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Legacy Bowl- Brady vs. Manning

Jan 14, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss what this Sunday's AFC Championship game means for both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

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It's probably a little bit early in the week to wish it was Sunday right Tuesdays a little bit too early to say. I -- the pats play the Broncos this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Yeah it's Aso rock great patients like waiting for something a patient's body virtual mind my wife is always. On make some terrible. It theaters with British certain time -- certain time and I wanna -- up -- certain public relate. I get -- so I have to wait around till Sunday. Is going to be tough. A lot of football for you today Mike -- from Denver will join us next hour toward brown. Our favorite to join us at 1 o'clock we'll talk all things patriots the Broncos. Not true I give the credit to the first place I saw those this -- -- been anywhere else. Please correct me feel for it correctly you always do. Front page of your Boston Globe sports section today. Legacy -- -- the back page of the section. -- not heard it called the legacy -- yet we talked a little bit yesterday about the excitement. For Brady Manning how big this game was an all agreed to be the biggest. Non Super Bowl game of our lifetime Google was at stake but I have not read anywhere before this morning a call legacy -- like that. That's what it feels like tribal bloodshed yesterday -- and find it and herald had credit to yeah the entire way Portis yesterday. Headline today I love it's what it feels like this feels like to me. More than a football game this is not just a Seattle Sampras Cisco like that there's a lot at stake the -- The AFC side of it. There's so much more Jews because the two quarterbacks involved -- guys were 3736. Years old respectively. May be playing their last big game in the post season against each other. And had two guys who are judged right now among the best quarterbacks in history of football and what happens -- Sunday. In two weeks from Sunday. Gold's long way to determine at the end of their careers. If one of these two guys going to be at the top of that -- best quarterback. In the history of the NFL yet it is more hate union of seeing. -- to coach that don't like each other prospective college days. A -- teams that don't like each other you can add you to hear more quotes out of that game -- -- it's gonna be -- -- chairman's going to be -- and Indy there's just there's more that that rivalry as far as eighteen and hatred coaches. It's you know same conference and division rather glad they battle. It's gonna be more trash talking. I don't the opinion of -- out of the -- to -- at each other AFC that if you start of the -- two teams that I'd hate each other. Only the quarterbacks hate each other. The if she's all about the quarterbacks. I've -- the NFC is more about the teams in the dislike of one another so one side you have hatred yeah you get that late. And on the other side you have. It's more gentlemanly approach right at the two quarterback -- deathly don't 82. Of cap Rick Wilson -- each other the -- -- but -- -- -- easy to -- I would be -- I would be surprised at all by the -- probably -- of college Capra. That I -- at Stanford USC right Harbaugh. Pete Carroll their Stanford players on who played for for hardball on maybe -- a -- emboldened. You gonna have some stuff. Correct tell you apps get both teams. What's the had totally hear what the -- AFC you have that earlier not not not on paper what you what bowl you have abilities. To be -- more histrionics tied to this -- -- less hatred but to work -- but more of the day. It twenty years from now. To Philip will be the better chance for talking about what happened in it. Brady vs Manning patriots Broncos what happens in the NFC and I gritty NFC game is great it deserves prime date both these games can be prime time he'd feel good about them. But from a history legacy stamp what is The Herald says today. Legacy bowl it's much more on the AFC side and add to that point Steve Serbia's column late yesterday early this morning. On a New York Post website and -- is good football writers but I would Belichick wrote a book one point evolve coaching him Belichick everything else. Pot and he writes the headline and this story reflects -- Brady and Manning have a chance to claim -- his words best quarterback ever. He writes -- Brady beats Manning. The Broncos in the NFC championship Sunday and then beat the Seahawks or 49ers NFC championship survivor in the Super Bowl. I able -- Brady is the greatest of all time. NF many beats Brady. The patriots in the AFC championship that beat the Seahawks 49ers NFC championship survivor in the Super Bowl I Ol Roy Manning. As the greatest of ball. Which you have -- -- Steve Serbia's bat on the line here winning these next two games -- won the AFC quarterbacks to the top of the list greatest of lies and half right. We've pretty -- suitable yes. We have that discussion. Yes we will bring in the Joseph Montana discussion and number he's not there right now. If you -- yes Peyton Manning wins. -- -- -- -- -- the snuck up on the air if Peyton Manning yeah wins a Super Bowl was still gonna be looking at Tom Brady's career CO. All postseason date AFC championships five Super Bowl appearances this is. This is all about Peyton Manning and we wreaking go Tom Brady. -- anywhere but up. Nowhere but up if Tom Brady loses. If he loses its Egypt Egypt he loses in the Super Bowl what are you gonna do. Drop them behind -- -- you have him right now is Izzy -- seconds. Where is -- right is it is it Joseph Montana is -- Tom Brady. And in what way do you go next -- Elway Marino. Championships -- no championships regular season numbers and any -- talking about Manning that would give it to the other guys that's the way -- look at it right now. So if if Tom -- doesn't go to the Super Bowl and loses or lose -- -- championship. Would you drop of well anyway drop of four hole you're going to different Saudi army you're saying