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Alex Rodriguez is a disgrace

Jan 13, 2014|

The guys discussed the latest evidence against Alex Rodriguez brought forth by Tony Bosch.

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I was scared me. So. At times if you would ask me to inject. Youth injected him yes personally personally. I rarely if ever. Feel compelled to taking hot steamy shower before bed then but after watching -- sixty minutes from airport and -- and Tony Bausch and by the way. A-Rod attorney Alex tech appeal I just had to -- myself rinse. Repeat before I went to bed last night on the -- on the off deserve each else they have their -- this. They make the movie what they don't actors just get these guys is all in all it publicity hog. I mean. Between -- A-Rod in -- compete well on it look like in the should be the score says the and put up a princess do you have an excess. Excessive did his job and that in and sales segment legitimate legitimate PPD's. You know I -- erupts like some -- her ballot associate people believe it'll. It's probably not know the best part of the princess and then play the news so you and did nothing that never got anything ever. Having anything in his never. What team has the -- question. Iowa where Cadillac from last political reform Afflalo was funny what struck couple things struck me. Blush having been -- and -- exposed and is totally apologetic. I mean Scott Kelly gave him like sixteen for proper authorities say you know why did you do that was ridiculous to -- the line of questioning that. Oh you love baseball and yet you did this Bausch was almost ago serious. And make shots dealer you idiots. -- -- -- -- Deal with some you know star struck it on baseball like collectible don't. I'm trying to say nobody runs the mine yet another murder but they're murdering scum but if they get caught there -- apologetic for all their stuff is sort of enhance their public relations and they apparently don't know apologized for hurting the game you know capital -- apology. The game and and and -- bought just look at them a although the catches on steroids the pitches against the pirates on barges -- -- she really think bosh had trouble rationalizing. You know. Right in the wrong it will not -- cautiously sport -- you look at Washington looks the -- -- the party's biggest comeback in the world I believe the Bible every I am absolutely at every single word I just -- somewhere in the woods is crying I'm never gonna get a -- in the -- and now my guy. It was to have the funniest part and you're gonna get to that yes we get to -- that was. And the biggest. Revelation one of the bigger revelations in game for -- game for a game of -- yet. Was the motivation for better ball yes -- -- drug cheat another wanna advertise guy yes who. -- would just stand all the attention and accolades that. I'm McGwire and Sosa got rattled -- who says I gotta get me some of that it seemed like there was a little bit of that motivation for Iran and it came up when Bausch and A-Rod met for the first time because Iran wanted to know something. The first words out of his mouth mouth work you know what did many rumors. Take into account to make it in 2009. What were you given what what -- you get giving. Later there's. He wanted to be like mammy and any succeeded yet. You did his goal was to be like man in the two biggest scum bags in the sport right now one's not as many Don beaver. -- -- can sign up Kelly said he retired that he assign it one day contract so we can retire that's about it it it but it. Iran if it was she watching this thinking that you know maybe the world won't believe Bausch and I'll I'll win the day here now. Well this is with his statement he said an -- all my supporters at all my people were back even though we paid to hold signs for me right side there. -- didn't -- that might have told blush I'll kill you come back in -- it thicket that. To -- the most amazing. Room against revelation. Discovery in this was that baseball. Major League Baseball. And rob Manfred did all the talking. Believes that maybe it -- guys. A-Rod put -- hit out on -- yes. They were the biggest star baseball a couple of years ago the next on the -- -- 800 home run -- of the great clean hope. His guy. Threatened to kill. His drug dealer Tony butch and baseball. I acting expect meant to say no comment to you know nothing about that. Ask -- -- threats credible credible threats against Bush's life and do they come from -- -- music yeah. What he settled associate and I wrote this quote down the individual of greatest concern to Tony Bausch. Was a known associate of Iran. At first petroleum. Should go to Columbia and cool your heels for awhile. Mean do you think it would have been. Come back alive from out beyond that scrubbing had -- -- thirty -- an important and incorporate -- managers and I'm iPhone plus I'm saying you know. He can kill her and if it gives me. She -- point that he pointed breakdown in the basement -- -- fine but after the 49000 dollar wire transfer also. Yeah like game I think that battery might be able 50000 must be signed some -- -- to cite some legal the mobsters take 