WEEI>On Demand>>The Patriots are back in a title game, that means the Spygate crowd is soon to follow

The Patriots are back in a title game, that means the Spygate crowd is soon to follow

Jan 15, 2014|

We discuss Bob Kraft's interview with Jackie MacMullen, and some comments from Boomer Esiason over this past weekend and realize one truth... whenever the Patriots are successful, someone will mention Spygate.

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Latest surge from Jackie MacKey is BM boston.com X of the Boston Globe which integrated -- -- -- Robert Kraft is also on what Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio. The play a little bit of that sound but. As pucks over this is history some of the you know. Writes about what you don't know. Know. Some of -- you know you know it. You you know you know that the events. If I love things like this where it. We all remember. 20072011. And we all remember where we were when certain things happen but then you have. One of the principles involved. Given their take on it with the benefit of hindsight. -- looking. Retrospectively in one sense but also -- are calling. What they thought at the moment. I think that's that's always great reading remains so she did that. All over several events with. Bob Kraft and talking about some of the conflicts he had -- -- Bill Parcells wasn't against Parcells -- -- his style of doing business he was dated day. Bob Kraft trying to think long term. It took a low shot functionality that Parcells didn't drive to Jupiter Florida listen to his doo -- music what was it like it that you are yet Parcells loves -- OK so he would do he would drive he really would he would drive. For a few days of Florida can understand listening to his music. And he with thank god don't -- America and -- that way right yet. So that that was the personal sort of Brett Favre before -- was far. In that regard like hey you know what I'm giving you what you need to you need to make plans for how the season's gonna go off I'm your guy. Aren't you you're gonna find out when I find out whether or not. I wanna come back next year on search you wanna make plans -- it's going to hurt our team long term it's about me. It's -- whether or not I wanna come back I never like that I hit it with Favre I don't like it with Parcells I think it's the most obnoxious thing in the world. When you are an important maybe the most important person on your franchise and you won't adjust your loss whether or not wanna comebacks -- -- got and I'll have to tell me are you are not -- got to the end you were not and wide receiver the quarterback of the damn team ranked. Are you coming back or not. -- if you're not. I wanna get somebody else who can play. And if you are that would like to put people around you to help you win are you telling me that what is more important -- whether you win or not is the fact that you get to make the decision you. Arrogant punk I hate. The warrants are Brett Favre -- about how our answer to -- back -- my what we're no excuse me to put ourselves and our I blacked out of all of them come back I got on our Brent effort not -- it was cells are now we're back to -- -- I was listening to either way to do it and -- -- -- -- whatever it -- Ayatollah. Totally with -- now but it's always talking about that and then as I mentioned Jackie. He did talk about -- -- -- I think. That is something that is is gonna come up a lot. It always comes and it comes up. I feel for a variety of reasons. Come out -- comes up out of a genuine ignorance. I think first found it comes up. People are very informed. About what happened in them and they are not happy about it and they don't agree with that may think is the worst thing and talk about people like Peter King. Who knows exactly what happened he's just not buying it in -- offense and still to this day. -- people the ball -- That kind of know what happened but not sure you know Medicare like if you gave them if you set -- if you sit down. And -- -- YouTube video because you don't read an interview I'm going to be a video a three minute video. And you'll explain everything. About spike you you'll know everything you need to know in the three minutes they won't look at it because they much they would much rather. Irritate you Boston sports and went with sports fan because it's the one thing always been the problem is the one thing. That you can do. It's just somebody who lost because nobody's got any ignore it there's a comeback as -- we don't know we thought would admit to OK I'm not above admitting that I do this. Not a great person yes I do this do you get into an argument with somebody you know how to put their but -- the trump card. You say are. What I do. I know what I can do to win Thursday. Get maybe a couple of mavericks ready yet maybe house bar for a -- those are some light jabs like a page maker. I'll use it if I have to ask you how your life that is what that's what's happening you have that would you want to listen -- to do you have done with your -- Art Ross RJR you -- -- what do you -- about spy game to Seattle with the -- everybody has and you know everybody has an end every time you pull it out after death stare at a time it ever tell you you better you feel just like that it. I'm -- I don't do that peppers don't hit with that yet but -- -- that's a sister. What it takes awhile to me but that's what's happening. That's what's