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Boston columnist trolls Patriots fans, cries for attention, we give it to him

Jan 15, 2014|

Click on me! I'm Dan Shaughnessy! Another tactic to bring up clicks works again, as Dan picks against the Patriots in a blatant attempt to rile up the fandom. And we buy right in.

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-- one -- closer to Sunday night. In Denver salt and -- here in WEEI WEEI. Dot com as well August Sunday afternoon into Sunday night. People start to make their decisions. It's Wednesday -- -- the week it's time to start figured out who's gonna win this contest. And I thought today. So hard. It's Wednesday -- -- Getting closer one -- closer to start to feel a little bit if Phillips. You feel that energy. Don't feel an idea of their items that tomorrow spot. I -- deal thinking about everything just clearing that day. Make sure everything is is is in order -- I did yesterday -- -- birthday party on Sunday. Not early this is why this is why the parents. Are the best parents. In preschool this particular kid's parents the best parents of preschool you know what time this kid's party is the sport is a quote from the two games start. 3 o'clock three and 66. Time this four year old party -- -- on Sunday eleven. -- Tenneco. -- -- Well apparent. Wake up go to a party hour and a half or four year old Elaine thanks for comment. Some nice parting gift for the Gator -- by law that should take that might want to take. It to Maryland they put a -- -- in the brunch for Avery last week had a jukebox eight has stumbled along the way to deal with Greg you very much early early early prepare us. Her parents speculative speculative gore had this moment -- missed must be some parents at their one stance Avery just turns to write that last week and so were we're gonna start this whole. The potty training thing. House -- -- -- absolutely but did you know her girl -- the -- that got been it's been chosen as something to do with the you know kids run around the house in. Diaper stuff you're -- watch him for awhile there. And oh start this on. Not you know we're not just start writing it takes a week right of the week -- really attached. Friday that you'll be home Saturday and sent that are probable total -- -- hole or -- out of -- -- not available not available Sunday is not a day were I'm staring at Avery looking for signs GT PS is not how this is gonna go. On Sunday there are certain rules regulates. Post is because it's your job no. I mean it is but also know also this is going to be one of the greatest weekends of football that we -- from public pays too freaking game even if the game and staring at my. Yea she's gonna don't live up to the hype and sometimes they don't -- to we know that their blowouts and in championship games or not game you expected. It's still the anticipation. Wore the NFL's final four is better than that hole final four Saturday. It's it's better. It it's only the only it's only number two. In my opinion it's only number two to the bowl itself and sometimes. It's better than. Super ball in some ways this could mean these two rivalry games and that's what makes this -- a special. For me as is not just to interest in teams to but the individual quarterback rivalries that are on -- best fourteen to football they really are got the best fourteen. You know Dan. Dan -- John Henry can't make -- here that. I got the best fourteen rebels but this is about because I wanna get to this and they're good team -- all of her maiden is a great way of looking because I'm trying to figure out. There's only so many reasons why against -- he would write some of the things he writes right are -- looking at today's our problems are patriots fans. Not gonna win. Don't have it they can't beat Denver. And I got some choice some choice lines from this some of which make absolutely no sense but my first thing I'm worried about -- -- This is not him. This is not the Dan Shaughnessy that I have been reading most of my life this guy Henry this guy is like a jumbled up in his brain not sure trying to -- different people and stop this -- bothers and -- the first paragraph of the story. The Broncos gonna be the Richardson on others and jobs. Vintage shots right now certainly -- heard of John Henry maybe once the patriots the outlook is good to help out his team on whatever. The patriots are -- the -- brokers are gonna beat the patriots Sunday sorry that's just the way C. Are rooting for the Broncos on the -- to satanic worship these did not kill my whole family. I'm often wrong remember the 2013 Red Sox destined for last place and hopefully for New England fans I will be wrong again. Guys have her back pocket so sorry talking about. Dan Shaughnessy biscuit you know it has its Canadians on the story. Sorry sorry. Sorry no I just I respect their organization. But I I don't think they're gonna win credit already does respect their organization or the French guys here as I read through more of enemies some of the quotes. Really absurd this is where competition and talent overwhelmed next man up. Bill Belichick's all knowing powers the mystique of Tom Brady OK combine those two things cracked a joke about those two. And Bob -- control of CBS and all NFL committee expect apple. Just the patriots are winning