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Andy Brickley, NESN: On the Bruins slide

Jan 15, 2014|

Andy Brickley joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the loss of Dennis Seidenberg and it's impact on the penalty kill, whether or not Tuukka Rask is showing signs of fatigue and Tyler Seguin's production in Dallas.

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-- the referees -- Gardner. Burns away from. Apply again. LA golfer Gregory Campbell cut the lead to one. With 1025 to play. That's as close as it would get for three your final Toronto comes into. Boston against the wind not -- ID 37 WEEI. He was on the call last night Indy brick we have NASA joins us every single Wednesday. Talk about the Bruins when he does he's brought to you by -- full power equipment brick but little power you. I'm doing okay a little disappointed that the pros and get the two point say I should have gotten a lot night and you know that all the team at home kind of separates. But it was -- eroding at some tough games so again they should put to put their pocket. And let's start with the part of the game that people or are texting us about today a rats the penalty kill -- it's been. Such a staple for them -- to carry this great stretch of championship contention. The penalty kill has been terrific when you watch them play last night and during this last seven game stretch is it about execution. Is it about bodies is that about want what has really caused them to go so far south when it comes the penalty kill. All of the vote. You can't just single out one aspect that you penalty killing -- -- the Bruins found right now you can even put -- But you know needing to get to see what we need to get -- we think about the article last night and took it took responsibility part of that and I call -- make the next -- That being -- I think all that's the decision making. When you're not make the right decisions or you're as a drag it -- your decision making you know the Richard making it. A little too late Strider -- out to that you played against top players on the guillotine. Got to make the call placed into your decision making is not there or is it dragged. You're gonna give up quality scoring chances and if you don't get the same gonna get a poll and that's where they're at right now -- not have been well. This is a -- that stretch allowing far too many goals and you can you can win with a power play that seems a little lower third of an actual hike in the but you can't win consistently when -- penalty killings in the same place. Yeah and -- we've all seen the Bruins do that these ten goals the last 47 -- -- That's second to get it done one -- is -- is there a mental effect of -- and a guy like Dennis Seidenberg is just a coincidence or. Of the looking around sort of sort of searching for the -- -- we lost one of our big guns. A lot Seidenberg is directly effects you currently killing a little more importantly effects that make up your entire scene you know. That is the single most important. Issue with a broad and after the -- right now I mean you can talk about. Well -- for the Bruins win more consistently deleted what production from the preaching line they carried out that the first two and a half three months. They've been quiet lately. They're unbelievable opportunities last night didn't finish a little bit Bergeron on Oracle's basically on -- -- -- late that was great Cuba -- -- -- in the war dominant on and they need more from the creek unit. Obviously special people are talking about sharp goaltending and that raises another show little get to -- a minute. We need more consistently great and opt out of their old -- when they do that -- as the dominant team because of their offense right rhythm and establish or check. Iraq was eighteen you can what you all night long -- get sixty shots on goal. If you commit to it. But they need to settle all figure out how to insert a lot of genocide it would import option number three. They're looking cruel way to make people are sick Archos humility you're their guy at seven and eight in their real good group. But a lot that went 24 point five minutes is an absolute or expected in physical. Smart. Experience virtually wrong well conditioned. You know he understands all he relishes that role would you a guy like in the system the Bruins play. As good as the other guys are you fourteen they could speak it and -- could bring Munich. Exactly like I'm -- But some are allowed -- do think some of the things that he can. Rick let me go to the other side of the specialty that's the power play last seven games now the Bruins are two and five there one for 23 it actually allowed. Two shorthanded goals -- your time and have only scored one power play goal to start the year they were top ten you fell like data. You know with a special they give up front they have found something there. Are they getting the same chances now during this stretch is they got in the early portion of the year on the power play. -- the frustrating part is that they are getting some good looks on certain Powell place. But then again there are other power plays where you know it's one and done or they're not getting enough -- EU and they -- too much time and it'll retrieve pucks. That they quote used the word not in sync and free to not think just the overall game last night but their power -- need to be. -- or effective are more productive. Far more concerned that there has been at the personnel. We give them kudos all year long for ultimately how Lee is relative to years past because of the different personnel and the different -- -- -- turn on and that was what he did that double barrel action when it's working well. Adding to unit with two different looks. -- and that that -- movement. And blue and -- years. Once that stops you're probably going to be stagnant and it's gonna look like -- -- at times over the last directly they have been able school balls. They want property last night when they were truly -- you know they move the puck put some real good looks which. I'll decrease maybe -- absolutely robbed by occurring in the open nets somehow I don't know what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- actually put out some good looks. And there were outplayed a critical point in the game would they not not. A -- you -- to report on local television wanna give tiller -- a Tuukka Rask because it does seem like he's in. A little bit of a slump on people say it's not a coincidence that that Seidenberg is out and it's the system and maybe -- took a tickets of some -- about it but when you see him. The agency got a slump maybe get a little fatigue at this point season. I think that's the word I'm concerned about concerned about it coming into the year you know years -- You know what is the optimal workflow for a guy like to -- ask him you know you almost don't know he's not a guy -- you know late 65 teens. International IQ you hear a little -- short street trying to. Because -- -- -- maybe if the maybe sixty games so we're gonna be people may and June. The expectations. Are that he's going to be the number one goaltender fifteen Finland. That mean to work load is increased. And you know just concerned about it Alex and Thomas for occurred recently played the game. He doesn't have that conservation of energy related to conduct realistic eight countries in the places angled and the rebound controlled recounts. But he talked only you know 170 pound soaking wet in and what can -- handle for work well. That question. The Bruins have confidence and I sat side culpable what they're number two goaltender -- Chad Johnson made greats Nicklaus Greg -- -- -- and -- Are they comfortable playing them maybe more than they originally thought that they have played their number two and I can't concern about fatigue workload to correct. Well allow me of follow up on Rask -- you're around this team he talked to people you're tied it as much as anybody is there anybody in that organization at all concerned. That this last couple weeks this rough stretch for two cores -- 857 save percentage. But he is thinking about the Olympics at the mental aspect of starting for team Finland and as you said he's the favorite to do so. That anyway has been part of his struggles as of late. Not not per mile. What he should go to last year. In mental toughness I think it was incredibly impressive you know signed that one year deal at all the sites. And play a level that he played and then get better in the policies and I'm not concerned about how compartmentalized as how he prepared how he thinks. It's workload -- Concerns me plain and simple. You know playing -- -- stretch even so lot of consecutive games want to travel we can make all the excuses we want. All the talks are being deflected ordered back to a place on the outplayed but. -- we'll tell you he hasn't been as sharp as -- regard for him where he was making those saves early in the year. At heard from we're actually it's more well -- how -- in Al Sharpton and they are how much. You buy into that philosophy of people have said that capacity -- Olympic year. When you get weeks two weeks three weeks -- for the Olympics guy starts thinking you know I wanna make sure I stay healthy for my country's right to play in the Olympics. I could settle an individual basis school. I I can't speak for players sit in how they you know they think that you know when they're competing for the National Hockey League teams split. -- be to the leader of the guilty. You know you have to give the benefit of the doubt that that does not -- and their mindset at all lyrics. This horrible plane in the payload in wanting to be the best that we can put their skates on whether. You mean like skiing in Florida. You know horse Saturday night in Montreal. Rick who gets out on this seeger seed Dallas tomorrow night as part of his road -- -- four to the call on NASA and our power -- -- the league in goals twentieth in the league in points of those numbers at all surprising indeed to see his great success scoring so far with Dallas this year. Not that doesn't surprise me effect expect those kind of numbers each and every year throughout his career. You know what kind of player in EB look at a player will -- be. Where is that. Factory process. And how far will it take him. Mostly ignored when you deal that young that skill that -- what we just got to keep all of the carrot that you want with this group because you also trying to win right now and it's -- to make those sealed vote again expectations. What this kid. As far as the -- six. Yeah I would expect him to be you know -- -- -- year in Europe. He'll have a call tomorrow that NBC steel Chicago over the weekend brick thank you very much as always we'll talk to you next week. Directly a NASA joining us when he does he's brought you buy nor -- power equipment 617779. 7937. AT&T text line 3793 -- a little bit. Football reed army football heavy 95%. Of mark talked this week. It's going to be patriots Broncos in the NFL's final four but a little bit of a patriots -- get back in a football at 12 o'clock today -- current would join us at 1230. Like a back TV tanking update on the Boston Celtics because as Rajon Rondo gets ready to come back it looks like. Danny -- trying to trade what are your favorites right from under your nose what are your favorite players in the celtics' roster. Trying to trade him in time for Rondo to come back we'll talk Celtics. The letter grade next.

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