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The Patriots would be hosting the AFC Championship if they kept Welker

Jan 15, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss the departure of Wes Welker back in March and talk about what could have been if the Patriots resigned him.

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We've made it here today joint meeting here today. Guys work part of the over served club last night. Not to duties honestly holiday party. Lou on the other hand show you might not last night yeah. Let it go to his -- There. Are guys would mean you're the only on air got it yet to come -- -- and nobody was there as it. Actually no he wasn't great -- was there are -- it was there Hillman is on the -- that so AAF element showed up yeah and yelled. Kenya the area Julia is they're showing cleavage Jolie Julia -- match ups in. Purdue's. Well this -- -- a -- and I explained that though no discipline. Joseph and I Democrat Eric on time at west -- bone to pick the patriot fans here in about ninety seconds okay. But Joseph yesterday and he's done this before will tell me off the air. I'm going to wait right here. I NC. Under OK okay now you -- -- that winnable -- want to take a break from -- peer out Google through -- drinking breaking vote for any alcohol back for -- last year. As a good Catholic -- about all the entire time still went on -- weekend and made it and he said yesterday on the legal event tonight but I'm not gonna drink. My response was -- Nelson months packed -- I mean that you -- Simpson's. I can't do it justice. That was. You are wraps around salespeople for this company not drinking you have to drink. The deal with some of them a year saying he fell off the great week really sort of a problem so. An editor at three days from a that's niceties. Needed victory Sunday. -- entry Monday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She did objective work Saturday night in streaks and it Monday with a bad back. We -- upbeat -- -- imagery to say they sick last -- that a few seconds ago water quick water break this little three day run go to -- -- duel for big trailed the boys wait a Saturday. That's alternate and what's the alcohol I need to know which which body at this company with their sing the blues it was our program director. -- was -- that those guys. By the way -- at a few cocktails last night may have had a couple of cocktails it was a guitar or Oprah and good luck. To four. Hours Paula gossip about playing on these things I was in second down -- and excited smacked by the dozen here -- would have been there. I'm glad you guys represented glad you're the only -- -- their expert it take for the teams that enough. Again the compartments you walk into more computers music's. The online lately Amazon academic health. What my computer on what news and -- argues viewers what they're looking -- music to order a must pass on his germs on your computer basically secondly -- -- your computer muse and acts. Idea was -- it shut down my laptop and look it up before it left getting the correct you -- like trying to sound. A little bit more normal and hopefully it works -- good I'm glad there's your reaction volley party in a coordinated and on. Had to sort -- pitches. I told yesterday that the San Francisco 49ers -- in the NFC championship ignore the Super Bowl I am prepared today. You pick in the AFC. And I said before before. The playoffs started. I wrote down and I thought it was Denver and San Francisco like forty niners to win. On the Super Bowl this year capita 49ers that -- year. Won last year in gated. I'm prepared to pick the AFC and I'm not making you -- today -- prepared to -- -- yeah. I Denver Broncos win on the huge -- You should know as the marched through it okay. John the last week -- -- cricket wicket in east it's indeed would be Denver. When he says it's over well. Yeah and this is not. It's not going to be -- -- by any means it's going to be field goal touchdown game either way but there are. There are multiple reasons why I'm gonna pick the Denver Broncos to win this game and one of the biggest reasons is. Conditions for Sunday. 75 not 75 an intimate look -- now at sixty what is it is 59 degrees off as a kick off with a 1 o'clock kick off time there by 1 o'clock kick off time in Denver mountain dad right. And so that -- the estimated peppers can be -- 960 degree angle which editors I don't not right now that the sixty degrees sunny no wind whatsoever. In those temperatures I just opened the patriots have the firepower to keep up with Peyton Manning I got it if there with the weather was going to be an issue in Denver. I could see myself pick in the patriots. And I just a look at the matchups and I I look at the way things -- that first game. A look at defense they saw -- on the Denver Broncos and because Payton man gonna have to have is don't think his own way he's gonna have things the way with the weather. I'll pick in the Denver offense over the patriots they wanna game