Jan 13, 2014|

the show that explores why Peyton Manning is good and Tom Brady is evil.

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Today on Peyton Manning all. So you -- supermodel Marion I have a -- around my house on bringing. No longer than I like hearing that when. Colts stop believing in any kicked off the Denver Post sales -- open. We would ask him the -- who Bloomberg. Playing -- -- from who's been divulged we can't -- thanks so much post. I'm going to be news good news -- possibly him but who's been. See his job as much as we used in this. Lackey is all really looking forward just to get the war what patent and does it wants to do and hopefully. We can all do it together. He's doing a commercial endorsement doesn't share money with his brother and father apparently there's no question about that. Someone -- exhibition. In in. Senators is also new to me as if he -- his -- liberty under is glad to be part of that so. -- -- Throw his teammates -- us except for this -- You're looking men who business who knows from. His. -- six children who have listen to.

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