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Kirk addresses Dell and Middlebrooks

Jan 15, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing our opinion editors column on the relationship between Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks.

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It is only Wednesday. I'm very very proud of myself and -- -- -- -- listening to me I am listening. It's only Wednesday -- -- probably I passed the test them honest you look at me and -- -- sent out east stock Alabi. And it. By the way check your desk. Where's my coffee I said yesterday it is off your desk so I'm well you -- he went to the -- I don't -- you got that -- I hate your coffee -- -- -- yes editor's -- he needs more room he's he's got more responsibility -- -- How's that -- opinion editor of the FBI dot com -- the temperatures even though the point is he didn't hear what you re -- at this week raised new title. Yeah well I was gone for four months ago that three days. It's like David Halberstam now he's like David room -- That is the official title. Opinion editor of the web sites and an editor does that relegate -- to be. A guy who works from. A -- like. Rapper service it's really where real and it's because of minor friction in more than -- for. It's I think also a fact that was demand. More than Brad it's all in and -- and I got you got it. In he's happy a happy news. I got a wonderful world that. He's gonna try to recruit you to -- Needs writer's opinion to be great Steve that we should do just run. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Editor yes. That your official title of the website yeah. Wow so you have a very defiant -- -- That's like in the weather man or zone many -- it's sunny and five -- through that you. Sport to recruit currencies post or is out of -- -- you perceive that which took them off. Yet or who broached the subject of you being the opinion editor who brought this to your table. Those powers above ours to come up with a real big problem. None no I don't think you -- part of no no it was term. He was he was -- involved conversely G. Not -- now not factored in him later if you think of would be not it is not attempt to Murphy India rob Bradford and well yet -- was more -- the -- also the ball well fair yes -- that's a tough job opinion yeah. It's awesome guys. Sounds like as a dictatorship. Feeling too like if you like it's orwellian yes yeah like Bradford opinion on whether Stephen Drew should stay -- -- You can quash -- -- I think. Epic and oral opinion beyond Mac and you can be -- -- -- sure -- a right to control his opinion -- -- difficult -- -- it's like somebody's opinion can you watch. Like squash them. -- I'm at the start reading -- -- that's part of -- wonder -- thing about my columnist ideas called today which is gonna. Stir things up -- more business today really got that the -- with the deal will Brooks spoke to all all participants spoke at an even put the quote from -- that you guys city politely declined to politely -- all three well told a -- I'm not true not true I spoke -- in the phone yesterday for a few minutes yes. Very nice nice conversation that you can't really talk about the issue and we're not persuaded overtook the Dale Arnold I wasn't I thought about it and let marinate as Michael Burgess -- and -- -- -- this offshore we have digress from -- to another -- what happened Jimmie -- you're paying attention wanna -- with my opening statements Wednesday. 605. In -- -- -- at least it's at least -- -- Jerry is whether opinion maker so Jenny dealt with the Red Sox fan and reporter for NASA's real I was living with in the room at the Brooks and that wrote today that that. NASA cannot let that be that's and that's and you can't let that be yeah. Gotta make it got to step up -- knows that exercise them if it's just another job somewhere else you got that rumors of our exports once she's doing some stuff Prius paean to. The -- -- -- -- answer. So she and she understands that they understand I mean I don't know it would talk to. First she said she -- -- patching. Up. I don't she said she's very -- she said this guy and here we can get Japanese yes and a few dozen people are too good connection to introduce myself she said hello. GW war yes but if you. Each part of the cheese and good friend of rob Bradford very different uncle rob took it just you as it is yeah it is. Attic but we -- that's not a big deal and we will brief conversation with that religion just can't talk about it that's. Rather not talk about. The recent resolution potentially some trees off so don't like the jobs or not maybe not at NASA. I did I spoke to -- spokesman Gary Royce they don't comment on going personal company matters now not the government middle Brooke's time. While children Twitter yeah and guide direct to him and he said I just can't talk. I'm one. I mean I can't manage these addresses these young ball ask the right or capsule but you know he's just the young guy trying to have a career in the big -- can't be. Get involved in this what they could say. And you lose you set it up or -- is true their living together in a romantic relationship. Maybe it's like old -- and his two female relate that maybe that is like -- -- told nobody they -- think that's the case of the nation's most are lesbians that element instead wasn't in a relationship that females in the in the apartment. Well maybe let's separate bedrooms and just kind of -- that on pretenses to their credit. They didn't trying to hide it any longer mean they could yeah I mean. All the cover commercial crime. The -- last year -- will we hear from dale on the digital