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Brady Manning XV

Jan 13, 2014|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show discussing the AFC Championship. Gerry called Brady vs. Manning the greatest rivalry in sports.

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Well it has been 23. Days since last week taught what about the state probably won't surprise -- but it might surprise Kirk. I have a confession to make -- -- 23 days. And I have a confession to -- guests to -- ice Amman again scuttle first. Normally USC alumnus I know I had to be two to. That that thumping you hear that at the Romanian pedicure that's just it's just tragic that might try yes that's -- -- figured out -- -- you yes it was era maybe competitors choke me out a -- and was able what was her what's her story and the truck Alexandra. Dogs and Alexandra most court decides -- I know she's going places yeah you gonna help her long career pass that's your. And Filipinos here to have. -- according to all the people at liberty yesterday -- a superstar about a supermodel on borders liberty reflection. If she doesn't like that that's not my confession on what is unlike Alex Rodriguez I'm going to confess to something. We own up to something. I was not just rooting. For Peyton Manning to hold on vs the chargers I was rooting very very hard to Google boy. Not to blow it before he gets in the AFC championship game I think we're kind of perverse way. You can almost make the point quite almost make the point that speech the the import of the AFC championship game. Is just about on par with the import the legacy bull capsules between gradient adding would you not agree yeah of course I don't know that great job many degrees -- I know we wanna do little this celebrating but let's look ahead just for a second to playing Tom Brady in the AFC championship game. What do you expect in that game when you think about it right now. Well the patriots have been through -- finishers welfare they've persevered through different injuries so it is very appropriate there. In this game they're always in this game it seems like it -- -- defense that is outstanding. And study them. The game we played them and study some more games they played. You know already it's was well. Well document great player and years and sort of be a great football game between two teams that have been through a lot in at the right to be in the spot. Would you agree that the winner of this game whether it be the quarterback of a team it'll have more to say about what you think about pop vs Manning vs what you think about these two organizations. The patriots -- the Broncos. Well I do think -- the Chris Gasper pointed to think there's an element Manning vs Belichick. You don't have Brady vs fox no one of government and I know do well Brett. And it was in on that went to another level on November 24 when he gave from the ball and over time so. I think day one if you're right and columns of Europe covering this for. In a local TV day one as Brady Manning but at some point this week week at some point this week you get to. Brady vs a mean Belichick vs Manning and is it the coach who's in his head obviously he doesn't go one on one would break. We just set that aside yeah well when pundits say. It's not -- want that the quarterbacks don't play each other deaconess Brady that this week we watched a lot of mending tape -- might PX and vice yes it was a fun question but yes Brady last week. If peace when he thought of Andrew Luck and Brady to -- I will not watch one snap of the colts -- You watch the entire game early in the interview. I think he -- as the week went -- if I -- incorporate yell -- officials at the official -- attitude automatic also pointed out yesterday after the and it bit he's not playing against Brady he state the obvious as well. Tom Brady who's who's who's been all sharing quarterbacks are small time and but in the game next week here is the ball goes for the patriots are no. There's going to be some individual matchups that would get headlines -- it will be battle between two good teams teams have been through a lot. Civil -- to get to this point. And if that's that's from all those would be you know. They're trying to help the ball goes -- winningest -- I think yesterday -- was -- for dead but the whole time all week all year I was looking for this game. I know we have other people last week who were -- to San Diego and I understand easier if you. But if you have tickets to him and if you yeah. Or if you have some little you know little side business with the tailgate party down there I don't blame for rooting for San Diego but. Don't you think a lot of -- San Diego fans. As the game -- Fuld was and hold on in just hang on don't blow this because. Wouldn't you feel deprived today sandy article that I would all feel like we're -- and this one last chance to see this historic rivalry in front about basis. I don't know that we'll see -- again I mean next year Manning's 38 ESPN's reporting. There's a mandatory physical and he may retire yeah