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Adam Schefter on Manning vs. Brady

Jan 13, 2014|

Adam Schefter joined the show to discuss the Divisional round games and looked ahead to Patriots Broncos this Sunday. He defended his column on Peyton Manning from last week.

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-- three Dennis and Callahan on the patriot Monday as the quick programming note we will repeat our tribute to Sam burns later in this broadcast. Opera now our conversation without Chester brought you by DCU. Digital federal credit union. What -- you -- you -- you and Michael -- insurance and it's always. Adam joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's -- and now most reliable four GL TE network mr. -- after hours. John -- I know more about here is very arrested after a three week respite now 23 days to be exact what do what I don't get exported through -- during my security is -- such an ugly emotion out of it really is it really is a problem. It rarely. Happens this way but can we all agree that the four best teams. Are the four teams left standing. I mean yeah I mean it's hard to imagine that it had in the way I mean. Maybe can make an argument for. For a true I mean. -- -- you would be there would be to just get this thing. Usually usually there are a lot of -- predictions as to who's going to be suitable -- my appreciation simple prediction. Was. Doing it for Seattle. You still -- a lot of people picked Denver and Seattle embers camp just go. I think those -- the popular -- very rarely does seem to me. That the prognosticators. The public at large get the appreciation Super Bowl picks correct and it just doesn't happen. Burial because it's such a predictable while Kentucky Derby league but. Yeah -- warm held up and we have this year. Other teams -- at least twelve regular season wins in the final four for the first time since 1998. When. The jets Broncos at vikings and falcons open. I don't I know that they're calling this the AFC championship game on Sunday could also not be sub headlined the legacy game. The two quarterbacks yeah you know it may be the last time I receive these two guys right. And honestly this -- because what that makes you the Broncos -- scared of the -- fox sport and I think right. So it's not like they're not going to play dead when they get to play again next year assuming that it does play again next year in power plays again this year. Is it will be a whole lot of hype surrounding that game again it will be talking about legacies again. The -- this very well to be the last coming in the post -- mean there's certainly no assurances that the beat in the pushing him beyond this year so you know resources they'll meet. In another conference championship game and it's just one of those. And we don't sound -- straight regular groceries you sit back and enjoy -- I mean it's it's it's a rare thing it's a great thing. It's a great win a championship we get. What do you like still still stick with your guys CM Seattle and in the NFC in the patriots in the AFC yet you still confident about that pick. You know. I'm not one of these guys who often. Goes and says I like this team and feel very strongly about could they both of these games to me that he could go either way that you know I feel. Mean you know about your bounce there. Because about. All good teams. You know game could do what I I I haven't decided who would pick I didn't -- -- delegates by preceded pitch right amidst -- broke. I -- if you and so it went even if he got a -- Seattle it's at home okay give you see -- the advantage there. In the city. Boy I mean I I think both those teams are flawed. Really to the British couldn't they -- as much they've accomplished. And is impressive that they bring. What they thought was really incredible mineral waste. Especially knowing what. You know. You look at the wanted to -- trotting out there on Saturday night it won't shut up you're -- -- and if hardly it's most talented -- That. What to do that this patriots team that the organization released. They believe that these guys are taught us. They believe that these guys play hard. And they believe that these guys really audience of a team and so. Beckett and the chance but mean. They're missing so -- key players somebody key spots and Everest you know Deborah suffered an injury yesterday. Chris -- it's made best defensive back. Serve her knee and ankle injury in and week ordered Bolivar insulated strategy to build plants in the Peterson. Plants and that means what Jared out there every -- -- camera there's your resume running past them and be old and slow. So their receivables vulnerable there was a defense were missing Bob Miller and others. So I got both -- missed a lot of people. Going to be great environment I have to -- from picking this game. I don't know what I'm not go with what my Super Bowl pick would appreciate it right -- elderly. Cast that vote sic I I I probably will. He got about three to protect slider in the showed it's going on this one whole bunch of -- you censure. Peyton Manning ass kissing columns -- calling right now from a couple of days ago were you went down and explain each one of his losses and what they're saying is. Explain away why it was a Manning's -- temperature wrote. That that's not okay and it's getting Calvin did not know I I would hate to say paper Eli Manning in the reverse. Where basically he was killed and saluted as his great player would dissent sports Arenas -- the support of the column. And you know I -- obviously some people missed it the Pope had to make is what order these used to lead the way that the executives saying their -- Eli Manning. To post a similar look to me was -- -- play in NFL history we rolls out. You know lose if you rushers over the past that Tyreke at -- helmet to place earlier this topic Samuel leads to negative perception that your. Drops