their rhythm and yes tonight you decide to go out with -- T thought of baseball their girls Keith law. All the baseball -- baseball perspective I got some good Peruvian chicken though. Yeah I don't know how we are the guardian that information. Those awkward about that night with a -- the guardians of information. -- Arguments -- was there the super friends similar yeah they're very very powerful arguments about the patriots and now. You really have no shot of going to Super Bowl you actually make it go to the Super Bowl yeah I do. It was you have to view them through that prism and that -- right but remember I don't know. -- week after the Cleveland win right they came back to win -- of Cleveland I spent all that weeks and I love this about the team their battle tested it this is what they need if they wanna be Super Bowl team -- they didn't look as good doing it look with a -- the end they've they've they've achieved something. By by some of their own failures and people that we caught up all week saying you're crazy this team stinks. Look at what they did against Cleveland and Texas and these bad teams what do you need to Houston this team can't. Win anything you've gotta you gotta pick a side and stick with that. Does the team. Is this a miraculous job. Of getting this team to this point AFC championship game chance of going to the Super Bowl. For the patriots is that miraculous. Or expected to I don't no matter what I I think people look at it this. And and this is hurting the argument by the way it's it's hurting the argument for individual players on the patriots which is what -- Public they have very good players. But it's hard to argue that. Win no matter what Wilfork goes down Mayo got on. Aaron Hernandez and jailed no -- Welker and timber. You lose all these guys. And yet you still wind up in familiar places for people people who feel that they think what it. It didn't get -- they'll be here regardless just changed the names change a couple of dates. Okay. Which Arab -- is Antowain Smith is Corey Dylan. David -- is Julian element is Troy Brown that. Dad cope when is Dan Connolly that -- keep it changed the names may think coaches it's supposed to happen this way. It's not so I am not I. It's not just supposed to be this easy to lose people to have turn over to have only what what do we say to players left from 2004 on this team. Brady in Wilfork will for -- protect Brady is the only guy left who's won a Super Bowl with the patriots on this team and yet every year they're right there and doesn't matter when there's injuries and so yes Michael I I think they're -- some who think. This is expected and others who just think it's a miracle. 61777979837. Or your calls and a sex alcoholic -- Are six or 77797983. -- to some good college analyst I want to get to as many as possible for do the blitzer in fifteen minutes start -- Bruce. Who is in Washington DC I'm Burris the man. And our area Broussard -- I'm okay the legacy point I I agree with -- part. And disagree and in part right and with Manning. It would be a big deal equities second -- it would be with a different team and it would be with a team that's pretty banged up I mean that would be very significant. That second team thing is -- to no one's ever done that right. Them to Super Bowls -- tutorials are two different quarterback right -- quarterback and coach or no coaches and either. Well you gave one Super Bowl three different quarterback yeah Bob's error we -- Jose teams teams so cool and I term. -- -- he I think that story but. You know from Belichick Brady standpoint I think. This is just buying into that most blind hatred of spectators I this season has been almost miraculous and I think you. Am I just don't see how he could reasonably expect them even to be where they are much less hold it against domestic don't -- Super -- -- an -- You know it's funny though Bruce. But you make a really good point you're clearly Smart guys I want to disagree you just to be disagreeable but did you look at it the other way and say to think that this year is miraculous. -- some way to take away some of what makes Bill Belichick himself. If you think this is miraculous it's because. We didn't entirely buy into deals philosophy. Of the bottom third -- restaurant there and I went there and it really is to building a team does that make any sense. It has but Brett bear in mind a couple of other aspects of this one is. That by definition. If somebody isn't starting it's because. Somebody has them on the team that's better than he has been to expect over the course of a year much less in the playoffs. Second tier guys to outperform. Starters have other -- I think it's unrealistic. And and the other thing just sort of a common sense 30000 foot level. He'd give this team. Any other coach in the lead. And you start -- team and it's nine and seven. And sick that the very most probably isn't playing this week. And with a great many coaches in this week after grunt goes down this season implode. You know I don't know if any other coach but. It would take special one it would take a special one -- to get a Miramax I would think that top. If you if you think about the top coaches in like the top four top five coaches in the league and we we talked about this one day at 44 and we leave one out our dogs boot there's one guy would really out every time. And maybe maybe you don't think he belongs here but I just always forget about him but he's probably the coach that did the most with the most injuries and that's Mike McCarthy. We never mentioned his name. Never mentioned his name may be just because we think it's all Aaron Rodgers and he has not that much to do within. I honestly don't even know that much about some that he doesn't belong in this conversation. But every time we talk about is winning with all of the injuries and -- -- most of -- -- to one team that did was Green -- when -- don't -- -- do it -- and I and he was their head coach it's not just Rogers who was a pretty young quarterback. You know I look at I don't know that he is number I don't know that he's number one and number two we -- Anwar but you have a decision in the conversation more than he should be a conversation because they actually did it. If you look at if the patriots. Find a way to beat the Broncos are underdogs -- should be under movement if not a way to beat the Broncos may find a way to do apply. In their case but I hope Seattle beat the Mets a much better with Seattle and San Francisco. And they