somewhere in the thirties. If this game or new England and you're getting the weather were scheduled to get older solidarity's. Both teams in the thirty so -- -- five -- Article thirty I think it's 18 they -- of what it thirties 3528 somewhere around their thirty they get the upper twenties. But it's I thought that's I feel the game is gonna go okay. But then I did it's it's it low thirties if they get into the third delegate today so I -- -- final score yet okay our epic final score and and -- Nor am leaning against -- two weeks ago that you know what I would have -- but I am going to come back and forth this thing right now because. I depiction of a better defense. Articles I mean it's a sickness Rick and Peyton Manning and colts thing it's in my head and the Broncos. They did do a better friend -- and pick I'd say that. But they're playing with you know basically it's what they've had now for some time and the adjustments are there and garlic it Jamie calls will see. What -- covers linebacker. Give me a week where I wanna coverage linebacker look just met lettuce isn't this week. I get a better defense. Questions and the Denver Broncos are much better is that office and the patriots attacking defense is so I'm still I'm I'm not there yet. I'm not convinced. The Denver's gonna win anymore I was convinced two weeks ago really not to what is your official pick Friday yeah and I did -- Final score -- right now Tony Denver Broncos when this game -- Denver separate Cisco because in part because the game is in Denver the conditions in Denver. -- If the gamer in New England. Here's the temperature here's the forecast for Sunday doing that at 3 o'clock. Thirty degrees. Windy of gusts up to twenty miles an hour. And sunsets gonna be about two hours at the kick off tonight is going to be the highest 34 on Sunday in New England at Gillette Stadium. No precipitation -- it's get a chance for snow in the Foxboro area on Saturday but during the game Sunday. Less than thirty degrees are basically the entire game probably 2930 -- kick off. Sunset two hours later big chance to wind. In those type conditions. I would pick the patriots. I would pick the patriots because and -- -- back it up -- numbers here a second. Peyton Manning has a track record in those type conditions at the thirty degree temperature mark of not being very good. Vs what he's done historically but the game is not in -- it's in Denver. -- to -- it's not knowing what. As the patriots to bring back Wes Welker and that's ads tying it together a couple things Saturday. I was surprised we rob Welker and -- the text response the week today where I like air patriot fans Lou. Doing this victory lap about Wes Welker. See Margaret that the patriots got it right you 88. Yeah moron -- your whole season I'm not tell me the patriots screwed up Wes Welker the -- had to bring them back. Course not they entitlement and -- dole they're fine. But who would you want now look -- -- help now compare to Wes Welker. You folks are missing the boat and you miss and apply a couple dozen miles. Well I edit them there's -- thing I think right now if you'd asked patriots fans it's probably because you know your patriots fan. Who would you rather have going into Sunday ethnic -- exit question. But it was walk with what he's dealing with her Mike closed yesterday from the Denver Post that is to Wes Welker Wes Welker before the concussion. And Wes Welker sense and it's been to a vote. What he rushed back to Vegas patriots yet a look at them up last what three weeks. In if you watched that game on on on Sunday against San Diego he didn't look right. To right now -- adamant next year. After what I saw there -- moving forward I'd still I'd still would like Julian adamant. So I think that's what patriot fans are looking at the year of the joint settlement had. You're moving forward. Question is will -- be here moving full court -- I mean sure it got the pay this guy how -- are you willing to gulp but I think the reason why did make -- victory left to look at a joint adamant. Right now. When you know your point thick as he could use him early on. Yeah I mean that's -- -- your -- people look at it and project forward. I have a hard time disagreeing a lot of what you just said an adult and be Welker and it's all health related write it in a big situation. If either -- healthy I would still think Wes Welker are right but they're not healthy -- to watch the gators figure that out he was helping helping the beginning of the year. Your patriots lost four games this year right by a combined total of eighteen points 734. And four. You lost all your games by a touchdown or less and there are two games specifically were I it is in my opinion. But if Wes Welker was here with -- and -- with -- dole without public gonna fit them all especially get a settlement here based and you paid him seven -- 65000. Dollars. That they win just one of those two games. Packets your record of thirteen in three and guess what you're doing this weekend