what which guy has more loot the guy I also wanna get your thoughts on I'm saying. Let's say best case scenario right let's start let's start possible no I don't think Peyton Manning if he wins -- Super Bowl. Jumps up to the great -- -- Why so why does Brady do it your mind and not -- eggs I would agree with Steve Serb I think he's a 100% right. That if one of these two guys goes through the other and then wins outside against -- is a real physical pop NFC team in NFC type weather. I don't -- put Manning populist because now you've got. To the Super Bowls with two different teams right that doesn't happen very often were discounting now part of admitting what what what the colts. What do waddle -- Denver with two different teams in the same conference. Would have to to Brady's three overall Super Bowls would have. All the regular season records right this is subject to change a couple years now been one guiding this is Manning retire at the end of the year Brady beats all records but. At the end of this year Manning would have beaten Brady -- NFC team outside because always been looked at as it teams are equipped to get the Super Bowl he's gotten the three. He's won two of them. -- -- 81 and done 12 threes pretty good 81 and done this up and -- I you know is just always going to be there. Make a BA when and guns in twelve years might be one guns at thirteen years. It's just early on in guns on teams that should've won games a -- there's always going to be something with him. You know I I don't know -- -- vs five. -- went threes went to. I don't think you make that jump that's all he's back he's in a discussion he moves up into a discussion yes. As a make that jump ball away how much do you count the regular season numbers that that -- but I -- elect -- more than -- he started -- a full resonant. Before it got -- started what 227. Cilic of games played forever -- right. But he added a 55 touchdowns this year at the age of 37 out of the yardage record this year at the age of 37 I've already anointed him. The greatest regular season quarterback -- and I think you reading a lot of people are woody Paige a den -- -- before the year started. But he's walked up demanding -- best regular season quarterback of all time. Add that it with the second Super Bowl. Added to what the way he could do right -- threw Brady which is a huge huge part of this that's why we started it showed the Esther at the -- why you when I wanted. Brady Manning because it's chance the other guy to beat. His meanwhile these guys are playing for fifteen times. It is able outs in the favor Manning in about a what happens at favor Brady. Matter what happens Sunday. It's still going to be it's Manny wins. Pretty simplistic headwinds. That Manning spotted fifteen games that's still pretty lopsided. You know it still would be good look at it and say he got the best and heads up. I would say as a defender mitigated in this argument L will collect Belichick who had to go up against Belichick defense vs Tony Dungy. John Fox defense. -- that's going to be make a credit to many European. I look at what Manning. Is able to do like the Super Bowl think it hurts him right now you're -- a percent right the reason why would put him. And that top two for short it's Montana Brady is because the lakers' Super Bowls for me. If he got to a second Super Bowl -- -- second team. Added -- the regular season stats. That would account for being one down debris when it comes to overall Super Bowls and Montana as good as the Ford always little picks and Super Bowls. What Manning is done regular season the statistical statistically. He's just light years I don't I don't but I'm just you know it Brady gets to you talked about six Super Bowls in twelve seasons. It's been six AFC championships in twelve seasons right now so now we're starting entered area that. As far as what he's accomplished with the teams that he is head. And and I still believe that quarterbacks do get too much credit but still you got to look at it. And I don't think it's I don't think even a team meeting was another one still not you still not there. You know again I've always felt doubtful these two guys there. And it's not account of what I'm saying right now I'm not contradicting myself. But at some point did you have to look at the team I do think that dog Peyton Manning has lost games has nothing to do with Peyton Manning. Nothing at all the weak credit him with the loss. I I can't do that but at some point still league you gotta look at what Brady is has done. And what Manning is done with good teams and the fact is that. He struggled more no question about it the 81 and guns will never go away. Ever. Immediately the ATP text line at 37937. -- you're dead wrong. Manning's playoff record a couple of the way he lost the Super Bowl against the world throwing a pick six in the final drive to put his team on top you get an opportunity. Get a chance to throw picked at the Tracy Porter. Brady it was Brady perfect Aniston's Super Bowls. Is that a picture fans wanna remember Tom Brady meets the what's up on late. Brady is Super Bowls -- -- early took a safety last that we saw them play the giants and Davis team a lead in games they want to be drug downfield. In the imposition your military get Motrin -- -- -- When you get pursue the -- -- -- you're breaking up a hole like lucky couple times like last week to promote first two years. Bindra looks career probably in match Tom Brady in win percentage and everything else. Oh what Andrew Luck doesn't have is the 2000 once Super Bowl with a minute to go Jon Madsen or say if -- the patriots I just -- on it. And Tom Brady walked into the huddle. And just bring it right down the field. In his first years and NFL quarterback in walking to the line of scrimmage. Wasn't frantically dedicating it in -- and everybody ready walked a line of scrimmage like it was. Like it was 77 on seven in camp. It was a Super Bowl in his first years a starter with a minute to go in -- on TV say kneel on it don't take any chances. That calmness right then and there you'll set your watch -- what the hell might look connect this guy doesn't have a pulse. Then in