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Troy Brown, Patriots Hall of Fame: On Brady and the Patriots

Jan 14, 2014|

Troy Brown joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Tom Brady and his receivers, the Pats run game, and if this team reminds him of any of the ones he was on.

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There -- -- a muscle men on the balls. He is the boss he's our -- Troy Brown. Patriots -- a patriot hall of Famer Ernie joins us here as we get set for a huge game. Pats Broncos AFC title game and -- joneses here on the eighteenth the -- a great yeah I would. When good -- doing good certainty that a noble at this rivalry I think. And Manning Tom Brady you know a little bit of it I'm sure you'll are somewhat biased. If you mantle Brady but -- how do you former player look look at that rivalry. Can we possibly go mono a mono audio look at these two guys. Comment this. It's almost the a kind of unbelievable and -- not. Unexpected that the -- That back in the same spot again for the fourteenth amend. You know going to hit the hit that spot in the playoffs as. -- is it that doesn't get any better -- when it comes through. Quarterback rivalries throughout any sport it is route to an export this -- What you look for two of the best players to the -- quarterbacks aren't you could ever do it. And have an opportunity to get again and and at my perspective on how that Pakistan to. It's an American thing man did you know one of the world who -- hit. They don't -- -- thing that Gupta thank -- communicator is not an epic matchup. The and I my little men in the background going to be given me. It's good news is that he's he's getting fired up here for you talked about this game -- now I know by -- you can pick one quarterback to be in -- huddle with you pick Brady could play with the -- what. What was that separate Q when you were people ask you that question -- what did what did Tom do so well we compare Brady and Manning what. What is it that stands out in your memories of a Brady's he gets set to try to take his team to a sixth Super Bowl this weekend. I mean as far as I'm getting ready for the game a certain equity in the day yeah. I mean you can see the book focused on his face you know you meet its target they're pretty relaxed but you can either. That determination or it's safe that you want to win that game a little bit. He's doing anything and everything you can -- REIT is prepared like commitment anyway. But just a little bit more you know we collect a police statement that you in opinion got a pretty different to me and and whatnot but you know is when you're on the field and competing and it's always been argument argument about who's the best and who's the better quarterback who would you take. You know I think both of these governors doesn't come on I'm not sure when they want to go out there improve you know he'd better mean about it -- it. -- this off president Tom Brady recently is the author of the maybe the early years you know when -- winning Super Bowls with a lot been on Tom Brady's shoulders and it's these guerrilla such for an identity all year. And it's tough the final at the injuries but have they followed the last three weeks this offense of talk about not defensively but. There's this offers the Whitman running a football resemble. More of those teams that you won Super Bowls with. Well it even more so he went on the ball 46 times. Let's get to cope thank you know -- this kind of gonna -- -- bit -- bit of New York. Mattel football team to run it really like it or not. And it and let them -- me a lot of that 2001 -- when. You know we have -- wants -- have been. They got Corey Dylan in the hole for a birdie on him and you thought it will be a little more balanced -- they would share -- the and so absolutely it is definitely. A break back a lot of memories but how we played. -- -- -- 2000 but he -- we've looked big put them because. A did you do that against Denver Troy can you do it against the colts in can you go to -- to Denver on the road against Peyton Manning's high powered offense and just hope to get by on running the football weighted against the colts this past Saturday. Yes you can do it it -- you can do it to an extent and you know deadly defense but they don't have some holes and it. I think the -- side that take them with that same philosophy. As slow down a little bit and it kind of looked up. Put them a little bit although I thought the chargers were committed to that sort them but the charges were a little bit. Pivot to -- the ball a gift over the -- receiver that's estimated plays down field. I think that -- melodic and when they did open it up that made some big plays against that defense but down. That's that's one way -- trying to sort out big -- keep -- field and but when you have blood but for now. 57 yards and hit a hard look the public what they don't want any day. Over over. You know eight please do that yet but when the ball that glanced to one that -- of one play seventy yard and I would -- -- we've been running. But I do believe that they can go out to -- Everett and and play well enough. You know to keep -- on the trying to keep the score down and and come out of there with a victory. A jury in Evanston amazing season here I'm just curious Troy -- looked at him as a guy catch in a football wide receiver. Your opinion of him coming into the year in your opinion of him now has changed. Well I think the first thing you had approved kimono and couldn't even more than he could stay healthy. Public yet a full season under his belt that he's been hampered if there's definitely. But he would approve because they helped -- the ability. Have always been there and another question word. You know can he be here