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Pats ready for the Broncos

Jan 16, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the Pats matchup with Denver this Sunday. They also addressed the health of Brady.

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It occurred to me last night at some online and reading stuff and looking at stuff and think about this game coming up and think about and talk about. Today and tomorrow. What -- gonna talk about on Saturday waiting for Sunday. This is one week between the last playoff game and the AFC and NFC championship game. There is a good side it's really good tonic and think if the patriots somehow some way don't make the Super Bowl we'll have to invent a week's worth of stuff. Talking about the patriots verses Seattle with the patriots vs San Francisco it is while chalk full of information. Upn and people some stuff that radio roll all that kind of interesting but -- Paul Howell. Eighties it gets about yeah today or Thursday exactly yeah absolutely unbelievable. While we got one day which it will be -- -- -- -- pants going out with -- yeah I Dino. I mean that's big Seattle right now bull and get it to effectively goes to Wal-Mart. Has pleaded his pants in Boston's eight dollars which is a problem that you -- all its probe that aren't too I love the -- -- -- -- pictures of shopping for it she knows or khakis and wouldn't wanna call it wall pot -- I do have little problem it's a little weird like mark. It is those people. Yet -- -- and target -- report looked at home. He. He shopped for clothes that target the fundamentals for those sacks I did -- -- I told my wife was away for awhile yeah and rather than shop anymore -- rather wash. Right in the wash which target and I was looking at the different sizes and different colors -- -- after all people. Look at -- Keep -- is close at target target is. Step up from wall out and what are your most embarrassing or awkward shopping expert -- a lot due to injury Covert remedies. During the round table that was the most better. I've ever done a shop on you to write -- -- did -- you really backs it was an appetite for that -- excuse me an idea we should -- regrets great regret yeah would that be -- populist. More -- increase. -- the worst ever know it's pretty bad if I hit my -- I'll always stood until the storm jump out of an airplane but I guess you topped out in Utah me. -- Move and that's that's at the table that -- think about it I see the light portable with I don't know later additional. Whole show four hours yet. Well he didn't directed the show in the morning that afternoon. That's really the bigger hair received elect an extra half inch of that day in my hair -- item I visited app for. Did you. Small -- the brakes now no no no. It's yet notes he's yet he's off to work on and work as producers of -- Google says. Patent doesn't pass the Jerry Kelly and litmus test the only person. Which is how you try to treat a little between the little media Mike salt does not do that nobody have talked decent treat them need to -- Israel's garbage. Time is almost done little -- shooting lights in the -- our time is almost done that's right our -- -- -- affect the schedule is for the our demise well I don't -- -- Spring training camp before that. So we're not animate that to the president of the spring training -- -- whack as well like you know on -- on Monday. And have always all the stuff in place for your most army each. And had a houses flight booked in this hotel booked cholera idea that you can we come private jets. Products have. You haven't experienced the Dino spring training tool of concern adventure I'm concerned. -- beautiful -- -- -- Robert -- on the wagon for that week I am Iowa. We -- well I haven't -- well well let's start off with a lot throw a convincing it has a lot about well or not -- note the weakened spring training going to be on the wagon. -- That's -- -- and I'll just. You know I would I will be the wagon until and then the day you come home I'm sure I -- -- yeah -- -- couple months he read the beaded Betty -- will be here -- you know to say about it and yes -- did -- and hasn't experts -- -- -- I think it will got a slight case of an Indianapolis if you and I worked. Really worked hard that we could get in the fall away a question we can see that he's he's important. Should be your call now at. The foxwoods experience spirited party -- it that would ruin your. Hours before. Would you go in search cocaine. Ago. To place for other people have a conversation. He would do well. At NC does it go to someplace that -- thought -- -- if you were with us in the relief felt him and it was shot. Did at Saint Louis. Did to -- its atlas did he -- experience that is here. There. And it's Hillary I know -- -- you can tell us that that is. Missed open book open wheel circuit board and and knows what -- anonymously. I'm not kidding at last I who else is there. I was at Sunday. After in the race collect in the basement of the church was at a church in eagle in the basement you know -- goes up you know there was smoke was right near. We walked back that first when we saw near that church I'm talking about. You win because you can it is alone in that I was comfortable. Alone there with us you you felt able -- was nothing will leave them that. It if you -- moment of weakness well. I don't know I'm a match and I congratulate you thank you I'm just trying to get the details I was -- compelled to go to CD because you feel a moment of weakness coming I had was when -- alone in the hotel -- totally alone in your family's not around you feel like Denzel Washington -- hit -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- veteran -- yes I