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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 1/15/14

Jan 15, 2014|

We answer what is asked of us. Unless you ask us that...

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So can -- now. 3793. -- -- on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. Then it's time for answers the question generic answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Finally my favorite part of the day. Get to -- money's not just because I'm about to go home which is a good part of the study on the end of the day. So like study harvest this segment like the last period study study hall every day wanted to study and study are you kidding anybody study in -- disrupted stuff you actually have study hall oh yeah it at all. Yeah. You have study hall now the good news story -- steady -- of these screw around right. Then there was also if you were being punished. To touch a school went to there was the extra studio which is basically contention -- the study hall. If you're a good student. The good students were there to -- good student who went to external and could actually -- it through your battleground not had to study all differently I don't know that you're there watch -- -- had to miss that free periods -- that we're different from stuff right that was great. Prepare you can do whatever you want it. To leave school go off campus it's an easy unit usually don't. -- scientists at this will -- -- delegates -- I had it in my house went three years after a graduate from and because of homes don't drink and smoke from he sees it today until he's out there are just go to Watertown mall smokes expressed her book called -- -- you know I take it. What are gore ticket for what is worst jive but during our opened here this time -- -- go off from wanted to go for lunch with the front month of course it is so well union. Who knows who didn't have to soon after LeBron was more and nobody is with us. Some jokes -- -- -- -- Adams is the real reason is my favorite part of everyday television shows -- one. Yes I you know it's tough being me you don't realize you know these four -- shows. Long and then it you know and plus that I'm the -- world's second most interesting man and that makes it harder to -- pretty good automatics are. Well it's the question brought to -- -- restoration specialists. Your property your facilities manager and don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place -- considerable property your facility manager and you should be prepared contact heiress and 8774611111. Or go to area -- should be pulled from congress to be coaching right now can I say happy birthday of Martin Luther King posthumously here. Yes yes you know Martin the -- would have been if you were being elected. Eight years to 83 no. 858592. Point -- -- good job by you know when my favorite people on his -- about the new Martin Luther King Jesse Jackson. -- Yeah inside somebody's gonna think -- I don't mean I don't know we will miss here you have it it's just and it. Not that. How -- will she -- today my body she she liked -- better get used to live down you have been through all gonna Wally threaten thousands. The two of the famous yes -- All the Berkeley kids go well -- -- you -- -- -- -- these fans are a young age you need to go to -- partner it'd -- -- to -- -- -- Go to now -- -- of seven. Or brownstone and mark the parking in the breaker that would house when he agreed b.'s recent Boston University gets. Who I ask it anyway got the air should you live your spouse before marriage. Laws to be I would advise that what what exactly. Because sometimes you find out things if you don't well this is all this goes way back you know there was a time muted even. You never even slept with the ego he had -- until the wedding night to limit what it -- they're talking about it literally an undergraduate talk about it. It. That you know. Not what you're supposed to be freedom is how do you get married and then moved in for the first time. It seems like you're just you're taking such a huge risk mail order brides. Russian Russian mail order pretty Nevada I think it's tougher when it went bad. But the old folks who say something about how many times have heard that the whole. I buy the cow milk -- -- get the milk three that other thing I would say this the one thing that I would say in favor of the not living together not having sex before marriage thing is the scene in godfather re just takes up now Maloney announced on is pretty awesome. That does seem pretty awesome yeah but it was well lo -- prophetic tirelessly to get that doubled him. It beautiful how was she not the biggest movie star -- -- there is that -- she's got perfect breasts she's amazing I don't know movies are you know I don't I don't I don't and I guess once I guess what is this sort of 58. -- receive Luis acacia -- yeah. The whole episode about waiting until. After urgent it's hot moment however remember that and basically made it's made it sound sexy -- -- it was amazing it was. Burton act. Which you must test drive it. Next question tonight response we've brought it wouldn't and you get off after what happens that's too. You know those automatic -- on two votes yes and if you go Yuri -- an automatic flustered does not. You know take care -- you obligated to push him to walk away. You know -- ago Asian flush year. It -- when you talk -- -- opportunity is there a plus -- It's because what you don't like to eat at McDonald's won yet that -- the Washington what you have to push discipline for -- -- person when you walk up -- -- -- -- deficits. As far as that's about -- but -- it's all -- -- Florida Atlantic states. And just that's the point it's discuss that you guys at Colonia. Fifteen Trojan that's right you -- not your shoes when you before you would republic Euro two -- you'd use injuries on the flu strains. Next question. Well as -- -- -- question if you got toilet the public -- many wonder is available would you attempt to -- or would you just. Usually -- Rogers and public won't know they wouldn't argue that you gets old you know if they felt what would happen to see how we Carla can you don't have to practice after a disaster plan in place -- -- -- that. -- have a disaster I really disrespect people who don't have injured in the room at all. The worst that you go to somebody's house you have to use the -- -- -- apple -- what. I don't know everything you tell me you clogs them if nothing worse than somebody in your house call to Torrealba right I didn't meet the -- toilet and -- -- that I'd -- Arguably terrible toilet they can't handle whatever it utterly average crappy -- typical hard court did you have a plunger in your house. About meatloaf. Number I deserved something different for -- -- flow -- literally. Plug this thing it's clear for exactly know how -- -- -- -- African. During your house. Time and moving to a new house the first thing I do was -- one really yeah. First thing you do and I never need the damn thing but the one -- and we don't have the worst thing what he thought there's no plunger. I don't like it. Ends. Pocket and here. Bush in his -- when your girls she's. She still tries to kiss kiss her back and maybe it's. Or just say no thank you would say this we talking about here I don't think we'd like. With them -- -- get -- just like Nicole. Smith supply levels. What you have kids. Yes. It felt like with him not to oppose. -- policy got to get -- at Potomac and you match in Olympic history you have possible. Off to another. Next question what you have kids that you don't hear -- more -- kids -- -- kids are always used that you're going to be -- another few days anyway you might as well kiss your wife every hug as a smear. Next question what do you think Bill Simmons. Norman. Says you don't like don't like from government. Files via Twitter or like a -- -- -- a devout bills -- or now. Now I just got tired too soon to sports. You know it's in the game and yeah like he he clearly speaks to a huge group -- -- there really talented and it is probably -- he wrote some pretty amazing tools for boasts. I just -- -- just got tired and I just it's a once reported on them you know -- -- you know it's amazing. He's the most other than. That guy running at the end it probably the most powerful music -- incredibly. Argued again if it doesn't make -- right. Saying it is -- you know next paragraph you know on important acceptance a lot of respect for him what he did building the building. The sports I don't hire the way -- wanted to -- I don't know. Besides I'm not gonna sit around work at herald I don't wanna kiss my bosses that goes starts long before but he did wrote a great blog blog really was great. When it was this -- the Boston sports blog aren't we done it before he was talking about Vegas talking about things people thought I was pre. I just I don't personally -- my diet is Sam an interest in their way to read his stuff. Next question Jeremy final question -- Rosie O'Donnell was the last caller we know make love to populate the plan. Oh it's. Going to be just like -- Selfish it's your responsibility. Like the planet is dying each. It -- people. We need people on the planet if she dresses like she didn't feel the dream yes. It's your responsibility. You have to do this. We identification brings Madonna was that which is a score for everybody and get pregnant four hours of Mikey -- coming up next we will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock we prefer him Michael -- on the show tomorrow. Oh. 330 Michael Irvin do you have a problem and that is working on at least one special. Really can't promise -- like our special -- and -- or at least one more. Still to come tomorrow start at 2 o'clock to -- it. Baseball.

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