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Brady and Peyton's legacies on the line Sunday

Jan 14, 2014|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing the legacies on the line this Sunday. They agreed that Peyton Manning has far more to lose than Brady.

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If Peyton Manning had a wish list before he put his head on the pole last night and said his prayers. And went to sleep and could wake up to good news I think our habit for him today. This is Shia -- over me making him Iraq yeah recovery. Chris terrorist making a miraculous recovery this is something that is really pretty much out of anybody's control and I've got some great. News for Peyton Manning today any ideas I think I do. The long range forecast and mileage. -- yes smiled with plenty of sunshine on Sunday. Hi -- ready for this 58. Weather came this way it feels -- -- Islam Hattaway -- not whether from the other day. I totally agree with you though I think it might not so active but it's like a lot off. It's like oh good things are finally break in my way on the cast of field. Like there are dark forces at work when he plays these games particularly against this coach and against this quarterback. And I think if that said you know ten degrees no wind right. He would have trouble with his head after placing his head on the -- -- whenever trouble. Going to sleep for the next 56 days and it's huge I don't get this it's it's 58 is expected high between real feel. Will be sixty humidity. Hewlett Sonny -- opposite him -- -- Now wind -- -- greens. -- war yet when -- yes -- -- -- we wanted to go to war feel it's nobody's really feels that windchill sometimes it feels yesterday morning when he got wind does it feel warmer than. Forty to a 43 with temperature. Mullah you up to you -- -- it's 604. -- -- -- -- -- I just heard Mike Reilly give -- that you'll that's 44. -- -- warmer this morning it was humid but human last couple evidence or what was really 4545. Years ago. You want to hive 48. Today will be a high of 48. Tomorrow 43. Cloudy. And you're in the the other whether. Not important is that not demanding that you have to worry this much of the weather's turning the other great great quarterback pizza boy you know now because it got to worry about the weather you know he's -- and cold with a quarterback and believe. It's one and six. Or two in six and double checked that with temperatures under 32 -- time to see what Marino was or other warm weather quarterback like that good -- -- -- Warren Moon -- Austin we could find that we can't they keep temperature -- they're better than that Manning is no question while I I wrote this after the November 24 debacle yet. That would -- ready yesterday and he was one and six. Which -- and I thought about that this is thing's been around for sixteen seasons he has one win when the temperature is below freezing -- Sixty and I realize he played in dole -- realize that's only as a small sample seven games. -- that. He was one in six she's the greatest quarterback of his generation -- Statistically. Off the charts -- all that and BP's. He has one win when tempers -- on the 32 and I'll but he knows that but he knows questions that. And it would also stand to reason that the two least favorite words in his vocabulary. -- -- The going to be new words entry in Webster's next year when he had late. Fourteen and for being you know lesser. Of four vortex indicates that -- hitting a couple doesn't -- Well honestly though you if you compare Brady and Manning. You know much of it is arguable much -- as -- who's the better would ever play caller who's the better. Who's Smart who's been deep ball or whatever you could argue a lot. You can't argue who's the better bad weather quarterback that's not debatable Brady wins that hands down if you have a panel of experts in Trent Dilfer and animal these guys and say. -- quarter Marino -- -- Together and talk about playing in cold -- they would probably tell you Brady's among the best I mean. I don't know -- it would be some little lot Michael Bart -- Brett Favre Favre so secretive greatest cold weather quarterback -- among them and that -- Where I had the same columns one and six from Manning it's like. Twelve and two who works -- radio get the number but it's what you'd expect much of that was in buffalo right buffalo or jets and and here at home where he doesn't where he almost never loses. Cold weather and I've found again I've found this interesting to talk to him a month ago or whatever what 56 weeks ago. And he would prefer it. Painfully -- Most quarterbacks even if they're good in the cold but to follow however Bart Starr these guys with Jim Kelly say. It helps my guys but still -- quarterback. I don't want my hands -- fingers frozen. Brady looks at it as a competitive advantage that. At the same time that that that warms my heart yes the 58 that's a disappointment -- off my property is 245. In games at freezing -- below. Meetings three and seven. He's won two in -- once since then he's obviously he's got to play more now that he's in these kind of -- -- -- Huckabee factor it's the stats. Probably -- of the matter unless the big not as it is right now and not ports and -- -- all in my matter of the super pull it might not read. All these comparisons rattled regional regular season vs post season and human -- we think alike in terms