want it was good. And so had you not go to the meeting you might have gone back to the mini bar and -- and beat. Him. And I don't think I have an opportunity if it. -- -- got the mini bar and had one. I don't know that's that's my problem -- yes I'm sure it would I was with -- ranked like out when we Euro. Went. We is that when you were -- when you're watching me like run -- into a mere pretenders have appeared that the picture and put on Twitter. I was when your -- now don't. That's -- that's -- have a finance officers it's more internal -- -- go back to the room it's -- you know it's early for us and you're sitting there you start your mind starts -- extra tickets so when you went to the meeting -- as well with -- know drinking it was -- they're tough but do you have trouble -- meeting. These -- the fine line is there's there's there's. There's ways that you walk and you afraid if you walk and you might seem like a joke strictly on Saint Louis I don't know I -- -- go and neck and his like will middle Brooks. And you go home -- of the accomplishment comfortable couple -- what do you worry about that when you -- the CPP you know. Well I mean I have but it's not some -- you have seen between India. When do you say hi to them out now and one -- with ice cooler than you can. So area early enough it loses you know oh and deserve. What you go to meetings around here. And I really don't go off to put his wonder kind of around here. Yet yet. And you know now Mr. Big star I don't a radio star right the chance of you being spotted -- recognized even by people don't even know is that. -- career move out you have to have the people in Hollywood and Robert Downey June every guest that goes on what Howard -- rise of the day I had to clean up man you know. -- -- kind of a career move for you in his -- vulnerable human. In these sound. Like that it's -- had minicamp column wrote yeah it does not make it better -- -- delegate Robert Downey junior and now that's what his career took -- right -- admitted he was her own weekly Q. You know I do all -- time it makes it seem like him you know. I think it helped my career -- -- And what you you know. Yet for Beers a meeting yesterday I was like -- -- a strange look good for you many -- bacteria but at the shop we didn't know it feels as though it's fine it's absolutely I would have done that had a note. What -- minded person and but in spring training you know generally does need -- driver so you'll be -- for that problem. Because he's to reach out to children after drugs over the more all anybody that you have sort of trips state trips and to welcome us. So that's why I mean that it is a mall it's its -- that's going to be our movie to be you're. Called in the or rather are OB Obi -- Operating base one. The mall yeah. Yeah -- we -- Albie will be home with a clean the pool two will be. Our operating base to be the mall and they don't -- that he was gonna come up with some crazy idea to intelligently does he -- is. You know yourself a quick look at yeah we could go to the gun range we got a -- and yes I did that has got -- -- you know whatever it's a little scary. If you connect the in the next boom -- rednecks. Like adding each other it's like that or play ego and go what if things go wrong. One guy on the -- have loaded Glock. This court register from Massachusetts Campanelli right one left that -- tire -- -- you seizure texting at Florida. This -- that should have and we joked about it a little. Poor bastard was texting his daughter's daycare. The one that retired cup -- yet. Formal it was the previews. Even higher even you wouldn't take offense now I know now before the movie is fun to talk to refuse food -- -- protecting. The lights -- even totally it's not like totally dark as texting by definition he's not talking policies and talking to text on the maybe that could knowledge I was at -- think that I mean I think it escalated that keeps it right away he's got a right and -- done this before it's the people movie the former crops and when your -- guy. This is a killer. That's a little. Over the top a little. -- harsh when you say you're excited to see a movie you know -- -- not so climbers -- It was lone survivor although the magnetic opening night -- -- commitment. And it was a -- Mason -- have been jammed up -- -- Florida -- Problem may get a little bit by six that's -- demand -- prime warcraft. The other thing -- it would make more sense after lone survivor -- before you're fired up and it will go or in the middle of middle. That. But it did so Dino so we'll -- also so most of us are going to see most of us have seen yeah -- -- -- -- -- More NC -- -- free to talk about. I -- -- said -- last night I -- -- to not give anything away I don't wanna be in the Callahan realm of Stockton I give anything away odds of sort well you know a week ago and I haven't given anything away. First of all we almost the most people of the people of this -- that title. There's this -- Though yeah it -- I give away he didn't give in nothing yet I'm not yet did you stand up in the meeting and talk or did you sit in the back item on the news you would imagine them on The Big Talker suggests so it helps if you say nothing in the legislation though you're not alone. What you know that's a -- I mean you have the search called. -- but -- about that you thought about doing anything not real dry visible for you to stand up and it's like it is on TTP. That really exactly. The sort of -- What's it like it's going to gamblers anonymous meeting once like -- go there. For story really are -- Well over Iran there and they let me -- -- And now -- gambler then today I just won't listen to these in which is kinda bizarre -- I'd much more