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Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley: Will be hard to disguise any defenses against an explosive Broncos offense

Jan 13, 2014|

We discuss the win over the Colts and the upcoming AFC Championship with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

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Our Bill Belichick is here the assault and -- and WEEI -- our conversation with a coach always brought you by SB ally do Tedy Bruschi did it. And get affordable dependable life insurance from SV ally of the company that's protected over a million family since 1907. Go to SB ally dot com today -- Have the opportunity to -- -- yesterday in and watch the games do you do you did you get to just watch the games there where you instantly to prep mode yesterday. -- -- yesterday we. You know finished up our game with the colts went through. And that knows and it's corrections and then. -- you know ground away a little bit at a at San Diego and Denver and then -- watch the game and in the office or to London last night and sensitive Castro so well. Very competitive game and you know two good football teams. Onside kick was typically they're seventeen -- decline but in the -- -- -- a few more that the control obviously the first. So good football team. On the third and turn sixteen or seventeen what happened on the play and what at San Diego do and patted down just from from your perspective watching it out of that play develop. It I'm in somebody -- mistake I'm not sure who was a look like. Look like her plan 304 deep -- quarters coverage and I don't know with a -- just -- -- there -- room when decisions corner or combo on whether they thought they -- hearing it more help from the underneath player. Nobody took them and they're they're two guys on poston. Just nobody out there -- some. I mean obviously somebody did something wrong mature. It was the communication. And assignments were there you know wide open has situations you lose our guys Julius Thomas to make athletica. Back to your game -- was impressive to watch man six rushing touchdowns. You've seen your share of big and so call big -- your career -- I told. Which type of guy he had to make comparison is what your -- faces some of those things that she's. In case he's kind of unique. It's really -- halfback and fullback spot me and uses it 250 conduct that. He doesn't look like 250 comeback. Like James Dellums a 250 -- back but he you know he looks more like go. More elusive it was a good lateral quickness good vision good acceleration that -- big guy can own power so. Eagerly. You know has a good cooked a lot of different ways he can feature he can you know run over guys on around them. -- count on him and he's got very good vision he he finds holes the lot of times. Aren't. That evidence but when you when you really stated -- closely CO. Quickly he can. Find it again and get through it and -- -- and really good news. He's played played overs has very -- analyst. 46 weeks and guys aren't -- -- clean shots on him and -- ability to push the pile or counseled some of those tacklers that. Biologists are strong enough to get around the shoulders as a bond. And every week when when there's a guy running the ball or team running as much as you were in this weekend and and really South San Francisco and so with with Seattle as well. Late in the game there's a a big run broken Marshawn Lynch and a long touchdown. You you have the long run by pipeline mean there's there tends to be that one run popped near the end of the game and we always hear from the commentators see that's what happens when you just keep running the ball eventually you're going to pop one. Is that true or is that just an adage that it doesn't really work if you're on the volume of its troops from. Here defendant you that's not true so. Does or does it does running the ball well although lead to other good things in your in your office. -- -- short course that does that it certainly opens up here your play action game that keeps the defense from getting into a pass rush mode when they got to play the run. But I think one of the one of the benefits is that a -- when you call plays. Multiple times that the offensive line. Tight -- running back you know all the people of all there unity get a second or third look at it sometimes. While -- them doesn't quite go clean the first time you get fixed and in the second or third time. You get blocked a little better you get it you get the defense can't offer him whatever happens today. Or there's often one play maybe you're able to -- complementary player that. A tax you know looks like it's one thing that something Nelson and you're able to create some space there are so. There's. As the game goes on I think you can you can definitely gain. Some knowledge and and hopefully better execution on some of those plays if if you have a full compliment of them that obviously keep on the same play over and over again. Maybe effects that are maybe they keep saying that maybe they play better. No we were talking about this before you came in he is is hard remember the last time the patriots on special teams have. A really big miscue. Like you did on Saturday and I was watching you before. Before the snap. And you seemed to be bothered maybe it was it was her weakness of the offense. Leaving the field and -- the team coming on and you think that led to the bad snap it was seemed to be an hour. -- it. No we we substituted late and we just we've done it several times this year you've -- it and we just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We get a better joke so evidently we just didn't get the play all right and executed the way we want to. And snapple's fine but lose the house intently but -- and often time -- the -- as recently and obviously. Didn't the witness elegantly is palpable and it looked like the -- -- -- opposite you know -- happened tell the other team makes full substitution right era which fluctuate as we know that brown but. By the time he was out there there was now. 56 