and who knows it'll happen guys can blow out there he seals teams could just lose. I mean things could go on gold romp with the patriots Google's bids right and male and a lot of piracy and -- gronkowski Hernandez like this is gone and cannot get out some other AFC team whatever colts. Charges -- -- Some other AFC team could emerge. Could get the top seed banks could happen you know what I'd say the odds are against these two guys meeting again in the post season the odds are against them meeting for the AFC title ever again this could be -- probably against the I was surprised that -- a year from today they're playing again OJO 51 of the -- yourself to our thoughts or something like that so the odds are. We are seeing these two giants. In the game. Meet up for the last time and it is for the chance to go to the Super Bowl it is the ultimate legacy game because. We know Brady loses it'll be ten years since one suitable we know Manning. Only one one's sixteen years he has to win another one to have any delay any kind of claim on the greatest ever. Would go to PS2 when it Brady Brady can lose this game middle part of but he can't lose this game Manning. Manning cannot lose this game he can't if he loses game it's over Britney goes in with this team. With these guys banged up goes in their beats him twice this year. In that -- the FC championship game the argument is over forever may reverse Brady is over. And Manning's place and his and I think never and -- I think the direct grants the records look call. The 55 touchdown passes the the MVP of the unanimous MVP the unanimous -- seasons at all faster if he loses Sunday. It is a typically yellow yellow but to all his statistics is but those are regular season right to mystics that's the gap but here's Manning. Those entertainment. Often down a lot of emotion so that is that is she knows you don't even. Even the patriotism is ahead and and that that that for a question is is wait for -- This -- fell one week at a time about season and a Paul we've been to real loser coach losing different guys to injuries -- that approach has served us well and they would need to keep that approach you here well. I mean I was glad he pulled that out to wasn't. And it was so so different from last year in that game last year they turtle. They ran the ball that tried to kill the clock they blow it in double overtime it was devastating to think back that was seems this year they had the best record and home field. The first game at home and they blew it was thirteen degrees so it was. And it was Baltimore so little tougher defense and little tougher conditions but. Which kind of glad that he came through the end and made apple goes to throws to Julius Thomas -- club Virginia they were clutch they would both their dog conversions. That was clutch that was not what you expect from manic so I'm like I'm watch and -- good good let's. Let's keep it going let's see him he could finished yourself feel good about yourself and then run and to. Belichick the next week and in your worst nightmare and this is worse. In this will be worst than any loss he's ever had to Brady and Belichick and we know there's been a few and has been to in the postseason this will be worse this will be. Have missed his will be on its field -- that happens on his feet does that mean who Belichick to figure out what Omaha means between now on Sunday. Heard a lot of -- she's never mean to -- say on every play to to have any effect doll and it sort of ultrasound school bullies about it like. Means nothing let the ball sounds cool yeah but the chargers jumped a couple of times. Yeah 39 dose and the legal question after the accident was -- 555. Of the army uniform understands that when you're the chargers or the -- premier the patriots. Is he gets under center or in the shotgun. A lot earlier than all the other quarterback to face a threat -- chargers coach you probably know that shouldn't hold them views Cordelia Geneva told me and you know what else if -- stand -- if you're gonna be hand on the ground for standing up in the end or linebacker. To have that time -- -- right there you can look up just went Manning looks up. You can look at the they have -- ball fans of the field that that play clock yes he could look up you can realize. There's twenty seconds left on the play clock these messages of gibberish. It means nothing. And I love what goes through it many stops -- look at it did work in the economy that goes under -- that's. Directing God's -- ago it's just an act and how do you I love when McCoy at one point discriminate one of those guys going. He's stupid I mean we've gone over this would put him three times and you still fall for it. Amazing that if this was a new opponent than ever played never seen them. And a much younger guys you'd say okay this was five different guys. Five times they -- both sides it was five different charges and that the -- is the third time they've played him well. He's been -- -- sixteen years should the -- data seated on TV. When he comes to the line in this twenty