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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: First Lady turns 50

Jan 16, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed the planning of Michelle Obama's 50th birthday.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T the nation's fastest now most reliable four GL TE network. Ever precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do precision fitness equipment I have to headlines in one I'm not sure I should mention out and you should definitely. Should we mention the headline is that the coffee room has two gigantic boxes cupcakes in it I don't want sausage to know that. ID smell getting again at the end downwind that they -- -- here I told them to just take tomorrow room -- -- good. I did you show some discipline -- you buying shots from minute hand -- -- you offered cupcakes to sausage is trying to trim down you know trying to break -- are we got. I -- tomorrow's. Operatic that's true January 17. Is the fiftieth birthday of the first lady of our nation's. Michelle Obama I've been will be understated celebration. To probably they'll probably just rent a movie. I had dinner or expect on the I have a lot and a bottle wine. Let me guess. The president they're gonna fly into New York shut down traffic at JFK to how many Beatles are left alive to -- slept a lot will reunite. It's also opened them yeah Bruce from Billy jolt. Elton John. Barbara Streisand I would imagine. We Michael's. Not dipping their kind of farce. Balloons. Animal probably Garcia ups and nobody gets lucky giraffes -- there's a lot of it was at its harshest. It was they'll have a big file with mole and it's a pro -- -- -- Seek and to stick to your face in their drinkers -- what else. Stewart Groce is an argument -- -- -- -- -- at least electable movement for stated that probably watch and hospital bought -- Valerie Jarrett would not comment on reports that beyoncé. -- also close the Obama family will sing at the first lady's. The big dance party for his wife at the white house on Saturday night user keeping a tight that I details to maintain the element surprise. For mrs. Obama but guess have been told to come you better be prepared to dance and eat does she get paid for this. The other thing though I don't think snow as -- pro Bono or gratis. Not yet -- to -- it's taxpayer money -- well and well. Whitman today asked Michelle Obama is turning fifty which you low plastic surgery or Botox in the future he said -- -- free and you would ever. They need to feel good about themselves right now -- match that would go that group and I've learned to never. Say never. He can improve improve it as. At that what what we did ask about liposuction. Why would she knew that it's just yet. They've mentioned liposuction. It's just I think there are certain areas but she could -- a certain areas that she didn't per day he's out of office January whatever 21 2000. Seventeen. The pills will be -- advocating this in citizen of the Belichick Brady last year was no call and -- call -- even married oh yeah probably. We brought you keep up the appearances appearances right you think bill and Hillary Clinton's -- bad since like 1983. -- -- together. I -- -- -- once that's it because he Chelsea in the senate that's it shook hands and ceiling that's. I'll bet they appointed. A good point two -- that -- story. Just tell us catching flak according sidetracked for writing an ATP to the beach near her spread coast to Rica with her one year old daughter Vivian and -- baby carrier strapped were Shasta. And -- mommy -- baby was wearing helmets badges cells has the inside track. She asked how they roll in coast Rica this is probably rule. Grocery anybody. Bundchen and Brady and anybody there it's it's a their house is I understand it is way up and feel above the beach. And to go down to the beach you need a vehicle and the best vehicles are the ATV -- that allow them to do that. Now helping others to wait yes I -- I -- to be little critical here if you do the First Lady next themselves let the suns play football. It's dangerous for a football that's. Helped kick. You figure kid -- ride her bike or his bike -- I hope not that short answer is yes I think she was. She was barreling down this -- we're barreling down this road like fifty miles an -- or another I creeping down the -- to go to the beach. Your libertarian. I'm really. Upset what's the damage to our outlook on the babies babies on the. And that. There are. Babies don't have helmets they're babies and helmets for medical reasons. This -- -- -- -- -- Do you when I had to pick up on -- got excited. -- was actually give. You have a helmet every now. That's my point that she -- to help look for Vivian. Oh well I took hate holidays -- older when I took Kate in Bermuda on the scooters. Are you run with Harry in the in the -- that that running throwing and running stroll right. That's dangerous -- that -- held at thirty miles an hour. Close as senior you can follow your passion that they were -- -- -- -- -- -- go at Uga or seven miles an hour. Yeah about that that's about right now. Strapped to her -- -- -- and I think they have a pit bull that lives with these kids that -- -- -- on the edge a utility that simple. Scary yes. But we talked about it before I don't harm the they used to have little flu the whatever. She it's something you you Yorkshire. Yeah I think the pupil -- It yeah Whitey Bulger Johnny Depp movie back on. Over black masks that film the secret book. The flap over money originally but now he's back to deadline dot com reporting is likely Bulger while. Will he be better at Whitey -- than it was -- -- I would hope so yeah blackjack -- cult empire -- hate those movies. Parts are that. You'll like -- now and -- don't yeah local East Java that was canceled out happen Hopkins he Whitey Bulger. -- -- now fifty sure it will be. Bolsters the statement was going to be mr. black mask themselves -- black master. In his prime in the eighties. Do you look at Johnny Depp and say he could be bloody ball China always and a duty to -- let's go over all ethnic and potentially. It's a good actor BP puts mine to see sometimes it's inspired casting works the best I think when would you cast I thought Jack Nicholson. -- -- -- will actually barred from. Right these -- lines though he's out which your story witty yet he said. August news enemy does nothing funny about it's it's I don't know my standards. -- little remarkable. State representative Carlos and breaking news will spend six months in prison