inclined to become alcohol and gamble all up like these these symbols of their kids you know whenever the tuition money year mortgage and lose it like kick some oh. I mean it's sad. It just seemed easier to control committee I had a friend whose wife was in labor that's. I don't know Sears -- do not gamble you know my friends Scott from -- -- be happening here I rarely spend anything. -- meals besides Japan useless I saw you don't lie gambling doesn't do I want there would try to take 500 bucks have a great meal -- line -- -- get a massage. That's 500 dollars with a value. Some 500 dollar on the blackjack table. Do commitment to him went -- -- if fox of the cleanup you can do if you know what you can do that if -- clean and sober right. I I don't know I stop with my family walking through my wife walked in from foxwoods and watched it supports this guy. Playing the penny slots a grown man he's like fifty years old. And he's being -- and -- and Franken and -- but right but looks like -- is that things ago -- -- think he's playing penny slots. And which is good if he's got. Maybe got a budget of five bucks to his wife Kim 50 bill death penalty the enjoyment -- -- -- we know. So thrilled and it's. What jackets didn't beat the biggest I have no idea under a quasi potential for a big 15 -- -- some things -- probably sold out once a year. Well once a year or somebody went -- like Kendall yeah pro Agassi Hewitt at Tia and I in Vegas nuptial apartments -- with them. Slots built in the bar. Which impossible in people's out of place slot yet. Will buy a beer for 225 and seven guys three quarters of value we try not to put that in the slots is just decide you don't think they've designed that -- -- exactly -- -- -- -- -- that's a great idea -- -- -- -- Sentence so he didn't stand -- to talk to -- Not don't know -- -- -- that I mean I haven't laughed sometimes you stand up to -- very -- It's -- in the life of the -- And even when you have that show what lesson Elton and go in the Indianapolis no no upstairs brush my teeth. Woody talk about an open telecommuting just talk a boat you know talk about how. Lucky I am to have family in you know I'll I don't want to be the situation where you screwed that up I screw that up. You think you might well but I wanna beat her two young umps though don't you know I'm yes I probably will screw up but you know I hope not yeah. For your bank I'm proud of you now the tackle and a little dean on not worry about it at that point. You know -- -- an anonymous and not a not a -- are not a -- or alcoholics anonymous was east central portion of the blacklist on Sunday night where they had a meeting. Guys went around and talked at the meeting I ask you if you see the ship to ship I am not. You have a bond due to our DVR that you have a DVR. Now it's on demand it is okay yeah that's how obviously watched it will Sunday nights was the creepy -- yet until -- -- -- before blacklist the economy is trying to get -- -- trial on. -- -- to be our next week. -- select city today on the West Coast this week and is there a program that Alex is the KG insult exit. There's -- OK geez here we could send about we have Mark Wahlberg -- -- and LA. Yeah always. Crude up and I thought it was a good interview I thought you -- the guy who filled in for the you know that the Lenore and went the other guy that a good job but we never asked. We only Adam and small -- of hell I think we have five minutes to like nine and then he did give us some extra time and that it was the into the -- we never asked. How they set the coach greening up for the patriots yes because -- -- I believe it was directly Belichick the wall and think well Wahlberg to Belichick when it returned his call they discussed because. Belichick when out of the way out of his way to say how gracious ball right -- what you want some studio guy -- Awesome movie theater guy it was Mark Wahlberg and he did it for the patriots because the Broncos went last week -- this week. I don't final one night it was the Broncos did the same thing with the lone survivor. And one of the Broncos. It which got talked about it fox talked about it -- she hit a reportable fox just. At practice walking over the media and -- talent jokes and one of the reporters said this he's the -- he is indeed the -- Belichick. As he talked about lone survivor and on the team and Jordan all this just volunteered during practice. It. So October 30 who did the Broncos. I did not October 30. It's -- it's that whole -- October 30. They've also Halloween -- think that would not editing. A so they saw before the patriots. I guess -- this is Broncos dot com Broncos thankful lone survivor screening. We'll leave it orders tumble and I don't but the I think. Somebody reported this -- this week last week when that recently very recently. And obviously it is true that John Fox's father was they've sealed. So he had a connection he really loved that he talked about it the media yesterday. While -- -- practicing and it just -- play and I know you know he has heart Belichick doesn't right so this sort of broke though. His quote put the fix they they fixed -- there repaired and that stuff to duke is it's so big and so warm. And hard to go check it almost healed itself check a check so cold hearted. If he -- he -- of his appraised it. That's right well our look at what that actually go on next I wanna say good and -- permit them and in view Belichick believed those showed an excerpt of the until Sunday and then they'll show the whole thing. Belichick cities aged ten years this year league this year cause it's been stressful. Every game down the wire. I think he just that was just to have made up answer I don't think he has I think