seconds left. Whatever Hussein means nothing means nothing it's just to get you to jump just to get to confuse. There's a fascinating look at this we should go over this at some point this week in the in this. Written by the Monday Morning Quarterback staff on how. He doesn't read the defense after the snap everything he does is before us now. Every audibly -- a reaction to what he sees before the snap and he knows right where he's going with the ball for the bottom usually. -- pretty quick -- -- this yes -- right quick with his decision. It's because all these pre snap reads and what he sees before the snap it makes sense I watched it differently. Yes that I have to read this piece because everything he does. Any Smart just like Brady they're brilliant does that make him different than any other good quarterback in the National Football League I mean maybe he does it more freak right he does a more frequent and he does every play you know what he does. Say the Welker touched. That yes. You know that wasn't called model. I don't believe that was a reaction to what he saw when he came to line on the Brady had a number of times he changed the point radium bowed to greatest the two greatest ever. At and reading defenses and adjusting accordingly. And I I think we -- look at young guys skipper nick and and Cam Newton and -- you know Andrew Luck you wonder can they do that they control the ball click on the can do all the physical things and they do. Would Brady and Manning do when they come alike and they understood they understand what Brady Manning understanding that -- Or -- and that young but I think that's another reason why the fifty million why this is the best rivalry in sports and I think that it's good rivalry in the city is it's better number magic because -- longer bird magic was really. Forget the call it team's approach thing as a four year thing right five year I think this has been. Thirteen years at every game this matter every single game it's a playoff implications are number one seed implicate. -- what's online on the line now it's not just an AFC correct its satellite -- at its history its history and I will. I don't -- I'm gonna pick the patriots they said that on November 25. And I'm gonna stick with -- but -- feel bad for Manning I swear to god awful bad forum I like that you kind of like a mean he's not capable I don't care what any paid. Pictured is the -- paper it should go over at least it seems like a nice enough to beat him by any means he's not gonna win this game I'm going to be the First Amendment pick. I don't -- come over the scored to a night if Friday and you'll you'll write though men and was a big charger fan all week. And you're right they covered recovered. But added that it was too impressed with their performance but -- did you recommend that was you know and points and who -- -- a third seventy nose here I thought it was going to be conservative brought up the middle punt and. -- by the way I mean I understand those 23 down conversions were clutch but let's not give Guber are much credit for the third and seventeen. I think probably. 25 quarterbacks -- Promise that wide open yeah yeah I was surprised they called like the San Diego mistake obviously don't run up a little self. Patient he didn't panic he took the time waited and made the throw wasn't perfect throw -- also. As Sims. Pointed out it was an out not to be an immense stride. It could not been a big amateur scores on that put the ball good throws good calls big plays. It was fascinating more to wonder how they gonna try to kill the clock again after last year. And yet they kept Joan Rivers on the sidelines rivers as it is can be one more chance and see what happens. And they didn't they don't they went for the kill him credit they went in for the kill in the got it done and and Manning is feeling great and then the next week feeling great which makes it all the more which means it'll be all the more. Only wanting to Manning doesn't like that's whose -- I am sure we watched that game Saturday night he was thank god. We're deface these guys in the week and they look great they're running the ball great Brady looks comfortable the defense looks pretty good it would these injuries that spell check. It's Brady it's the page. Well would have been more distracting. For Manning over the course of this week. Knowing that Belichick and Brady are coming or that his old team the colts were coming -- storyline to take it. Yep I think he thinks he beat the colts a mature outlook just like you think that the chargers would have been need you to write in Gillette yet yet been yeah there have two and a different set of the shoulder is not scared of. The colts united studies -- -- a guy known as strike fear and is tied to a Belichick goes. And he doesn't have this long track record of failure against Andrew Luck. Mean we saw -- -- just not ready you know we agree that just rate the colts at some appalled that vote. I have no doubt I mean that it's -- That the Peyton Manning impressed thrilled to be thrilled that