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It Is What It Is Cast: Previewing Patriots Broncos AFC Championship

Jan 16, 2014|

FOXBORO -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price preview the Patriots and Broncos in the AFC Championship in Denver.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike the -- joined as always by patriots expert analyst for WEEI dot com Christopher price. OK Chris it is that time of year flu season. Cold and flu sales and -- and you know I think what I am about taking lead into it Tom Brady was not at practice neither was long snapper. Danny Aiken on Wednesday as the patriots begin preparations for the Denver Broncos in the AFC championship at mile high on Sunday afternoon. Should we really be concerned Tom Brady was not a practice Wednesday. No I don't think we should -- -- two schools of thought here first of all it's important to note that last week he was clearly view with a cold or flu. He came out yet the cough drop you with a little -- a -- -- and cost. So -- that wouldn't be surprised not seen him on the field today the other thing is because -- several wasn't there in the quarterback wasn't there. And they need a holder ostensibly there were off somewhere in the facility here practicing long -- so I think one of two schools of thought. Are you apply in this situation we will know more obviously when the injury report is released at 4 o'clock swimming one of those two things to plausible scenario for what was going out there with coverage. While also obviously the patriots are very concerned this week with Peyton Manning and Omaha. The big subject of the week this week is is how the patriots will maintain their discipline the fine line really. Between it being aggressive going after Peyton Manning -- not jumping off sides Chandler Jones was asked about it. Certainly he would be somebody asked to be very aware that Rob Ninkovich is and -- another guy. Quest to be very aware of that how to the patriots go about riding that fine line of being aggressive but not jumping in the new neutral zone. You have to be incredibly disciplined defense of line and they -- over the course of the year when it comes to those neutral zone infractions they've been pretty good they're they're one of the least penalized teams in the league. While one of the teams that accrued that the fewest numbers of penalty yards over the course of yourself -- need to continue that they need to continue that going forward. I've -- need to be a very disciplined front because as you said. Pete is very good at drawing people -- drawing people into that neutral zone infraction we saw very good San Diego team bill talked about the press conference a few minutes ago. For good -- Diego team drawn into that a number of occasions in the divisional playoff game. That's something the patriots need to avoid this Sunday against Denver. You know what I find fascinating crests are the Broncos gonna try and do what they did here Sunday night. And that's Sunday night game November 20 fourth and run for over 250 yards no -- -- obviously had 224 of those yards. Or are they gonna have. And try to do with Peyton Manning's arm and they have Julius Thomas a player. -- -- and that they did not have here in that game in November which way if your Peyton Manning and your John Fox which way are you leaning. It's good addictive what features decide to do defensively I think a lot of it is and I think of the patriots come out in trying to flood the field with defense of backs I think they're gonna dare -- meaning. To run the ball in anything that gets the Broncos out of the comfort -- a little bit but you have to take. What's been given to get I might course of action by the patriots. I put six and seven defensive backs out there I -- the guys in the coverage and I just say all right Pete and beat try to -- inside the numbers that are trying to flood the middle of the field defensive backs. I'm going to try and make -- meaning throw over the top me throw to the sidelines are trying to beat me that quick or to try to run the ball -- we solve notre -- First camera flip side of the ball Tom Brady does he go about using what Garret blunt and the running attack. That has been so successful. Last couple weeks or to the patriots find a way to. Really take advantage of their secondary Champ Bailey has a very long in the tooth and so is Quentin Jammer. I think we're gonna see the patriots throw the ball more this week than they have over the previous three to four games I don't think the run pass splits are gonna be as dramatic as they were for say the Baltimore game the buffalo game. This game against -- that both the colts in the divisional playoff front I think it's going to be a little bit different and the 22 going to be able throw the ball I don't think they're going to completely a Bane in the run. But I think we're gonna see more pass attempts from Brady this week than we've seen over the last couple weeks -- some of those numbers have to put in context a little bit. Third the Denver defense of the Denver run defense is pretty good but when you consider the fact that a lot of team for throwing -- just to get back in the -- many rights exactly I just think those numbers are skewed just a little bit but I think in the long term the feature to better off the rolled the ball a little bit more this time. -- -- have over the last month or so. Bottom line what happened Sunday to the patriots get to their second super ball three years I think they find a way I don't know I had I do I think. You know you have to keep it close if you're knowing when you cannot afford to -- this game get out of hand early you can't go down 24 to nothing in the first half of this one. Like he did to build in the November went back and exactly back in November so having the features are able to hang in being driven to make the plays and I think they were gonna see them throw the ball a little bit more than they have. -- my final score right now with 3431 knowing. I like 2421. Patriots do find a way to get it done if it's shoot out its big time trouble Chris that's what I thank. Well both of us will be in mile high will be at sports authority field on Sunday bringing you all the post game coverage and reaction. To the AFC championship game Tom Brady and the patriots once again against Peyton Manning in the Denver Broncos. He's Christopher price unlike the trolley at Gillette Stadium WEEI dot com.

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