seconds on the clock we -- least enough -- what do you want Allen doing that situation and what. And it obviously you don't want the bad snap but if that happens -- -- it doesn't it's tough player for the honor I think. You know he'd he'd. What will he really wants it is to try to take a look NC what. -- what's on and if they're on and take the safety and get rid of it if they're not on them. Maybe you have time to picked the ball is ironically aspect of line of scrimmage or possibly -- off but. You know we -- run when your back to the team like you just don't know how quickly there on him I think when he got to the I thought had a little more time than he did in turn around and they were right there are so. You know it's. That I think that's what's going through you know the owners' -- is trying to. Trying to do the best thing but until you're sure how close they are or where they are you know. Really know what the partisan. Well I know in the -- he's trying to say this -- yards of field position. But they were probably a little too close for him to -- -- to get a pawn off so. Well we're lucky honestly Ehrlich is turnout the way it did -- safety -- for the Chicago for. As the play you know it in the end when he found that the ball all that those for those we -- for safety rather than them. Recovered in the end zone for a touchdown along with two -- on. He rather have the safety in them on the -- Of course I'm an -- Google management to feel there's. Some people are saying it was a pass. You know some some our callers and and -- leaders in other passes incomes have been incomplete pass what -- Mom. It looked like a -- -- -- -- a formal. I don't think you really. Seem like the ball Connell went out of his hands and I mean it again you know whatever the call was on the field is probably what it was Wednesday because I'm not sure that there was. You know enough evidence to say this is really what laws -- wasn't had to call an incomplete pass that that might appeal to so. Itself call for an official again narrow thinking -- gonna go that way. And all the sudden it's back in the hands on he from the -- try to see it go away and and make the call that. And I couldn't call. So that leaves you with a couple of interesting things well once he leaves the game with the injury you have your kicker ponting and you have your starting quarterback. Holding. Which will make you hold your breath more. You know and it really neither one. Own. You know Steve. Has thus -- and running game so he's kind of practice and he's opponent. In any punts out there a lot and you know palms held before then and Toms held. At practice at times so. And that's. I mean -- we felt confident in both guys have any worry I mean I thought that Steven punt the ball very well and mean but. As far as you know him being able to you know execute to a decent level I thought that you know that that surprised me. But I thought that -- the first -- it was a great -- the second and third tunnels and other relief upon. And actually upon that Ryan gave us on the safety Louis wasn't very upon one -- time -- the ball on the right in the -- went -- America become more often. Are unaware then quibble with the thirty or on line 32 year mark something like that so let Lehman. Those those good field was forced to. Consider what where we're come from so. You know that's party in -- the playoffs in and you just never know and unfortunately. You know those guys were ready in the came through that a good job are you going to bring in another punter or or go with what you have -- on the roster right now. Falwell Woolsey were -- and -- Iran's. You know just. Take stock everything here in the next their zone and try and do we feel it's best I'm not sure what that is. You know bill cower had a great we do another interview review. And he also had. I thought you did a really good job of explaining to. People like us don't really see it instinctively like -- is that a good job of describing coverages. And what it takes this to disguise coverages the importance of it vs Peyton Manning. And and and I was watching I was thinking okay. It's Peyton Manning Tom Brady. How hard is it that to the degree of difficulty of disguising vs. Peyton and Brady verses. Say your average quarterback how difficult is it just to disguise for those guys who have seen at all. Well Yani is very challenging and and and of course they make it with -- Denver in a makes it hard on it because today. A lot of console game and formations. That force you to declare certain things with the you're gonna move linebacker. Now whether. You're gonna and put your corners over on one side whether gonna stay backside to a -- -- things like that. The try to get some indicators on with the coverage is going to be so. You know if they were just line up on the same formation every time it it would be a lot easier disguise because. -- you know where they are Newton that you you can you -- more control over when they. Are going fast and they changed their formations Austin. And give you different looks and it's hard for you to get lined up and we're gonna Paul and then try to disguise it make it look like something -- it's. Sometimes it's challenging just to get lined up and play whatever you wanna play. So. Which in the end is the most important time in -- Well certainly a big part of the game and it's it's important but. It's not as important as -- what you have holes so if you can't play. And this does not approach the very good so. But that's that's the issue and they they you know they don't they don't make -- before so. As much as you want to disguise. Sometimes. They -- in mind. How interchangeable or not interchangeable linebacker positions. Okay. Well I mean we have to. It will be with the players we have on our team that's always have some of their -- of the guys have to be able to do more than one thing we have to some depth within our own team I mean you know we can't. If there's nobody to bring in. But it realistically. I guess when I mean the job description for each of two or three different linebacker position similar