happening to patriots fans across country still in most of the time. It's on Twitter. FaceBook blogs. But occasionally like today in Denver December columnists and why is Bill Belichick called a great coach because -- spy -- it or not they're gonna get a lot of views gonna get a lot of clicks and a lot of comments doing your job. Today. Today I was watching. On numbers never lie. Numbers I was on the show yesterday to watch -- today Ryan Clark on the -- Is on that show. Bill Belichick is a great coach. Now. But I'm not sure he was a great coach. With the first couple's intimate cousins by gate and things I hear from guys who say they knew what we were doing except it's on the air two day -- -- -- -- On the -- ignite a familiar here this crap but I said I respect Ryan Clark I do. Perspective I think he's going to be. Good media remember it's only a matter of time maybe sooner that he thinks. On the next year -- going to be valuable member of ESPN and the phone network played quite there yet but he lives -- I respect him -- about the way tellem. -- -- -- And nice jacket because it was fly a -- that's not that was yes he would -- hit some great yesterday today Italians had a little -- percent of what you asked a question. Asked him the particulars. And you ask him what he thinks happened. That what what what did he. What despite -- mean to him. 'cause for some people think note I don't wanna put everybody in the same boat. People know exactly what happened they know the details they know the rules based market and of course I respect that. But more but most people have gotten it all twisted they have confuse the facts. -- -- 500000. Dollar fine to Bill Belichick was -- 250000 dollar fine to the organization was real real. And losing a first round pick is actually losing Logan Mankins -- opportunity to get Logan -- a late first round that was -- real but there -- a lot of innuendo at that time that. Players like Mike Vrabel had a microphone taped to his Jersey and that was picking up signals from. Quarterback than he would they would I guess it would take Omaha they would come back and transcribe what Mike Mike Vrabel is microphone caught or. You don't systems would break down in Foxboro at critical times. That the equipment didn't work and was a that was the patriots on and on and on. That gets mixed in Russia spy -- story in a stand by. And especially and what gets lost is that a lot of other teams had somebody who did something very similar on the patriots taped it that was the illegal advantage that they got mad that they were punished for. But the colts have a guy that they called them the Turk. Who was known for something like forget the guy's name who had some ability he was great at picking up the other team's signs to the sideline with them -- -- tape it. So wasn't illegal. But essentially had the exact same advantage now they can do anything wrong and so they're not being -- you know polish born nor should they be but the advantage patriots got was not any. And that's why. Crafts as I asked bill this is from -- articles which she was quoting on a scale of one to a hundred how much did -- help. And Gil said to craft a one. That was a tough time I was Matta could -- this organization he could rip this organization apart but we got the ruling that Bob Kraft talking about spike. So he talked about that and he also -- -- there -- so many things you know that there's gonna play this or the other guys -- time we're talking about the built our interview. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Power like Belichick here. While but I felt I would you like it did need to keep everything he did rallied against them. And yet there was expecting the year of huge part in in the game of football at your place in the game and it was just touching moment where is hope I get as much I hope by I gave as much back in the game as it's given to me to my family and it's so important to answer was agencies decent described for us and yes I let my outlook but then they go back to that to the studio right all the guys are there -- and -- -- and it was yours arsenal and immediately goes to -- And this is the very first thing boomer says. I grew because I think you you all down as the greatest coach in NFL history but he also as the storm was caused -- -- I'm going to say a lot of people don't like the. Team Clark sports. Why would you bring that up. I look I I. I understand that it is part of the Wikipedia page Michael you're hiring complete agreement on that. But it was just so strange in this very nice piece about bill ballot check which is now how many years after spy -- Six -- years later I mean the patriots have been to two Super Bowls -- by gate plus AFC championship games and their on the way back to another one now they've just on twelve and four with the team the most people thought had been ripped apart. And the very first thing you bring up. -- -- -- Well -- crazy. You know it's that thing though it's a I guess give Boomer -- credit for this because a lot of players don't have this gene. -- in -- they don't have it and that is the other side. So that hole and it's the -- -- the most I guess it's equally the most critical thing that a journalist. Animals. Knowing things that a journalist hat where if you're doing a story about somebody in all year -- it is. Rave reviews. Editors. That puff piece. On the other side. Of body angry. -- get away. Get an