9900. Bright audience I -- declared 101000. I'm sure 50000 is may exit some kind of federal offense or something you're right plucked. What you go to Columbia will send you money. Yeah I mean these are such despicable people. No one trusts anyone really think -- Boston's gonna get on a plane and go to Colombo -- stupid he's not stupid and I get up and I -- Colombia are the guys that. You go to Columbia will give you and 121000 dollar 25000 dollars and then when you come back we'll give you another 125. This is a face to face meeting with a known associate of rot. This is what Tony bosh had to say when Scott Kelly question him in Iraq really knew what was going on. Did you believe that Alex knew about this offer knew about this meeting. Nothing happens without Alex's approval I -- you I used to be in that and -- sure. And nothing happens without him approving. Testosterone. Insulin. Growth. Called growth. Factor one HGH and lights kept heights heights and -- pat and Kelly is Sydney I don't know -- -- stuff is -- sounds good. But the don't I guess to take away aside from the fact that. A rugs you know personal trainer threaten -- shoot Bausch and head. Is how many -- how easy it is for these guys to beat tests yes and isn't that the big news that they can literally. Take -- laws injuring gummy. Before game and test clean after game yeah. If you believe Bausch and I do when you do then and and and by the way none of the guys busted for the by those Genesis connection. Tested positive. None of them they'll accept their punishment -- all essentially pled guilty. And on the personal limit on any evidence of -- fit for what they got fifty games or a hundred games. And none of them want to drug test just like a rotten -- mean it's not that big -- deal to big gummy bear fan I've had a fuel yeah yeah just ordered a -- Bosh says that his record showed the days and times of injections plus when to use skin creams and oral medications. Six substances on this list or band one is testosterone trophies -- -- engines -- also calls some dummies. Which he says were taken in combination with growth hormone and all the rest. You would put one of these true keys in his mouth by about 1015 minutes before. Game time -- he he he went into the field. A player can take it right before game time. And by that time they get back into -- locker room. After the game. And there was any possibility of testing. They would they would they would test. Negative that would touch -- As long and as you only provided the urine in the middle of us -- three needed to stream not the beginning. Not the end but the middle of this a primer I mean and at the end of the -- had given out like like an 800 number. We going to be a lot of people call Alitalia and -- get some of those lost in just a -- -- when you came away from that she said. Once again once again with 7000 times over the years once again understand. Want guys to mean makes it works it works it's easy enough how to beat the tests. I'm if you don't hook up with the scumbag like -- You can get away with -- well maybe 2007. 133 games to twenty home runs it is OPS 8812008. The theory erupts talk about it. 37121. Is oh yes it was 103. Blows age. -- weeks ago that -- magic cajun and before we start talking Monday Ortiz if they want the -- don't think he's dumb enough to get hooked up with that guy. If you're hooked up -- -- We knew it was senses eventually he's gonna flip it would text him forty times today yeah -- all of that is humble people these are specific system right should I do this what time first you know concentration but no -- no mention drugs I mean -- is not still predict -- -- texting but they -- like code words. Instead of saying in the you know she not pleased that Spanish word for -- -- pose -- -- yet and little cold words what was of the companies -- the laws changes of the oral. Reuters screamed to the talk we. Okay rob would still be getting away with this if there weren't a disgruntled bio jet -- Former partner cruel here and it was like boss at all I'm tired of this legal route on -- -- somebody that -- worked with who knew were all the bulls were buried in this deal. Decided to rat on bosh and turned everything over to the -- also won. Think that I agree with the Iran and his crew on. We need a better word that -- on -- subtle loyalists like muscle let up a keynote at the open. He scared. That's like Gary Henry Hill would sailors Jo-Jo kappa -- -- over the left him a few times on the right -- just it's like he's he looks like ahead to today's date guys that Iran has become an obsession for the commissioner I believe that the commissioner is not gonna -- -- die. Until he's got that skin trauma. This is head. Up there on the wall like that can awaited book says more and lions and leopards in his wall. He wants Iran's hand on the office wall before he -- those commissioner. What wasn't about the Alex Rodriguez case that was an Al -- for you. Scott define as I looked at everything and all the players. Then I got to Alex shrubbery years. You put tow the drug. Things on one side. And then all the things that he did. Two and my impede our investigation. And really do things that