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Who is the greatest QB of all time?

Jan 16, 2014|

John, Gerry and Kirk discussed the great NFL QB debate and how being the greatest QB of all time ranks in comparison to be being the best in other sports.

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If I had a dollar. For every time diverting national and local. Media observer say the following cliche. I take tomorrow off they would need to pay this is driving me nuts I've -- Esiason say it. Ever jacksons say it I've heard. Patriots controller own destiny. -- the duo -- they what they do. They really don't -- now if there was Winnebago suitable -- can they actually and obviously you controlled tests have been done to control their future applicant listings anyway here's the cliche but I've heard from a disease local and national. No matter what legacy bill Belichick's legacy is not going to change its already set. There's nothing that can happen good or bad the any of those three guys that would change their legacy go on forward -- I call bull crap on. Absolutely and I say in a kind of wrote this Monday because I think we don't understand we're too close to the force for the trees or covered trees for the forest because. This stuff you don't appreciate I think. Is a good chance that. Twenty years from now when you viable admin and two in the show with who would you do with my agent dale if you just have to get. Feldman and morning show -- talking about the 2014. AFC title game and what happened when Brady and Manning squared off. In a championship setting for the last time correct and that this is historic it really is we don't know it because -- too close to its new. Recent it's in the present but I think 51015 years from now. This game will match because they we discussing. It will not any great extent. Great super bulls -- to make our list of great Super Bowls they were discussing greatest quarterbacks who win probably one. Vs the other who's -- in the post -- probably suitable to Montana Brady Manning all -- people you know it does and as many as -- for got a significant that we know -- had two -- some Roethlisberger has to Aikman has three match has four. Montana has four out of four. -- stuff just roll out its -- handles Dan Phelps has not right Elway does Dan Marino played in won and lost and that was tipped. We Elway has to -- one for either lost this stuff is more than anything I think quarterbacks are stickiness to stir the stickiness. And -- quarterbacks. I thought this the other day. Great quarterback is anything close to that discussion. In terms of sports debate sports discussion. And called all all of the quarterback talk I disagree I agree to do it but I think there's certain people like Tina doesn't care a whole thing I don't. Really everybody cares of a quarterback -- about that's girls do. It. Yeah I was at a part of the of -- -- and we talked to Brady and Manning and what used to be the home run record that's so screwed us -- group that is such as crude oil out yet. On the home runs and right that's a mess on the other thing. Heavyweight greatest and you know heavyweight title right now owning the heavyweight title used to -- the greatest thing in the world could be world's fastest human was in that -- while all that stuff has been. Diluted marries and now we know the greatest basketball play yeah that's not a great and we sort. All the great baseball player ever I mean you could say it was before segregation and all but if you look at numbers Babe Ruth is. On incomparable order of right there's no one caught was his numbers Barry Bonds that close counter. I'm sure it'll be an article where it's -- -- for ITQ right but you don't and you don't have and you know around here we know the greatest hockey players not debatable spot VO correct. The greatest quarterback. The debate starts like that image is goes you know yeah but yeah book and I don't include -- program Sammy ball but it to include Joseph Montana. And sometimes second -- people making Kate good case for Johnny Unitas. But then it goes to Brady Manning these two guys plan. Somebody exactly who didn't seem had a had. Ever happened Sunday Jerry won't change that a select L -- it's it is strictly all their legacies but it changes manager Manny loses. He's out it's over you can't unless you somehow wins next year I guess -- just to get through Brady and when this group that does that that's right in the converse this is the that's not he's not. Ultimate opportunity for him for his -- medical this way. Or that yet and you're right if you beach Brady and wins the Super Bowl now he's on par with those three guys Montana Brady and I ethic he's. Other is black and white he wins the Super Bowl which begins with winning the AFC title game he's in the conversations. -- Brady -- Montana almost like it's a three man race. And if he loses he's comes out. And I think if he loses Tom Brady rule Tom Brady goes on to win next -- in two weeks Brady is the guy. And it's not -- set in stone is -- Jordan you've -- but now Brooks I don't what you guys now and I think there's one guy I think Tom Brady and I think a lot of national guys you'll hear this Steve serbians are calling -- The then it'll be part of this two week process when they say. And and Serbia's argued that it that this two weeks they'll say Brady beats the niners political the Seahawks. He's the guy he's the man it's as many wins is is -- Montana four wins. And they all kind of passing record regular season success was there's a conversation two years ago didn't. The entire two weeks of saint Internet radio is when he would have the fourth and he's able to Goodyear right right -- only added to that residents -- added so the upside for Brady winning. Is as profound as the downside for Manning to lose correct and having -- yet I Manning understands that. I am not long did it ever has you know that the ranking of quarterbacks. Been fortunate to play against some great quarterbacks are. There -- Troy Aikman Brooks or -- your -- Tom Brady -- Aaron -- Eli Manning and the list goes normal -- ever had a chance to play against. You know John -- wearing and so. I know I know rankings in lists are important to a lot of people. I have such great respect for all and a if you want me any. You know anybody in in any order review list that's finding its sister. Flattering to be to be in the conversation. Oh geez. He called Belichick the greatest coach ever most I was surprised that in other wouldn't coaches who waited. John. -- Laps it was kind of a surprise that he didn't say he's among the greatest and you know I've met Bill Walsh and I've met that's become unsure look coming consensus on -- there is becoming accepted except you know is that spy -- yeah there's a blemish -- -- the the best coach that I've ever competed against him. I think it's fair to say it up and downs as the greatest NFL coach of all term. Which takes us to this question as we discuss Sunday's AFC championship game and -- to discuss. Also like to -- into the conversation if you could be the goat. I mean Google not bad -- the greatest of all time. Now ask you to you limit the sports or the greatest of all time anything. What would you choose to be the greatest of all time to be my eyes open the whole way I felt like offshore if you wanna be like the greatest wallpaper -- it you can do that and you gotta present case okay. Some time think about that 61777. -- 7937. -- in the car Albertson robot and what would you be who would you not do. What would you be if you wanted to be the greatest of all time anything can. I ask one quick question and we'll talk to Connell and come back are we 100%. Convinced the Brady just hasn't. 24 hour bug. Honestly is there are you convinced that it's just that and I know we're trying to find out but I know. Yes everybody I've seen on TV all the Talking Heads it's not just what. I saw I don't know on the 46 guys who were available at least needs Wednesday's practice aside maybe the puncher in the kicker. Beat Tom well -- Davis were pure hell. Everywhere they've installed Correll everywhere they are trying to make sure that when Sunday rolls around you'll have seven guys. With temperatures of a 105 and growing up I saw I saw the news footage of -- which you heard the news operated execute grabbed the kid by the hair jump on the -- this that -- a lot of weapons and if you want. We're so were one -- how what would number would you put -- a 100% yet. 100% yes I never say a 100% denying the two point eight was considering 90% or two words -- the -- -- begin with. Preventative and prophylactically. It on the no they be able profile. The -- -- report got really bad there but you -- with these really -- -- The AFC championship game in three degree fever. That's true somebody great like it was it was -- for somebody had a great line there's a better chance that Eric Hernandez plays in this game. Talk about it that I mean I agree with that -- question but how do we know. We don't it's the patriot as Terry and I know you know Belichick there -- talks about anything but. Did not call for just a quick update it'll against this and you'll be fine or somewhat that. We'll talk about his career but update for you is for the fans because. Actually believe it -- -- -- funny I heard about that we'll have that for you and find out if you wanna be the greatest of all time what would you be.

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