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Matt Light on the AFC Championship

Jan 14, 2014|

Former Patriot left tackle Matt Light joined the show to preview the Pats and Broncos. He said that nobody is more well prepared than Tom Brady.

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Our 3-D. NC former patriots offensive lineman Matt Light is one of the athletes former athletes who gets it. Matt Light foundation most of you are familiar where. Next Thursday up this Thursday next Thursday January 23 the -- trade -- he's very involved Matt Light is in a fund raiser to support the muscular dystrophy association's program in Massachusetts. Research hospital clinics and medical equipment it's monitored by -- -- company he -- vodka talked with -- all about that but all the football first as Matt joins us on the AT&T hotline. Good morning mr. -- how Aureus are. Our -- in so doing very very well let me ask you this. We observers of the NFL condition in an attempt to put some sort of prediction together in the ramp up week leading to a big game like the AFC championship game. We talk about post season records we talked about cold weather quarterbacks we talk about stout defense as we talk about gaudy offensive numbers. Let's get down to the the basics here in the world according to Bill Belichick Matt Light what really matters in a playoff game. Well out into the long list of thank him and we only started off each week what there was a you know -- these -- you can whip. Have a key to winning you know each individual game and I end and you know they gain important so well that put so many hours in the preparation to make. You know they leave no stone unturned but I would imagine that. You know really our critics used to winning this game ordered go out and executed and -- -- -- him. They're not a whole lot between don't know about each other point in there in the in the game right I mean look there's a lot of film study there's. You know a lot of guys that maybe you were younger the people that know about you know whether it's on our team the bears -- and pretty much now what dispute what you get so. I think it's gonna come down to how well he could execute -- really. -- -- Everybody talks about the past in the college football game that you may be some time to do a little bit less of that in the in the league it's more. You know -- your job don't bring you know. Kind of club mentality. Won't get the play -- you see a lot more. Of that you know will actually in the you don't know that every single play counts them. And I think the team are still open brings that energy that perhaps and then go about that you'd. Well between the -- Matt is is part of bills just doing your job presentation. Individually man to man as an example does he go to Aqib -- prior to the colts game and say you'd need to handle. Why he'll forests or to an offensive lineman you need to handle that defense event does he challenge you individually. Well you know look at remote -- that have left that your position coaches and and I know that. If you look at a guy like Don they are that you have been in the job that he's done this year and then I mean. Grow out of the job he's done group they want and and I know a lot of respect for what he's -- but that those coaches all -- in that mold that. You know they're gonna get the most other players are gonna make sure that whatever and those. You know coaches' meetings and at the outcome of compromise bill you can come and you know from them is gonna -- conveying communicated. And and yeah I mean look at itself out there I mean. It opened there was a big matchup back and debate -- they get you know -- -- you're. You know anybody else know that that kind of name themselves a big key playmakers. You know there are definitely definitely an emphasis put on hey this is going to be your week -- take away the thing to discuss go to Europe or more hours in the little room. You gotta go out practiced really well and that's what all the stands are really important. And the petroleum and the man challenge. I come -- put a 155. Games all for Bill Belichick all for a Dante Scarnecchia Maleeva. Did you always feel when you took the field did you always feel like you had an edge in terms of preparation and coaching. Or at this point in the season do you think that everybody's ready and everybody's well prepared you don't get this far without being well coached. Well you know I I think -- Bidders that put -- -- for -- you know that the fact that you know between you faced now all our you know well coached and well prepared I think there's only. And ability to do more I think there. You know just being around improved although what and I don't have a prospective load of other teams but. I'm not sure how much. Order you to put the pedal down what is it organizations and I would do it in the coaching staff and what they demand. Of each other and really that troop on the players do you know look at Tommy does and they're the guys that are played well you know from preparation to. You know it could be an out they're practice and then the things he demands the guys around him everybody go debated this time a year you know everybody everything tightened. And and then you can get the edge. But it just takes considerable amount focus and determination. What