adversary. If somebody who says something else so I think Boomer Esiason -- sitting there is there any of these guys say all right great -- them believable -- integrated great history in. -- what a pleasure what an honor watch on the patriot to watch him do his business but personal wedeman. There is -- biking shirts that critical and -- he's pandering to that your audience here and. What he did always you don't want ending new England and not New York because New York Andy would enjoy that you know he wasn't always like there. I mean ZZZ upset that he ZoneAlarm on his radio station. As and also these Obama on his radio I was happy when he was here noble when he was on the station on -- now well. When he was on the station's talk about it tonight. It was all. Praise for Belichick all praise for Brady. He was on the station when spy -- was happening and they -- -- -- Ramon I mean but now the radio here in New Orleans well okay to have -- but that changes point of view. Andy Andy may be right to sup has gone that they -- gets it he's got a he seems like he's got a bigger audience now I would think that that why would that change his point of view. -- Belichick aren't I don't know what changed but. He wasn't always he wasn't like this before regardless it it's why it's our it's hard to believe -- statement which is just a two paragraphs down in Jackie's story where he says spy gate meant nothing look at we've -- look. How we've done maybe it meant nothing to you on the you'll put your right to try to give rallied emit enough I don't believe exactly the -- huge advantage but in terms of the way it's changed the conversation. When it's the first thing brought up after a very nice interview the Belichick does with with tower. Of course it meant something. Many of course it doesn't -- don't check. At some point they say screw you don't wanna keep doing these interviews while come -- do an interview with your station and as soon as it goes back to the studio. The first words out of somebody's mouth yeah Abbott spike okay what are you am I gonna do another matter he doesn't do the interview is still happen this is happening regardless it's gonna happen. Until and so. They can close it. You think that they need to win another Super Bowl and if they win another Super Bowl nobody mentioned it again well well okay the same about you -- it -- they have to but it takes away. Right now. The people mention it have. All of the power in the leverage because they can say that can speak. In definitive. -- -- -- you'll have not had some don't but think that you'll have not won it. It's also -- what you got there you haven't won it and it still it got dummies we know but they can still say it's estimated you win it. They can no longer have that. All knowing all powerful you cannot disagree with me statement appointing an open -- at Kraft and get to the culture. -- after this. Kraft. Talked about the once it got away whose job. And I can understand where he's coming from on a personal was the one really heard. Was when he eleven banks west the -- really hurt was. Not getting that line. The. -- Did you put that parenthetically on this story like Jackie you have what it -- use when you're that when the authors making their own content happening right. Ed note we could benefit other note at a mango as threats left up. Back to our schedule program now but he said it really hurt them because they had the initials and NHK. On the uniform that was what that was from my teams where her. Initials and I really wanted that one can document in what he says that one stung them. For me there's 2007. Because. We're not having this conversation in this way. If they win in 2007. As the year despite it happened you are able to go undefeated. Even if you went by -- Even if it it's a tie and then you have the court to determine the winner after playing seven additional quarters or whatever it is. You've still won you still wins nineteen you know and you can quiet the noise. But the noise has grown. Because right -- And that's why this year so -- -- we talking about how how important Sunday's game is for Brady Manning's legacy we spent four hours on yesterday and I think it's enormous I mean I told you over and over again if you weren't with -- at all yesterday. I think that much is riding on this game Brady wins it -- Manning and went to another Super Bowl. At debates nearly over it's almost done it's basically at this point Brady at port one. And he's beat them three out of four times in the playoffs all on the route to a to Super -- game over -- Manning does something incredible from here on out. And the other side of -- -- -- Manning wins this -- it's all tied up you can tell you want but the -- the argument for Brady is always post season over regular season right. And it -- like their record between each other in the post season will be tied. And Brady will have three Super Bowls and Manning have to that's pretty damn close. And maybe give Brady a little wedge maybe give it a little alleged I want suitable all right but Manning also -- and I MVP season and all the records I mean it looked it'll be pretty damn close to even. If Manning wins this game on Sunday -- here is that likely bring -- back that developed Jack yeah. A lot right not for him -- it's -- Manning's legacy is on the line this weekend especially in three weeks. How -- Bill Belichick and the patriots organization and you're