of your column ideas for this morning both were very very good. We'll get to all those in just a second but rarely do I see anybody talk about his regular season numbers talk about Payton man India and how. The fair word is inflated they are how and hence they are by playing. Eight games half his games a year and a climate controlled condition. I mean. Is there a reason Vinatieri went to the colts and now's the oldest player in the National Football League. Hello a lot of danger down there and the weird into the stadium at an at Gillette Stadium so many knows that for 50% of his games he was. And a warm climate controlled operation. I think that enhanced his numbers yet the court. All right we'll -- I don't mean lose him breeze I mean it helps to play in those conditions. Hug him credit for choosing Denver though I mean he had a choice he could -- anywhere you know he kind of gone to San Francisco. Yeah he wrote that the other day -- these these -- romancing of him when he was available and humble he went there you met with the media and I think they met in Denver and yet all you have is rhetoric that's where they flew to Denver and they can. You look at that roster. And you said and and and he said no thank you you went with -- obviously made the right choice obviously it's working out well in Denver. But. He chose that whether. Which is not only Colbert really unpredictable -- the altitude and all that he could have gone to Miami that's worth but -- -- -- ago he has host -- area. But it might go to Miami -- gone Arizona go to the jets we come back to Tennessee and he's got a lot about a city that's not great I don't -- still. Back up back where I was surprised he chose Denver but he's very Smart guy and it makes sense now doesn't it. No I didn't choose your Cisco -- think now is he probably did not have creative control. It's Cisco with our -- -- -- -- want them is that the kind of guy in -- if you're Harbaugh would you tell anything what did I MLB might see this -- this puzzle -- -- -- -- accident there a bunch of -- which they are maybe the semantics played a 120 games home in the way in his career. Exactly tied 255 touchdowns 97 picks at home on the road 236 touchdowns. 122 picks -- -- way different yes pretty significant but I mean he's a very good short -- Brady's splits a bit there justice. You -- profile because he's so dominant at home I mean Brady's to a numbers. A ridiculous. It's just the climate it's obviously your home crowd home field. The the debt and we'll talk woody -- today. We're not much your your body. At least hate when he but he came around and Ronald Williams -- -- you feel like looks and product as well when he contemporary sort of crazy crazy -- cool it's I like to I think he's genuinely cut off the wall but it was embarrassing for -- When -- when Phil Simms and Jim Nance. Mentioned -- time. They do the game yes yes they said he called for the fans to really bring you know ladies and says. I'm sure didn't do it exactly like that they said. And back that old Denver patents then Denver used to be crazier than it is now. I mean. -- -- used to have an environment at all while I was pretty -- -- I figured a couple times it is now they have that guy and the orange barrel but the guy had no Charles -- for the orange well that figure stood there in the snow the script brings obviously nice day for him Sunday and get a perfect. But. I guess when you compare to Seattle. It doesn't prepare enough windows right now as home field goes but it is a tough place to play Brady does have a losing record there. And his reasons not just because -- usually good but because the altitude the coal in the wind in the weird. Atmosphere so it does maybe that's part of its choice maybe he felt like it is it really tough place refuses to go and play. Maybe I'm getting caught up in the Brady vs Manning noise and that will only accelerate exponentially as we go forward toward a toward the weekend. But about 24 hours ago on this for radio station I said you can almost make the case. That the legacy aspect of Sunday's legacy -- Is he has is almost as important. As the punching your ticket to the super double aspect of the AFC championship game and I think history overall. You know not Sunday night at midnight or not you know February 2 at midnight. But bent down the road. The outcome of this game. Will have far more significant in terms of historical feeling. About what people think about these two guys that it will about these two organizations I don't think it's any -- -- almost as important as going to the super -- In that and I think looking at the results of this will tell you what you think about the best the greatest team greatest based on the performances of these two. Very sad news -- texted him again and the barrel. No longer whether resolve -- -- for -- I happen AFC you know you're right thick of it twenty years from now in Indian oil we did you'll -- sit here. Probably host the show taken what do -- assault when a crystal on me here when the young guns will be hosting a show court -- -- -- and you'll be talking about Sunday's game you know why not -- do feel like it's a legacy game not going to feel like. Brady wins that game that he kind of moves ahead. Most of the top the list in most people's minds. Can't even yours -- gonna lose it with two more -- right to mortgage -- -- before it went but look at what emanates