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Denver Post columnist embarrasses himself

Jan 15, 2014|

Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post brought up Spygate as a means to say John Fox is a better and more caring coach than Bill Belichick. The guys pointed out the flaws.

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632. Coup. On Wednesday. This -- forever -- -- Sunday you know that this is gonna take for ever get the 3 o'clock on Sunday camera is almost like -- Super Bowl week -- does yeah it -- windy you know helping to -- weeks of Brady verses is -- money. -- -- Old school new school guy with -- LB investment whether it's Brady Brady or Manning you can of the guy with -- fine tailored suit -- the hip -- young guy with hat on sideways in the we've read that it disappointed and all that might be Manning vs where -- the only thing about the Brady I'll say it now snowmobiles say that the pages but the 49ers. Released from that area group 49ers kidding yeah no that's true Null sort Montana fan they're going to confirm that yet. -- -- Coaster again idiocy Los Angeles -- here for. Well. Because our time on ten -- There's still be a lot of lot of angles with the you know horrible law crazy bar and I mean there's a lot of guys on the team -- with a chance to look at as -- -- heart -- Harbaugh that's choke on -- wrong though I don't think in this to all four matchup whoever got it would -- a great Super Bowl but -- of San Francisco three straight. NFC title games were with the Super Bowl last year. They're not intimidated they're not gonna choke. You know they're they're Phelan and they're cocky their AG they'd they'd like this. This time a year I think this is there a time that breakthrough win on the road again. And then go to the Super Bowl and I would be favored I think will be favored it is Dennis and Callahan and the opinion Ayatollah here in this Wednesday morning to give the temperature. I did 37 degrees here -- seven different but he denies that internally at its. Lot of what did they -- the temperatures got it all right we went to break I told you we are going to in my opinion. I read to you to sap the most -- most them. Biggest literary stretch that any sports writer I've ever read wrote in the Denver Post -- that -- mark his. And before -- to ask your question Jerry. Generally speaking it seems to me that it's typical for a columnist to. Accomplished two things in one column and that is to (%expletive) people off and make them laugh is difficult -- area just as people -- -- defer to deal well. A lot different to the Ayatollah of opinion would you give your opinion and why these guys done to very difficult their comments to go their whole lives without ever. Making anyone chuckle yes I mean there are -- had some good ones yeah yeah I strolled. Very good writer baseball or is he ever made you chuckle I don't think he wants to -- she's not a guy for Gucci will never ever make you chuckle he can be the best baseball right of all time gap might be just some guys just are incapable and then and the and they know and they don't try. My mark is what they don't even try to make cute chart what are those are there are those who can. Who who are who want to and can issue off and -- and can make you chuckle. And can do the same column is just -- has accomplished showing it to do it happens. The stock -- news. And it's going to be mainly in Boston both of those emotions the headlines says broncos' John Fox. Vs patriots Bill Belichick is really battle of players. Doing that is really battle players. Is the website. And I'll do it one in the papers for. It's it's like were overrated -- affect the coaches at night advantage Belichick has now not a good players. The group or depart or just off the fan boys here in New England. Misses his mark his Denver Post -- here's what I don't get it cyclist Lance Armstrong has been exiled as a -- which -- And home run king Barry Bonds feels the wrath from 65%. Of indignant hall of fame voters. Why is -- -- check celebrated. Despite spike gate. Which accused of patriots stealing defensive signals from the New York Jets the truth -- be told. What -- Belichick have as a head coach that fox does not have. Other than three Super Bowl rings and one Tom Brady. And 500000. Dollar fine for cheating. This question is glob on to despite an awful lot of people -- that if it now we get one. In the last quarter of the peace. He says. Are you 100% certain with a Foster double checked with the better football coach in that game referring to the Super Bowl where they beat Carolina 39. Here's the funny part. In the win or be eaten alive by Twitter world of the NFL. John blocks -- to show players and threatens alike -- little piece of his art. This is not necessarily mean fox is a better person than belt object but it might help to explain. Why Fox's heart broke. During the and he had to be rushed to the hospital. For repairs -- Fortis. Fortis -- dare to show players and fans a little piece of -- heart. And that might explain why boxes heart broke -- during the team's bye week and get to be rushed to the hospital. Repairs -- disgust among. Whose films turns out Dick Cheney is the nicest guy -- I was open yes outline. Justice Marc Marc can Islam note that that's just an expression -- that your compassion in your kindness does not actually emanate from the or Mark Young mutual thinks it's shaped like a sick at any states that he thinks that the grinch is grew ten times. It was a Bosnia after -- you know it is oddly funny here's what I like -- if -- -- opinion this is the way I would work until. You know until our work with you know you own opinion -- let's say take a chance you take chances. The problem. -- most