a Wes Welker -- notebook that thing's been held in a different type of player you look more explosive. Probably -- within the first step. -- it -- just you know he understood what you were trying to do in and got open -- -- plays for the team. About they doing with a couple players throughout the build a plane to go ahead approved. Not just anybody everybody and probably even Tom himself. But it felt and he looked at -- and his work as -- so what started the pill form and you can -- the competence rather that we -- that we get the week. -- with a unanimous and and you know rightly thought -- -- the got to build a lead in when he did that put him five years ago and now. You start with the Google. -- sticking with this for the long but it. It's funny you say at that -- as Mike Adams the safety. For the Broncos and I can't compare the two because. Welker has something special he can -- the ball that speed out you get off balance and only he doesn't do that. Settlements a one speed guide as of the same ability or the quickness that Wes has in the slot you disagree that it will -- like I -- that I don't. I mean let let us. You know he's got some quickness than in out of his breaks he's pretty good and get separation that way no element haven't yet -- an -- little. You don't throw it down pick -- -- you know what types of stuff yeah. And but when he does not going -- -- to a date. You know those that support of merit and play the slot cooler than the -- -- -- the receiver anyway. When you play in that position but when that comes around you know he's going to be there very dangerous but it. I -- -- -- -- -- -- That that that the case with. Settlement and with a look at the good observation by -- endorsements don't work as a. That's a at a -- three young wide receivers have Brady has the issue of an engine in and out -- -- Tompkins and voice and Dobson. Is the -- weapon for Tom Brady is it in there somewhere mean do you see these guys one of them to a mall three of them kind of you like what you see him in the next couple years -- talk from a one of them has been that guy. Oh yeah without a doubt. But they've they've also -- that. Early earlier this season and they both just ended up didn't hurt -- -- been able to do with -- so I don't know and both of these guys. Pretty company desperately pretty explosive they both run good routes in two different types of doubt -- -- definitely Dobson you know and the Marshall got a one point. Has -- Exactly and then on top of that he's -- quickly you know maybe it'll be fixed forward movement yet to beat me. Ability the -- half the people any good to me in immediately it is due to keep kids. Look at passes and make that coupled with them so good in the open field footballers and there's there's an upside to all of these. But you've got to be a limitation and they had to deal with the patient to. Get some more stuff on their -- so much knowledge so much of verbiage. Playing with Tom Brady plan to build Bill Belichick plant in New England. At the whole lot of pressure put on anybody get -- better -- and the minister from the community you have continued young guys. That's coming in where you know -- weapons that they escalated and my clean and you -- hold look at aghast at a lot of pressure. Almost got in the situation and about being out of -- pretty well and came around and started shall that being -- The pretty talented football player but you know -- -- have as a rookie they get a -- it hurt you know you're playing 1112 games this season and then. What about that there is what you -- got -- the ball back a little bit and if you can get to -- tool and you know but hopefully. And wanna too little got a brother this week -- and if not afford film being a big part about the next. It Troy you played what I call the championship -- -- this patriots team and part of that was you guys -- always favored the other the first run he went on you do you on the road to Pittsburgh. Ten point underdogs according to Vegas in the Super Bowl fourteen point underdogs last time. The patriots played a road playoff game believe it or not -- is that AFC title game that you're part of where you led big at halftime and Manning comes back and it's 3834 but the colts. Were favored in that game who who were the guy or guys in that locker room who will remind the team hate. Vegas as underdogs this week -- not to favor one unexpected to win and did you is it team. Use that as a motivation in games where you were. By the betting line the underdog it's almost playoff games. You got you got they have to England and the coaches the players. You know bill book opens is but does that every. Expert out there pick and the other thing did that both got the thing though that does the -- not one person in the media local maybe. Mainstream media. Lost two believing an -- trailer and and basically this could be picked up about that makes me wanna go -- there. Improve the wrong but you have to do within. The context that what you -- what what to -- put -- in the UK golf. You know you own. Order ruin your own agenda and do David you're not used to dormant subliminally that used to -- -- because -- within the context of what you're trying to get accomplished and and do it that way when you know you prepare -- and you've. Got a body rejected matter ready and that game -- the -- about it the -- other than adequate time to. Broad and shown a Q you really are on the don't you can you can be detained just good that they are. And that's why you put the game you know no matter what nobody did everybody says that it because they play the game but the best you can and let that -- the VW poking -- The next time around at that particular group at the cup now.

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