because -- crowd the crowd -- it is that what you're saying while is that is that honestly what the insinuation this year. John Henry's hand maiden indeed. Is that really the insinuation. He's got CBS he's got CBS bottom you know by the you know what he's got a maybe that's it. This is where competition in what talent overwhelmed next man up Belichick's all -- powers the mystique of Tom Brady and Bob -- can. Lol okay EPS and all and at one -- got -- -- us stop it right there. I want. The man I want Bob Hope or on the scene one of the report of Foxborough immediately. Go into those back rooms of the CBS -- something is going on there the street favorite its storefront. For an illegal Arctic -- operation took storefront. It's not really it's not really a restaurant there's -- job polar find the real story. -- one of those Chinese restaurant you go into that never ever ever has any customers but it's been there for 25 or 50 years of South Pacific which isn't -- for for a hundred years ago and now just recently closed I was like what yesterday -- years ago and now it -- -- -- are still I don't know when it's close. That's not that's not realize my parents went on dates -- like if the years ago that place has been there. Four ever I went in there all the time never -- soul. In that place maybe like two people schedule -- -- -- at the bar when I was going on and that's going on borrower and his or is that what this is the CBS scene notably he's been there. I've never been there -- can be eaten there I have insure that they real -- what I just for tax Bruntlett and that I've eaten there. Whenever you know when -- up to go to the bathroom like five due to -- okay. Grander -- if I got a they're probably -- -- it's like they are not article at a restaurant Michael Corleone egos to kill them at the captain in the -- and it exactly I don't I don't not gonna go to Batman I'm gonna get thank you. -- food okay hit perfect. -- -- I appreciate you find your tax receipts in the back -- let me pay you extra is that really the insinuation the Bob -- control of CBS in the NFL has led to the patriots success over the years. It's funny that that's the argument went patriots fans continue to say that it's Jimmer same Bill Polian and what was done to attend helped that colts. With the changes to the rules and that awesome pop -- this is great this is the same patriots team that that is punished but from what's it mean. This is that the argument. That the patriots and Bob Kraft to fix the leak. I'm surprised by now. I'm surprised by the suggestion that we're joined other outcome in opera I'm surprised by the suggestion that anyone of the four teams. Remaining in the playoffs right now -- of fraud and more specifically the -- the NFC out of it. Until. In the Super Bowl rolls around but these two teams. Otherwise these teams is a fraud are they dominant teams not one on the dominant group but the good they're very good and I just don't understand. This. It's holes just dumb in Belichick is doing it with smoke and mirrors right now they have had amazing. It's just mind boggling injuries. This year. On I'm talking about profit but just focus on defects entry to the defense where you lose Wilfork Kelly Mayo a few. Well -- -- remaining. -- if you don't know if if you know a little a little something might not a lot to belittle something. About football. You look at who they have left on defense. And you know they got a good defense they still have good play well immediately. Rephrase that they have good players on defense that. He's writing that there are no name defense. Hammered jolt of the first round pick. Doctor hightower was a first round pick Deborah McCord I would think first round pick Aqib Talib made the pro ball in the forty got to know when he would take. First round -- Jamie Collins -- -- second round pick. They're nodding known names like there's -- second round -- -- when talking about. Coming out okay how many. Any known guys. The Denver Broncos haven't defense. Know the Broncos have a defense Champ Bailey who is now their third quarterback just got back. They make three members of the broncos' defense behind -- I don't know are -- playing against Al does do now. Against the Broncos defense right yeah the problem -- was great now. I difference added it -- it's a Levy view of this patriot as sincere call them known him ever really -- -- Yeah lazy it's saying this isn't Tedy Bruschi Ted Johnson. And and and and Vince Wilfork so it it's a no -- Logan Ryan over the course of the -- was not known name anymore -- it was -- now I -- Ryan had really good season. Her second or third quarterback depending on what's going on and in. It is. A surprise at all it's a football story there's not a team left in football. That you go to the 49ers the Seahawks the Broncos in the patriots. They all have the same story. Not even looking at the roster right now and I can -- curious you go to any of those did you go to any of those defense and guarantee you that this is the story of the defense. I've got a handful of first round picks -- -- yes. You -- real you guys who work guys who weren't who were projected to be first that impact players and impact players but I have a first round picks. We got some guys who were viewed as blobs elsewhere. They've got some fifth and sixth