I had never seen any other player do. I think 211 games was a very fair penalty. Alberto which she writes that as falls Alex Rodriguez is a serial PED user who fashioned a grip on the seat. Rodriguez were -- years ago as far as owning a legitimate reputation in baseball. But the decision Saturday by Horowitz is the official proclamation. That Rodriguez is a fraud. Nineteen different drugs to be used literally morning noon and night drew multiple delivery systems. He calls him out proclamation that Rodriguez is officially a fraud. Morning noon and -- mean he is the ultimate. And Roy did yeah. Is live for them could play without him refused to lose. Let illegal stone unturned -- the -- -- -- again what else what else can I do. Am in the list this is -- as of drugs he was taken and I know this isn't -- -- all that relevant today but we spent a lot of time last week talking about it you have to understand. Why the hall of fame thing happened. Is because -- tired couldn't get. People like -- in the hall of fame and that's the Genesis of the whole controversy. Is to him leopard -- frustrated. He admitted. It is quiet moment he was -- honest about it and frustrate because he couldn't get bonds and Clemens. In the hall of -- yes well would you say this I mean same thing about Iran -- look -- player before. We believe before he discovered the joys of steroids. So I assume -- -- is frustrated here that he can't get that. Reagan and android. Freak in Cooperstown we'll have a Caribbean this -- when you're at 661. It collects at six million dollars for that certainly -- -- -- -- that happens it -- be if you'll be alone. Four years 86 million left Iraq after nude pictures of as he wiped out. Those four years 86 million plus the bonuses when the Yankees have the conversation do we swallow the 61 and never hear from Afghan. I mean that has to happen at some point -- right. So -- hit 6614. Colorado. Some than. You know our legacy to be DH it's 661. From Minnesota. And they'll have to Yomiuri Giants six million bucks he says it official Pittsburgh trading -- and borrow. It does not agree to put him at the mine minor league complex. And he's suing this morning he's soon MLB it yet. Magic you know how do you know you came home from new little tripped and handles things in those -- all stop added -- -- like stuff called yeah yeah. Mentioned it was in an average pile of things to do invoices legal employees just steals the day. Why it's like what he was not that long ago it. He's the guy and a -- rhetorical question where we always said well you know blogs is disappointing. And social disappointing. McGwire disappointing and Clemens is this wedding but at least baseball has a -- guests who will break -- home run records and they will not we won't have to call. Bonds' home run Angela king Ryan McGuire the single season home run king or any of that he's gonna knock Sosa bonds. All of my out of the record books he's assessed with 800 human -- -- yet -- ultimately 80800 clot appears for Gucci to. About the hero and I think the guy who truly has the current president cares about his teammates think cares about the Yankees. He has no right to be anywhere near detained because he's nothing but a distraction it's not about some of -- cannot. Play literally can not play at all it's quite fourteen feet and can't play in the post season. You know helping the Yankees prepare for championships beating a chip performance showing at the very tragic. Usually there could be an irritant that you said Mike it's a good word. My guess would be push comes to show that he's not in spring training proper with the Yankees now they wants -- -- confused facilities on your own. Not my idea compromised. I mean you know listen to be great -- don't get your hobby polls circuits I don't think most people. Will they just let him be suspended for next year and have a conversation about whether to eat the 61 if this thing dies down a little bit a year from now. They've had to say you know what given the 61 bad name is no longer member of the team don't show up -- camp. Yeah I mean it's I know it's a lot of money but McCain he cannot play for the Yankees he's not aware that you look this is Scott -- -- agent. Exceed -- I want borrowers that. Look some camera in the Ireland held some report coming there's a market -- -- I'm -- all the -- and was agent as we move on yeah. Pretty ugly split -- forget -- was Asians now. Is Boris was because -- -- Boris no oh era era -- -- yeah yes -- that I -- is nothing they can do for a year right right the good years -- Clinton -- federal court filing lawsuits would also again -- all right that's what 777 -- 797. -- as a patriot mandate Tom rate you'll join us at 9 o'clock hour at a show after in the 8 o'clock hour and we've already -- somebody who absolutely eight. I said before into the last break we will discuss and spend consider amount of time talking about somebody. All three of us and many many people in New England anybody who came to know him and hear him. Understand what he was well about while very much now we've -- of course the documents amber will be back.

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