writers and predict more and in this day and -- is just too much competition. That you can't be boring that is the rule number one. Kirk when you get these young. -- -- -- -- -- writers are dead urgency don't want to be boring never be -- I had some chance I try not to and this is a guy and I think this is worth reading that relieved that this. That line is ridiculous laughable silly beyond words bought. If you wanna write something worth reading today. Wednesday and is Wednesday yeah Wednesday classics are good idea Belichick verses fox is really that big disparity. You saw that Super Bowl we were there yes. Fox almost beat you did -- game -- fox almost -- it was a three point game could've gone either way fox all. Good coach fox would had a ring Belichick would have only two rings with the patriots at fox would it rank and wouldn't of felt. Like that big of a divide between these two. Another good. I was one of the smoke Belichick. One other thing he does we know what does a lot of things well -- he doesn't let this job get to him at least not -- like it though. It looks the same as he looked five years ago it's not like in some guys ages and where is the motive in their hair falls -- accelerate. A lot of guys -- he'd kill you know we don't hold that for -- story. Lot of guys we used to say when Terry Francona what chew their stomach liner. And it drives them nuts that sleep on the Chileans asleep in his sleep in the in the office you know he doesn't live and I've heard amassed about this before practices. Announced the job and we do not and he knows how to do the job with them out allowing it to kill him did you see the interview that bill Howard did pre game and -- on that vision -- -- over you. I -- but it I want ice it on the Albert that's the second silly slide in this column. He talks about cower in reviewing. Bellic object yeah and he says bill -- whose only slightly more qualified to conduct -- in if you that I would be diagram and safety blitz. Who broke hours not. Qualified. On a network Regan showed just ask. Questions -- -- watch I know it's because of the respect from coach to coach but that was as. -- but is revealing that she Belichick -- picked -- their coaches like I mean it was a slap and -- fast that there was no Muslim does that mean he's not call I'll take it works but the reason I brought that -- is to have to. Underscore your point he'd told cholera he said I'd love doing this I'd love coming to work right I feel sorry for people who get up in the morning and say. Well I hate my job -- I'd do and. Right right and he's good edit -- has figured out in value you get the sense that he knows how to prepare for. The first round playoff game in the second round of championship game Super Bowl and doesn't always win nobody always wins but don't you think right now. Belichick is confident. In how he prepares and how we know delegates is slow demise of his time figured it and doesn't that confidence. In a trickle down to assistant coaches and players I mean they look at him. And we talked to Matt Light about yesterday and they said we're OK there the nuts and he's the smartest in the world we can never lose for him we just be well prepared and we know we will be prepared and everything that schedule we have one week. Get on the plane at a certain time get to the hotel have a meeting and have a meal that'll all -- Done right right. So we just have to worry about what -- do when -- Joseph execution I'm not sure that every player looks and every coach even a good coach like fox. Insists he's got that all figured out we just have to Georgia again is what you just described in that intangible column. On your -- side it's on the intangible called patriot side. I don't that is they have different but I mean yeah magic coach is not checked and tickets and I think it is what protect its edge it's analysts that they awhile I think. That Belichick has taken up residence in Peyton Manning's head. A long ago and Manning is thinking about the other coach and what he's gonna do. He's not the gonna vote. In just wears an epic Manning played great against the patriots championship game Belichick went for a fourth that to anybody because he was scared of right and -- change -- the weather was bad in this game the weather's -- -- be good -- Belichick -- to factored in the Manning has graduated -- here. How -- the wrote it ten years ago amateur whether that's relevant or not ten years ago -- chicken flocks to an opposite sidelines of the Super Bowl -- -- beat Carolina. 3229. The quarterback for fox -- Jake DelHomme. Belichick and Brady on his side so that point obviously stands on its own. But that game. Beside the closeness com one or remember I remember two things about I remember how shocked I was that it was a game the yet and sand. This campaign they come out hung around as it can and they lose can. Brady and Belichick lose to fox in the long -- are two things halftime during the second -- -- -- the first one certainly is Rutgers and brokers are mundane and played a couple plight through the broken our fourth quarter and the fourth quarter. Also as -- look up the score is headed for the interview room said 1918. Patriots. In 1918 who well who. Yet sensitive we know that was a crazy game no point two scored in the first and third quarter all the points are scored the second fourth yes born in ninety Super Bowls ever played all right 6777. I 793 set points -- in the -- that caller and he hung up I promised you but I would tell you when we come back. What you don't seek coming in this football game and we will do that. The thing we will tell you why NASA and the Bruins should be congratulated.

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