to we charming is it easy. To make a leap from play in a weak side linebacker was strong side or middle line I mean how how difficult are those transitions in your system. Well I think it. In the end it all comes down to the player. Locally players that have been in very. That enabled adapt from one position to another and then we've -- other players who. Really have a hard time doing that and I think that's -- you know people in general some of -- are. Are you know good one thing and not go to multiple things some people are -- a lot of different things and you know the production performs is all kind of about the same -- which one it is so. That's you know that's funny you know sometimes. And you move a guy from. Left tackle right tackle left corner right corner left Carter right guard and it's seamless. And you do somebody else and it just. -- don't -- -- whole world apartment and they just can't do it or not do very well or they'll collected from players. So. Obviously the guy had a hard time doing that then we wouldn't look gonna do it -- guys that can make that transition. Fairly easily removed from corner to safety -- defense and until linebacker or tackled Garber. -- disease or whatever it is then. Thank you for more flexibility in -- game plan and and some adjustments to make. I do think it's important that. Guys understand. Those positions so I mean if you're authority to understand the tackles due to -- Sam you've got to know with the -- don't hero quarry I don't know the safety stone vice Versa. So the more that you understand those things then are the better with the people your position so we do some of that anyway just. Even if we never have to move on I think in the end it's still helps them have a better grasp of the overall. -- -- You know Collins have had a good game on Saturday and he got a lot of acclaimed work and I'm sure there have been some other moments this year where you're seeing steady progress and maybe we haven't talked about it. A play on special teams plays on special teams when did you. First -- and rookies are it's Ricky rookies are tricky to figure to have some rookies get it immediately some. Takes a while when did you know that this particular rookie guy. Well I think -- you know -- show quoted in the spring you know start and all in our spring workouts so. -- pluses on his intelligence is learning ability his. Been able to just. You know granite there's a lot -- you know he made his mistakes like any rookie did. You can definitely see he he has a good. I'll make up as a football player -- and it rattled he's very. Scott poised he can concentrate. He's got tremendous athletic skill it is explosive player. So you know he -- got to log on form Tennessee's gain more experience he's. You know just on more things for -- and that he's been completely here. We've talked about guys like this before and I got him in the second round. A lot of times it could be the school. His team. His team's record overall wasn't good clearly an exceptional talent that is that it can have a school that. Who wasn't doing so well. Police say is -- here you're seeing here is that it is is that what it was is that what made him available or was it. It would did his versatility. Work against him when he came to the draft a safety here he's a linebacker. Where we got to use them I mean why would -- available to. Well. I would say that they're probably. Was a little bit of maybe questionable position plan. You know as he says he he played safety is a freshman played you know we're back in high school. Please safety is a freshman and played inside linebacker and played outside linebacker in the 34 in -- play defense and and and for three so. Is an end as an outside linebackers and inside linebacker. You know. That it it in his versatility might -- worked a little bit against them and -- -- -- the kicking game. And you're right they did and have a good -- is seen here -- own twelve or whatever was so. You know -- listeners as per practice. And some of the players were there other schools or they're better opportunities but. You know he sustaining competitive tough player to do a lot of different things and I think. You know as he's. In have been able to grasp our system omen. Do do different things that think we can see how personal is I mean we've seen them. Blitz we've seen them make tackles on the line of scrimmage we've seen take on blockers we've seen covered tight ends receivers. Plan kicking game on 4050 yards and make plays. -- -- in close quarters in line with the strengthens our. So. You know he's got a lot of personal skills and I think you know the way the game is. Spread formations close formations kicking game. That you know he he's really not I would say on comfortable anywhere you know he's just as comfortable behind on skirmishes is. In split out cover and cleaner on a fade route. I have final question for you don't quit my -- doesn't architecture -- talked about identity a little bit throughout the year with you -- the -- this team and -- was forged and how it developed over the course of the season evolved. The last few games you really on the ball much more so than in previous games union street threw the ball almost half as often as just more than half as often as you were and it. How much of that is by design heading into and how much of it is just the way the games have taken shape the weather etc. in the last few weeks. Real -- into a game plays out and is certainly -- weather was factored in buffalo game much more so analysts against the colts. The 900 plan from and you know with a 1410. Whatever point lead and -- saudis here at the call runs in the balance than it is when you're behind by the same score so. That's definitely faster but you know in the end you both. Nobody likes to run the ball. You know gaining yards -- -- Fazio rumble here in one or two yards a carry. Who wants a call those off some in quarterback sneak and get -- so. You gotta gotta find a way to move the ball and if regaining our disease -- -- fear on the ball and regaining our agencies to call passes in the key