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Mut and Lou and Matt Chatham discuss Bill Cowher's comment on Bill Belichick and Spygate

Jan 16, 2014|

Matt Chatham and the guys discuss Bill Cowher's recent radio appearance where he said, "We didn’t lose the game because of any Spygate... I think if they’re guilty of anything, they’re guilty of arrogance, because they were told not to do something. But it was something that everybody does. The only thing they got caught [was] doing it with a camera. We had people that always tried to steal signals. Stealing someone’s signals was a part of the game, and everybody attempted to do that."

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So well in the interest -- we know this Rex is in our lives of their lives and multiyear deal. Re not love with the jets you're damn right the bill -- sat down with Bill Belichick for CBS this weekend. And at this conversation about your when he won a gold wanna be remembered as an end the conversation go back to CBS panel. And the first thing Boomer Esiason says -- yeah I believe that Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time but. He does have -- on his resume and -- use that as -- blemish on his record. Not today bill -- who did that interview. Tucked in 937 the fan in Pittsburg and it's a Pittsburgh guy coached against Bill Belichick and he is fan base steeler fans call all the time and say. Telecheck should be taken down not because of spy game will be -- our. Doesn't seem to say that today when he goes on 937 Pittsburgh. We didn't lose the game because of that spot and it causes them having any additional things in the -- obviously about that list of -- -- -- -- computer because there were told not to do something that. It would stop and everybody there was you know -- -- got caught doing it with a camera. You know we have people -- or try to steal signals you know steal someone's circles close -- a -- game and everybody attempted to do that. And so part of it and we had respect him that we were using to do it is not an element anymore because. The communications that take place. On the field -- quarterback linebacker. Such an element again it does things that really what happened we lost that game they outplayed us and that. You know has not to do still signal to achieve anything else stated they were purple vote that day. That is bill cower in Pittsburg than a 937 the fan the -- the problem with being guilty of arrogance. But we'll Belichick hope all right. Run home run I look an answer from capitol now I -- power just -- Frost I sort of higher state I think all of patriots and it being understood how and I article went to this takings by gates overblown of course would agree with our -- other coaches. Along the way. Will you Spike -- as an excuse bill cower who lost some big gains against ballot check in the spike in era. Says now we lose this by -- again just we got outplayed the majesty look -- in listening -- that in Pittsburgh on. Collier never good coach anyway and -- at all you Eric Fleming is claiming it is great right now about it and -- -- affiliate nobody calls because he would they'll go to -- time -- -- -- an interview. -- Bible -- Bible is the best coach all the time in the league as a Douglas by gays and yes still it's like you know once it's so much better than. -- -- -- -- Steel City IC what does it would have entered in -- -- Steel City is that's the beer right Arnold Palmer is at the dates. I don't know what you wanna violent now not a senator Ted sales to swear up. The missile not a depressed people in the the state of Pennsylvania right now after in their old guy just say hey you like that answer and -- that was great. Those guys respect one another I think the guys at the highest level in this league respect for other and they understand how -- Of an effect that would add and to towers point it was more juiced. The way to handle it because it's right everywhere was doing it and how to minimal -- irons into Bristol iron -- ago or so you know it did but the risk wasn't worth the reward is what you'll get in -- small. And there was a warning you know the pay for its targets such old news so tired. Especially for Broncos people who bring about -- of this began to find in 98 for salary cap violations to what to do tomorrow and I heard. Polly talking about yesterday you know hot and -- makes good points spot the patriots are guilty by new and it paid the penalty they obviously misinterpreted the rule they. They -- They knew the rule and it pushed the Campbell right that there's no doubt my uncle bill -- I I'm calling bill and when Bob Kraft says -- -- but Bill Belichick tell a lot craft and will talked to -- the ball on 1 o'clock. When Bill Belichick says the Bob Kraft that out on a scale of zero to 100 it help us one he's he's asked to rank it. Well then you're telling me -- and -- think you're stupid is it only helped to one of a hundred -- what do kept doing. Obviously it -- choice image interpretation to. Always felt the rule that when the when it went out was ski use it during the game -- -- really entered game means for the future kind of match some things up. And that's three misinterpret or plus if your. Or philosophy is to do 100 little things in the all the little things Q will we eventually do summit on -- in the were legal same. All the little magical possibly get from the way you prepare for the do things you do throughout the course the week you think it actually pinpoint any one of those hundred no -- -- the one help to win. You know again it immutable facts are