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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Bruce mocks Gov. Christie

Jan 15, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today we heard from Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon.

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731. Headlines read around the corner corner Jerry six degrees in Boston and they covered the -- insult this morning. He covered it in -- -- temperature at the blood pressure you know too much salt. Mike Clark temperature said third the six Chrysler and all over the place in my neighborhood -- island assault and -- thank you. WPP WL -- here's the good news temperaturewise for Peyton Manning the forecast has gotten better. Not 58. 59 lot on Sunday guarantee when lots of sunshine and by the way just -- To weather and capture sunset. 505. So they have -- hours and five minutes of sunlight. Warm and fifty I fifties is perfect for for -- -- I mean this may smile because the voice it's their watches the crucial way -- of Denver give that report on it's it's a little swagger aroused in army and LA party -- young whether people on them. Old school Dick Albert these guys -- these young girls like I don't I don't know why. I haven't right -- remind Verizon rifle and watch you should watch Delhi. Well you -- on neck and right old man she -- Parties might she -- your tie in. Terms of being tracked that their posts I got it up part is yes and she's more hair than Barbie that's true well at. Headlines brought you by AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable -- LTE network and by precision fitness equipment shopper the pros do. Precision fitness equipment last night on late night -- him Fallon who by the way is a couple weeks away from taking over yes average eleven which is. It hurt the quiet lad on got a new job that actually yeah I saw that -- -- a great drive through window you Donald Joey hand over his first job with that Jimmy fell by the way this will not work this will be disaster tonight shall I predicted this for Conan O'Brien started. -- that would come back. Whether it was going to come back again tickled Jimmie now I'll tell you about that -- -- land somewhere like fox and just kicks same Japanese. Campbell loyalist I don't know we'll see an analyst not to fire him. Now he's he's right out personal service contract that beat up look up how much money jail on us as an aside that it one quick thing about Leno did the thing about him is he says. He's never spent any estimation money. He says he sees always stand up comedy almost like -- he -- he has no kids who gets the money when he crooks his wife's charities and again it may. 251 for the quarter had a little about a quarter of a billion dollars and that's with a ridiculous choking car collection that is yet. Exactly habits of the chair and you'll get that -- -- that so last night on late night with Jimmy Fallon Bruce Springsteen was the only guest -- a -- huge spring you stay out. IDB Arctic and stamp for Pakistan support the yard the last couple times about these bits together players on lap and each time. Last night they do it again the -- wrestler Bruce did -- the Mercedes sleeveless bandanna genes. Ripped shirt into the parity of Chris Christie is from last. Then let me. -- -- Maybe you're taught us. And then here and my. And you might see me. Yeah. Which the event -- very tight -- I'm counselors latter now or if Michael blew Blake or very content junior you would be well over point it was. To -- his own image. Oh yeah he says he's a lot Lanza. -- -- -- So I smelly Honda commercial in my yard dogs out yards and I said I gotta get some of that -- called up to get his agency. Car commercial -- total -- now. When Jimmy -- used to be this mysterious. Google JD Salinger's ideas that same last night the outcome party. Pretty small small fee for alternate did not go to duke never -- -- went to the farm. Christmas party list you go I did not -- did not make you were supposed to go Europe is sloppy there was food there were you there. Was not. So were over five on the -- Honest ago -- -- was a lot recently lived right near the well allowed not to go we have families and lives like he has no kids what did you go -- I've been pretty sickly -- -- on the mood I'm not I even get my direct it's out Buffett not that. I've I've note that the admiral my apple what we got a report on this will get from those two guys pay out much. Callus and you're on the Orleans office after headlines -- the party. Lot of black -- they'll be careful -- -- it should already be here LA sheriff's deputies at the send them Calabasas California mansion of Justin Bieber on Tuesday it's -- serving search -- In connection with an allegation the pop star egg in neighbor's house. I don't know I just supposed to do when your policy nineteen now. What and I know we like and we like Justin Bieber what's going on. At a news deals eggs in neighbor's house before I well but last tally one before rocks at a demand staying at -- -- is sealed for the brought us. -- -- amassing a -- house's arrested on the felony narcotics violations during the search. The sheriff said they discovered she said cocaine was in plain view of deputies. Plain view I always had my own game and as a cop at the door. That you -- is the beavers it's it's already begun right this is now this is good to talk and keeps them at all yeah yeah he wants to be did you go see a -- he wants to -- dangers -- not seen them. Calabasas Calabasas yes and what's that famous for. Place itself Coke. Mark between the jumping frog of Calabasas -- Mark Twain story is yet I have yet to -- president -- from -- the Olympic fraud. See a beavers. Should this video surveillance. It was encouraging to -- It was the average -- facade of the neighbor's home -- -- reports of egging. Last week indicated