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Mike Klis, Denver Post: On the Broncos

Jan 14, 2014|

The Denver Post's Mike Klis joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Sunday's AFC Championship between the Patriots and Broncos and to familiarize Patriots fans with the Broncos players.

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-- -- Broncos the legacy ball as dubbed by the Boston Herald. Last couple days guys cover the Broncos for a long time it's. -- throughout the years talking about. The Broncos and Manning and -- Tim Tebow back in the days Mike class of the Denver Post these on the Broncos beat him like it's -- Lou your boss scenario. You know people like a light -- up. We would have like -- for people updates to break it down and now it's Peyton Manning -- -- it's no longer can this guy can Tebow quarterback that a conversation is is Manning got to go down. As the best ever all how the Broncos quarterback could change -- -- who really haven't been. You know Manning that that greatest quarterback debate. Are you always pray Manning was better. Because Brady had Bill Belichick on the side. -- unique -- you know we get. He can't deny me. There is there is just that's will to win which are used in the people war. You can get birdie that guy is so competitive. I love the fact loved. That they won a playoff game with six rushing touchdowns and no cut and no passing touchdowns and Brady. Shouldn't they genuinely loved every minute that there. And now that's what I think makes him -- special at all about the victory current. Why do all sorts soccer ball Peyton Manning with this playoff run means for him given -- you know the regular season obviously play the -- -- -- to come with. I get -- -- that the headline that you guys get is headed and in Denver. You know what Manning did a legacy under a cloud. Can you put it towards what what this post season does mean will mean for patent. Well I mean it's I don't think we're the only ones. I think his. Leggett he has has been merged bill on his playoff record of 9/11. Now ten and eleven for you know -- with the 81 and done. I was just what on the radio on -- national talk sports talk show there's still saying Manning had to win this week. In order to go down among the -- -- you're talking about what what we're doing here guide you to your word today that Brady and Manning are the best for the last fifteen years. They're they are there would unitas -- Montana aren't the greatest of all -- -- your -- -- -- numbers. And you know Montana never threw a -- -- -- Tracy Porter in the huge global. Employees start. You know unfortunate contending on so much good he is great and he is a great great quarterback. By you're you're not ligament and other quarterbacks when you're in this discussion your rank them against those that are great great. And that -- -- record has been. Involved albatross in you know earlier this year it was a cold weather. -- and by the way it's supposed to be around sixty -- look at each for the games Sunday. So that won't be a factor he's gonna Wear -- -- and I do think this club has been -- difference maker form as far as. You know his grip on the ball and all that kind of stuff. He's he's. Played really well comp in cold weather. -- and you know he came Peru -- a I defining moment but I think he -- which will pick you up at third and seventeen. Again and Diego chargers. -- the type of things unique. And your legacy your. It slowly and in the in a lot of ways whether we're gonna go ahead talk about. You know old degraded to degrade you kind of have to. You kind of have to turn down a little bit. And it's that that's who we've done that the first couple hours here today you know I think that Manning does have a chance. To be considered the best ever be the first quarterback -- that takes two quarterbacks art to -- take two teams who Super Bowl championship no one else has done -- my question is. Is he got to go out on top I was curious what you made of the national report over the weekend I guess Manning. Addressed it with that great but like comment actually came on Sunday where you know Chris Mort is it seemed to insinuate that hey at this exam does not go well. -- Peyton Manning might EO to shut it down for good have you heard that Manning has been hurting. This year the 55 touchdowns would vacancies pretty healthy. That was actually report the -- back next year there's no there's really no concerns about the Mac connectors. You know that the -- was skewed. So there's you know there's a fusion and -- America. And the I'm so that has been taken care. And he's got a guarantee twenty million next year is gonna come back. He's seventeen touchdown pass short of -- are. Oh you've got a five year on trial period in the interstate. People talk about the future of the bronco quarterback Manning's contract is longer than Brock got -- and -- here goes through 2016. -- -- let me ask you about the other the first go round here in New England up twenty Ford enough that a lot of people look at Peyton Manning's numbers -- you know he was. -- didn't want the ball in his hands he kept and the ball office. How was that debuted back in Denver I don't agree with the gators ran right through New England why wouldn't date rate change you put. How disappointing was that I lost so much blame to patent take that loss. There he took the blame because it was head to head against gradient and Brady glad are great -- -- You know you're right now let's check gave the Broncos. And ballot check -- was now let the Broncos from the ball. It is -- that. If I may try to read in the bill well attract more out here. While I was lucky. And not player deal which was note John Marino they're running back. About players on the team or Peyton Manning and his foreign receivers. You know what America's promise heir apparent -- locker he had. -- -- And Bill Belichick obviously your running game until the broccoli said that an error reported not to. Really the difference in the game where to turn over the -- committed