thing is to exude the plays and who the ball score points and so if we're doing that than our offenses -- effective it's not them. We got to find a way to do that that's that's really comes out. You got your. A nineteen hole playoff win with a win on Saturday. I would Don Shula. One behind Tom Landry makes you wonder how you are in the same division. With the injury for many years probably wasn't happy to see is some of those top of the -- had any. Memorable interactions. With with Tom Landry he with the cowboys -- with the giants at the time. You know not too many but other than the fact that in in that division at that time as you mentioned Michael you know Landers Coleman plays. For the cowboys and Joseph Gibbs is on plays for them. Redskins and -- quarry hills called plays for cardinals and then eventually happen after the so. You know as a defense coordinator you're kind of going up against. You know the head coach and their offense you know in the division and no -- system was a very unique one -- -- one that I think we'd see very little somewhat slow. Today. But. It's. It was an interesting one too. Defendant compete against because of that just the way it was design and you know the volume of it and kind of what they tried to do you know it's very. Unique and in. You know -- season much like quite -- while. But the toughest part of their glory for those that don't know what what do -- what does that limited unit. Well I would say that their whole. A lot of their offensive system was based on. Deception and every play had a compliment to it and so you you rarely saw the same play toys so they ran. The problem. They run down block on one play the next play that on fake down block and think that the defense of Juan will play into the down block and they try to run side. Or they'd run patterns that were. Looked like that was sort out the look like the pattern. And then but they would. The receivers who have run different routes and we're really is different patterns that start out looking like the same thing. And each formation had probably. You know 678. Plays. Office so would you know every every formation would have been permitted inside and on an outside on reverse. Couple play actions. And you know maybe you know another player too and there that you know somehow fit into the mr. erections or. All to keep you know keep in the defense off now so. It was they were very balanced run pass inside outside in the city each play kind of had another play that went with a that looked the same but you know attacked in a different place you know they did the shifting. Usually double shifts. And so would would force the defense to communicate it lineup with the backs. In one spot and it should Jonas the shift again and then it on motion and it's now the bulls obviously that was a lot of check in most quarterback but. It was a lot of movement by the offense in terms of your defense of the adjustments. You know that that was. That was -- that communication challenge for. Different but in -- similar to the Redskins fall asleep they weren't they you know change the plate check -- kind of team like so Denver is. They would give you a lot of different formations a lot of different looks but they would run the same place. The cowboys have I'm in the volume and in the volume of their protections Willis. Enormous they have you know I don't know 3040 different protections. Because they had play action passes off almost every wrong. And then obviously you can't. Each runs different so than their for each protection will be a little bit different because. To cast the tie into the Iran so. You know you guys in Poland and blocking goes on the other side of the ball. You know also that blitz that's -- hard to get to him but. But it looks the same to linebackers so they're not bullets in their plan Ron and you know also was a very. Again the very unique offense to. That they had -- defendant and you know when when I went to Detroit. You know I had the good background and because as Hughes who who was the run and a coach at the cowboys under Landry was the office coordinator. So we put in that system so. I understood. On kind of the fundamentals of it and and that it was very our offense put -- they had been runner for you know 1015 years and you know warfare for a long and it. On a new team with a new staff put an endless it was very tough. Because of the volume and the amount of things that you know everything fit off something Nelson. You know it was hard to get the basics and to ever get to all those multiple adjustments so. It's very very complicated. I think even harder now with the limited practice time to install something like that just like yeah I don't have enough time well well I also don't think anybody really. Coaches offensive football. There were many that coach at like they did then just like nobody coached the flex defense. You know like the way winter and that. I mean it was very unique. You know Dick Nolan did little that the nobody did it to the degree that. You know Landry did it with a stances on the line Manson and the reads and everything that was. You know it it was it's truly its own you know stood on its own two feet wasn't really. Close honor you know had any connection to any other system I would say offensively. You know even alignments shifting you know hopping up and down off the river that two point stance remains true. You know all over the place that was something that strand a little bit of when he was -- Kansas City you know back in the early AFL days but. You know he just nobody else did it mean that was but it was very much a part of their system because they wanna make a perfect -- that could see the back shift. So they would stand up -- about shifted than you know you have to sort. That's elated at the and is nobody does that anymore and honestly nobody was really doing and when they were doing. Well an opportunity to try to -- Tom Landry playoff wins this coming Sunday coach -- -- documents Monday okay are I don't know alcohol here WEEI.

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