after a jury convicted him yesterday. Of holding down a woman and punching her after she refused to have sex with him. The judge. Of the surprise Cambridge district court judge Michel Hogan. Sentenced him to two and a half years in prison. -- that he only needs to serve six. Now trying to have sex with a woman forcibly have sex with a woman and she refuses. And you puncher. And they said he did a bunch of others up and convict models that accounts get to six months does that seem fair. No it does not six month awfully light like almost essentially attempted rape. And you really have trouble understand why Cambridge little letter next to his name Cambridge. Visited the or non entity it's -- Maybe get togethers these guys -- Democrats -- this is -- good Democrat and Democrat careful out there all Republicans of the war policy get an avatar. Well probably though life can be ordered -- yeah the judge's name is Michelle Hogan. Wouldn't a female judge tend to get maybe seven months not six I wonder sometimes if they go the other way. Just avoid I want looking like either I don't know pejorative. Ordered -- that's. I wanted to say goalie with a guy in jail for twenty years right. Search men outside a perfect world right. About an hour from now Oscar nominations will have those. Year looked at how many lone survivor again my guess is that correct it was some sort of the technical category they would be once now into one or something -- is just stopped. Guys to see the list of stunt guys -- bliss was like fifty right along right. They -- who filled on the that the guys who -- on the rock cliff four times should definitely be rooting interest Europe let's forget lots of Robert cells that can be. Captain Phillips I think it's in the bush and yeah the best picture best director actor best actor epic film -- -- but I would be happy when they -- -- hit of the lead. Somalia the wind is going to be nice to see progress importance and EC taxi driver. Industry was actually reverently did cast -- on the -- And he thinks he's going to be you know and romantic Comedy Central Bullock Jennifer Lawrence and then. A final order that -- win. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- today to get that bring us the excellent texture makes an -- more -- you'll handle that Erin Andrews people guy got two years. That's a good point. Two years in federal prison. Michael Vick that two years now federal prison for Killen the killing dogs that it's OK I may finally they would make. The old woman down trying to have sex whether she says no you puncher. It was at a said he was not convicted on three or four other things that he did including witness intimidation. Some other stuff which accounts for that gets six months took the chair for everything. -- many times in the knock on the jail Jerry. Moved in go to -- long enough for at least I think that the run of good luck so I think it is yeah. Will this guy will he be able to watch the game what prison museums schools he and Tommy Johnson instantly cuts and places not. Jail I don't think so now I'm excited to watch the game make an hour. That's -- X one -- two games. Now war. You don't wanna be the greatest rock star -- on attempting what about your movie guy what about the greatest actor -- now I agree with you that seems to got now if -- an actor my love would be New York would be staged yet your state -- How are racking -- at least off the go and do you go home if Jerry Lee if you're good. You you you can't screw up being a movie actor could mess up your lines and not do it again right if you're good in your onstage there's this tension that Moochie. -- going up. Forgot my lines right back happen what do you worse let me ask this -- what are you the closest to be the greatest in the world acts. That nothing not the I think in the -- and that's it yeah yeah yeah. It's a talent it when I was younger hole but two quarters -- -- that I think that I went -- -- -- You get -- Derek yet not with Purdue kicker Garrett is due to -- -- or another good -- that portal and one that's company party. It would be entertainment missed the last -- in there about this greatest comedian of all time that we could that be a Russian addressed subjective though -- now. Who would be the greatest abuse. Everybody says you know he's my priorities George Carlin. Four legged buddy Bruce George Carlin Richard -- -- abuse I would vote for George Collin. Was Lenny Bruce was that funny. It would be very edgy but it was dangerous bird that is most great -- for a puts right now and I know it's buried. In the room. Controversial Sarah Silverman our XPL. Wild we CK. -- and -- it also put -- touch in that list your your idol. Awkward it richest. State for the record that you are willing to do any show on Comcast with him. -- -- Any show anywhere sure Kirk says that the economy at midnight sick and you be -- -- -- minutes crucial to a -- do. And he will not -- he he laid on the ground rules and said. He will not do was show what you told me what you made fun of why would you -- -- -- criticized I would you do that applicants -- -- would he do that because nature of course you do shows you guys had all the time I sure do. He does -- he he's afraid. What you have to does that I think he doesn't like assembly expire right at the easiest east lives they bubble much like -- -- well -- -- -- global surrounded by -- offense it's every day. On the -- asking price. Anywhere. Today anywhere you want not Smart enough 61777. I 7937. Phone lines open we'll talk we few. That cliche is still bother the legacy doesn't change no matter what happens on said that. Like let's name names just just picture the entire panel right of the fox pregame the entire panel to CBS -- -- -- -- and everybody on ESPN. Our Herm Edwards Ron Jaworski. Tedy Bruschi. I've not seen a game it will have more of an effect -- legacies equate what am I because I I I believe Super Bowls this sudden -- forget to them yes you got to a suitable read penthouse never got -- was able to Jim Kelly obviously did. That's up to you won your conference. If you lose this game you don't get to you have a chance to get to a Super Bowl and you don't do and the cliche deadliest driving me nuts is no matter what happens on Sunday the legacy out Peyton Manning. Bob Brady and bill -- shot Bill Belichick. Will not change its already etched in stone I call bull crap that's their lives a rapid headlines brought to get by AT&T the nation's fastest the most reliable four GL TE network.

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