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Anthony Bosch on 60 minutes

Jan 13, 2014|

Anthony Bosch exposes Alex Rodriguez drug-taking procedures on 60 minutes.

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While our model or not -- 37 WEE Albert gets up to assault and -- at 2 o'clock at 617779. 7937. AT&T text line is 37937. A -- with football all day we're not going away from football. I think we all -- sort of sucked at least I got sucked in by the Promos that CBS was doing during. Broncos chargers yesterday for Anthony Bausch and sixty minutes at the point where they're before the game got close. There at the end chargers end up Broncos. I was more excited for Anthony bosh and sixty minutes that was that game they're a long period of time that game was bad. And I had a feeling -- they Bausch and sixty minutes can be pretty good now he was slimy. Grease ball nutritionists last Draghi. Who was all hand up more than -- Make all of this TV show. But I was looking for a dying go anywhere at sixty minutes' time. What Paul begala and all specially. Really -- was was always slow fraud trial right considers them and right now they got me and looked. -- to await the final again Poland here and they got me right out of the gate when Anthony bosh who goes on their had a bio Genesis first time -- spoken publicly. Scott Kelly asked the question what. What was it that drew. Alex Rodriguez into your office for the first time. The first words out of his mouth to mouth work you know what -- did many rumors. Take into Phelps can make it in 2009. What were you given blower and keep giving. Later there's. It all comes back to -- -- He -- Manny did coming up at 2007 came back in 2000 they put up those crazy numbers at what the age of 3536. And it drove the -- And he set I Walt what man he's on my. All comes back to freak -- -- -- welcomes back doing anything about it too you know only time will go to Barry Bonds. Sit and watch in you know Mark McGwire. Sammy Sosa do their thing and being like well this is kind of ridiculous at -- on the best player out there wash I sitter or watches I -- know what they're doing. Welcome Dunn agreed right that's when it comes on day one it is that's the frustrating thing it's not just. -- other players that are sitting AAA and they're like I wanna get that a big leagues it's the superstars in the game going to be the biggest superstar in the game. -- at 800 home run club the elusive -- -- home club or -- club that he wanted to be a sole member of -- Kelly talked to bosh specifically about what. A legal substances. He was giving Alex Rodriguez. Once Alex Rodriguez was fully in your protocol. What were the various banned substances. That he was taken. Testosterone. Insulin growth factor one. Crash human growth hormone. Some. Different forms of peptides. So he also went on to discuss these. May be the more shocking that there are two things early shocking about this. In addition although as the IGF one you've all heard already calls it human growth -- -- -- a one is a that's a very -- -- are banned substance. Is also on a daily bit of a basis getting what anti bosh explain would be these dummies. It would take an action on game day and bosh explain this the telly last on sixty minutes bought. Says that his record showed the days and times of injections plus when to use skin creams and oral medications. Six substances on this list or -- one is testosterone trophies are lost interest -- also calls -- dummies. Which he says were taken in combination with growth hormone and all the rest. You would put one of these troops he's in his mouth by about 1015 minutes before. Game time -- he he he went into the field. A player can take it right before game time. And by the time. They get back into a locker room. After the game. And there was any possibility of testing. They would they would they would test. Negative that would touch -- One for me in this that there is day. I guess I had. I didn't wanna believe that they -- these drug these were so far ahead of the testing process that on the day of a game. If you believe Anthony bosh is claims you can take it testosterone boost. Have it affect you during the game to be out of your system. But time is the game is over that's how far ahead -- says they are at their technology what they get all I heard that story was. I never. I'm trying to think of the whole system like when I played. I always believe them trying to think. The urine test drug testing were done you know when you arrived at the ballpark. You when he says -- drug tested after a game. You know I don't know maybe they've changed to system but I always felt there was to me get in near the drug guys there. Or ever ballpark you're. And you gotta do the Huron gesture for golf batting practice soul whatever it might be. Before and saying you know after the game. At those more port negated do you system you know because policy be tested the next day. But you know whatever he's talking about and the things they -- a what it does for you we are talking of Leo focus and everything else I'm most volatile as this like is this like a grainy. Or just open it kicks in everything else that he's got in his system for -- period of time. So yeah dummies let's go cut cut number Rachel it's on lists that I gave you buddy it will lose ride the explanation is he's asked the question that we all want to know. In the Anthony bosh his own words what is the benefit of A-Rod taking these things on the day of the game. And how would that help if he took it just a few minutes before yeah. Well not now all of a sudden his levels of testosterone. Are higher it gives them a little bit hurt because more energy gives me more strength gives them more focus. And in combination. With the growth hormone. That combination. We