right if you do -- -- win another Super Bowl especially with this team -- not supposed to do that. While you got another huge huge thing to say back to the people's -- but while may be booed every can't say anymore. We wanna say yeah but how about this -- about one another super won't went to two more after spiking to 61777979837. -- is -- attacked him. I don't know about Osama. I know where would activate the most well every time they talk about spiky Belichick's. We we all acknowledged that -- dumb thing where when it was going on it was common practice throughout the league other coaches come out. You know it yet but we do and obviously there that you all not that light on -- -- bring it up now share eat meat. Because what was the difference. Between all four spiky thing and now the Denver Broncos -- -- Cole and in the debacle that would be the patriot and the next -- coal. You know what you know your answer to that tag you're not a -- you don't know the answer one is -- once again right right that's why. In earlier I can't got you know the difference one is legal ones. To -- -- -- measure did you have a bit of many of these arguments with I can tell with jets fans. Would giants fans would threats from other teams you've been these arguments in the and they get you riled up because I can tell you're emotional. We didn't emotionally and -- and you try to combat what logic in this camp and go back in Natick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm not saying he. Google absolutely but they are on it like it that you are and talks and that's why we weren't when we got a -- you know when he sent it out there I didn't like it. They are -- director of the thickness operative but spider are just a tease the other voice for the -- gay guy or is it is different when it's The New Yorker who's given teams. Badly hurt Pittsburgh's bye gay -- -- -- -- blue. Group leader. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Secondhand. OK second chance where I love it. You get the second hand yes out rose. No telling how cool it is but somebody elsewhere that before you -- maybe multiple people warn you though it warned that prostitute and maximum some of the -- I'm not I'm not Richard right now. -- bleach that thing oh really. Typically people -- -- -- Policy can sterilize got to a second -- store. To go what's he got to second -- store he needs for Halloween where for one night that you set a -- for your clothes. There's a there's a great -- -- Lozada. There's a great and in New Bedford called -- unbelievable so we're there. God has a great job and we had a conversation about who actually on the threat. A little bit about you do in the door you voice against -- -- Mike is in his car he's been hanging around while I might. Sure. Almighty god. And I don't look at that actually -- and -- -- -- be a miracle. You know I -- about. How to -- right now and that -- -- -- -- Talk about the legacy. Report Gloria I think what would like. Israel. -- War room. And only one. And -- -- -- published article. Information strategy. And be a little you know and like you were out. To escalate just. Well. Done. That in part -- and -- And he acute and -- and restoring it. By these people are using your passion against proposals when I -- huge -- and that's why it's not what next targeted to one of these. Conversations. Either online or at a bar BQ did you Mike did you go to the other end of the bargain. It is to walk away what did you do that there's no can't can't can't win with these people into it and actually awarded. -- -- -- -- already introduced at the time like the Super Bowl logic. And -- didn't want to eat a lot of those guys. Out. I don't bring order check even play the Super Bowl. What -- -- -- -- thing Mike is they're using a grownup version and -- and and and and and it's -- like you think they don't want. You have a wife tell my. Thought I might be married will you. Are you married right. Are you married yeah I just -- -- -- -- -- -- fight with your wife about something in your wife pulls this out like you're fighting about something completely different she's like. -- -- -- -- -- I didn't lose your mind on -- don't bring that up like she's got the trump on you know there's nothing you can do at some point your -- just like Mike. By yet -- -- need to do this area. -- -- -- its stock he's supposed to do. Are 6177797. Had a product that. Don't tell you what your wife -- the right now you're screwed ultimately be right back. -- Mr. -- that is responses to not deal with the issues are raised. Everywhere and it gives a reason for destroying dictates not to have them available for competitive threat to somebody else -- absolutely. There -- at all. And there are locked and he -- NFL and yeah I don't know -- to -- the level of the destruction. They are a traditional course Donald -- -- But not. -- Brenda. She. -- Project -- -- article today NE SP -- dot com. Quote from Robert Kraft. Has -- scale of one to wonder how much did it help and he told me one. I was tough time I was mad. -- -- this organization apart but we got the -- Does a moment later spike it meant nothing look at we've done with the best record in the league since then we've been to the suitable twice since then and yet. Order Robert craft Beers from the people to Newton in those people in his box who probably do what's. -- For trump would on his buddy's new Yorker. Well you know Robert print