do they do whether it spell checker from ownership down. To sort of buried distractions -- -- -- trivial like keyboard the real serious stuff like Hernandez what goes on there. The makes these things go away it's as if these things haven't existed at all this year. Well I think it's prioritizing what what the most important thing here -- go out there and displaying. And sticking to that America. It -- -- -- fine line between just ignoring things and they understand Buick or improperly you know. They edited it an easy thing to do it -- when the manager group -- You know sixty some odd and then and you know you have an injury -- -- that's foreground doing rehab and other guys. -- -- player back up all -- guys egos almost cutting of very typical -- duke. -- managing a pro team but. Look bill you know just got a wealth of experience or great group of people. You know around them that can help drive home his points and and it's -- -- the respect you know I mean you guys respect the way he does things then. And you know approved reportedly -- games and oh well. We're talking with former patriot offensive lineman Matt Light met if you were still playing would you be pleased with the recent emphasis on the running game with the offensive line gets to knock the snot out of somebody as a -- to backing up a bit trying to create a pocket. Yeah alarming number I could and the enjoyed violence so you know Obama on a big fan of the running game and you know that just. You know look I liked Colin runner -- place. I kind of enjoy the challenger when they know what are you still go down there and that I gained yardage. I think there's. You don't. Is the game of football is supposed to -- smash mouth you know on their spoke would be that aspect of it and and look the truth there's more vulnerable. He'll run the ball in years past it's always been. You know that -- I mean running the ball will always be. Of great motive a great way to. You know extend. Your your speed right I mean I don't think anybody can go into a treatment they were to be one dimensional -- -- could do it they tried. But it never worked whatever we had a balanced attack or at least had the ability to switch -- that we needed to its own service. So I can assume that Logan Mankins doesn't examples a happy boy run the ball 46 times last week. You have the -- -- -- to -- number one of the playoff win against the payment you know nobody in doing that really liked the face and and so the great rivalry. And a great win and -- most importantly for the guys up front they went out there -- -- they executed the game plan that plated extremely. You know technical game and then the -- may prove that they can. You know beat people up and that that's important. And our urologist of player and you just did your job did you ever in your quiet moments wonder. What the hell Bill Belichick was thinking whether it was with -- a lawyer Ty Law a more recently when Wes Welker Jeffords say. He can't let him go -- Well you know looked a bit of studio vote of not being in that condition. It is number one you can say those things put him. You know all of normally what I always came back to the player. In the fact that I am really glad that I didn't have. The Buick make America and so. While there are definitely times I didn't understand orbit will go on. Always -- EU might only use my mind you know what. I don't have them make note that caught. You know look I think questioning you know what you bought those are what these people. You know ahead -- you in the pecking order or thinking or doing Google in a little bit well coached in the great scheme of things especially. Where you're part of a team you know organization he would now in the world. -- Oregon getting along out there in the world it's by you know I think for both players. It is noted that student that the -- -- businesses and and yet and you also give you go back to respecting the fact that you know built and well prologue -- -- in the I'm pretty sure he learned a lot more than I. Charles Barkley student in the middle of the locker room the other day after the game said the New England fans have to understand one thing. When Belichick and Brady are gone their team is gonna F and -- He said in front all the cameras do you believe that a do you think there is this foundation here it will not allow them to bottom out even when Brady and -- ago. Her coworker or stroke or quicker locker I think he was ranked figured I reckon he was drinking heavily but he said he's a friend of -- and Brady's is that the owner says -- -- Well -- clean out the bar in the owner's box. Well beyond look at I think I think you can't. He can't find -- better you know building blocks two better guys through. You know -- organization around the you know you're you're more solid head coach woke that it would that would -- you -- attic and you know do things to the level that most people haven't seen -- -- that Tommy. And so yeah it will be extremely difficult to replace the record went through that can be very difficult to imagine. You know New England patriot football. Without those two guys -- You know look if somebody -- -- -- then somebody always steps up but the light will go on in New England remote purer or out of the game. And Matt I don't think I know the answer this but what would bill