Manning his dog and it -- an exotic that I don't feel like. We're in for something special and may be just and get caught up -- but neither team has been blown out this year of the seven losses -- all seven points or fewer write their very competitive even in defeat we saw the first game who went to overtime it's one of that first game. Is one of those games -- never forget because Belichick gave Manning the ball the ball because they blew a 24 nothing lead. And you look back you know they played a lot of games of the fourteen between these two. That you remember forever you know the Ty Law game with the three picks the the game with the first game that Manning beat them. 3431. In the AFC champs you -- comeback for that to get the fourth and -- -- This 2001 for bright Cox game that was a -- look at this team and so this this this is different the Willie McGinest -- stones at Indianapolis runs across the field you can't. Six and a -- you know awful in on the all the buffalo in you know that was that one. Time that whenever a -- Marino -- memories now ahead of me over any time now you know I really buffalo game their members one after the third I'm not and all he remembers the score right a lawyer Malloy we amyloid. What these guys have played a lot of memorable games and might just get swept up nobody is opening winning this game doesn't enhance -- organizations. Opposition. Because you still up to win a Super Bowl right and is a very good chance of the oddsmakers would tell you the winner of this game is going to lose a super right. So does that mean that Brady wins or many wins at the wind add another suitable to their collect what I really think going to super balls matters again bring this'll be six. Yeah only what ever to go to six. Some troubles matters they really does. Well we know he almost beat the giants both times and almost lost the three he won so I mean you go there and as corny as it sounds anything can happen anything can happen to go to the Super Bowl. It is amazing record we think about it six Super Bowls for one. 16 round draft pretty. AFC champions eight teams this season ended up believing in twelve you as -- -- and seven in the post season Bieber to write you -- not often you can. -- a week leading up to a game and point to NC this means this in this means that rights or at least two people as you look back on the bring years after its late August matter but I matter. But to put it -- -- solely occurred during the good. -- the call the sport twilight pilots at these guys are going to court this would be like bird magic play for the MB championship. In ninth 1993 right you know you that didn't happen state it is it's. And and for Brady Wi tech is as you said yesterday that wrote it means a lot to Brady means more demanding Brady. Hasn't won a super -- he was 27. 27 year that's a long time ago which -- seems like he's been dominant as the ads in the regular season -- -- FC title game two on the playoffs. But it's been awhile since he hoisted. These Lombardi trophy it's been a while. Since you know the confetti fell and they hugged each other doused two Belichick and Gatorade. And and all that it feels like we've seen it. A lot but not recently have been Jacksonville right. That would have been papers he goes. In the world is huge -- yes yes yes the along Willis Donovan McNabb puke. Day it's -- along it's a long time law and on the -- has long since retired and it it you know he's he's -- age these -- retired. But it means and you know the cool thing about it is -- know that -- at most times you know the and in there to the -- -- -- will allow the word is the most athletes that you never know when you're gonna get another chance but when -- 2425. Or 26. That's just sort of captured service is gonna play in ten Super Bowl yet. And when I would look and I look around that locker room probably think it anyway up for sure radio for. Walk up -- -- Jackson -- -- -- six sevens -- 134 years right this was certainly think it'll happen again bright. And it might it and I think the odds are against. Either of them after this little run going back to the Super Bowl I would say I mean Manning if Manning were to win next year he'd be the oldest quarterback to -- global. He'll be 38. Next year almost 39 so I don't think man who's gonna go to noticeable. And Brady will be you know 37. And we see the lack of weapons he has now mean the injuries gone through this year the odds are against. Mean -- 32 teams sixteen each conference the odds or can't she do when this again. Brady Manning know that pepper the second and Wilson do not. Did you know that just too young and who knew and right although I would send peace prize program in the same conversation -- these two -- again only because who else is there in the AFC and the outlook is good but. Can change I don't think I'm very well happen I mean it's not you think it's possible. -- Celtic it's sick it's unlikely was gonna what they haven't tight and murder somebody they can have their best tight and good on the could have their best to best defenders troop go down for the year that might not make it. Oh Erica right I mean about it that's what do you say they defied -- on gas absolutely if it was it would if c.'s next year we know what's gonna happen San Diego's offense that coordinates can actually have a game plan together and stop interviewing for other jobs. Like my boy Whisenhunt