wind. The big comparison has got to beat the Packers team and you can't just put it all on air Rogers. Just at the patriots keep telling you. Especially in all of Tom Brady especially when Aaron Rodgers went out for huge portion of this year and they weren't good without a little terrible with the ball when they got maps and the -- they weren't terror -- five and one they were better once they got Matt Flynn and there. Right I mean what they were terrible while they were going what's his name. The -- Tony and I don't believe it you don't even need to remember of him over the guys that the things that name. -- for Michigan staters I mean there are awful with him and there but once -- got Matt Flynn at least they were they were possible they -- game that they absolutely needed to win and I think in Dallas right. They needed to win that game -- he would like to go on in and one of them was a pretty big wins so. I just a for whatever reason -- we always leave him out of that conversation mean we shouldn't Steve's in Nantucket I Steve. Steve -- I -- Steve. I'm really happy to be out and that we get involved and idled almost every year. She's. About that -- in port right now. Just four guys gonna be stuck with Rex Ryan for another round or out. Today is a great day for patriots fans more wrecks. Rex isn't going anywhere -- happier yet. We get. In. Your quality. -- More every year. There what was your usage -- couple other points to. -- -- Do your balls too stupid call Brett -- They're also pretty happy intent physics to talk about the Cleveland game in the New Orleans. Any doubt. They're they're twelve and four and -- -- -- -- and always works like that you lose to tell. And yet and yet we saw quote about a record and the thing. I am. -- well but I can't war emblem of Matt well you know we don't you want well. Well the problem -- Depends how you look at it's the -- you bring up a question I'm glad you bring focus -- Michael and I wanna talk about that anyway. No not every other team was doing this. No other team was told specifically to cease and desist and failed to do -- do so. No other team was videotaping guy videotaping signals from that angle when they were told specifically that they were not supposed to do that anymore so no no other team was doing exactly this. But with the bills had it with that says most of them the most intense spy gate people are our Pittsburgh fans right. The number one Pittsburgh number two New York -- but 1 morning and are now you're ready willing group -- -- are the pig iron steeler fans who believe that it drastically affected. The patriot games against the Steelers yet. Their former leader the man with the biggest -- -- power on her yesterday in Pittsburgh tonight three point seven FM in Pittsburgh coincidentally the fan said that. You know whipping up this but that list and I think that -- open -- -- -- computer because they were told not to do something that. It was something that everybody goes there was you know there -- they got caught doing it with a camera. You know we have people at all -- steals signals -- steal someone's signals was was a part of the game and everybody attempted to do that. And so were part of -- and we had experience that we were using to do it it's not an element anymore because there -- communications that take place -- really what happened when Milosevic gamers they outplayed us you know we have not reduced you know signal to achieve anything else stated they were purple -- on -- -- You need anything else is there anything else that needs to be -- The guy is he he's if he needs to make an excuse now he can make one he doesn't have to tell his players they know excuse is not a coach anymore he's probably never going to be your coach again he seems very comfortable in the media comfortable with his lifestyle doesn't seem to need to go back to it. And he's saying. Very clearly yes they maybe did something wrong but he did not affect the outcome of the game what forty need to -- Pittsburgh fan since world Felix cushy -- -- now -- -- story that's what that's about CBS or -- unplug my uniform network. Or they say this as the days. The bill -- -- -- -- -- You know. -- can call himself a stealer not a not a stellar in all because they haven't they keep they would never admit to themselves that their entire personality and identity is based on being whiny. -- couldn't possibly would built power says to them it did not affect the outcome of those games. How can you possibly sit there to your ex communicated and he's not do so much such a jerk he's not just one of them he's just not an ex coach ex Steelers coach. There is Pittsburgh. Went high school. All of could be tough flooding have now. They feel like he'd turn their back he'd turn their. Accurate when he got back Olympic Games they outplayed all go to hell do you know signal to achieve anything out state they Wear purple vote on Wednesday. They were a better football team on that they used to within the better football. They were just about a couple on the road at -- I think gates and and I think even when they win the pricing we were better football team on this day. -- In the coming and you -- he's probably got a place in Pittsburgh. Somewhere on the south side. Walks and. -- -- why do what we want bill worry about it no real money is no. Here now. Were you doing here and before 95 words you know they are not what he wants to clinch out our beds in April I've been. Our guys now with some. But one federal are at greater caller. -- you're not gonna. That. Iraq will appear I think that the fact that you have a -- -- the year and what they'll. -- it top 10 with a built it up to what about what Brady. If he has to go play the final -- doll that you're repudiate it. It's -- -- playoffs should make the playoffs. And asked to -- right. I think rocked America but wolf circular run stopping people at the tackle. -- maturity in the league and. Read my arm like. And I short -- and you aren't you doing crack. Emerged among them pointed out all right I'll run stopping defense that's good. Work pleased about the record. Of the game wasn't his best when but the first pointed at the first point is not the worst point you got Gilbert he got bill ballots -- OK Tom Brady. And what else and you should be in the and that should be enough to graduate of the playoffs and nothing really outrageous. Criminal. I'll -- -- -- go coach about -- quarterback that's not how it goes no way you have players. I mean how times it doesn't if it's