on the ball fumbled. Pretty -- quote terrible panic. Out -- to win pretty Manning led a comeback are allowed a yard touchdown drive late in the fourth quarter to tie the game. And you know had. We don't appoint Carter doesn't run in that -- it's it's probably a different story. On how they're interviewed. But it was it was something where. -- check in on the wrong let them run all day articles on Iran because of the condition. And you know there are twenty or not in and -- it really because internal. And talking to Mike -- ever post covers the Denver Broncos the that the Chris Harris injury Mike -- askew between Harris and Von Miller and Ryan Clady three big injuries for the Broncos this year where. Where does the Harris injury rankings now for the year with the ACL with those other two. Well it is good -- because you know Kuwaiti I would typically would have red carpet replaced. But here they are working in -- -- -- championship game or how a couple of Von Miller late stage you know -- that he would have been the second couple. I may be right there quickly but they started -- external. When Barney Miller was on suspension of you know for the drug violated the drug policy. And they've done pretty well about a percent. So current parent what we have now is he met a quarter and a half and go up river to let a lot. Older the perception that -- carry the biggest flaw. However different replacing a guy in the game. Kurt is currently in a guy you know what a week. Prepare so won't leak repaired is the blow. I thought he was the MVP of their defense because you don't nickel guy who covered receivers and -- He went out society you know there were a couple of games it sure looked like he covered everybody. That how active he was. Are you know god can't they can't daily may not be what used to -- but you know he's a twelve time pro pro bowler. To put can't really on the outside. You're. I don't know I don't I don't think that. -- an awful deal. Especially when -- pat patriot patent game it's. There's still kind of shorten and between them actually -- dollar and cattlemen you know I. I think the picture candlelight Broncos because everyone has that you're on defense to kind. You know it I get the questionnaires comedy and comedy and you can -- not -- earlier. But it's now a long line of starters Erik Wolf Kevin Vickerson bringing more. You know not not that anybody crying and the patriots would always rather than a year but. But about it on -- but it pretty lucky here too. Yeah I think Yvonne Miller is a big want to registered just thinking about that game -- and -- -- just really struggling with that type of pass rusher body. Sony look at the weather like you said was gonna be nice I see this thing playing up as the weather make that much of a difference in what you expect that a statement. Yeah I think. Even though the patriot -- probably. Do the same thing again and give them a run you know maybe play out. -- -- It was kind of mentally I kept your. You know that is playing like create against many -- gun battle for playoff game. -- regional war. I'm I don't think the Broncos during his short patented. And more modern patent pop Warner to regain the and I do -- -- We'll let you know an al-Qaeda -- pen -- -- -- -- -- plays out who wins that are you know -- -- monkey around the current and always get the ball first in the second half. Traders like to do that do. You know -- and I think -- will be a game of have been closed you know I think it'll only point to regain swear it looked like. The patriots are gonna run away with -- are particularly point to make gains or it looked like the Broncos are gonna win. And I think it'll come down to. Who makes plays in the fourth quarter Brady -- Manning. And Mike last one from leave had a year got to watch Wes Welker watched him here with the patriots just curious. May surprise you any standout to have to watching west and and paperwork together. In that offense this year. You don't really Welker Ben like her or there he spent like their number of poor guy if I had -- -- He had not. Al sometimes. His reputation. -- takes over in teams double team him. Which -- -- area that are our Eric Decker who you're promised one on one. And although I do agree that matchup problems. And Wes Welker. The other thing about what walkers who need it looks or what walker before the concussions and you know the Wes Welker after the first one I thought it looked sluggish. Last week -- -- -- pretty good game but he ultimately at QB drops. And you know we started dropping the ball what you guys the last couple years -- me. And -- -- he's had a bunch of drops this year. He'll quit he'd still be -- -- the line could still get open he can still make up characters. But nick is gonna drop a little bit more that he used to. The -- it is in Denver next year. European. Good question because because I think it hurt the million dollar deal and Eric Becker comes up in their records. As the number two receiver. It's gonna command you don't you don't you know caught. So that's going to be talk right now I think yes. But. You know what like they can't. Like everybody else on the Broncos at -- these last two games with it funny how we're in the NFL. But these last two games we'll have a lot to do. With decisions in the autopsy. He covers the Broncos that ever post he's our guy Mike let's follow on Twitter at Mike KL IS and keep up those great graphics keep the pressure on -- keep those clouds -- -- over said here's portrayed their bike. You know I had nothing I really had nothing to do and I asked a lot I heard I heard you design that Mike -- -- I got older I got all the -- or not. He had but I didn't know until -- -- like everybody Al final in the paper this morning about Michael -- I wonder are huge Olivia were -- Now like. Written migrates south how golden -- great stuff as always thanks for the time today -- into the game on Sunday -- prepared. He's great guy I'm likely as you follow on Twitter at Mike --

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