neighbor's daughter watch Republicans in nineteen year old singer. Belted a home in the community it takes to be of a problem with that neighbor without -- they're not sure. It's a local I would be brutally shot comment he -- Johnson that he's in that neighborhood. -- was -- he retired. Again you retired I think I don't know that's -- long. Rate target to be retired yet as well. 100000 dollars in Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is going to us spent on the climatologists. -- what he shouldn't astrologers today. We wish you probably should have an official Australia. And may be cosmic often. Taro card reader go out we did you know it's just a salesperson yeah. Herald this morning governor Deval Patrick's move to hire 100000 dollar eight year state climatologist is part of his climate change agenda. It's getting ice reviews for fiscal watchdogs who blasted new position is not padding in the complete waste of money -- six figure post comes tax. Hypocrites dash eight. That is considered. Throughout the goes -- court but now the floor -- ego. Honest to god. We have that kind of money that we could -- Iran on some witch doctor 52 million dollar climate plan in the state. If you bought into the manmade. Global manufactured yes yeah. -- it -- we have one little state with six million people via the seven billion people in the world eight billion people. You think. Mean it's it's the way he heads like Deval Patrick thank all of leap into the corner here Chinese Pakistan the governor yesterday you don't have a climate total fixed the world tell us -- not to use plastic bags suddenly well. You know the -- the temperature of the entire purple today eight you know our theory here it ever come just one thing and thing just they're buying into that Patrick spoke yesterday with the the Boston mayor pointed to the rash of power -- storms the masters has weathered. Recent years evidence of the world's shifting climate calling the issue quote deep and serious and I think broadly appreciated. So this little state is gonna change the climate. It's totally. He -- -- one point one idea that that strike you on the longest journey Jerry begin with the first step I never thought if these if these people really wanna you know effect change -- -- that just volunteer while we have to pay him a hundred grand. That just -- -- some ideas what's funny he's out of the running out of six weeks ago it is that I'll take that offer -- you wouldn't consider these -- that. Sneezed at that -- -- brain -- you know I apologize. Sundown its 5 o'clock in Denver -- at 3 o'clock start it's 1 o'clock start in Denver. -- -- -- Want my it's what you grow wash right on time right so little blunt talk started and the thing latest on China 58 degree I stay for the stand -- and tell you that's hurts my case go from anemic. Right he wished him anyway. He likes clubs did you get -- blinded by the light. Manfred Mann will be received -- but I also went on and -- project meant for -- for men who -- I think on November 25 they said. January 19 the probably cold and dark too I thought it would be -- absolute doubt. Could it be the featured game like a late game I thought it would be Denver January. So my reason for picking comment and -- -- to bring -- exhaustion for eight man it's not a graphic -- sweat and hydrate and he'll be like Australian Open exactly -- -- -- to the Super Bowl is -- to -- to sixty -- -- -- yeah. In Denver and fox right at once again in the much of the dramatic transfer for Tom Brady astronomers -- today -- I read that and that's headlines. That's it. On Conan O'Brien illegitimate son story -- does he really have won't have notes -- ago he's in it to see it to cat looks like Jimmy says he. Go to Bryant has dampened strangled but he does look like he does say this mom as a bunch of -- NBC. Folders information -- was locked in there. Correspondent quarter. Saint in new Jersey's -- -- the demon which limits on for the record I have three children now have Beckett and Ronan Farrow. Would you like to see the cute and decide for yourself to them yes trader. Is it the old isn't. Going to sit and look put -- -- 10. I've been expecting. Who went on my name is Gregory yeah. Owns -- or New -- Yours. And I spent our whole you. This picture on Baghdad. There. I never fit in with my family. My mother conceived me in 1993. Issue working you're as producer Purdue needed NBC news that summer. Located in 30 Rock part of it was only three floors hopefully next to you. Despite her hard work and dedication. She was fired from -- she -- her. A look at the picture you buy it yes and she worked at she worked at 30 Rock 1993 and it was there. Why don't they sue when -- soon -- has been no talk while it's been twenty years. Roberts putted but you know he was gators open just gone on his TV show. Everybody is somebody who was previously four years were you ever seen it I've never seemed once second you know what time -- -- -- at 11 o'clock this is still the the news and directors there is -- I believe Max Max Weinberg not he said -- -- -- -- -- -- on -- -- a twenty million -- -- no -- ever -- -- If you wanna be the judge we just tweeted out the picture of Greg heating. I'm telling you this like Collins. High school senior picture us I don't see show on Twitter or at John Dennis WEEI you'll see this guy -- until an honest to god. It's called -- twenty years ago. Yeah what a gorgeous -- And Stan another round of goodness -- get around and look at them right -- spitting image you like it at them this kid I liked Conan and Frank -- kid looks like francs or not right. Even Woody Allen to -- headlines brought you get by ATT the nation's fastest now most reliable. Four GL TE network odd job in the car Peter the car will talk patriots football with you when we come back.

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