last year she was with them last year urged her job. But that's kind of dishonesty isn't it was a reason why -- did price and they white mountains said five you know we're in love in this is our deal when we're together right. Yeah yeah. But I don't I don't you think that's the next step to Sanjay he's moving on yes it has to be asked to be in what does that happen to be having. It any normal. Environment would be -- now when the owner of the Red Sox owns the Boston Globe mean you have a lot of conflicts. I mean it's a conflict every single day over there but -- like every time the globe writes anything Red Sox and fall. They should say that the owner of the Red -- on the -- -- -- -- to help book character doing a story and some AAA -- rehab assignment should be selected yet of any baseball bats -- says you know -- a portal can be reached at Central Florida Tuesday and by the way John and I hate to say what the right because having. I think so. The idea that it's not going to be a problem it is ridiculous it's going to be he's -- all of the globe and the team for the next twenty right -- right. So there's going to be moments where there are. Guys get arrested Olympic drug tests are guys getting divorced or right you know there's going to be. Fights over the the rights fee for that for lands downstream. The mayor handed them right. And what it gets even more personal that we witnessed this hypothetical situation. Couple days a noticeable -- -- will middle Brooks. You know. Comes home from dinner with -- and get pulled over -- there's a do you -- and whatever this year report that right. Even more important and that would -- some sort of negative story takes place about John Henry it's financial or personal right and a -- maybe. You can -- -- -- parallel the editor of the globe -- should dig into this is much apostle or cannot -- Course not you will have to read that in the Boston Herald -- your only option out on May be. Website -- web sites but the bigger really messy divorce when the presume that he is going to be something the -- was a parent or would it have amassed a business interest by the way you know I don't know -- pursued by the ways the rumor favorite -- -- project. Could have happened at a site. And you know -- but that's just a fetching but she certainly can you imagine just said that local news some local businessman and he's a good friend John and he's in he's in trouble that he -- yeah well yeah I mean it's going to be Dicey it's going to be issue. On going kind of -- and -- -- -- I'm different world as you protect your own I mean the Jacoby story was not well covered medical correct. It was not but I think. There was more to it than that they had -- no mean Geoff -- Jeff Jacoby. We talked about last week is sixteen year old son was missing yes last week we wasn't on wasn't in the global Rondo boston.com. But they had to know that he maybe. Ran away wouldn't let them know yeah you know Jeff had to know more. And I was saying maybe is a policy where it's a sixty year old kid they wait 24 hours and see if he's just another friend's house I don't wanna panic. Sending in. I'm Adam and -- Monica and criticized for that had to be more to it than that and it turned out the kid. Was fine he was in New York took off and we have not heard any more than that I'm right I think Jeff might write about it someday -- likes. He writes about personal stuff and he's very good and rights by the son of the cute Caleb so maybe you'll find out more but I think they have the note -- you know that it wasn't. On the serious and well obviously suspicious but it wasn't. Wasn't abducted needed conducted -- don't know our way -- they they knew he was just. You know finding himself finding himself -- what some along those lines so to go opinion I'd -- with the opinion that was not to one of those deals where the. Opinion. It's two I don't do cute you know this is serious position I think not I not -- opinion editor. Yes Specter you know it should be editor at large Elvis that was that was that was -- -- Madonna's. -- publishing -- blogs that don't do anything they get paid just want to name in the development and office. At -- sort of my feet up Ryan's over -- did you ask your own office now now. Spare offices around here I don't know out there will be -- -- Beat Ali give up your choice maybe that will be. -- in scope you and your own office you got to miss -- we wouldn't mind that would no not at all now more space for for -- yeah. He didn't even sit next to you he sits next week now. That's true and if I got a problem with opinion editor. It's sounds sounds too controlling it sounds like you're exactly right. That's a problem from. Well it's a perception problem the care -- will -- you should care and you can you can you can bring your iron fist of minute hand down on whomever you want. It just doesn't need to look or sound like that from the outside I think editor at large pretty good -- -- copilot and I just do nothing you know -- you so far enough that it does nothing to back up to and I you do do something he did something today and I give you credit for you wrote something. That no one else in the city. Has gotten yeah it's been an issue as you point -- for couple weeks you know they came out. Announced their new regime you have. And again a credit for being honest this atlas and we're together yeah deal it and I think -- had to be prompted junior right. There had been rumors -- to -- you whispering about a they would at a -- yeah back -- -- when they -- oldest person no they didn't hang on the other side -- problem called that what's the deal -- that. Yeah they did sure -- and put them