rounder who surprised people and and they got a street creator to. Every defense slept in the playoffs I guarantee you -- haven't even looked at their roster I guarantee you. You look at their differences that distort outside of Richard Sherman do you think Dan can name another member of the Seahawks defense yet who. Earl Thomas -- outside of those two can name a third member knows preserve think so why can't get suspended. I mean other than that you think there's any other reason he would know preserves our -- very good. I mean look at last year okay eight or -- -- -- nice have nice flourish and nice low flat he's OK he's probably their fourth best pass rusher. I mean honestly mean it didn't really know your people and ultimately to -- and then you think you know if Dan doesn't know those on the Patriots defense -- supposed to know clip paperless. I don't know man I don't know that I buy that and the more you look through this. I just confused by some of the suggestions made. Sorry you don't automatically get to go to the Super Bowl because you think you're smarter than everybody else I'll Castro said -- did hey you know we get to noticeable progress martyr. They may be smarter than everyone else and certainly they they they believe in their system but is there. A destiny to manifest destiny there. -- -- -- seems -- the president -- that are much less than that but that's a tough but then he got up to my opponent is after the fans that's for the fans that's for the fans that he's heard from. And in -- he's tired of hearing and and a lot of people are tired of hearing about. -- the patriots in their Smart. And and you know Bill Belichick is Smart knows that that -- people just partner OK so then then explain this to me if the patriots are thirteen if it can't make some admissions the route as saying. -- are actually pretty good team that got the thirteen and four they might win they've built a career on being out in overcoming those doubts maybe that'll happen again I mean does he does provide the other side of this one. But explain to me if there are no name team. And they're having a lot of success. Are having success because of the system and because of the smarts. We can't have it both ways you can't tell me all well there's nobody good on this team but they keep winning and tell me that. We can't just win because you're Smart. -- and he's got to be one of these two -- right. I guess his response would be well you can win for awhile but eventually the rubber hits what I -- I've got that I think that's the point what is -- this -- one game. If you take away the -- you take away the apology right that's the best and essentially the point it's been a fun ride but now. They're gonna they're gonna get what's coming to them because they don't have enough that this is like it right this is this is a this is that this is a fantasy and now. It's about the end because they don't have the players -- the Broncos do now if you look at the Broncos offers a -- before -- absolutely if you -- give you breaking down. Patriots offense vs Broncos offense to -- you have to give the -- part of the broncos' offense. They've scored ten more jobs per game than the patriots. Peyton Manning has had an Al record setting season they've got more weapons -- the patriots -- -- there's no question the Broncos have a better. Offense in the patriot. Of the for the rest again and everything else how about everything else. So if you wanna go with the story. In this is what at a postal popular because the stories are easy -- glom onto. There's a story here Tom Brady and and and what did everything that Tom Brady represented and if Peyton Manning and everything that he represented. And these guys there they get they get tremendous exposure. Other household names so now if you -- matchups. Story -- story Brady vs Manning being Manning is more impressive than Brady you can say the Broncos are much more impressive than the patriot. But just the tip -- used to have a guy get into nitty -- don't you work for the globe for 110 years count ten jurors are sent to the Boston's fifth ten years without access great car without time spent -- your relationships for their do you have access to like easy act crystal globe article I'll be sure you think they don't know exact idea. -- -- Did you just call like a researcher their summit that it is look online to -- this exacts an article in a three and 04. -- -- A good system isn't gonna beat this Peyton Manning led offense and Indianapolis. And AMA complaint here in cold weather in New England but Almonte. Look -- -- points they put up do you really think. Tom Brady is dink and dunk offense and Corey Dylan run in the ball was gonna be enough to beat his Indianapolis team. You think he wrote this exact article before the Pittsburgh AFC championship game in 2001. Can I just assumed that this article has been done before by him five or six times yet -- throw up that mean maybe there's some some edits to it the tomato cans -- new. But but this is the same article -- what they did some good things it was Q what they did this Q. This cute being Smart have a good system -- embraced Q these young it's cool but I am I I got a real man Peyton Manning. This is why though Tennessee Titans. This as far as Steelers by the Boston Globe prism a lot of