there -- those the things that they -- look didn't doesn't have right now there's no question about it the nose of the separate parts. -- -- -- -- That's what we're talking about level of greatness Manning has a chance to become the first quarterback -- only quarterback and have a history to win two Super Bowls with two different teams beauty I don't know done -- I. I don't YouTube you shrug off I don't shrug it off that does -- know I ever done that before when I listen to Jim Thome now he's GM it's like now. He goes to Denver and he goes out signs all these players and creates another great team for himself. -- eighty drafts all these great young wide receivers and just jumps on a team. You know that's like saying Phil Jackson won -- won a championship but the bulls at all Mike gotta get a but the lakers yeah I got a pretty good spot. Actually get to choose the spot way to go meaning it was freeagent. Gay and decide where he wanted to go -- -- that it's a great team or is there. But what we surprise you an idea we -- think we're doing a show the that when the -- when you're wrong -- go to San Francisco where you are also a lot of -- threat that defense got iconic admits that ownership rights to bring in water -- with -- so we were stayed in the AFC. In Denver yeah you'll -- got to go through Brady don't like -- back to a super ball I would give him credit for -- try to shrug it off -- -- to audible for. Entitled the bed head coach analogy. It's a little bit different. -- they know he's got Welker at that time Phil Jackson always walk and Colby knew we Colby Jack right away there were some other pieces from Manning to put it. I guess I would give him more credit and that would bridge that gap from. That's second super ball and I can agree was derby mr. Steve sorority writes today that it Manning or Brady were to win you don't like the best ever that's the positive end of it. That's the positive and you disagree on Manning. The negative side of you start to touch a little bit and that is if Brady were to lose this game. I agree with your basic premise is not far for -- to go down -- -- right away from ago he he is. He is defended and I you know it's that -- the castles and offended by -- that kind of by walls. The wall for Brady is three Super Bowls in four years right when you start to say well. So he gets there are three of three Super Bowls. Always raise my -- ago he won three out of four. Three out of four is a quarterback. So there's always -- more heavily could go to now permitted. -- -- he loses this game. And never gets back to a soup -- when one. He's now. The conversational together for a -- positive about Peyton Manning 55 touchdowns chance to take to change the game offensively. He's out of the conversation. You talk about what's at stake and widest rob is so good what is more at stake from any. You can be not even -- that all Montana Brady conversation anymore and certainly studied ICI parasite that is play. And he got the princess and guys like case or be -- a better knowledge for United's given credit for winning even carry -- -- called a football facts always mentions him. Trying to state modern era like it. And if Manny were to lose this. And now be allow for eleven. And lose that hole when his team is healthy year that Brady's team and his team is 8080 favorite team at -- in this game. Then he actually shut the door on that conversation. That's the flip side this right if you see any way you -- bring loses this game but that's not true. Well that's why I say that he can't. Completely jumped to levels that you wanna talk about because of a game. You know or to. He can't go from completely out of the conversation to the greatest. Because of one game. You know to me it's got to be built up Mikey put that much on it I agree the Brady's got nowhere to go. You know I if if he loses this is still its sixth day of season twelve seasons ago as a Super Bowl loses these three and three in six of balls. In twelve seasons. Right so it. What are you gonna do drop home AME if you got him ahead of L like you sit there -- so nice three pre super balls. Away it was two and three. You would two doubles and five opportunities to win it jump Elway had him. We got a global arena legacy lives lost receivables and put real ahead of them now why because you win and it's zero -- exit where wanted to Bradshaw. -- -- You know it oh you mean the guy Jim Kelly I was in order we stop about where we go on -- -- Wherever you have -- Tom Brady right now. We got a drop behind his ghost -- -- I don't think Brady is anywhere to go but up. Manning. If he wins a Super -- he's in the discussion was -- with Brady is in a discussion he's animal. If he loses today's out of discussions were operating period. Any -- I hate doing that that's the reality of I don't think it's fair. Because I'm gonna watch this game on Sunday Erica see Peyton Manning played outstanding game it Eric Decker to trip over himself. In fall down Julius Thomas could fumble but they ball could fumble Brady could throw for 400 yards against his defense and he can lose 3835. But it might not be his fault. I think a lot of those losses outlook at all -- losses on him fine go ahead be my guest I don't. I don't think it's fair but that's the reality. It's reality. The reality is this a big one on Sunday were start today with Brady and Manning. And what can be accomplished Bible these guys may legacy standpoint this week you guys -- lined up we're gonna write to your phone calls here. At 61777979237. The phone number AT&T -- one. At 37937. Degree -- the Serbia -- acerbic when he says Manning or Brady can be best ever if they win the next two. Degree -- Manning's out of the conversation surety loose I want to get your reaction to that and speaking of Brady and Manning. Mike -- has been wrong before our buddy Mike -- as the afternoon show here the salt and -- program. I don't think he's ever been quite as wrong as he was. Tweeting with you back and forth over the weekend on a subject that is directly related what do well Alitalia what you did like salt and how wrong you are. We come back.

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