frustrating that it's frustrating for me. Because you'll hear people call up and say. Bill Belichick is airing. Out their time he's absolutely -- But one area he's not married it keeps telling people this. And don't let your -- keeps saying it's all about the players. It's the players it's the players and people keep coming back and saying no what about you it's about Brady and he's very -- Just trying to help people or giving him credit. Don't give -- credit. Give credit to my players because I wouldn't be able to do this but it to have talented guys in my game. People like you -- keep going back to Brady and Belichick -- ridiculous. I'm gonna keep doing and I don't care that he keeps saying the opposite I would disagree with him on this one it's him and it's Tom Brady in the other guys matter maybe that's the difference in making the playoffs and winning Super Bowl. But Timothy Brady. The expectation should be pretty high every time those two guys are together in the same place in somewhere near the prime of their career. The Bruins will take on an old friend Tyler -- tonight we'll go to Dallas part of the Boston with -- Kamal W the -- cracked. 345. This afternoon 45 minutes from now talk to Jack Edwards at 330 and then right after that. The debut of the sauce man's latest hit single. You know some people. Just slap it out there. Sausages and artists. Put a lot of thought. And to his work. It's a craftsman. He takes he takes songs places that you never imagine him taking it. I'm at a soccer to the bathroom. All talking about this hi art. RC -- at waited years later he -- -- moving in a new direction of this signals and to do that it 34545. Minutes into recruitment of new recording studio is that would only at the studio it's out of balloon went through carrier -- -- -- animal anyway. There -- is only in his mother's -- I job done. Hot sauces ranges -- when he is in here yesterday you could tell a story about a mile and a mother. The whole thing really is he he lives completely different -- from anybody right now and pictures. Get a pictures of the only more -- eye opening yes I like opening to fatally I would say I opened -- thinks that's well -- a wild at the half out under -- I'd imagine that being a very while relationship we talked about it short lived over sadly sadly for sauce -- really misses there plus is a lot of money. We we we mentioned Tedy Bruschi chat earlier in the week -- -- to come back to it for one of his answers can't. He was asked what's the best way to slow down Denver's offense that person mask right. Who knows better how to slowdown Peyton Manning is often think I played middle linebacker for some heat is greatest defeats of all time. And his answer is this what we touched on Julius Toms earlier in the chat but for army general standpoint I'd defend everything from the inside out. You wanna make Manning make throws outside the numbers areas of focus Welker in the slot. Julius Thomas in between the numbers and of course first and foremost stopping the run. If they beat you with their hand and say congratulations. You just have to make it tougher on Manning right. That is Teddy Teddy Bruschi is view on how to beat Denver at least have a slowdown that offense is fairly simple mixture of stop the run. Don't give up anything up the middle take away Julius Thomas up this team take away Wes Welker if it. You know in the middle and an in the flat and if -- beat you 25 yards down the field with a -- the to the sideline to to -- Thomas or Eric Decker well -- be Peyton Manning with a diminished arm can do that over and over again and find you beat me -- It sounds good except in -- the question is to come back through this. And you take away the middle of the field. That's the question because I think the way. Teddy defined that there race the way -- really spells it out makes a lot of sense. And if you're any team not just the patriot security team facing the Broncos say all right. Peyton Manning at this age. He still has accuracy. But they're not zip on the football none. That that's not without limits floated for a long time says mark I'm just very Smart quarterback and he knows. How to put guys in in positions to make plays but he is not making all the throws with what does that hasn't zip though. The question it's everybody has thought this before a question is can you do the first part is you know stop the run can you defend the middle of three isn't. What you wanna do because for me there -- two questions that's what I -- what I think is what you said and something else is something we've talked about the first is. Do you want to stop the run. Is that really your first and foremost goal the last time they played Denver -- they made almost no attempt. To try to stop the run they let six guys in the boxing entire game wasn't seven wasn't eight it was pay its sixth until we get into the red zone if you wanna run it. From your own 28 hour twenty -- had we don't believe that you have the patience to stick with -- over and over again and keep the ball out of patent hands okay. We're gonna give you the numbers to run the ball -- we are not gonna let you throw the ball anywhere not deep down field. Not to the sidelines not anywhere six guys in the box Max and you're going to be forced to run the ball on us are you sure you don't wanna do that again. Well. Maybe a more success with just sixty gets rolling announced. I don't what did you do it always happened and what I wanted to be. There automatically and second in 32 of force situations that's what was happening I mean they were. I can understand. Giving conceding. The run because you're trying to defend the -- I don't. Really subscribe to the six yards. Seven yards a pop 224. Yards for a no -- on Moreno. Not so much now they happen to win that game but a lot of other things had happened to them to win. If you can't say I don't think -- that he would say this or yards in his. Let the patriots won -- game and they allowed no -- on Marino to rush for 224 yards in so that's the formula for winning I don't believe that. That's up that wasn't a formula for what and a game. How they -- they wanted on a special teams blunder from. -- well that's how they ultimately want it out but I forgot it but they were in it not just because I mean that's how it ended in overtime but the reason they were there in overtime in the data to let patent -- -- now was raining it was a crappy day it was windy and there are a lot of reasons. Why it was it was just wasn't Raymond