money as we're talking about it again well that not not just that. But the ability to. Save some thing. They may infuriate those who think that this is going to be competitive game -- you know real. You know real dedicated patriots fans may be upset by it but he's able attitude he struck on something. That a lot of people I believe our -- kind of thinking about. They're kind of forget about it like whoa wait a minute what if what if this has been all an allusion. Maybe they're not as good as the Broncos. Maybe he's right maybe they will get blown out and so. That's why it's and that's why that that's what he's paid to do it to have to come up with things that get your attention that that startle you a bit and you don't it make you talk it's -- great. It's a great point you make and if that's the what he's getting at -- that's also good point combatant that we throughout the -- mind -- 61777979837. Some of -- maybe even many of you agree with that. Many of you agree with the idea that this patriots team is played so far above their head that eventually decade come crashing back down to earth that eventually the Denver is just so good the offense is so good and you know what they get down 21 points -- of Denver scores on the first three drives that may very well be the case off -- -- to come back from that second time. In in in Denver with the way their team is set up now outcrop -- I don't know they're capable of doing that against -- happen. We said yesterday and if it does this kind of put your hands up and say you know what they played above their head all year so be yet you know what it -- weren't as good -- but Michael. It -- crap around it that I think. Takes away from what you're making a very good point. The head coach of the Broncos is a nice guy John Fox who looks like Grady Little good point by doesn't -- greatly with a Federer. The man Belichick beat the -- won't seasonal four he's prone to panic. If this game were being played in Foxboro we could count on the head coach of the Broncos losing his mind he would who went. John Fox production and talk to -- -- now would not based on what caused kicker kicking the ball out of our right. Hey we're really in your particular targeted -- I've started to get out of -- to put pressure on the go look it is John Fox pay him a dollar is not I've never thought that about now. You know he's he's not he's not a panic stricken. While we're -- Yeah that's he think that because he looks like Grady Little he would act like Grady Little. Maybe -- try to figure out maybe somebody else knows the story. That I don't know I mean maybe there's some part of John Fox's history but -- am not aware but when did John Fox become a panicked -- -- don't all the things that that we talked about this game. And we should know this from from watching playoffs in many playoff games over the years. All the all the pregame analysis usually doesn't come past. Are we talk about it this is getting the patriots have to worry about this in the game they have right up that's up that. And in the game plays out and you look back and that I didn't see that coming. And we talked on and on. About the Indianapolis Colts in controlling Andrew Luck and it's going to be a high scoring game high scoring game that the patriots scored forty plus. And all the Garret blunt rushed for four touchdowns. Nobody saw the patriot being able to dominate the game like that. On the ground. I think that -- say this about about the Denver proportional -- a tea after our tell me just a minute and -- get it your calls as well we'll John Fox panic. You think John Fox can at some knows the story please text it to. 379837. I'd be curious I've never heard of them panic in Michael finished point the second and you call -- Emilia. I wanna pursue different game I don't know about different things we're two different game and I think the match ups. We get some players that our plans -- and plan that -- and so that so. You know we'll just have to -- all plays out but the guys we have. You know what we have we're -- and do our best. Period ago -- match up with them then -- there -- some new faces and there's also. We'll just have to see all them polls. It's just like any time any place in toys. Thank you. You look at what happened you know you got to raise the board installer. Are you guys know that voice Bill Belichick are about AFC championship game in the matchups you're most talked about the matchup doesn't it. All a game of matchups now saying before the brakes all that. Sometimes a game doesn't play out. The way you expect. Spent all week analyzing in an Indian being fearful of certain things are looking forward to certain things. This time it's us. Outside of outside of the game guys who didn't play pro football we're looking at went thing. You know wanting it to stand up to me. McCain can't get past. Tedy Bruschi. In a column we refer to -- time gesture on ESPN Boston. Wasn't what he said about the -- Thomas got my attention was Decker was Payton wasn't Wes Welker -- Thomas. One thing I did. Not exaggerating with this those you know a pathetic I am. Most looked like at 12:31 o'clock this morning could -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the offensive line the Broncos offensive line any. If he could have written. They got their asses kicked the patriots lead the entire game he -- but it was very clear from reading it I can almost hear Teddy talking about it. -- the entire game the Broncos controlled the line of scrimmage so you know whether Dan Shaughnessy -- talk about. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning or atonement to merit Thomas or who's Aqib -- remember. If that happens again yep he's right they will. That's an investing game. It is interest that is -- their defense of one does not look the same as it did when they played the Broncos a couple months ago right. Selling his gun in there and and it's kind of stabilize things not that I think he's a world beater. But there they're using the long and Jones more as guys who kind of rotate through. -- -- this kind of become that guy in the middle and I didn't think he was here at that point. Right they just traded for the other -- -- blog they are using Jones and and and a lot of almost exclusively. So that defensive line does looked for not doesn't mean they fare any better. I don't know I don't know whether it'll be better against Denver this time around. -- in particular point in another appointee pain and this is a threat he studies and you know based on what he sees. There is nothing. Basically they've got to have those guys gonna have to have the game of their lives there's nothing -- can really do for help. And he related the story of 2006. When he was told by his coaches look you guys are gonna it's going to be a six man box we can't afford to drop down have somebody help you because we got our problems yeah. -- with -- -- figured out a way got to figure it out 61777979837. Johnson is truck country. Irate know what I -- are not gonna lose -- -- 95 here and I'm going to be -- a dead spot and a couple wild little click -- my way to chorus. -- -- by the patriots record where they're really an illusion local you know what I've achieved what we looking. I mean don't -- to gain away from being in the that's all T. In the NFL to gain and we still don't know -- -- Apart in the they are the patriots are called chi. Eric good team that can figure it out daycare on the all I gotta pass the ball at a problem pat since there are on the ball or economic -- up. They're not an illusion they are good he's going to be competitive game. Yeah I might lose but you know it cannot get blown out there and not get blown out these guys just too good and got to watch -- -- Coaching here. I just think the parent of one actively gay men personally I think begun a win. Yeah look there's no evidence to show they're gonna get blown -- -- -- -- blown out once all year -- in the -- not a single game this year have -- been blown out and they were threatened to be blown out a couple of times and but they always found a way to either claw back clawed her way back in either win it or lose it at the end but -- lose a single game by more than one score. They they did not get blown out one time all year no matter who they play -- I find it might get blown out. And they work out that way but there's no evidence -- histories suggest that that is what is likely to happen on Sunday afternoon in Denver. Beyond that they'll and the more I think about it in the people don't think this patriots team is good. Or the people that think that the league around them is just you know it's bad it's just -- these other teams are bad -- stands Waltz of the tomato cans argument right. It's just that you don't pay attention because I'm not sure how well she would come to that conclusion. Right I think it's just a lack ahead of the game speeds up on -- a little bit. You're watching football you can really close attention a few years ago he knew everybody on the patriots during their heyday you do everybody on the other team especially Pittsburg or in the -- the teams played every single year and so you've got -- had an idea of what each team looked like about the game isn't. It's that the way east. Right well -- -- don't you don't get -- part of it was -- Dan rather -- why I mean like it was in the seventies yet when somebody would play for a for a team for travelers or eighties bill was talking about how confusing dallas' system was to bring in well. Makes sense you had a guy that mean the players would stay there forever so you get it are hitting it last you're gonna -- -- next year and kind of not the year after that you're going to be here for twenty years what figured out reforms in the industry interest doesn't know that when you're gonna be here things turn over incredibly quickly so if you think this Patriots defense is known name. It's because you're not paying attention to who's on their defense if you think the other teams out there are that good because you don't know the names of the people on their team. It's -- not paying attention. It's not my fault that -- did Seattle turn into a good defense when he weren't paying attention it's not my fault the Denver got to be good when you were paying attention. Or orbit or Indianapolis -- while I team as -- but you know what I know there are bad two years ago and since then -- got good again yeah I mean I'm sorry you don't have a brazile is a. And I feel I can definitely emulated -- hardly -- doesn't make that team back Indianapolis is is a great example to and we talked about it before that game. How they owned wins over the best teams of football -- went over Seattle San Francisco and Denver and they are trying to. Make it and I sweep. With knowing when obviously didn't happen and that's that was an AT. An opponent that is now backed into the playoffs or they have no business here what does this team what does this team doing in the playoffs. Good team who last week -- -- that -- speed it up another division winner yet now that team is not as good that is the Broncos. And they -- them while that's the question -- question for you guys had six Montana right. 