would. Make. Playing the game of baseball a lot easier. So when you heard that you thought of amphetamines you talk of you thought of -- you thought of the -- -- -- kick I don't coffee it was -- a lot of baseball club right maybe just -- and everything that -- in and it daddy's on. Yet it's just yeah like you said I mean all the details of it that testosterone. And human growth hormone and it was in the texts and just the list of all those tax in the wording that they used and all that information. The -- it was. -- the whole thing is kind of mind boggling how much stuff. Well how detailed it really was speaking at these are the two other ones I wanted to play specifically because. Public how to beat a testy at that he -- I thought at times gave you clues as to how to beat baseball steroid test including he was asked the question why and what to what was. Why was he so specific about what times. To take those dummies and how lake could Alex take one on game day and not get to a positive test -- Says the story he tells today is backed up by hundreds of text messages that he says he exchanged with Rodriguez. We have more than 500 of them. They are black buried BBN messages. Major League Baseball says the pin number attached to the messages matches a Blackberry owned by Rodriguez. Bush says there was testosterone laws and Jews were taken both before and during a game. This question came from the device linked to Rodriguez. On the at 10:45 AM game at 1 PM bosh responded. 10:30 AM what differences fifteen minutes back. All the difference in the world. Every difference in the world. Every minute counts at what point in the game. Was too late to take a trophy what impact analysis case. -- right after right after the first in the second inning. So he's telling you now went to take them and finally an Elvis I never. Let the user is going forward if my drug test here at Entercom. He explained that that he botulism and just take note. -- at this is why what Mikey Adam's request the sound emailed to him this morning because this is Anthony bosh explaining that. In the case of his clients he told them a certain way to urinate could help. And what their -- -- says that Rodriguez was tested by baseball more than a dozen times all turned out negative. He told us he'd given Rodriguez tips on ways to beat that test. You wanna start the test and then introduced. The during -- Into the stream. And what you wanna capture it's -- middle stream at the beginning learned or not the end of the stream. That was extremely important because most of the -- lights are either in the beginning of the stream or by the industry. It's that precise. It separates us. Heavily ultimate travel light what summit traveling well it just gives it just gives you -- glimpse into an off you know. There's the drug process in all of sports right of ways to beaded in things that can hide it. And here's a guy saying I wanna gonna start the stream a little bit and then. Throw -- to be doing the cup it's tough to prove a negative for -- is just goes to show you. That there are ways to beat pretty much anything you know I crawler always ahead as it goes in -- are always ahead. That was the bombshell number one -- number two. Was the apparent pressure that A-Rod put on Anthony bosh Anthony bosh explaining. What associates have -- wanted him to do is this story about -- started to blow up on nationals in -- Says that associates of Rodriguez met him at this apartment building. And asked him to sign an affidavit which said he had never supplied performance enhancing drugs to run -- This made -- nervous he won a lawyer and he refused to sign. Or resources or will you shouldn't I think you -- -- And we're gonna get your plane tickets Colombia went and stayed there until this blows over. When. -- you I forgot what the number was 25000. -- 20000 dollars a month and then when you come back or good you know will give you another 150000. So hey want to leave the country -- -- -- -- out some beaches their getaway but satellites. -- -- -- And then finally. Rob Mae and Freddie who is now part I plays a lot entity -- I should set a Bud Selig and MLB's rob Manfred their lead. Lawyer on this whole thing were also part of the interview which is pissing people off and man Fred. In this cut he does not back down from the idea that his mind. There word if there was a threat to Anthony bosh and he was a very close I guess associate of one -- robbery. Are you saying that Alex Rodriguez and or his associates. Were involved in threatening to kill Tony bosh. The individual. That was of greatest concern to mr. bosh. Was a known associate of mr. Rodriguez do you think Rodriguez knew. About the threats. To -- -- life. I don't know what mr. Rodriguez knew. I know that the individual involved arm has been an associate of mr. Rodriguez's for some time. I were you guilty of any of these charges and no connection as you do anything wrong now did you do any TDs no. Did you have struck just anybody any witnesses did you do anything addictions you know. No nothing is so guilty and your mind of nothing I I feel like I should be their opening day. Who forgot for an assessment on the -- course Francis is on there. So I was I was completely entertain another two bombshells -- that baseball thinks. Iran was the least thinking about trying to have Anthony -- killed and the way. -- talked about -- skirt these drug -- what do you think what you saw last night -- a sixty minutes disgusted by the whole thing be perfectly honest with -- -- was entertaining. I was entertained they had me now want to watch it but. You know Scott tallies actually asking it to be Bausch but it that he knew was wrong why -- deal it. You know you always had -- it was sat back again you're talking about a slime ball I mean really. Now all of a sudden