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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 1/14/14

Jan 14, 2014|

Andy Hart, Rob Bradford, and Ben Rohrbach stop by the Blitz to set the table for the day in Boston sports.

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Are we start today with football and the Hart joins us patriots dot com patriots football weekly and on Twitter at Jumbo heart Andy let's start here. Bill Belichick likes to take away one thing from the opposition every single week what's the one thing you'll choose to take away from the Denver office. I think you have to start Peyton Manning. -- to make in one call on you can't possibly take away all his weapons is just too many of them and I think you have to start by confusing left pressuring Peyton Manning. And try to get him uncomfortable and we know in the postseason sometimes when he gets uncomfortable. -- -- adverse report NC start with any work from there. And the other than Tom Brady who's gonna have to step up. With -- patriots in this game for them to go on to the Super Bowl. You know I'm gonna -- wild card out there opt for a -- and they often call I think they need somebody other than Julian element to catch the football. I think they need to be able to throw the football against the Broncos to score some points we know that secondary. Without it that covered we know they're that pat structures on you need to throw the football you can't just run this week. He's somebody else -- I'm going -- -- -- -- is building a relationship with and trust that the veteran receiver and that I think calling the step up -- It sillier answers or Peyton Manning and Austin -- the question I guess was who -- the 2010. Indianapolis Colts and the art center before weekly thanks fans are bigger our rob Bradford joins us -- baseball. Rob. -- suing MLB is also suing the players association. What's the upside for A-Rod but also what's the downside here for. The -- with the Canadian and and he doesn't win which is a very real possibility. The upside is that he'd get some sort of satisfaction in terms of the fight and this. In terms of getting his reputation back which I don't think is up is that option but I I think it's been told by move. He continues to waste it on the money legal fees but this is though a last ditch effort by a desperate man. Okay how desperate is the -- in terms of his career -- he is he gonna play a game with the Yankees again he's got to play game. It for anybody. I think I think he will not play game the Yankees again I think you possibly could play a game again. Because let's and -- local guy he's not the Iraq that we knew before and let's be honest. The Yankees actually could use a third baseman like A-Rod. But I don't think the Yankee -- have A-Rod back in their line -- you get to the end of this suspension he wouldn't be played very little over the last two years. Still something he might take a -- on them at very very low cost because the Yankees would be picking up the bill. -- can read -- WEEI dot com also here among the hot stove show Thursdays at 6 o'clock along with Alex spirit here -- WEEI on Twitter at Brad fell. -- -- Our Dan -- covers the Celtics are WEEI dot com also on Twitter at the roar -- and Celtics. Lost their ninth straight game last night was a pretty lose to Houston Rondo will be back Friday though so we says against the lakers. That is good or bad as he make him a contender or can they lose enough with him in the air to really be in contention for a topic in this year's draft. I would just look in this stuff and basically. They have to place 600 ball the rest of the way to get to where the -- -- last year that eight seat which was about 38 wins so. Even with him back I don't see them make in the playoffs. Sounds like you're looking -- up and didn't some voodoo on them to those who won't happen -- -- it has been have you been keeping up wins. The stars of tomorrow one college basketball salt Wiggins had and nineteen rebounds last night in -- -- key to keeping up with them. It was so one guy who has emerged is that number one pick is the -- -- is your -- departed Parker somebody else. I would go to our partner I'd love his game and I think he's more of a sure thing you know he might not be the greatest player that comes out of it I think that he's going to be a great player no matter what and the other guys. -- upside but but they might not be as you know fundamentally sound as partner. Are better Iraq you can read -- WEEI dot com does a great job covering the Celtics even though they've lost nine straight thanks Ben we appreciate it. Thank you are they don't that's the Boston Abbas the blitz brought you by AT&T the nation's fastest. And now the most reliable four GL TE network a quick look at everything going on Boston right at 245. Every day.

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