77979837. Is -- party that is worried that the patriots really aren't that good Tyson's in New Hampshire hi Tyson. How I don't know I thought Tyson. -- -- likely -- the talk and just given the pitchers -- firepower tell that they can't win. -- -- -- every time people come off that's when they come back and really get a -- Now what do you think we're doing it real. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you also going to be John Henry's chamber made -- that -- -- don't know. And hand -- -- chamber made it sounds like hand -- and made what's the difference and hand maiden in -- chamber man. -- that they're really imperative that those differences there is really bad you know Tyson and -- certainly Michael and I am not saying that if that's who you're hearing them I'm I'm I think you're gonna -- try to get your hearing checked or maybe your. Comprehension terms of what you're listening to. But the point is a good -- the point is true that the patriots are that team Brady talked about it one earlier this week right. Monday morning Tom Brady talking about the way they've gone back to the age old tactic of using everybody's words against. I know there are different -- Cotto -- so where are no we -- also -- nobody successfully at a certain order Tikrit when that we vote. No matter -- of the law or I'll I'll read it all these and we've lost players. -- -- artists out. You know got -- -- -- ever seen and will be an underdog. -- was an interview conducted by John Dennis. Kirk and hand injury partner in this morning acquittal like them. In their names radio love you guys. State your name every time and why would they possibly think I don't know job like John Davis. Jerry Kelly and for me -- that way I like okay. Properties point. How would -- start. What started. It love it being underdogs even when reality. Right now we're. Underdogs. -- When 2004 when he tried to claim it. -- -- we'll hear from Rodney Harrison right nobody believes you know nobody believes we can do it nobody else is -- -- -- monster obviously and -- You. Talk about that the last two years and a regular season at 28 and four. So if you want 28 out of 320 it's kind of hard to say you're not a dog I don't know right now they are. And I think they embrace his team's one now this -- won thirteen out of seventeen and they're definitely an underdog in the not only that people think they are thank god is the best of both things happen now where. They're underdogs are perceived underdogs. But they believe in themselves -- some underdogs say nobody believes in us if they don't actually believe in themselves either. But they just what is it they just they're projecting it does make -- your problem not their problem -- the patriots have great confidence in their ability to win but they love this whole person. Some really interesting definitions of the difference between the chamber maid and a and a two and one. She remained in what I -- -- somebody says -- hand -- is a woman's personal servant but a chamber made empties the chamber pot. All right is that the difference between them somebody else's chamber maids get pregnant and one in the chamber. That's got to -- Melvin has. We've gotten but I -- -- handmade is is poignant and Maine could do the duties of the chamber right -- -- it doesn't have to be the servant of a woman it's a female circuit and serbians all encompassing you could do anything she made only -- the bedrooms in the bath. But -- it's sort of sound sexier I got today doesn't it I don't want him I don't wanna mix my hand maidens from -- -- -- how to keep those wanna keep those task separate. Here's that we got to spectacles and a technical on her hands of the chamber and or what made maiden. A cliche you don't. Like where you eat yes so c'mon -- on -- forensic. Had a had a got to have a hand maiden. Fellow who's got to have a hand maiden. And got to have a chamber is efforts like don't don't -- to depend on the company and they related to a general -- don't -- the -- in the company and whatever you do lots of tiny amounts and then some -- and sleepy the ones and coming to America yes. Is there any part of you that is royal -- Any -- my -- what your teeth. I hear that story and what -- yesterday and -- Had a root canal if you think Andy's got in Carolina yeah how are you kind of hear the -- group and are on the road to order canal. Our handy if you think Andy's grumpy in general you severe round of today where you just miserable out. Of course but they Barry may be manifesting itself as the other the Boston blitz. Is next couple of big stories patriots related Bruins are awful again last night the Celtics pull off the train that's drops alcoholic W media.

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