was windy that entire game and it was. It was -- it was not a great game right I mean it was played in kind of a strange way but they -- let him run and it and that's not -- -- the numbers there spent six and a box is not a strategy for the how we're gonna do it it's how we have to do it. They've got too many weapons. And they -- -- -- got more weapons now than they have them we have reports that are apart -- eight the boxing if that offer you gonna assume they're gonna put six in the -- NASCAR and and they just gonna have to do a better job along the defense of front without any help. Of stopping the run because you don't wanna let -- enemy you know you're not like you're not giving them a false sense of security you wanna -- them to run. But you don't actually want them to be successful in doing it so it means guys are excelling at guys like a lot of guys like Chris Jones need to step up and have a better game than they did the last time so that's one the second one though. Is something you and I talked about it was late last week. -- okay you're gonna take on Denver who's the one thing you wanna take away. I suggest it may be Julius Thomas and he's a note to marry a Darius does he's their best player. And which by the -- make make perfect sense I agree with you he is their best player and yet what Teddy -- is. Let the Mary's -- do was think deep down the field because of Peyton can throw the ball and yeah that down there to Obama make good on him -- what -- it that way. If that's. The way you -- use to -- Thomas heaped on the field. -- I'll take my chances. Competing for balls. The -- to leave to various Thomas match up you know some quarter some safeties. Getting in there and fighting for the ball. When Payton tries to -- two primaries down the field. Okay that that that makes -- What is a little frightening is the various Thomas and wide receiver screens is an animal. -- really hard tackle is tough yet again a ball. And you faked you got him for 84 yard three or four yard gain an -- 171920. Yard play. He's amazed. -- -- I can see that no. -- Maybe they say. Aren't -- a few try to take to Mary's Tomas away on the perimeter but we're not really interest and use them on the perimeter. What given the ball in space when -- blockers around them and we don't think you can tackle him he's too big east to he's too fast food he's to a loose well. They put some guys over the line of scrimmage should be helpful in containing that and should. Be eating into the strategy of saying if you want as -- as deep to the outside than fine possibly bumping around. Get up on those right I mean play up on those caught on the as wide receivers get your corners up they're trying to jockey and a better position. To get after to -- Thomas on a quick screen to him and that seems like an obvious first place to start appear Bill Belichick. And also. Back to their original question. How easy is that to defend the middle of the field when you've got Julius Thomas and Wes Welker seems easing Wes Welker started but some -- right tough. Matchup with some guys in the middle -- out of what was who struck once Welker. Jamie columns. That OK who is Angela Thomas. Jamie -- we don't ever -- Colin do you not see him last week Michael the -- of leased already that all over the field like a Daley's promise the good stuff. If they're if they're really difficult matchup at the stress you -- -- him and put a lot of stress on what you wanna do defensively. As a you have to pick your poison to some degree there's only so many bodies that you get out there and you still wanna get some level. A pressure on Manning who has not all day back there to pick you apart he can't make mistakes like San Diego did on the third and sixteen last week. We got to find a way to beat Denver and confused patent and force them to do things but he's not called me and can't fall asleep on the football field cannot do that on third and sixteen can't you can't fall asleep now I can't do that. No we're playing football though. And you have a chance to get the ball back get the chance to -- up. Wake up their -- Thomas if the big guy a former basketball player -- keep up with him. Only a wide open and as open as he was. A it was a little more difficult than it should have been right he was so close to the side. Loud ruckus they got good they got good pressure on -- kneecap after roll under pressure to get the ball out there and you had a look at the second time to see if he got -- he certainly a guy but he did. They definitely didn't take him credit that's what they really needed that spot and they got something unexpected something onyx it will happen. Usually it's turnovers that we don't we don't account for Iran in the pregame analysis were always breaking down these types of the Patriots offense vs the Broncos the Broncos office for the Patriots defense. On this coach verses that coach in that matchup in all of whether it's linebacker like Jamie Collins trying to cover -- and my two with Thomas. But either it's a player or a wrinkle there's something. There were not McCain is that the running game in the reckon the Broncos stop the patriots running data -- committed to it you know is it Peyton Manning throwing an interception. Is it Wes Welker. Now now you know you do is gonna happen again this week you know who's gonna. -- -- Finally can show everybody or maybe you're all I hear it's got a bad AM until up with a Wes Welker on the other sideline -- goes Danny Amendola he's gonna go off and actually as much as it sounds like I'm joking in -- -- I'm actually serious and I'll tell you want. If -- if the patriots are the team that they've been for the last few weeks and they really do wanna run the ball it's gonna be Garret blunt and three yards and a cloud of dust and that's what they want to deal. And Denver is okay fine we're gonna commit our resources on defense the trying to stop the run because we can't afford to be gash to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And who's the guy to step up in that spot. You don't know Danny boy is the perfect fitting that the long catch last week. He Brady you're just now get on the same page he's just now getting healthy abroad inherently better. Everybody -- Hello let's get at me and my grandmother -- -- week the former British analog gets last week. We're saying you're retired defense was fooled on -- guide for the very apartment okay fun but he's the united duet -- -- -- today. And it just run down there you wanted to put it out of