Belichick's preference would be on Friday when twenty national pundits make a choice when he picked the Denver Broncos to -- or twenty pick the -- the patriots to win. I got to know on paper sure -- not here. So -- twenty -- or -- what people say Denver's gonna kick the patriots ass he won't point that out to the team's bulletin board material. May you know all all late this could look -- Coke ghoulish this oh. That definitely you know lies and and all the guys in the locker and they know that you know we always knew that in and they are comparing the billboard material mowed down. But typically when it comes the morale of the guys that you're going to be -- not not so much media so. I think both beat him good good -- cubicle in the -- probably on a field come Sunday. -- get a sense he talked to Brady spent time in the cared about his legacy and that seems to be the story line is you would guess nationalist recuperating manager -- at that sense. With him. That that he didn't really -- particular account yet overall yet. Yeah I mean. You know honestly. 99.9. Percent of the things that you would talk to commune about you know when you're playing are all deal with YouTube or whatever. That would emblematic of the meaty you rarely ever. Not deviate from his preparation and and I could say that wouldn't be around anybody I think Greg -- -- You know more about could be the end result the other that we wanted to support -- we realize championship but it not. They come back that -- how can we do it better. It map before we let you go all the seventeenth annual muscular dystrophy association event is that. He portrayed senate Thursday general January 23. -- sponsored in part by your company -- official spirit sponsor you'll luck up tell us about the -- if people aren't shouldn't getting involved public can help out. What a great event look at last year. It was it was incredible night. Where you don't get the seaport World Trade Center work you know with all these kids have been battling you know a cop movies these -- these are very typical appeal within. And number and then the multiply your boss who come into a great job supporting. You know the families and the re search -- the -- for these kids. And there's of one of orbit because black students started watermelon also but they mixed up. You know a lot of local you know at least with some of these kids that you know battle this thing day in day out -- the great resource we -- here in. People support a mallet that we recruit in the come out and that port near grand and seek both men worked all of our. I'm looking at some the talking points for the event and I think without question one of the coolest things says there's going to be a special auction. People who attend the event can sponsor individual kids to attend the NBA's fully adaptive camp program in the summer that's a great idea. They -- the great idea and in the auction going to be fun I'm a good up there and if you weaken. You know would be a few more dollars of corporate could open for the good way to make a muscle trauma you know the muscle -- and it it and there's upgrade anytime we can do things like that. Especially now my post playing days institute about. It's been awesome to get more and all the other organizations in the -- it'll -- -- -- Are they are now gonna ask the tough question -- do you qualify for -- on the muscle team about a mile has been in the weight room. A group like the muffle the -- -- that the men and it -- you know particularly remote or that -- weren't going to be so it's been a long time and I've been in the Jonbenet by the way. Big game coupled up obviously in that you're around town. Come comported with the Toby you celebrate this legacy -- game. We're going to be good up there for the light foundation it will also little port on that and if you're impound come by the stadium have some -- and -- fired up. What time to the doors open at Toby keys for the 3 o'clock game. Marilyn Moon program the lives there won't be the only entertainment talk about the old school days you don't go to Q&A in all colors. You know bill Brooks lag and then them signed memorabilia we know we got at all maybe it'll be -- So the old funny would've said get loomed up but Toby -- three hour before pick up right. It would lift from a record or go -- -- -- -- dual format might be better than the big. Met always good talking to you good luck with the event. I got a good -- Callahan on -- -- AT&T the nation's -- and now most reliable four GL TE network if I played would be Matt Light are tired. Yeah it is commercials commercials and the four banks and financial institutions yeah. Very dignified. Is not a -- this voice is not like Wes Welker selling papers. Like Jimmy John Stanton stands stress free he does he -- the coach he's -- to a TV probably saved his money invest that well with the most companies sure that fidelity. Isn't as we. Got them on. Putnam mechanics could easily kill vodka -- -- -- of vodka has a good time he knows. It is that he does does it even has its knees and shall not. Yankees -- model and then for Asian -- soon as the bunch of charity not the least of which is that met while MetLife foundation dot gambling right problematic facilities and now Aaron and as -- -- in a row back.

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