up something. Trump report jets giants. Everybody nobody put -- -- -- a maybe. New Jersey generals on with the team. Yours is mostly it -- Not enough this subprime or giant legacy of -- -- -- Nothing is more jets and the New York Jets these bastards that. Real -- -- get drafted the even the Mets have more follow budgets Kuznetsov queens that are right. What what would reject them what would the jets at the same thing consider evidence that at least better play out it's -- -- that -- either but don't anymore. China but they don't anymore -- for all populated. In the -- you think young people even know that the jets used to playing queen's. I don't even know shift your candy -- they know that. -- -- It's funny giants fans looked Domino's agents -- this shouldn't. Of course -- -- every day. Or you can go real effect on real organization vs the joke or -- -- just have one couple -- -- the jets de LA scores in the country -- user review. I. -- -- hockey team's bowl. And but I guess they do technically to basket that it is though 61777979837. And he's in Worcester within a question right Nokia knows the answer to our idea. I know the answer well there you haven't even yet and you know the indoor grown quite -- asked the question. Or as or as there's been I don't know -- you go back -- Burke and Burke is key and she no matter how you cut to act the first thing about seeing what they did is they -- integrity. Integrity -- -- -- that. That happened. You don't three relief but. How long would you do that got or he's a great coach one of the only in game. Gradient -- a marvelous. You can't look these guys reverend date for the same thing and that is come -- Are your closer it gets spent but I know greatness like he and Brady Belichick at great. If you don't greatness right. You know grade is when -- he would want to root for the giants like I quite tailored for the jets all these rumors. I would say what my name miracle came back like 35. Yeah its billion -- net left Brooklyn and -- over the jets played before they played in majors. They've played including our. We just sad that so yes I -- so you did you know before that question did you know before that. I had an idea that occurred at the thing but it wasn't so that's I don't need that's trivia question out yet. But nobody could OK you don't voted against them ought to put Danny to hold it against them until. That when another Super Bowl but -- back to your point go back to your point of ruining the integrity of the league you really believe that. Now ruining I would say they re routing -- -- but it still breeze. Stella there's still -- -- you can't -- and not make our. Fortunate that I -- you know I agree with that I think I agree that they did they breach the integrity of the league they went too far that's why they were punished for I don't think it's the biggest deal in the world I think they were probably. I think the punishment was probably more than it needed you'd think I do I do but I but I also think that they deserve some level punishment they were told multiple times the stop doing it they continue to do it. And then I got caught doing it. I mean you're going to be punishment but my wife asked me quite a toll that's my wife or my phone. And -- and I wonder why that why is it just the personality Archie says to me you want -- to -- -- -- here you certainly. Can't say I mean the middle of the game last Saturday to watch in the saints and and sea -- -- that the people. Speak disparagingly and is angrily about Sean Payton as they do about Bill Belichick. I was fine. -- -- money and and suspended for a year suspended for a year Belichick was not suspended right. Nor was he was suspended four year. Suspended for a year and essentially did the same thing in terms of I told you not to do it and you kept doing it you do if I delete. What he did in in according some people -- worse according to other people is not a bad but it's interesting the Belichick crucified for year after year. And -- I haven't heard a damn thing about it. Have you. And any well you know anybody criticizes John Payton -- thinking about it was not thinking about it going into. -- playoff in Seattle and you -- I mean if -- Seattle especially when they look like they were targeting per our. Let it out Seattle. The first thing that crosses your pocket you're not if you're thinking that way to -- -- people -- brand worth thinking millennium in my Twitter feeds those a lot of people in Seattle on all -- dirt are all over it like Audi car Audi. It sure looked that way. And and I wonder look at them like I'm doing too. When sports are especially if I wonder -- that's the -- there especially after the reaction. You see and accurately accused named David who had a hit with those sideline. Kidnapped boys there on the farm and would that accomplish right that is the F soap opera I think part first it was nasty. Part of it is personality. And accessibility. I know this for a fact you know two. If you are a member of the media. Generally when somebody makes your job easier. You like them. If somebody is talkative if somebody. Even if there or if not just talk. If they entertain you in some way. They get a pass. It's a flaw in the media shore does that mean certain members of the media are lazy because they like people make their job easier yes right again. That's the reality I think that's part of it here he is much more media friendly he's much