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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 1/13/14

Jan 13, 2014|

We answer it all!

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It's okay. Point seven you'll. -- -- yeah. It's time or answer the question -- answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So which could be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question yeah. Mike you. Or anybody below from my. Place and so afraid like you're costs arm. -- coach stringer. The. -- you are. -- great. Face a bit of those they sound bites from let's face Andrew looked -- -- you know. It seems set written all over there you see them area that yes that was great and he -- add noise problem there you know. -- guys some queries government has acknowledged throwing Jazeera talks about her shirt there. Separate problems need surgery. -- is talking likely to get them out these moments badly how can you tell. It's a question right to buy heiress restoration specialists of your property your facility manager don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place BP prepared. Contact heiress and 8774611111. Or go to -- serve. Dot com went to the dentist this morning. -- thing grind my teeth and I you know woman Wear -- mouth -- -- nine point -- we don't guard. But like the big just like the bracelet you know yeah. -- what was the verdict of a question mask. What was the question. Whether or not should get a cleaning more than two year obviously -- this is -- -- -- year -- everybody's desk toys they say because dentists say that they the same way to take an oil change every 3000 Markowitz a -- on -- and Iraq little bit of racquet to get a little crack. Remember -- to be an effective Jennifer duplicate providing Jennifer's -- user conscientiously applied program oral hygiene regular professional -- But do you have. More from Kansas that in -- -- demo was fun out of it Wear them out what is going on tomorrow and -- and I'll root canal must not. But that's not you know I'm no good luck and a few minutes if you remember last year when I -- him at work afterwards not making -- mistake it was -- -- tomorrow and improve. Guys you're alone on an island with two women and you can only have sex of 1 of yes I am do you choose Liza -- o'clock orbit middle. Bet -- Why can much nicer hands. That after having you know endless body near shore. I'm sure wasn't that was a lot of body here sure what he says that what I choose -- -- backer Barbara and a woman is taxed very. Can -- yet all via its 2014 and nobody has bought -- a bit lies he has achieved in the late part of relate above the -- in the last thirty years. -- -- -- -- This person says don't worry there are still women who love -- love the patriots and don't find Brady attract that's a coma I don't let's not true. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A judge okay edited all my job rated attractive. Who -- like. I don't and Brady's attractive like I notice in this building received zero objectives. To -- or. Hurts. -- issues the an expression. All. -- with these rip that. Guys. Welcome nicely and invite my girl watching Sunday's game after a little time watching Saturday's game -- to -- this week. -- do you ever I'll -- your girlfriend. Has the best friend. Or a good friend who's not in the sports you're gonna have to pay -- this is a new word says about it -- -- -- about it spot. Perfect and it's all about the ladies -- guys. Law you're you're paying. And I'm gonna watch Richard York. Just get a massage just girls and women in O'Donnell and -- -- -- -- on the -- a nice relaxing -- And you make sure that appointment starts at looked. You know what I started to world news. -- Until what time at 13 in search of the -- three -- which is started 33 she leaves right at 3 o'clock. -- to be ready there there on time pitches and -- almost seemed aren't. He shows up with like two minutes left and it's a tied game and she comes walking in and I talked to an interesting question here port or so later they wanna sacrifice the first -- of the game who cares. As matter as predator guard got traffic on Sundays got a little -- -- you can. -- -- And he. -- the easy way out. Next question. What is your preference and irregular lasagna or chicken spinach lasagna or or or is lasagna and that the right term. Regular lives and that's where. I was surprised was on the was the real tournament by your gonna tell me it's not really it was on it like let's acne or something and I'm supposed to say some different way we start. -- to the next question there's a question for you ignorant of what next question onion chicken. I mean those questions really valid it was a dozen entities -- market has ticket items stories in particular to grow. And a ball it's all I ask you this question earlier all right I'm baskets in the audience yes. And National Football League coach Miller is is beyond talking what. Which National Football League coach from your observation would you like to hang out. For me -- go drinking with this guy gonna go to dinner it's beyond talking football because talking football probably did -- Dropping a bunch of cheeseburgers is that the gun robber -- -- -- Brothers who. Ordered it. -- the job -- -- John Fox pretty high analyst. Quote shut down on John Payton Shawn. -- it's got to be a while it plus the New Orleans he says come out and oil and we'll hang out. Even if he's a boring guy. No moral stories that interest and it's gonna happen I think you're in New Orleans with the head coach of the -- imagine what you could see. Imagine the accessories you -- again. I wouldn't go with -- didn't libraries of -- and Francisco I doubt Judge Judy. Or Judge Judy. Jim Harbaugh did feel that it in the audience whose dad -- -- -- are going to Wear. -- -- -- convicted felon out of a lineup let alone go to go and have a day. And so the question plus you get Rob Ryan knows more meth freaks should Kelly's interest. Do just that like a Renaissance man doesn't like public. -- -- it is due to Tanzania. Maybe two and maybe -- applied to other audience Omar absentee weekend. -- or -- Fallujah it's going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You get to Tom Coughlin is okay Tolliver are meeting at six W -- last time I got here at 6 o'clock so -- out -- and -- him that question. Why is it not intentional grounding -- quarterbacks spikes the ball. Just your allowed just like they care. Trees separate rule that rule change. To the question -- what do you do when you go to shake someone's hand and they put out their hand for this. Do you stand your ground with hand shut out or you quickly switched to a pound forty wait for them to switch deal now you gotta gotta go down. We got to go on their once they declare what -- declare gotta go where they're going otherwise it's awkward to you automatically -- the one to give up to whatever the other person I was trying to shake the fist. Your play defense. -- much shaking a fist or or or vice Versa you shake it but your stick in the fifth and that the passive aggressive move because you're you're being hot stuff. And not being hot stuff. But I know I believe a mistake to overdo something that I wanted to what is that both people -- -- the biggest thing if you put out and then I'm OK fine you've you've already established. What we're gonna do you were first. What do we go at the same time -- last January change. But the convention -- down at an average Google comes up sheet and a new look like America you know. Who goes well -- Got some Eagles all of them that would not be dominant conference so you're you're automatically -- -- -- step -- in your -- do you get the person with a -- two or inject our exclusive. Reed Johnson Hugh Millen. Former patriots Adrian Peterson really wait Jordan magic over what we're terrified it was breaking yet. I'd go with that guy that's about the product at that bring in my right hand Janelle any hard and shape of my right -- rule kill. Never she can't humility real soft pitch to justice. Next question liquid. The kinds of other things you do besides sports where do you like besides -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I is that relates to another question what salt is your -- we'll -- jealous of your affair with -- -- out of your record but it's an affair but it's all law. -- -- what -- -- -- Louise Twitter he say anything about it but a deadly to voicing your reporters. And I I just tweeted about. -- fifty minutes ago -- I just gave so one originally. So one complementing our Bill Belichick interview -- -- -- something nice which weren't built -- gonna get that he was great. He was a lot of good stuff from Bill Belichick will be back with the guys tomorrow at 2 o'clock Mikey Adams comes up next Mike gaining big today you pining after all the way down on sixty minutes football field just say this commute figures show we've had six months the biggest Mikey -- show in six months next easily we'll see you guys are terrified.

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