we spot means nothing it's doing -- he's right -- is just a real lame excuse for the people want everybody. Everybody. -- is different and I. Individually or baseball or don't care they pay their penalty and I most people in Peyton Manning Peyton Manning called the best coach. -- history the NFL yesterday and he knows what's gone and bill cower. I've got good stuff on Pittsburgh radio today speaking to Pittsburg rabbit has a waiting in Pittsburg talk about spy -- for a long time your ten I Brad. Brad Brad. You just. I spoke on budget. -- that are. Moment that burial and and everybody's pretty much took pictures book legacy it was because percent of the -- -- Bill Belichick is the pages shoes. Do some 2002. The predators record of seventy in 37 and up responded that it got better. -- radiation point forward. And were at more C championship game and. -- Internet and a better winning percentage after spy game yet we talked about settled yesterday to. At all -- pattern. And you know two point advantage but it. Their revenues -- plenty of numbers out there I mean the minute it came out to you know bill Belichick's team with sixteen and -- PA went to a suitable eighteen and known you'd say well that's why in the fourth quarter there was still more points going up that's scoreboard at times as -- but if you do leak. I'm gonna make sure everybody knows I can still win this is ridiculous. What he said about the people in Pittsburgh. And we brought up at the and we talked about yesterday -- and it if you don't get it here. In -- but because everybody appreciates and understands what Bill Belichick is. If you don't like Bill Belichick -- -- that opinion and ever change. If you don't like them he says Pittsburgh fans obviously don't like them they'll look at it and question his accomplishments. And -- we're talking about winning and the suitable post albeit we know what's ridiculous. But others who don't like command will we hear it. All the time and we -- we get calls throughout the football season -- bring it up what is he won since what is number 81 cents. It's it's in a clinic in 1918 champ and the Yankees but it pisses you off feel like I just win another one and sort of put that thing behind as well. As he needs now and guys are right there I don't remember a single piece of you know cause affected overcame -- -- some like hey we've got this call or they were gonna use that are. It's sold into decimal the effect of this would have had. It's just a little reckless and I think you're dressed in culture -- to move on and other people made more with the need to focus some people need excuses for why they failed. And did you -- you're by yourself with counseling putts. I think the payroll of iron city -- and -- -- thing you know you make awaiting a Marshall -- bringing up John Harbaugh. It will bring it up for a tour sites and we'll bring up after puff piece pregame. You know in the stands Saint Louis is probably the worst of the offenders because they feel like they were so much better I think that's a thread that you've heard probably half a dozen quotes a -- -- the number -- the most famous poet. There's a real internal belief that. We were supposed to win that. There's no way and we still believe what they saw -- -- -- -- -- that years later we didn't you know it's kind of like -- joking thing now that people play and respect card they'll respect us. There is a legitimate 23 year were arm. You know -- we want that next one religious ran through the schedule woman dated again for the third. Where. We didn't believe that we were that good after the -- particular union -- we really didn't have a point upon a -- -- camp all of them that the story was amazing and blobby blog people we are -- -- love display. It took a lot of sort of beating people over the head realized while this is a dynasty this is a really good organization like a lot of good players. And part of that was his belief in that first game it. Which just happen in the -- build in this little seed this little X. Views on all that's why wasn't you know people of the rentals -- You'll make your pick for the game Sunday morning paths -- Broncos we said earlier it is a great photo FaceBook dot com. Slash WEEI Eric Decker sure was waters here for the Broncos Broncos had a on shirtless in jeans. Impeding over his pregnant wife who is like spread eagle on -- weightlifting bench in a bikini. And you would said he would you volunteer to read some of these outcomes through FaceBook Matt Wright and wanted to. You want to read through somebody's. Asked all the development group potty and went on to edit and I I read the best one of four -- out here to. Kyle Nash are getting of Kyle -- all the credit in the world he -- years. Photo caption this. -- and Decker. And it is by far the best photo caption I we have I have pages here -- quotes after. Is milk and Decker coal power drove by real tool -- I was gonna go just whip on the open down and Detroit there was complete quote there and you guys have great comments but the best one by far is Milf and Decker. And it's right there FaceBook dot com slash WE yeah I've gotta you gotta go see this photo. -- now almost the Sunday morning NFL Sunday. So it's your -- -- do -- drag it out of Chatham 58 -- 58 on Twitter. Tom Brady's gonna speak at 1245. We come back a little bit of a football brake just the little football break because. Clayton Kershaw got a lot of money in LA and we all understand lack -- affect Jon Lester we'll talk about his dollars and the effect next.

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