he's he's involved gonna bring down a rod -- you know I'm not a big fan of either book. A sleaze ball wide and even admit yep I never get caught I'd still be doing it today of course he would because that's that's him. What I would that the problem that I have is you know Manfred and Selig and all those guys even. You know you'd jump on this thing and you know there's some accusations. And we all Leo reduced to 162 games it's almost like. Bring out some facts or or you know really -- some -- going on in saying while just. It was an associate -- -- but let's bring charges that guy than for death threats or whatever you want to we can all come out so we know everything that we're talking about rather just. -- sixty minutes and throwing more allegations whether I believe them now which are probably do. But still -- -- the whole thing was just. Two women do in its -- -- when 62 and I'm glad he did -- I still think he should be suspended for longer but still in -- -- on sixty minutes and just sort of throw more stuff out there against doubling I want and all the information but I wanna know what his facts. The question is do you believe the story today did baseball -- the story right less than if they did. But I can live with them going about it the way they did because Alex Rodriguez you played -- -- thought they did. Jillian and I shot play enough princess cut he went in there for our -- Iran let he stormed off. From his hearing which by the way in all these ski at his mantra -- this last night he's the only player not take the stand in his own defense and any of the players who were caught. Are abusing steroids and and it appealed the process he's the only player ever. Not to take the stand he stormed out of his hearing right at the Mike France -- studio over WFAN and for how are basically -- Steve what baseball did last night and I say tit for tat you wanna I wanna do that the baseball's got the right -- -- -- to take their platform on sixty minutes. And do exactly what A-Rod data. Around baseball do you think they would -- did was right. I mean I don't think it was right in this case princess who -- -- all right I know as they are -- -- say two wrongs don't make -- right on this a case does slide I don't the eagle on sixty minutes and throw more allegations that are backed up. In in in court now backed up by charges that are backed up by anything just a man's word and -- -- -- detained by. But that's at the whole thing was slimy -- how would you like them to do with them if they're -- be no more court proceedings right you rather wait for. Iran might not take this to federal court he could but he might not so while one what do you wanna wait I want to go one and all the -- And I want -- to be there. This guilty of this charge guilty of that charge guilty of everything. To realize it was just it was it was entertaining but it was just a bunch of two statements allegations made. Both ways. Alex Rodriguez has filed the suit against Major League Baseball the claims -- you Palin essentially five million dollars numbers absolutely no basis for that claim it's just absolutely untrue. PC campaign to be a witness. But true paying for security guards. You're paying for his lawyers. And your dropping your lawsuit. -- haven't you given him every incentive to tell you what should want to hear every incentive for him to why it. I think did mr. bosh is credibility. On these issues. -- whatever his motivations whatever we did forum was established by his willingness to come in. Races right hand testified and by the fact that he had all sorts of evidence that supported everything that he said. That was -- Fred you wanna hear from Selig you wanna hear one I've since but uncle bud did go on their local blood. Talked to him all this last night with the Scott Kelly and sixty minute. In my judgment his actions. War. Beyond comprehension. And I'm somebody who's now been in the game over fifty years never seen anything like this and I am. Muscle her about the Bob what an incident in Cleveland. House pretty bad too but that's Armenia you. Make a statement like that mistake okay what. What what did he do -- to blow your way now I think did that enough has been he went on an airplane that was thrown out at their site what. In his mind what -- get outside to I think in -- words it was and -- the investigator of. What wasn't about the Alex Rodriguez case that was an out -- for you. Scott define as I looked at everything and all the players. Then I got to Alex shrubbery years. You put tow the drug. Things on one side. And then all the things that he did. Two in my impede our investigation. And really do things that I had never seen any other player do. I think 211 games was a very fair penalty. Instead he gets 162. And then what she work goes from here. You know to impede you know and understanding and I think Iraq deserves where he's getting here there's no question about a -- a sixty minutes and just give all these vague statements. It's and I could've been done differently that's all we're not done at all. I at a baseball they kept saying they're gonna respond once the arbitrator ruled based said the we're gonna respond and they did. And you wonder why came down over the weekend in the timing in this well now we need help -- get on sixty minutes bosh was gonna speak and it's 162 for -- it's huge break for the Yankees the or save a ton of money next year it's gonna affect. What they're gonna do but curious what people thought at 6177797937. AT&T -- line. It's 37937. Your calls on that your calls and patriots beacon of calls in this. I see a doctor. On now my phone bank right now we come back I'm a doctor who wants to say that Anthony bosh -- claims. Are bogus we'll do that -- of the -- next.

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