the box we will throw it to Danny Amendola have on the field now what route you're ignorant and the do with just go to outer. -- -- Remember where play pickup football back don't need your -- go law will be a jerk about Danny -- this is his moment to shine Michael this is why he's here or -- it is. I'm blogging thing it belonged in your words your boards be embarrassed. I am embarrassed. -- -- Enjoy this awful dying -- You did you did you start a Twitter account. For Danny -- dole longing for him and all something now I probably did you follow on Twitter is he onto what are. Find out who -- and even think about that it Danny Amendola Twitter a bit ago figure cannot -- -- or Christmas. It clicked on 77797. Decreased seven Ronnie. Is in -- ironic an underdog that it didn't -- so I just want to know if it's going to -- wrong and they promote. Well that Victor he moved -- to be or the old pre and it compare and to. And being when we keep for that for meaning the best regular use and what about that it stop thing. Part some -- well. Information -- a product prior. We'll never ever ever ever be put direct. Audio attorney Tedy Bruschi wrote about it it will go on forever he doesn't exaggerate. He's not just throwing that out there it will never be put to rest in New England that's one -- -- six states in the country's -- Always Brady in a landslide and the other forty forcing. -- -- all about patent and in the rest the rest of the country loves Peyton Manning and they don't care much about three to one they don't. Let me and sent to our statistic the one of the fog and last week they were saying and 2008. All black belt at the most wins in the regular he's. -- you you don't think that's ridiculous to even bring them into the property. He's not a conversation. Bottom and I brought a bit -- particular route but -- -- -- not not bring Joseph Flacco tournament and plotting we have a relationship aboriginal -- literally. You know I don't usually boring. On the number to bring into. Our conversation to do it all. At six and you can make him. It's what -- Joseph Flacco and Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Forget about Flacco in the wins. That's that this disorder. And I know I know you are but I'm I'm just saying but we're talking about Manning and Brady. It's not just Manning has. A thousand steps that are relevant make you can't just say oh. Peyton Manning is only considered good because you've done this one thing or this this overrated thing. He has done things that have value to you that have value to me. And that make him a legitimate. A legitimate candidate in this best quarterback of all time debate I don't believe he's the best quarterback of all time -- the second best quarterback of all time. But he's he's world's. Beyond some of my. I think part of the argument here -- I think this is why you're right is it is it almost doesn't matter he he may be right OK Joseph Flacco has some numbers that you compared to patent but your point is. This is the way people -- -- -- -- whether it's truth or not. People are are locked in to the idea that Manning and Brady is a closer rivalry in the you can choose one or the other and almost doesn't seem to matter now what each of them does because everybody's already -- right sides. I can't agree with the color though that that while you may be right that a lot of people won't be swayed. They're crazy. If Brady wins a fourth Super Bowl this year and beat Peyton Manning for the third time in the playoffs to do it. That at that point it at this scale is a lopsided -- tipped. In Brady's favor now people may not want to recognize your right there a lot of people who were lined up -- to wanna -- facts on the smack in the face but that doesn't mean that the facts won't be that right now. I think Brady's in the lead in the debate but at least at the debate. I give Brady wins this -- and -- the Super Bowl a few weeks. The debate is. Drastically drastically in his but I think it's people looking at different things for different sports. So in football. For some people. If the numbers listed numbers that's all that matters the quarterbacking numbers the yards for Peyton Manning the touchdowns for Peyton Manning so that's football who put a basketball. Do we automatically say. The leading scorer in NBA history as the best player and in Boston we don't. The all time leading scores best -- no. You know the second leading scorer in NBA history and second innings or Karl Malone. Does anybody say the best my best -- nine so they look at it it's almost like -- -- look at your point I'll recognize your individual achievements. But. There's a purpose. -- purchasing it. I'm not what can you outline -- but I'm not just -- for kicks it in that prepare for a graduate of protects. There's a purpose for this. So the purpose would be -- -- -- -- I wanna know what he really thought about they have -- in a minute now. -- -- it is a love song called a -- I'm not to do and something projects now. Let's open the grownups do. If so what purpose the purpose. Or don't get to do. Many more to do it and -- could. -- -- -- ball in the front of value for very small window and then all of anymore long long time to let -- a lot of guys a lot of competitors say okay. A trade and the stats a trade and all the stuff if you give me rings. But bands of Peyton Manning. Don't necessarily care about that. Said look at the MVPs. Look at the records he put you have it -- they lose again if he blew it again here it just it looks terrible at all -- while -- -- find they may not care but that doesn't mean the reality is and they're smacking him in the 6000 Quincy high count. -- -- Up what's up man. What. -- -- yeah we're here to reform -- what are we don't so be cute what I what. But -- -- people all right. -- a -- so he might interpret that -- It's about it at all -- to all who I beat China without. No -- At all. -- You'd court. And the Republicans and currently the -- -- -- report on that. -- -- -- Yeah well. -- And it will be also. Tell us that you got an offset you know you -- tell you -- a written down. Corporate giving you are strong and all. That and more what's the score. It. What I mean clearly doesn't -- he's also thrown for 55 touchdowns this year it's at every record imaginable -- the student has something right so it. Nobody -- rapper he's still doing something right right I mean like. Want want and you can. -- He went he. Went by it. About maybe but they. -- Like I can count. But before -- he's got the blueprint -- -- any article of the greatest distraction of all time -- he's a -- calling egos -- -- -- one way the whole team goes with them you can just you know. I don't want to the other side of it comes out of Charlotte up for airman Dolan would probably have already goes for is that this -- -- make sure you follow number eighty this is important. By the way he is on -- turns -- -- to fall in the never doesn't. What's his which is handle -- at Indian middle. So straightforward. If it does like it tells you what he's gonna do that because doesn't. -- so well for -- isn't locked you yet but right -- is in Portsmouth I think this. Yeah I don't get a summer. Question result yeah what's up yeah. Are so back like follows thirty minutes ago on the 3045 minutes ago I remember that it is nearly thirty if you hold me to something like that then are a lot man let's talk about the future. Well OK so. And that. Were in doubt the most important part of -- yet at. So that rewind back to the beginning thirteen or even and we got. In check. And say the built there -- yeah yeah -- are they art -- -- of bill get it. It will be in the playoffs no and yes they would yup god -- they would. And you know what they were both missed the play -- they'd be in the playoffs the patriots the patriots and the bills would miss the play if if if the patriots had the bills head coaching quarterback and vice Versa I think the bills would have been in the playoffs in the patriots would not. Yes really. I absolutely believe that and I believe that with the very fiber of my being absolutely believe. The jaguars it away. No way we talk about the sport there's no I think there's a chance that a you sort of standard I think there's it's yeah I don't know why not it's not as clear cut as with the bills but I think there's a chance still finished what seven and 98 -- summer and then you don't think that Brady and Belichick together worst are worth three wins to them. Of course they are. You don't get Brady and Belichick are in that era are on the bills instead and and by doing now they're off the patriots which makes this team and injured mess right. You don't think that they've got the opportunity to beat the patriots beat the team who represented its east. Of course they do they can't win eleven games they'll need to win three more games I don't know penalty. I don't know if it's worth I don't know that I know there -- no we have their talent is that is -- their talent level is that high I don't believe an account. Help radiant Belichick what else that they need talent. And enough talent that there -- any doctors and -- -- -- it's what you say. -- or what percent. -- OK. So as awful awful defense hasn't significantly worse in the patriot what -- that. And you are are ready to go through the bills lost the plot my point to exit those guys don't matter that much. There find their they're there are some are little better summer little worse they're basically I don't know any other quarterback in the tournament. Do you believe. You can't you can't say it's just Brady and Belichick and then. Quote Bob Kraft and Jackie McMullen article and say the bottom third of the roster. Is where you really how different it is just brilliant -- But that those guys have such an enormous influence what -- you know that most you don't -- -- 888 range most -- you don't think -- just Brady -- to -- just because 90% yes that's right I think is 90% the idea I do I think it's 90% damn -- it's good that you get all these other things at the back of the roster and that -- important but without Brady. You know that stuff doesn't matter and by the way Belichick is part of that. That's part of what makes Bill Belichick so important to this team is that that's stuff is important to him. And it's not just the employees are -- I -- he coaches them up and develop is that right now buffalo don't call -- a roster doesn't have it probably went right over the -- -- -- year you sit in if he gives if you give him this roster right now I think people get them -- he can't work here exactly we can't just -- -- -- on the roster coaches those guys don't have enough -- I'll come back to -- -- -- -- -- hockey next jacket -- to join us from Dallas for the Bruins take on tariffs they can tonight. -- alcohol WE. Denver Broncos fans on Twitter bizarre. Why other silks of -- to their own appendages. Like guys get a hold off his own candy that thirty cents a cut or -- -- -- yeah. I don't know which is one person either way art and there was good and give people the people hold. On hold. Him to that bet. I had about a bad earlier the patriots won -- -- -- do what you said on Twitter we talk about the that we are. Heard about earlier right. I came into the studio right before -- It's right out of get a talk show are so LB was in here you know LT. WA AF Hill Man Morning Show. LB comes in here right before right before the show we're chat with him AC one of -- bodies. He had a bet within that whoever went farther in the Super Bowl this year or in the playoffs this year the patriots -- the Packers the other one would get the tattoo of the other -- team. All of the patriots went farther his buddy we get a patriots at -- the Packers fan -- the Packers went further than LB would have to get a Packers that is obviously -- has now won the bet. I said to him want to let your friend out of the -- is clearly does not want -- happy patriots -- to his body for the rest of his life barbecue back out at but I said look. Think about what you get out. Don't you kind of have that I now forever don't you have mud balls forever. I centuries like you've saved his life he owes you something and at some point you call it if they think like the godfather Furman Michael don't think like LB think like the godfather. Why not say hey you know that you out of the that you're good you don't need to do this but you'll want. Is not one you'd like to have. But in the case of the godfather. When he got to cash in his -- it was just a terrible circumstance though right by I don't know. And in even if he didn't -- that guy I would victory if you didn't owe that guy one. They've gone through with -- you gonna do you would. Of course. And I think obese friend to do too but why not look upon LP. Personal it's really mean to make your frequent Dietrich at why would make good and bad but whatever I would do the nice thing. Not make him make not make him you know actually get the tattoo of the patriots logo that he doesn't want. And back right now owes me