Belichick. Said this the other day. More than any other coach and high pressure situation. Has just become comfortable with the pressure and doesn't let it get to them. Does it look like he's -- like -- president. He looks to say he looks and -- -- -- the -- he -- he's made his -- he's very comfortable with that life. With -- that life which drives other guys. In Satan in on the age their hearts break pretty -- goes grape -- like Turkey internalize as it well and register went upstairs it was certainty if you had a guest do you think key. Right now is sleeping like an average of good a good night's sleep for coach of what success idea that you think he's getting six hours or not. Public he's got it all down and nobody's comfortable in this game writes that he's comfortable you know -- in this pressure cooker right. That's the only thing else the team might be the same but the challenges of you know find the right person to do the right thing and change from passing dolphins to a to a running offense might be Easter visible -- his fingernails. I don't know it never seen it does have a prior what else to see you know does he does he -- hair out quote Sarah cut himself. They got out itself. It -- the sneaker quick smoke like some talk show host to the little smoke -- area is just as worried about the redundant message. That's definitely a trick is to try to say the same thing. That they've heard a hundred times already this year but it's somehow has a little bit different ring to it that they can buy into -- thinking -- of those. November December January. And you look at your notes and sent that's a good idea I think I can spend -- -- -- -- always this story just worry unnecessarily ones that are heard that story before. That's our that's our he was sound similar with -- Berman he likes certain right and in which pros if he wants to yes he could do it yes you could be engaging he could be informative. I can imagine talent council and haul them kind of -- ten years this season's -- so stressful but he likes Burma he hates Tom Jackson. Also show the deal was keep that got away from -- they sent objects that you would do it. And it's too -- it would be great to have -- -- -- you're here. Dump all over EPO -- tip that would be great they should listen Tom Jackson and yes. They hate their coach it's hold that against them for ever known Tom Jackson dies. And they asked Belichick about -- and no common what do you think the relationship between Belichick and dungy who -- accounts is a great guy nice guys got hearing because he brought up spiking -- mentioned Bob boomer the other day -- -- hold that against boomer 'cause I do yeah. I do now I almost felt like boomer. A boomer was striving for a little balance he knew that coward and -- even the whole panel must -- -- -- more supportive of the patriots across the board the boomer in terms of predicting they're gonna win and being at in admiration of the organization. You know I -- because I think -- you -- down as the greatest coach in NFL history but he also as the storm was caused -- -- I'm going to say a lot of people don't like the. I don't think that was critical from boomer standpoint he what he said was true there are a lot of people. Who think it's a date a mar a blemish on Belichick's record because spy gate is there boomer didn't say I think there's a moral path it did. Moralists the peace often in this smarmy it's absolutely of course -- Rucker are a lot of people who want that to be more mean if if if somebody is -- It's widget is but I mean they wanna glom onto that and try to diminish everything he's not human -- the into the NBA I inclusion hi my game. I grew -- Sounded pretty happy must like those. It's like those it was a -- all those guys in our case you know I don't like our. Luckiest -- well. It was a very upbeat about it that morning but I think you can be the greatest coach ever which I think Belichick it is. And I think sport you can also cities -- you to knock your record and was running they hear someone mention spike I dare you. -- and it was -- do to help you I love I love how and we went over this year. On the and I heard somebody do this yesterday afternoon. -- themselves into a pretzel saying. It can help them win that game open Belichick's not a sneak. A cheater. -- -- -- Right we would take back from France get fired half a million dollars for doing something that didn't jet that is just wrong Belichick is a brilliant man. He would not do so -- -- didn't help right here that would mean he was complicit in wasting time yeah right right wasting time and they like Sammy Sosa corking a bat. And on and off both sides guys corking bats don't doesn't help. But Sammy Sosa's -- you know we didn't he took a chance -- itself and apparently doesn't really help. You -- spy gate fine the whole thing helped. Yeah probably believe it is right province but by no Belichick he would not waste his time doing some that didn't let activism half a percent chance -- Do you think -- are backed hurting the hot water off in the locker room and the heat up in the locker room might have helped Celtics back in the day sure. It's like bill amends and whatever it yet legitimate right he just didn't think you know Mangini would rat him out he thought it was there was honor among the X. And then there was and that was it may edgy regrets it today is day 6177797937. We come back. I'm going to present to you the cliche that has resonated. This week on almost every media. -- platform. You can think of that is driving me -- nuts people who think they're saying. Something enlightened about this game and these participants it is absolutely driving decrees.

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