again to host those guys. In this case I do think that he's gonna have trouble sleeping this week I honestly believe that. Belichick haunts his dreams are you were talking about the. -- Charges covering which made you look smarter and pressure are right as long as we're talking about that. Six of the last seven Brady vs Manning games were decided by seven points or fewer. LS all the line opened at like six and a half for seven minutes come down has not yes it has to allow 55 and a half five and a half that although right here again in the paper the story still is a six and a half to six bright. It's come down and and all -- -- one website -- it opened at seven and came down five and a half I mean I. I think it unlawful come down anymore that's a pretty big line when you think about. Brady and the patriots have not been blown out once this year. Fact neither team. Somebody just tweeted the so neither team has lost place more than seven. And you know them all over in the -- the patriots lost four times. Broncos have lost three that's seven losses and none of them was a blowout than not that's the other fascinating things is going to be a blow out. This is going to be enemy. You know like last possession I got this can be in the is that you'll get we're going to be wondering which team. You know comes through in the clutch and which team jokes which quarterback throws the pick him. Which coach out. Smarts the other team I mean it's going to be fascinating as you said last week that we just play now it's updated at five points the you have brought us or you're by five sports book dark. To meet a lot of money you've been on the patriots well not -- started at seven don't -- I wouldn't call. There are so we are saying that after the sun making the two teams played the next morning tonight we just let's get to January whatever and play the championship game these two teams are going to be here. And here it is I mean it's it's going to be tedious what do you think you'll. Will we change on Friday what we think. About the scheme but this matchup that we don't think now. As we're gonna get beat -- retarded talking about yes tired of talking about this and maybe you don't may be Belichick or somebody room fox will get a little annoyed because they're gonna get asked about it every day. And it's a little mini Super Bowl as I said last week and the -- again. The biggest game biggest non Super Bowl game in NFL. -- -- imagine the reduction do you guys agree yes I'm dot com it's underscore your point -- -- about the say a match and the reduction. In the interest and excitement factor that began begins -- -- -- essentially begins this week. On talk radio. If these with a San Diego Chargers coming and it found out what this still totally different -- The NFC games fascinating too but this is the biggest game I've ever seen and and you know what it's. NFL's got someone bigger in a viewer via ratings revenue wall that. There's nothing that compares to this matchup and I think we'll. All they get moral agree that it might be last time we see them so will be that much more special I mean right now the somebody's CBS -- with. Dramatic music and slow. Motion montage -- -- pictures of like Manning -- In in at Tennessee. Number sixteen in pictures of Brady of Michigan number ten. You know and then through the years that know the young Brady in the young Manning and square and often. Dialogue Rodney Harrison pick and off Manning will see that a few times this week. The property to in the come back in the execute -- game for the colts is going to be there's so much give us McGinest to answer every kind of runs across the field have to stop them. Major James at the goal line. -- either went to the punch. To play well yeah all that stuff it's gonna save a thousand guys will be the first to show you the history of these two. These two proud warriors in and Holloway if if India and they might be the two greatest quarterbacks ever mean it's it's yet to be determined. And -- in the same Montana already has to win these next two gay rights he can't he can't win this game then lose in the suitable he has to win yes -- does. Now -- the short end of the conversation he's in the conversation if he doesn't he's not he's not. And I I know that's a very profound thoughts blister CBS used their pre -- or there's a profound thought it but you can't be the greatest ever. With the track cricket he's had the post season if he goes if he loses he's ten and twelve. If he loses its once Super Bowl so. Eckstein year effort and he matches up head to head with the guy in his Arab Brady he loses this game two looks even worse than numbers are more stacked against him. -- let me set the agenda for today 61770. Point 7937. AT&T text line is open as well. We will talk to Tom Brady in the 9 o'clock hour will also spend some time on somebody I absolutely cannot stand. It will spend a significant amount of time on somebody I absolutely love and already missed Blix went but that's all about we compact.

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