for the rest of his life it's win win. I get a tattoo is something he's got himself. Because that's the fun of the fun of it make in that debt make it ridiculous that where both of them. Were. Probably sober at the time of the -- -- some drinking. Parties and after what makes you say that apple got probably had a pilot about everything you know of LB what makes you assume that both he and his friend -- -- because they remember the terms about how -- they they wrote down. Maybe there was a third friend there always over a witness yeah. Was -- dumb aspect of government. That's involving. Outrageous sums up in my -- as the Princeton -- Like it use. It against them. Property on these things and cool thing to do those who was. -- He's already got. Used to -- -- -- in Orlando Magic words like. Anyway I'm a medal -- the guy out of this off on the right now about. Gotta make -- bet is -- stand up accepted. Hey I'm not saying that I would Welch on the bad if it was me I'm just saying that I would let my friend out of it. In order to how about power over him. For as long as I need that our government entitlements like a real friend of yours. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe I need help moving. You know maybe had thirty something maybe I'd die and I need and to to help take care my daughter I don't know whatever it is I've got back for life. I own him and all ahead it was not make him get a patriots that you can he's he e.'s decision of all time and I ask -- -- and a -- -- and been there. On the phone and -- me. -- -- -- -- -- And you know. A lot of things but maybe not that there's a guy. On the line. With things something. I'm wondering. Yeah. I just wanted to know. As tomorrow. -- -- -- What's -- deal. I'm Ben can you tell me what his deal is. The richest -- Well I mean I won a picture that's not going to be an honest mistake right that's what I'm trying to get a ticket to be a good move to take our callers they gonna be humongous mistake. Little bit of both a little bit of OK -- open door -- that I really is against their better -- artist who adored a victory. Jake from norte province Jake is in north Providence hi Jake. Well I don't know well so far I got here we go into our Jake what's your mind. The -- and that they are weak and say -- They should. But who are okay. On my own opinion that there is in a little bit. -- probably going to go to ought to be. A pretty. Good career and so. And certainly. And they could not exactly. Sure that. It. Because of what you do as -- -- for all the words under the you said you should take his entire. Coaching career into consideration. So taking his entire career into consideration. He is in that conversation. If you take five years in the consideration in Cleveland. He is not even in the same boat as Wade Phillips. Or Eric Mangini. -- And he. I advocated. I campaigned for you yes to hold on a second Jake yes of course we can. -- Right he has Tom Brady I -- all of the all of the great coaches have great quarterbacks nobody's debating to be Domenici. Today. But so -- -- It. You're saying that he should be your shouldn't shouldn't. At. -- all the other guys you just mentioned how great coaches also agree quarterbacks also. And -- so your answer is not anything to do what you said at the beginning despite. And -- only able to handle an honest it's like I got hold -- kids against -- I don't think it definitely. Yeah. But at. Nasty if anything should that be even more to how radius is -- head coach that did it with a bunch of chumps is is -- coaches under equipped trivia. -- -- you are but I'm using your words against you again you're seeing the guys that coached under him staying and I am saying if you think they stink so bad it doesn't that make it even more impressive that he's gone as far as he did with them. Look -- right Jacob you wanna make the argument that Belichick has had a great quarterback the whole time all back you up from here to whenever you're right. Tom Brady helps make Bill Belichick and vice Versa and you know what I might even agree to doubt that Brady is more important to their success than Belichick is going to quarterback is that important to what happens on the team but every other guy you just mentioned. Also has a great quarterback Terry Bradshaw Joseph Montana Bart Starr ever guy you want to name as a great coach in NFL history. Also had a hall of fame quarterback playing for him so really your argument hold on the finish your argument comes down to one thing and one thing only. And that's -- -- so that's the argument you wanna make make it but don't don't mess around with all the other garbage because you know what's not true. Your point despite -- -- you know. Sure there. -- why I'm sure do what -- -- do and yes they do that. He has an account at times you just mentioned the other guys in the conversation there's not a right -- There's not a right if sure it's not like. You know there's some formula and every time the answer is probably and you're every time the answer is Don Shula. Or Vince Lombardi it depends on what you're looking at -- depends on what -- football. You watch what's important to you that there's some party. Only won two super balls because over the first two Super Bowls but he's got a ton of championships before the term Super Bowl even existed. And it depends what what what are the what is important to pop -- isn't. It doesn't matter. Can't get credit she's one of the great I don't know the greatest if there's so many -- and medical history. Who I respect I'm not gonna just say it is it just throw that term around it's -- the Barbie. It and Bill Belichick it -- Paul Brown. Bill Belichick -- in the conversation and that that is a compliment enough in itself. I have a conversation. Yeah. Also whenever -- can truly -- -- -- its equipment -- throughout our. I think you've made that very OK Jake thanks man we RJ commitment and you were supposed to let us do that all that it was pisses off. You were supposed to let us take that would look to you for guidance we look to -- to try to help us out to get us through the day it's Thursday. -- -- outside -- my wife are absolutely. When in town I got a nice night and my wife my parents take in the navy for all night and it wants. -- all right graduates to step inning. Ken -- Don't -- judges the the best coach that I've ever competed against him. I think it's -- -- -- That rebounds as the greatest NFL coach of -- term I can't believe he would say that changed. -- elicit a Peyton Manning