to think that could've. -- -- -- just. Continued with the the mystery and said let them try to figure out the -- of yet that's -- how I've got to believe loves together specializing I guess that's right just an average passed right I agree. Which the older one that I mean you -- -- -- a conflict -- known -- as written it. It's already put the fix and at the -- to some already Mecca call maybe I don't know he had no idea I'd -- seems he is senior -- it seems juicy enough to see that people organ attacked Nancy who -- well it does matter and people say it's not -- serious -- are in most other major markets there are writers there are critics who would have covered in the in New York. In my that would have been in the daily news to post it wouldn't abandon. You know hey here's six on his the globe is is -- It has semi W -- the -- Dell and -- biggest relationship and and they you know they Britain in the that old games and they attract non profit at right so. John Henry must have in some ways sort of given the bush right. Now maybe it's below his pay grade -- -- way way below while it's not important and text. And has blown up with titles for you supreme commanding overlord. Swampland at about these and I have fought Jihad. It's a strong off the she -- it up. The Ayatollah of opinion on that city. Limits on controlling opinion that's bad that's. -- though they see. They can snap that sent by the way it needs to be something different in the right by the way they've given me your budget and -- two writers 500 dollars a year. Wow I really -- I mean. Messing around here but I'm just content -- sounds rightfully. Let's talk about our it should be content editor opinion -- arms stifling. Contents editor at you received any submissions blind I have and we welcome them all the time and crazy funny and act crazy Ernie. So -- -- overwhelmed. You should we talk look at the -- at 678 at eight different people should try to steal like bar stools like second in command said -- -- -- -- rest for awhile idea what you get him back I'd like to look Jerry. -- -- got the money got the -- kept the 500 you're talking to people who like that minority be talking. Negotiating which are thought Hamas negotiating the conversations may have -- -- and as the opinion editor of that present them a different level. People no yield on our -- a poignant Israel -- got to stick demise of my people -- Arafat -- -- we digress one -- -- again you know get antsy because we -- sorry John. That leads some about Wednesday in year. And it's only Wednesday. But I think I already have a large aspect of Sunday's AFC championship game figured out just not the the final. The final deal if it breaks down to in my opinion this is a contest between the team that has -- advantage in football talent. In execution. In the comfort of home and maybe even the exits at the -- and the ability to. Played defense and play offense on one side. Vs the team with all. The intangibles. The team that has history the team has mental toughness the team that has resiliency the team that -- -- I hate this expression. Somehow finds a way to win and a coach an -- cornerback. That performs at their best when the stakes are the highest -- Super Bowl losses notwithstanding. Now that's how -- broken down and you can tell which ones which Denver was the first group hatred for the second group I just have to determine between Friday at 959. Which one of those who set of circumstances. I think will provision. You have to decide how important coaching quarterback are because if you switched them and Brady were the quarterback of the Denver Broncos. Would you have any doubt that the home team would win no question you know question that's also this is the watch factor and helping -- watch Specter takes place. With the visiting team I think it could take place. Certainly with the home team if they were on the I think the pressure is your friend if you weren't the New England Patriots -- -- I agree with you want more pressure you want more intensity. You want to ratchet that up as much as possible because. You don't really have a lot of advantages in other areas mean we get some breakdowns he would permit was up and down what he told me a lot of yeah. There are a lot of places areas categories. Positions. We say big edge between the patriots. Tammy could come up with Andy. Offensive line. I mean I think and I -- running backs like that I think well Alexis real personal blog at because a wash -- vs -- he watches. -- bomb is they wash adding. Belichick certainly has an advantage over -- offensive line. -- actor that is is is running I mean he ran for 200 an easy yards against this new in the paper defense I get the picture month actually escalated. ITT that's right now that it is defense is hot. Right -- -- -- -- secondary is -- little -- little slight slight -- but there is -- area -- say that is big edge. In the patriots beyond. The coach against quarterback I would say so under the so and so UNC. Well actually not speculate whether -- would not say enormous said you would. Under you know who weren't here mean for here. I think you'll be with me will be making predictions already incident -- the -- -- win this game yet if you're the Broncos. Easy. Mean you're just really happy the Miami Dolphins knock off the patriots as if they hadn't. Game would be here. That's how big that game was you know thick -- -- at the time that they had beat the dolphins could be played here the should be favored I believe. And we'd all be convinced I mean would you beat me and I'm already convinced patriots went would you guys be convinced they were gonna win if they got home field yes. -- blew it against Miami right up at the forecast is a little cooler. Here on Sunday it is will be an inch -- so Saturday is right here and a decent snow and it's more in knowingly and cold and -- now. Would you be 100 wouldn't be like 90% convinced that there was no way manic the government here and Manning threw four picks in the snow here ten years ago. It's big snowflake. In my forecast it's Sunday is going to be -- and when he is kind of partial slow play yourself -- -- voice or -- and a 3030 degrees. And he's got hold of the minute. 