to elect just Whisenhunt interviewed on Thursday Friday and -- yeah. And then on Sunday put together the worst game plan of ever seen in in -- football if you Philip Rivers if you're charger fan he notes and so Whisenhunt wanted to just in the ball off tackle for three quarters. And then decide to throw and we almost caught -- we almost won. It was -- that would tell you when Chris Harris went down to we decided to throw every bad run defense we can run on them and they but how long does do you. Would you like to say Beecher had the camera whatever it is along at yourself in the thumb with a hammer from what you know why you stopped as it feels so good it was -- -- didn't throw like three hours up -- himself and said you know what. This rivers guys nuts about let's throw to me it was a terrible. Game plan didn't they realized Ryan Mathews. Was not a 100% a year later and after that they do that every week they just play him until he he's. Tangle his ankle players up and they say OK Ryan -- -- months and I would give the ball the woody. But they're down they're -- they're probably not winning but someone will emerge. -- you say we take some of the ACC next year if seized the -- -- the -- you -- Broncos when their division that your Eunice is suited to both -- -- the chiefs the chiefs are certainly more competitive I don't -- -- to the top four seeds at least in the if he saw it is my guess one of those -- horrible -- -- your results of the march inspection of Peyton Manning's -- that's true that's fair. That's fair he seems okay right now again maybe I'm pretty sure the Broncos are gonna bring them back. It's -- channel will play right in the last nine years these two have combined for one Super Bowl win and Manning and Brady the all time greats right. It's just stuff happens in the NFC's better than in the air for the last -- -- saying back in this position last nine years the two these two guys combined appoint fourteen AFC championships or whatever it is. There so -- so again I'll give back he checked out right back here and and clearly the NFC will be favored in two weeks in the NFC will be favored next year. As long as hell wants these two teams standing you guys. You don't compete amid them root for pre Olympic and San Francisco I'm sorry yeah like that's for each other teams win. I think both pro team went well if -- -- he's -- in a tournament. What's happened just could not be one that you must see his Seattle lucky ju yeah yes -- -- Denver not be three yes entries were being forcing out. And I think I -- to disagree on some of the odds reflect that you talk a neutral field. Just rocket like. That the field temperature can call the it feels like him a neutral field I might put the the Broncos ahead of the if these were fourteen division we play each other sixteen times a year for the patriots who probably rank fourth yes yes that's probably fair talent wise right absolutely and for Carolina ranked the patriots -- I mean the glow of the teams who watched over the weekend. I think a little underrated. Aspect of this new resurgent running game is -- they -- pro to know. And him I think that's part of it they're running their focus on the on running the ball -- -- have to run the ball. I have no deep threat now and notes that Arnold song you know but they have known the print -- get no guys and I heard Tom currency this announce that it. Gates you know -- -- separation and. Cattlemen use better and best most dynamic most excited are interesting player by far not named Tom Brady on the field. That's shows some sort of limitations offensively for a while the image -- -- miracle if you like it never happens that brings us open -- wide open the ball was -- and I think. They set up the pass ironic in that case would definitely come and that might happen Sunday. But when you wanna talk weapons will will -- be those breakdowns it's the most news initial breakdowns because weapons. Receivers skill position yeah I know what Garret blunt is on a roll here but they have. Better skilled position. Players buy Photoshop -- was not exactly such quality right -- -- the patriots running backs over the Denver next to discuss their hot club you have to remember do things you have. -- and then you have wants -- way to Reno will will outpace. While in this game just -- it may be I think until maybe three to -- the patriots guys over the of the Denver to accommodate at a depth -- it -- -- -- -- this actual skill receivers while I would just handed not even close the odds to win the Super Bowl. The exact match up odds the exact outcome odds and the early lions. If it's Seattle vs Denver Seattle vs the patriots San Francisco verse of the patriot to Denver vs San Francisco I don't know what do you think these are. Interest to run usual or out of whack bowl happened where you only get back. Matt Light will join us at 805 woody Paige from the Denver Post 905 and your favorite show AT -- HTH around the horn. And just little somber note as we go to break from their laying to rest our friend Sam burns today. Think about him from time to time will be back. Oh please energy healing that and itself surround myself with the people that I want to be -- And -- keep moving felt so witnessed philosophy I hope that all our youth and regardless of your obstacles. Can have a very happy that my bills left.

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