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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 1/15/14

Jan 15, 2014|

We set the table for the day with 3 guests involving the three biggest stories in Boston Sports today.

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A look at all the big stories in Boston sports -- those on the inside. -- -- -- On Sports Radio W. Are about the woods Roger by AT&T the nation's fastest now the most reliable four GL TE network let's start talking football -- region. For the Boston Herald. At -- -- region on Twitter Tom Brady misses practice yesterday Karen illness how worried should patriots fans. Well and -- not cut and broken bones to my knowledge re not talking about anything that's Italy and a lot are. I think people are covered. From. Elicited less than than -- this flight anyway. I think I think here I think you'll -- it -- of course about it. They care what your opinion about the patriots decision to go out to Denver one day early. Well I think. You know it's an altitude. Thing and you know some from some players that hit the Mitt. You know it is it's and it's. The other. Let people take stock and it does it make it different than you gave -- -- the end of the game is not used to it. -- -- -- -- -- You -- -- -- -- and try and get your guys is used to playing are in -- used to that climate as possible. -- Karen latest the insertion Jamie Collins into the mix will only help the defense and a heck of a game last week we'll see what he does this week in Denver thanks Carol we appreciate it. -- Are now we go to you Joseph McDonald from ESPN Boston you can follow him on Twitter at ESP and Joey Mac he's all over the Bruins in last night bureau. Man. That was a tough game against the Maple Leafs what was your big take away from. Looking guy -- -- -- they've really hindered the ball and grew terribly in. I'm really not worried about the Powell played because we've seen this team when his daily cup without I'll play but the big thing here is apparently killed a lot. 56 games. They really let up a lot of quality scoring opportunities a lot of goals on the and you can't wait and in the Stanley Cup Playoffs when you don't have a strong I would -- unit and without a doubt the Bruins need to -- those issues. Right now before it gets out in. Duca didn't get pulled last night but he probably could have and there are few soft goals last night in that game and coming off the bad road trip Bruce pulled in three out of five outside the one good start against San Jose what do Scarlett took around us. Yeah you know Mike I think it's it's a situation where. You know -- -- prove these these types of wall and in this is the most -- that. We're getting to point out where this is the most -- for -- current NHL career and I just think he's just go toward most -- now but. -- you know if you -- given inaugural parade -- but. You have begin to be we know you better than their. But it also no quit in that this team defensively has struggled Ebbers and Dennis Seidenberg is -- lineup. That's -- and ending knee injury but. We all knowledge regret is that about accurate it's probably gonna -- media after the Olympic break but you know it down the stretch in the playoffs that he's going to be able to rely on and. All right Joseph WiMax latest idiocy in boston.com is about those bruins' special teams they've been anything but and on Twitter Addie SP and Joey Mac thanks but we're. I am back to football -- McMullen also obviously -- dot com had a great interview great story today on Robert Kraft and he makes a comparison jacket to that to the 2001 team do you buy that comparison. Well you know it -- an. Early in the personnel. But certainly in the and sent via camaraderie it's -- -- And development later in the locker room. And in your -- that veteran in this case now operate and the other -- and I was a medal in public Michael. And I don't think talent why not sure but I get the camaraderie are. You know Jack the Bob Kraft was very. Open with -- we gave you some great stuff. That many things went over his entire career next week is going to be its fortieth anniversary owning the team. One of the things he addressed with spy game he said how angry was the ask bill. On a scale of one of 100 how important was the taping and he said bill told them one. I -- do you know. Did you think he now -- just I -- was nothing do you do you agree with them. -- can't say it would not be. It's our first round draft pick up a lot of money and more importantly I. It cost you -- chunk of your credibility. And true or untrue. They're protected throughout the league and our players different -- a reference it. At the age it can only win and achieve I don't believe that because they -- one. When she didn't want it or not artery. And aren't about football next helmet and by the way Robert crap right I would back it looked at the -- after I broke this story. It really really -- having like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I think it's affected the exception of the franchise. I had a ripple down. They just 'cause we have you one quick question on the Celtics and make a trade today Jordan Crawford Marchand Brooks and at the Golden State it back a couple of picks and -- while Anthony. I'm assuming this is more were clearing of space and adding of first round X what do you make of the -- Well that Rondo or -- -- that but it because a -- -- -- can be called it Jordan opera in it. It is that they wanted to go. Out to each village aren't completely all of our act. The big body that under achieve. Though and it line at the million albums like in the -- why not take a look at bigger but I think I like what ever you know is it's art. Our Jacqui. Every got to go read her story today Robert Kraft steady at the helmets called a great long interview with Kraft and some great commentary in their little groups that thank you Jacqui we appreciate. Are they and others the blitz that brought you by AT&T the nation's fastest. And now the most reliable four GL TE network Tuukka Rask is tired. How is going to play in the Olympics for them and -- that. Doesn't matter. Are right it doesn't it these tired and that's the reason why is playing like garbage right now I think it's nice that Joseph again in the B I give him a C minus at best terrible for the last week -- -- -- bat again last night. Bad game he didn't play well either and we'll get past. Are you getting guys have to read this you have read the story notes long attention spans are short these days but. It's a long article you say only read one a long article week or every two weeks. That I think you should spend some time with the Hubble this let's go over the very best parts that next talking all WE. Patriots. Line twenty. MMW.

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