interception on the sideline to rocket. The people who can't talk. As he showed. Nobody's talking about how close Eli Manning just. The -- alterations done. The first and they're used to bowl titles and four years. There's no parade -- The point divorce. Episode in New York on football Eli Manning was designated this sky ice were birdies gains get the job done what he's still. What is a -- would then -- what the -- The conversation changes entirely and that was -- state bank -- getting -- at all. -- Jack in his first playoff loss this group is doing including overtime -- if you -- -- -- -- -- There's -- game against the Pittsburgh Steelers went dead bolts and colts quarterback Nick Harper picks it up. And the corporate right into to get tackled by one and rough that rocked the sport -- the -- by the way but -- -- the copilot in the hospital. It didn't step -- his -- by his wife and a domestic it's that. Is -- -- that they lost I get a bit he's the quarterback. There was big game right here where they're winning and Ricky Moore makes the single worst. Defensive player I've ever seen in a postseason game this judge's aboard Jacoby Jones scored in the seventy Europe at the closing seconds. To -- don't tell repayment does sort of deception and they took Ambien play. That was it there. The -- reduced. Not particularly independent body to produce. The randomness. These gains in which one play as did not by the quarterback. I meant to this guy is beautiful I'm great or -- choke artist that hit. Do you think he might be done an obvious to us in. This check up in the in the physical in the spring -- physical and they find neck problems do you think he walks away. Well listen you know what we're Christian portion dark red present at the -- -- it is you want to keep playing period. Whatever the result of this -- not say if they happen to lose out someday if they had to win the Super Bowl. They've -- intent is to play and if the doctors cleared him on that this girl he's going to play and it will all other physical so much censorship. He's going to be out there but we don't have anything -- -- -- yet but if they don't take what we see some regression in your -- where we see something that worries us so we see. Something here that should be of concern the need not apply which I don't think what's -- like the more notable part of that report from -- portion. Is that they've Manning is intent upon playing next year no matter what happens this year that's the news there. I've seen something interesting on Twitter recently salt and Masco. On Twitter is asking the Cincinnati Bengals to release him so we can rejoin the patriots and beat their punter since their country appears to be injured. If you ever heard like this. Never heard of that. And I don't rule out gonna ask you if if if if that is sort of you know theoretically possible -- -- since and I says it -- wanna pay your salary we -- -- could he then joined patriot. They believe in salary yeah. So they should put all of anybody he's just are there roster. For next season and I guess they could release them and and they wouldn't be anything. From stopping them from doing that. -- -- -- Well at the GeMS are these guys these are the owners and the sand like I got my. On what we can cost pool or written about it. You -- new -- different about the spikes situation having mortenson had it Saturday that he didn't show up and Tommy currency neutral but all that if the -- -- I don't let us and others it was a like it was just Friday OK right this will -- tipping point of a number of issues -- -- well I don't know all the specifics. Well let's that if you do show Friday and that is it okay like this just happened and would have put it this war is the culmination of a numbers thing. -- -- that led the patriots to put a biopsy were dealt with this -- country it's a bit this year. Each recruiters essentially over you'll put that team effort and would not that was the way of doing it. Yeah I don't know if you saw this through -- notices during the patriots game been at the end after back the last left point -- scored. -- goes for a run. And gets up and showed -- his fist or his -- his hand at somebody's face mask and an official. Gets up in his face and he won't he was not separating the two participants he was admonishing screaming at and pushing. Blunt have you ever seen an official do that and is -- not some -- -- rules against officials putting hands on players other separate him from fighting. They're really comfortable place immediately you know ought to be touching each other and I did not seem to play I fell asleep I would admit and had not had a very into the game. And yeah I would imagine that that officials would be chastised by the NFL. You have to give me a whole -- at least look at it is more Sevilla checklist here we hang out to check into. Very good it was after -- is left touched -- -- forty 4322 an official screams after block bushels a guy in the face it was very you know so you missed that and there were Brady has turned his ankle and limped off that. That they -- this isn't. There's been developed. Saturday morning. Security has been spotted the morning so the way to the sports supporters. We can be and its 6 AMC Europe about 4:35 in the morning. And I've had a number of like by the wake -- here for the last 56 states. And -- Saturday night -- you know you're watching the game. And annually embed Darren you've seen the third quarter -- is an admission you falsely as they go -- it. I don't want to allow wash over you don't look at my he dealt with 1230. And -- detection there's people but the game itself. It happens -- it happens good -- India. -- welcome back. Russia Adams shepherd that was in -- a conversation with that was brought to you by DC you'd digital federal credit union -- in DC you say you. Michael Polanski insurer.

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