more inflexible -- paid the Bill Belichick left part. It's a huge part Alyeska and they also don't have a track record of course your brand -- what happens if he comes close again Ryan what if they'd beaten Seattle and and beat the GB. Niners and then you had two weeks and that's the nothing else to talk about not only that they -- And left some bodies littering my throat I just nursing art cards are you go out and then they they they play. They play San Francisco and -- and they take out Capra and you have to take -- Frank Gore to her and also hold on us again you're back in the Super Bowl game great coach but. Are you allowed to be doing this the way your doughnuts excellent 777979837. -- he is old Chicago what's up OT. Tea. Wants later according to -- political party you know I don't -- or somebody of the opposing party whatever it is. Agrees with me -- they're gonna you know they're gonna be mad tell me how much they can't stand -- or whatever that I believe one thank. Why talk to these people these different by gay people who very likeable individual. Like. The -- so all of them get up like Boomer Esiason doesn't -- your control problems on the bottom long time. And I just I'd say that's ridiculous -- -- -- -- -- on I don't need him to believe. In Bill Belichick media like Hussein is very insecure but not your guy you guys seem very secure. -- -- -- -- -- -- But let's not let me talk about and that's how do you enter your connector and a slot and a letter. Easy to be okay we're gonna yell you're wearing a mister rogers' sweater that you got secondhand. I mean you're not here. He -- two million. As bright. Maybe but maybe -- -- -- sweater and saying look at me crave attention I don't know I don't staples people who the regular you know. -- Do you borrowers took. Out but it is still self respecting -- I was there I respect your name. Check mark and I think what doctor's office. Matter whenever it's dark scenes like this for me. If they get their fifteen minutes early please arrive fifteen minutes early and do it. Still waiting an extra twenty point partners get that little clip board at their -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And 45 minutes at what point is it's exceptionally leave if you leave the doctor's office this conflict conflict like you broke it you pointed to something I was really close to doing something wrong -- so close looks at how. Keeping your power and you sit there and think about to do it but of course you are and -- you -- -- to the doctor's office you have that. The paperwork and they had experiences that you expect from you yes you don't. You hit it seems like it's like really bad things are -- just like diabetes obviously really emotionally she's emotional things -- -- -- about the at a different kind of doctor and I'll get. -- it was at the DSM 5% over the gives you personality test. I don't think that's the kind of doctor ago it happened that are out -- doctor at the school for their doctor so excellent that their bills have a 979837. -- College WEEI. A lot of the a lot of things that don't know preparation for game. It's a mosaic and and there are. Hundreds of things and in our case and sometimes signals are involved sometimes or not. But let me go back to the specific things at once said he said that it was arrogant abuse. To say that you had misinterpreted. NFL rules. Well my interpretation of the rules came from the constitution and bylaws and in not that it's a paragraph fourteen there the constitution and bylaws states. I'm very clearly that you cannot use any type of videotape in device or anything like that. From the start of the game to the conclusion that. -- -- that was never done that was never we never ever used any of videotaping in any way during the course of any game. -- -- -- that and one party says okay you're right and then I know there's a lot of people and especially the Belichick haters -- Janeiro and it sounds so easily and our right. -- just felt like oh you're so splitting hairs. We did this -- -- as -- -- -- on you were trying to get away with an engine. Part of me that believes that ultimately I don't like it had a huge effect I think Belichick did something wrong and if you're wondering why would bring it up today this week is really about legacies right. And for bella check this'll be more you win a Super Bowl and just beating Peyton Manning I mean -- the Brady Manning thing is on the line this week and end and then it'll be. Magnified. With the Super Bowl win for one of those two guys -- few weeks later but for ballot check it's still getting that one more Super Bowl win. Post spy gate to shove it everybody's -- and just say enough. And off the -- everybody bringing this op I would bring it out or and I won a third after that stop talking about it. We bring it up today also because of Jackie McFarland column on ESPN Boston recommend you read it if you haven't done so already. Has a long interview long sit down with Bob Kraft -- over a number of things including spy gate. And craft the talking about 2007 when all of this could've been -- that never gone away but become more of a footnote that a headline -- it kind of he's talking about that -- talk about that game so they lose the giants. And Kraft says it hurt so bad I'm into history and legacy. You know we won that one we would have accomplished something that I think would be almost impossible to happen again but