36 degrees 21 hello Sunday -- year yet but so that's what you have to win those games right. When your plan Miami in the weather hampers -- change for the long term up or I saw last night looks exact mid fifties commitment to Jesus sunny and swipe you know that's why pick in the Broncos. You've you've come to the -- you which honesty in my opinion that's one intangible intangible that goes to Denver -- I said leave the comfort of home but the comfortably warm home. They're home. Their home the weather's going to be good. And that's the weather was bad at it against me whether it it brought me. Do you remember November 24 as I did two nights at the next day are not forget this game I said that they the only way I would ever that faded April ticket prices at the weather's good considered picking their next there -- that the way that you bet that reason they choked. In Foxborough was the way we it was a big factor in huge factor and -- the wind was YE. You know it's like in the ball it has no works. But that's how the wind without the wind he would come and fox on one. This man and yes -- have -- the water I mean he lost but if you lose once as a human of course in fact I'm ticket's effort Cisco. I watched the replay -- on network. The last yells at Cisco game COK there. Us up and down that -- the last two times they've -- it was eight points in the last Tuesday I was top ugly and and and and by the way Seattle's even more obnoxious than I thought the -- It was a routine play which it's which it's German mix attack just two days it's like he was. Leslie Nielsen in naked gun behind all the aunts and the audio just -- guy. I hate Richard Sherman currently do get used to see in the super bully their witness game well I'm idol love San Cisco gist is obnoxious but -- -- -- all pro team to -- I say it more obnoxious coach of noxious team. A good question -- -- I'm struggling with that I am a broad and repeat even though he has which chairman on this team numbered repeat as -- because I like Pete much more like tomboy. San Francisco has weaknesses they don't they don't right now how. Could become the first team I believe ever. To win 1234. 1234. Straight road games. Right and this is their third and it's -- gas into game Terrelle did so I'll have ever I think the Seattle situation is gigantic. And I think not just the noise that's on -- which -- problem. I think it's in their head this is one of those things where. Manning can say we don't want it enough and thing that was an aberration they'll never do that again they won't beat me a second I'm certainly not at home that doesn't make any difference I think the fact that they've got their asses kicked. -- forget that totally missed the last two times in Seattle they have averaged eight points in Seattle in their last two games I think that's more than an aberration. I think -- -- things are different now they're hot to that doesn't -- -- -- for you because they manage any real. -- Seattle say when -- agreed bay Seattle's Bob talked. Just offense sucks right. -- one company in there but they have 200 yard passing I believe once in the last five games to. Hundred yards past -- and they have no receivers Russell Wilson in the passing game stinks to relax. Last weekend's four game was only one team had over 200 yards past going to be ugly -- that was Manning they never do anymore they are struggling the passing game is drug -- thirty points scored. And now and him to score will win but except to listen close really closer Francisco Denver but the it was a good superior compare -- -- passing games that scene of Cisco's cut. Bolden who's just Livan Crabtree moments and crap pre game vs Davis. Quick quick person however gets hurt its darkest days or it's not hurt it -- to its. Anybody that one games all year without him beast mode -- -- games all year ago are beast mode frank. Gorman got an answer for everything. And right now -- -- -- -- 67779798372. Things you need to know about we combat number one. I think I've already identified even though it's only Wednesday what we don't see coming. In this AFC championship game it's something that I am almost positive we don't see it coming and it. And perhaps more importantly to the moment. We are going to read to you without question my mind that you can disagree if you like. The sap missed most maudlin. The biggest literary stretch -- by a sports journalist I have ever read in my life let's say in a lot. It's so bad -- party called again to contribute to -- -- my car. But I don't know -- column was good and by the way before -- ago I hear the opinion I will lose. -- vibrant -- people reporting to you. But he reached up to you for employment early because your -- It was vibrating like it's like feel like they -- like the old days the -- to mention that. Skinny guy in the white house with a big years yeah and I'd CD those phone plus get office. Six cop show their people in town today are keeping -- -- you guys wanted to check -- -- hole. Get back to the opinion I had told us told his -- will explain all we get back.

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