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NFL Sunday: Taking a Look at the Coaching Vacancies and Recent Hirings

Jan 12, 2014|

The guys get into the coaching landscape in the NFL including Josh McDaniels turning down the Browns' job and Jay Gruden heading to D.C.

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Let's talk a little bit about coaches in the National Football League. We've got a couple of the coaching vacancies bill the most prominent of where from a patriots point of view was bill O'Brien leaving Wednesday taking over as head coach of the Houston Texans. -- interestingly enough. Year old teammates Mike Vrabel will go down and join his coaching that rate is -- -- Columbus you know I wonder about this. It I wonder -- is following the same career as. Robert Johnson. Army's own plane from coach. As a linebacker really Smart really -- really intelligent guy in. I remember pepper -- -- Nearly seamless transition back when he started. You know as a coach in it just seems to Vrabel was. No follow losing track I are also frankly wouldn't be surprised to see Mike -- Well you know what -- This is fascinated me an obvious he's a friend and your. You're basically -- -- my -- that I -- -- -- -- the -- and that's I -- do I need to find out more just to congratulated by the united -- great -- for a at a busy interstate because it's an accident it's a turn of events were Mike -- Like -- talked about this won't play you know you who were announced earlier in New England in the those years after me what I can see what. He was positioned himself for that dream job to go back to Columbus where he played at Ohio State yeah he had his home that he had what we lived together and you know we've we've played together. You -- another home closer to campus for the real big nice house in Columbus and that was going to be life and I mean it's an awesome guilty -- a great job down there. Buddies that was that the interim coach -- for awhile but we Tressel. And our Urban Meyer look -- -- was -- -- the played with great. -- you know although. Science point of you know that either the rest of life I think I mean obviously made a decision him cool for himself with a good deal with. I don't think I think billion him only had maybe when your -- -- and trying to figure that out before. But now Romeo who has come down -- -- also ticketed -- job -- and he knows it might very well you don't play very well he doesn't know bill. Which is kind of another sort of interest or we're just from the same tree but there was never any overlap between. Rack if Billy over so I'm interested to see somewhat different view how much of a New England -- That Texans team has because there's apparently talk to George -- Patriots had in the coach is -- -- for job down there. -- parents and her frantic I was here was tight -- coach for an extended a couple years here in knowing -- -- is apparently in talks about about joining that staff down there. This also -- not a New -- thing but apparently Mike -- is also going to -- -- you may already be the offensive line -- -- -- I want that's about -- Specific to Billy O'Brien. He took a little heat this week are you in -- pollster calls you what all around the Texans civilly speaking down all sort of off that. Nobody individual accomplishment. -- I someone's that you beat you with some stuff but it had more to do. He was a poor individual ends a lot of people on tours of well you know just the name of the that would in Denver -- -- him. O'Brien strictly is a little bit of different guys I I I can't quite put my finger on it but I feel like he's going to be there. More for the long -- was opposed to what job I wasn't in Cleveland with air. -- was you have fired my last year there and your. But I've heard stories you the same thing your common we -- that sort of scrub the walls all the yes Jim Brown's stall from the old legacy stuff we're gonna restart and news vision I'm I don't think this is a terribly unusual thing to to refocus it on team. Well you know -- will be legacy organization which which course -- not one of them have been you know if so your batteries in -- -- ten years of history and a lot of disappointed -- silly stuff now I -- rhetoric and those Earl Campbell measured out -- -- awful awful David -- -- let's talk about Cleveland from -- Josh McDaniels interviewed for the head coaching job. With Cleveland and then withdrew his name from consideration. I've heard various things one of which is they wouldn't assured him that he was the leading candidate -- we pulled -- almost -- -- -- -- the job -- I'm out. Is that what you guys ray Reid was his pay you I mean there's all I also think too. Did there's something to the idea that. He's going to be the -- your New England. I I sincerely believe. All equally be one that's what has requested yeah I mean it pay out what Matt rouge advocate. I'm really -- -- -- -- dog eat dog Nazi would get a coach how to make fun of but I love the beard and mattress an awesome -- in the rocket scientist and that it would be. I'll be the perfect transition from the evil genius to the other rockets and rocket your business. Dog in I think either guys -- music -- to a zero it'll all on this roster. Always wonder what -- Johnson's role might someday you know he continues to sort of growing list of them. -- woman's -- are going to be the defensive coordinator well you know maybe you know you my point is it -- -- -- over change. You know. We're personalize your jobs -- mean they've got options is the point so you know who knows what. Which you know what what we do this year was turnover in six opening new jobs