you are hosting. BA FC championship game you beat the Denver broncos' heads up right you can't doubt when he for a ticket back to beat them you get credit. You finish one game behind if that best record what a lot of. A tiebreaker that was the big -- a lot better bottom that definitely in talks earlier Sunday with. With cold weather I feel completely different about it and the two -- -- if C championship game. So you eat you know you sit there now you thirteen for the 1204 season without west what you stalemated the FC championship game. And end as much doubt admit that yeah I'd be I would like the page it's a lot more. If there was in the wake island. The guy -- to commit a guy like the patriots to win Sunday. Becoming a bit and let the patriots to win. I I think that they have. David playing with what they have right now they lost Brandon Spikes. You know I think that defensive backs a -- sneaky good. You got some us like real full weeks ago medal -- -- over the -- physically you know it -- -- play through some injuries and get healthy. He's seen it but it's different sport I think guys in baseball and kind of late through a few things to -- in with three weeks they feel better to do that NFL. But I like where Talib is Alec would debtor is you know Logan Ryan where he's come from the -- back there. You know Eric and we'll see -- does he looks a -- banged up prosecute -- calls kind of -- now. I'd like with a defense of the complaint with this team. And the way they offensively the -- they have changed. I still like them on Sunday. You go patriots got it and I edit without -- their two weeks ago I would -- ago I'd be right with you the game was it to -- states. -- don't think you did that to go to that right now. Most of that. Spirited. -- man I don't agree with Dan -- I don't agree with you pitcher to go to the Super Bowl it was go to New York market. Thirty -- if again if Rachel let. I'd be right with you and the game should be Gillette you can you can overshadow that you want with you big prediction -- the pats are gonna win. The fact is that should be at Gillette and not a -- two games and feel pretty jump in and argue either of these two. The Cincinnati loss at thirteen six your final a pretty was that day. 47% completion percentage right. -- eighteen of 3897. Yards. That was the game were rain delayed by Angela had an opportunity dropped the ball had an opportunity late night -- a drop but 47%. Completion percentage. I was one of two games -- point to the lowest the jet game couple weeks later. 2246. For Brady 228 yards no touchdowns one pick in the dole on this is that game doesn't play. And you lose thirty to 27. Radio again 47%. Those are two games -- two games all year he was in the 4% 40% completion percentage. The last season was a Brady had two games in one year a 40% completion percentage or worse. 47 worse 2009. Back to the 2000 -- he -- his last. 47%. Completion percentage -- evenly split off losses we talked about against the jets against the ravens super balls against the giants. Back to 2009. To find that type numbers for Brady. It's my argument that if Welker -- here in those two games. You win one of those two games. You cost yourself home -- old. Because this guys not hear you should have home field the AFC championship game you I should both be picking the patriots. Is there a hole that many hours that they articles bank -- -- is a. Re a very good point you're cautious sulfate very good point 04 Q do you beat Denver at all with -- Wes Welker felt them having Wes Welker. Fumbling the -- In an -- -- -- illicit it was a trailer -- dating game -- yeah welcome right to walk off Denver does he muffed that -- you went. Of course things happen differently Welker by not playing that game for Denver. Toggle back and take all the stats alphabet in that subject got the ball bubble would drop the big catches the ball. That is true reckless even admitted and I agree with them when you look at this Denver offense. Wes Welker got off to such a hot stock in the off that we said that we are they going to talk about Wes Welker all yearlong. -- -- -- nine touchdowns and it in the first six games. Meanwhile Tom Brady's thrown it to me you would Jolie via air each and every week or not they try to do it deepens keep him in games. You know but since then. Right now what's Welker is fifth or fourth option there's no question about it -- Thomas Eric Decker Julius Thomas. It's almost like what all they all they did I don't early years of the great numbers where they are right now out that they took walker away from the -- the what I went out right now in this game -- element. Oh pretty good about what option what do you -- in those first eight games the patriots. I don't care what he is now those first eight game obviously -- who -- you lost the jets game by three you lost the Cincinnati game in the rain low scoring game. You could or should award won by a touchdown -- -- what bothers me more and it is the fan reaction yesterday I probably -- Bob Kraft Joey before the year this he's talking to I was NFL network Prius BN. About how the negotiations went with west while. Everyone in our organization including her head coach on the set and a number of millions we discuss this very carefully. And just to clear up any Muslims. We wanted to west. But in the end you know in my early years. I used to work emotionally reacting -- Players stay with the team. And sometimes we went beyond our financial disciplines and in the fall -- we played football. And we didn't win all games when one of them I can just tell you that that feeling is horrible and I'm going to do everything I can always to avoid the. We'll see that's the reason why. You should walk around peacock right about now who genius move. What I've got a million you -- Joliet and they say it was a genius right pats got this right because it isn't that what you believe. We will when Robert Kraft came out in the patriots came on defense Robert and Jonathan. The people write the articles about the patriots coach Bill -- did Wes Welker back. They watered him back. And if you if you if you will of the people put blame on the agent. That he can't sit there and say it was a genius move to let him go because you just heard Robert Kraft. We all wanted to back including the coach. And he made him 88 pretty much what the market was. You can you can talk about guaranteed money in this is guaranteed not guaranteed all whatever you want the patriots made him an offer. That was equal to what they believe the patriots believe a better offer than what he signed with the Denver Broncos. You can't say it was a genius will buy them because they wanted to back this was not you know offered Jacoby Ellsbury five years eighty. Million know what is gonna make -- 140. You know that's that's saying. Good move they don't want back. -- know he accepted -- deal in Denver. Which. There's less money than what we offered him. Because in fact he has a one year deal in Denver for six million dollars are offered them. Our last offer but fool you would have gone -- yeah and before we thought we're going in the free agency. It was a ten million dollar offer and -- consumes less -- and love. Another six million dollars if he perform the way you know the pre registering you. Here's. What he it would what's not mentioned there when he says that Welker accept the deal I believe that's how went down -- Tommy currents talked about Jerry's talked about there was an offer. Even accept the offer and when he didn't except that last time the date he will dawn. The patriots moved on. Anyone who doubts that -- who weren't serious. Just doesn't care. It's really believe I door series but there are also quick with the trigger to move on from Welker to say they have got Evan dole in the holster ready to go. They had him as the they had a Amendola as the backup to Wes Welker. -- they'd -- -- -- to smartly built in YouTube basically. Calling Robert craft a liar you know saying that when he says that India's believe it's crazy we wanted to back. They wanted to Becky chose Denver he can't that the NC genius move by the patriots were not sentenced. Can't do I -- I there are some patriot fans doing that the wanna have their cake and -- to the craft is is not lying and robot away. Yet they still got it right which you can't have a ball place GI but I'm just glad I understand but just admit that you know you you've changed because I've I've changed myself. Yes wonder what's welcome back yes you could have -- earlier in the year and let's see maybe -- eleven walks if you walked only really cynical now ought to be -- If I'm gonna move forward if they order able to bring back their work cut a deal for Julian adamant. I would rather -- that for the next three years -- Wes Welker was a three year deal I agree with you on that. But it was about the first half of this year. And it was about bringing back not I'm not players for Brady's offense and part of it was their fault. Where he struggled with two different games in the 40% dial brought passes. About five seasons the last time we did that. It's more about the first half of the year you wanna talk long term. It's it's a tough argument given health concerns for Wes Welker but this year specifically. I would argue they cost themselves home field in the AFC championship game by not bringing this guy back. And not waiting to see if he would take a deal negotiate more before they moved on to Danny Amendola of curious how many picture has not changed their -- On Wes Welker or they don't -- peacock. It's a look the patriots got this right I still don't think they did effected them this year brought home game in an AFC championship. 61777979837. Is the phone number 61777979. -- 37 you can text us. On the AT&T Tex wanted 37937. How much of the result this weekend -- All end up making the decision on did they get it right or not for you as a fan we'll talk about that with your phone calls next.

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