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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, discusses the AFC Championship game, Charles Barkley and the return of Rajon Rondo

Jan 16, 2014|

Jackie joins the program to discuss the legacies of Manning, Brady, and Belichick. She also touches on Sir Charles visit to Boston and the future of the Boston Celtics.

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-- constantly ship with Tom and your familiarity with each other help you -- thinking of this magnitude. Obama both men are really look at this game any different a lot of elegance and you know -- come on a regular basis. New quarterbacks on a regular basis we -- on your own -- The dissent in this week it was deliberately. But just in terms of the guys know each other so well was the last time Tom Brady surprised you. This morning. And how did he surprise you built. So keep that in coming -- It's. Bill Belichick's press conference yesterday must -- -- -- 37 WEEI Jackie McMullen asking the questions Jackie's brought to you. On our show buyer great friends at Toyota Nashua and a commonwealth mortgage. Yeah I think about you master -- followed Jackie and a couple of Mike again. -- Brad and got a laugh with him. Got a good laugh yesterday it was fun you you were down you've been around this team now leave -- written about this team during this playoff run. Do you find -- Jack -- BA loose team heading into a game that could determine a lot of the the legacies of the people involved here Manning Brady and Belichick in particular. I use the word is I think my aunt Margaret term. But it does this sort of -- relish the underdog -- things on and -- Belichick particular I think really the and remember the old date and return it went Super -- it was real hard time. And then it was totally fabricated the second and third time up to include the third time when running her front. The telephone that nobody respected and when in fact they were the overwhelming favorite. But it'd take structure younger guys -- have to agree to. No it's utterly Steve DeOssie you know Monday's the Red -- Cindy easier path right in -- a -- this is this is what I want it takes almost -- opportunity turn back the clock. And appreciate distress suck lemons go up against Pedro epic games bird magic. I wanted to see Brady Manning adult what's gonna happen again I want it actually can sit back and enjoy and real time. Yeah and they've hit two great quarterbacks are obviously great friend. I know there's a lot of luck a lot of talk about both of them and how -- will define their legacy that game I don't buy into that. Back and a bird toward the -- about Belichick Embree and what they've accomplished together. Over the last several years between since the typical error no coach and quarterback together have one more gains -- -- and -- in history. On the -- to dribble. And -- think it's a little different partner because the war. Let me come on -- because the greatest quarterbacks -- -- in them it because of one Sunday after everybody's gonna rewrite history books by. All at the Jackie how do you rate than that I I I can't disagree with him -- at the end of the day we're gonna look back -- how they squared up heads up and how many Super Bowls they wanted for the quarterbacks in particular I think. Winning one this year for Manning is is a big separated for Brady he gets a fourth he joins Montana Bradshaw. That I get that but what I'm saying is that if you put so much but at some point gain. And green right execute over the never and I mean. That legitimate. The written at the guys. The inning with a different -- he won his. I don't know I. -- -- -- saying that the full body of work at the candidate having an activist court and the turnaround on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick whose. -- -- What does that change your opinion of that great. I I think of the three we've talked about here Brady Belichick you're right that those two if they lose on Sunday. Might not affect them do we agree that for Manning -- odd to lose this game default to six and twelve against spell check fall to what 1104 and eleven. Against Brady and fifteen games that he of the three is most affected by winning or losing on Sunday afternoon. That's probably true but I guess what I would say how did you win -- You know Salmonella that -- in last year ball. They shouldn't you and I both know that right in -- -- should make some inflation he could keep it on the last place it was in front of the receiver. OK so now -- -- that -- in the overtime. But you know. Outlook look into the reason a block. You know maybe we can start talking a little bit late but it's never that simple like if not months. Jack you are not -- our -- art. That the U Ross of that locker room Saturday. After the win and sir Charles and his little moment. Energy questioning it you know what needs that you really think we don't appreciate this. Which you take in the -- that of them. Yeah that the that. One of the most generous dying people and now he's been greatly greatly scantily. He'd probably should have been doing interviews on Saturday Allah. You know he really shouldn't have. And leave it at that. And Heyward coming from the but he doesn't understand it. Themselves -- very high standard and certainly and that's how it works. I think they're playing with house money -- -- you guys say I don't think if they lose that game on anybody's going to. We in England patriots are not in the super ball we we know what kind of -- here we -- -- improbable it is that they're here in the first place. With everything they've gone through starting with Aaron Hernandez isn't and go in on flow. So I missed a tropical update on that but. Child and feeling good he's it's billions and like access probably a certain look up in the morning wishing them out. Actually turn the child never regret and. As a reference Jacqui we know how the hell he got in there. That is what is it I'm in a little. I am you abided by and you'd think that the ballot. To believe -- not talk to him on Friday the Friday before. He would -- -- -- stayed at the port sea and -- -- But by effort during an arena -- my very good friends from college bothered to explain who by the way. -- absolutely nothing about basketball or hockey people and they didn't recognize. It but anyway and -- have a drink with him yum. My phone -- myself wondering Mike and I left to vote negotiators are got to play and reported that spot but it can happen at Charles Barkley you know going in. That oh yeah I'm here I'm here the thinking like that is why he said. Although no Biden and bill and I are good friends that went all the way back to a Cleveland I believe that really. -- -- -- they regularly Becky he's he didn't Robert Kraft bought. You know with the invitation DR. And spent time with Brady -- he really likes to picket and and Belichick that. -- switching gears real quick and the Celtics -- confirmed that barring any setbacks Zambrano will play on Friday. And -- -- Gainey is done she made that trade would Bradley with Jordan Crawford and -- -- Brooks now the key is done. Question I have is. What is Rajon Rondo on this guy's really never lost. Before and -- more pieces leave him. Are you concerned with him out there every night with -- team losing. That aren't at all. I think. I don't think -- I don't I think I would I would quote uncle concerned about how wrong that was gonna be -- -- even before these other guys start getting. And let this kid he's become a union is the only kind of on an -- -- You want to be a player if you know what it means. He's -- -- -- -- purely -- Smart Smart it. And I think you know I think that the -- all the time all bets are off on everybody on the roster including him and I think the Celtic. Our little confusion that about what what he did that on at once that he wanted to stay and be the linchpin of the next regrouping. Ordered the city wanna go somewhere else and and continue to -- -- didn't even know it's. We talked you said everyone's available for trade I would think the Brandon Bass -- be the next guy. We here get moved have you heard anything differently that they're not gonna try to make. All the moves like they -- him what they -- yesterday which is trade players for. Either contracts that can be out the books early or draft picks that could turn to something better down the remaining change -- thing with their plan last. He's not been -- there in the end I think the kind of public -- really breakout country club with a point to rent. You can really really -- About this -- longtime veteran. I'm a lot of negative publicity surrounding his off but you know court her spotlight moment he comes in your cute it's much that they don't blame at all the first month of the even if they award that I think. Just go out there but the -- and you read it again. And been very active in -- active on the he does make you know -- pretty decent money -- executed -- -- on some of them that I I think you're contending team is looking at him as someone as a pretty good. I would be surprised he's been. Jacki great stuff has always appreciate the time enjoy the game this weekend we'll talk next week.

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