or not. Now there's one other got to listen to because -- other points -- block all those other point to their complete and water skiers not they make no sense here there's -- everything else he said is -- the only point that you can even listen to and maybe have an argument that Jake made. Is the final point which his release point which is spike. Because the garbage about what Tom Brady is is ridiculous. Every other one of those coaches there's only there's only one coach second think. In this conversation -- their great great coaches. Didn't have a great quarterback the usual. Don't you had a great quarterback. Greeting me -- was that great. Well green in the same level as -- one idea not the same level but for Forrest how is that she kind of works against -- has he had Marino for all those years and didn't win a Super Bowl win them. But no I'm gonna I'm gonna say it here and have a -- quarterback. The only guy who had long. Won multiple Super Bowl. And it's considered an all time great coach Joseph Gibbs got a great quarterback -- at three different yeah. Why did it Tom Landry. Director at Vince Lombardi even go back to Paul Brown before the Super Bowl era that all these coaches. -- -- not think there's nothing wrong. With with saying. Unsuccessful because I have to talented people around me. We a nation of ego maniacs is the problem is. That you. In your own life. You wanna accomplish things on your own you wanna be able to say you discovered people. You've got to Columbus complex I would marry you discovered you you would not think until I got here. Is it possible to say. I'm successful because I am working with us. Some talented people and as a manager with Bill Belichick is it as a manager. I was able to identify what this person does what would that person does well we -- able to come together and I wouldn't be in this position. Without these talented folks were right. I agree I agree with all of those things which is -- all those other points he makes a terrible so the one thing you might wanna have an argument about is spy gate which -- whatever reason has come up more this week than any time in the last like light years spy -- for whatever reason this week. Has become a thing again and the great the greatest part of it. Is it built power the guy who coached and led the team that is complained about this more than anyone else the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans was asked about Belichick because he had the big interview with a last week on CBS he goes on Pittsburgh radio 937 FM in Pittsburgh. Is asked about the effect of spike gates. And says this. One thing I'll say about that list and that can open -- -- angered computer because there were told not to do something that. It was something and everybody goes there was you know there have been caught doing it with a camera. You know we have people at all -- steals signals you know steal someone's -- was it was a part of the game -- everybody attempted to do that. And so apartment and we had experience that we were using to do it is not an element anymore because of -- the communications that take place -- really what happened we lost that game as they outplayed you know has not produced -- signal to achieve anything else they they were purple vote in one day. They outplayed us they were better football team on that day it has nothing to do with stealing signals and everybody -- it that's coming from bill -- Not from anybody else not from the patriots sideline not from the patriots fan from bill Howard the ultimate -- -- -- -- It had nothing to do with them was that already entered steeler. And the ultimate pit where bill -- grew up in Pittsburgh. And eventually went back there to coach his hometown team he had. The best team in the AFC he thought in 2001 until the patriots. Went in there and knocked him off he had the best team in the AFC he thought again in 2004. When they were fifteen and one. In the patriots went in there and beat him again so he has all the reason in the world to say. Well I'm still not sure. Some shady things going on there and he didn't take the -- do we get some real callers can we get some normal people -- 17779. 7937. Talks in April high time. And what caught our eye on -- Not too much. I don't -- entitled to a the -- to the great in your life oversight or lose they smile at her mother in England or interview pretty dedicated their target to trade in -- -- back today. How why everybody get a Robert talk much on yeah incontinent career -- -- -- a year if I talked about. My wife. My wife I told -- taught my wife said the same thing to me on Saturday. Does anyone talked about Sean Payton the same way they talk about Bill Belichick well there's an easy answer though Todd for you -- for Heather here's an easy answer. Nobody is calling Sean Payton one of the all time greats and the standards are different. For guys. Who are. More hello to a higher standard who are compared with. Not just their peers but some of the greatest coaches in history because of that appoint Bill Belichick. Its crew and I do differently these are absolutely right and if you wanted to add on to that I guess the next thing would be. Sean -- what he did may have been more disgusting to a lot of people but it didn't give his team a bigger edge of what the belief is Bill Belichick it. Right that even though it may have. The and horrible cry out to her and -- and other but he play necessarily help this team win and as we're built bella check. Helped his team went it's up for what I don't out of the gets a fair point either. Because part of or if you believe the story about. Obligate who is that we get deep it is and and everything. On one -- no -- exhibit but now -- of Watergate but that was. I was kind of original and 1972. Or 1973. But you know and it was something different Whitewater got this will be -- more -- enough to make that -- wanted to get right so. If if it's true. That they went after Brett -- In NFC championship game resume pounding on Brett Favre. Yes it does help them win the game if you try to pick a quarterback's. If their whole mission is enough let's pick up the best player. That's much more and also all if it's a little more obvious and a little more. Here's a sledgehammer it's not well where -- pick that signal or not. Where the cameras this is Brett Favre out of the game they don't win -- gonna take them out. You read back to call 61777979837. It's all in all W yet.

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