for some reason. It wasn't meant to be so you talk about spy gate. And an on on one track -- the -- is just the games themselves that -- they've had the big games. In the missed opportunities there's a lot of great moments we all know by heart. What you always think about it you know what it Wes Welker catches a pass yeah yeah I can't think he's the owner of the team that in this way. You know this from talking to professional athletes. Professional coaches. Their memories. Are incredible for those different things that you have. You kind of forgotten but don't forgot the bottom but. The details the small detail he's got -- managers are -- -- McConnell are kind of Fuzzy no frills guy it was a 22 -- he -- -- cut fastball appears in the years later. I was telling someone yesterday I was it was Broussard throwing Chris Broussard in the and Bristol. Big NBA fan obviously. Some of that that's how red. I read our back you could talk to him about. All the championships. And he was a part of the teams we've put together. In he would do this in bill Russell's bill does this well 58. And we won that first one we're back and it Russell got hurt. While we should have that -- while eleven of thirteen have been twelfth. Should happen. They give and go back to -- no we help we had an opportunity to win this game. And that's what Bob Kraft is doing right now and ended with the story 2007. All the details thought they Samuel. Interception goes to his hands on stuff it's interesting to me. Just as an aside and it's on to play the Sante as a cornerback. Also quarterback. Who did not make a catch. Everyone thinks this aren't they should've made. There's no debate on its not all of topics have you should have that should have that degree pivot to corner. And in the old line about the that the players that the -- catch they would be on defense. Wes Welker is a wide receiver. Had two hits and yet there are people still a long break each and -- the receiver. You're debating whether receiver -- could have caught it or maybe it's on the quarterback but you're all over Asante Samuel. They have handed corner where he was early release are two pretty good but I ham handed corner. Misses it and you think -- to certainty. Go to Rhode Island talked to done up -- Douglas -- What about it. Yeah until that year that it became illegal. Two out on the other team what an illegal to do that part of that year. What -- it was it legal or was it not you legal. Right Bradley did I I don't know there was I don't know that there's anything in the rule specifically said. You got -- video I think it's just that it came down you're no longer constitute that's what I hear it would allow no -- Well yes and they'd never addressed and I had to cut as so if it's like any right to be wrong about that is according to a bill says and that and that. And that piece it makes it sound as if you were allowed to do some level of well. Because. There have been some it looked into the -- and just come out of nowhere. They had teams had complained to their guards -- depressed until he's doing that he's doing that and Mangini and Belichick had. Accused each other of doing things that they they that was already on the record so. The league then put out this statement okay we're tired tired of hearing it. You know the vikings are accused an alliance of doing this the Packers are the Packers are accusing. The jaguars are doing this. So we're gonna put something out bright and that's why -- that's when it but kind of clear -- is in the car I don't. -- -- Greg I got my bike comment on despite its situation -- spiking pepper white one you almost form. Didn't help Vinatieri kicked field goals. And -- -- like that. But they were -- In the heart. And asterisk by -- Now would it cost -- to catch and pat your alma. It -- -- -- whole argument that way and there were a bad answer Welker dropped that actually can catch. But it forced by your perfect that the playoffs in the past around your perfect. At first by the -- you're up 500 may be -- soccer team here that we beat some validity of the fact that it did -- -- that. Except except what you say that it didn't actually happen. Before spy gate they had lost playoff games. F five turnovers in the game in Denver. They are they they lost her date they had the they blew up against the of the colts erupt when he went six -- in the post. Most playoff games before. Let them and -- if they are they wanna Super Bowl and. Now I'm not tired after a wreck wreck we're we're on the same page I wanna know are obviously anger in all five they lost the playoff game in 06 they lost the playoff game in to the colts. You know seven would spy gate came out they didn't lose. Until they did lose to correct that it's. All a matter -- it did it has gone with your logic go over your theory in 2007 once they're caught -- they're exposed. In the whole house. Cards both default out. But it was just the opposite that's what makes -- so tragic from their perspective that they can have just said. -- They -- just -- everybody the bird which is the lesser version of doing it. By winning the Super Bowl going nineteen -- now obligated now what you got it's almost did it but they could almost. 44 coming up in just a moment a lot of other stories besides just the patriots -- a lot of AFC championship game -- Right after that talk and I'll stick around WE yeah.

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