new -- Once the well you can count on -- six every year the porn is -- going to be here. You're going to be coach who for the best ever given to coach one of the best ever lawyer's going to be -- no points to -- great job you know the built the run game as well most those guys are going their own country -- of them would -- Got most drop that's why I'm back. I'm gonna do not grow with the young receivers you're gonna have nice performances. Each and every one of these years so I think in no -- dubbed the tomorrow and I'm sure he'll be a candidate named. We've of the -- -- more like a very good situation if you can. I didn't think it was either but I was so prize that he Ohio I did feel -- yeah yeah -- for me was that the thing that stood out or when you talk about -- -- possibly going back to you -- but you know the interest of -- whatever -- we did you brought the idea that he was you know Josh as a young -- This is really entry interested right now when we met young and we live -- -- very real -- yeah yeah. I what they move three times in three years yeah Denver to Saint Louis to New England you know -- to report by order of the day when there a and twelve of our church afterward drugs can yeah you want a little bit more stability I you know talked about how -- I sincerely believe that -- one of The Who seek -- assistance. Obama to -- What -- right the second one because I. Her house and felt the burden right know whether to coach about that as an intimate thing that's -- I think that's. Absolutely vital when it comes to. Getting input from an assistant -- In a coach's meeting ended in and not what we're no clear to president -- the two players experience in an apple clears X -- and whereas. No one else in that room to bring that level reported but you also passed that point where he's just a -- to know worry just. When it now for -- fourteen -- you know reporting here that means you remember why quite a while. Show. He can give you both sides I think that makes him extremely valuable and you know you've been -- instrumental in bringing Brandon Spikes along. And dean Dante high towers kind of mentor and he's really helped bridge some of where they place their investment -- -- Jerod Mayo has been there and it. A bouncer relatively few line linebackers last several years -- Some of those guys have come along and that the employers or Amy Collins now in that room and we -- Arnold without fear of the people understand this about how are both. Old old you know giant thing. How are his -- is a guy's -- now he's human you know. Toll -- walked past and it -- but he's a big duke right. Oh Harry Carson was the middle linebacker and L view the other guy and we can banks of the other outside linebacker in. How would want you to be the big bodied middle linebacker he was actually more than three he got the cult. You know so he can communicate with a Jamie column and he can he can talk about -- personal which is always been through -- and admit their help and Richard Seymour so compile Warren's along in those events and coach knows how hard he coached everybody. But he can also -- your -- common in men -- were a bunch of really high draft. -- -- -- -- -- -- He's valuable that stuff I mean I think they they put money put draft picks in two places and hopefully -- got along well then you have Daniel Snyder in the Washington. Mike Shanahan. -- -- -- Problems -- that Daniel Snyder. You know starts to set -- the interviews. Until head coaching candidates were. West permission 49ers. Is granted permission. To interview who there's no -- to the -- -- -- -- -- -- So you know if you're an assistant -- and you gonna interview for head coaching job you know you put some work in to prepare you you you'd go -- to that meeting in that interview as well. -- as you possibly can't. Here's the problem. You went and hired Jay gruden. And didn't bother -- Other candidates oh by the way I got a guy you're off the list now all so they find out in the media they're preparing to do an interview in. When their work in themselves ready and then they read in the media. It's clearly -- and his need to watch ports. What I thought watching the ticker -- to -- -- -- on Saturday with your question did we turn it around them in the media were and why would you -- job at coach want. He's really -- borderline. -- -- If you're young coach who works at a to fail if you're an old coach he's going to sour York's at its unit fell in just -- you you mean if you want my favorite part of Jay -- taking the job was he talked about how proud he was of what they accomplished offensively in Cincinnati. Playoff win. But you know just some that an end atom -- in this is what Daniel Snyder wants. I did I can't imagine a scenario where coach goes. The acute situation you'd be doing and over during battles homeowner. Of of of the findings we loaded franchise -- with a quarterback who's. You probably really know apparently runs the franchise yeah I didn't really know you know high quality offensive options around and that is just -- he -- You know I would give the public record iron and. You know I did it it's tutelage yeah actually coach. With rather believe when he was -- Tea Party -- head coach and your relief I think they've done some good things -- -- -- -- -- -- that. Interest rolled away. It does kind of have this feeling because we all know that Jay gruden is one of people who people -- one and they just can't warm out of the Booth. Is it seems to me a little bit like like they hired Frank Stallone -- they couldn't cancel. -- Cabinet and -- a -- like a if yes -- if it did you know you're you're you're hired one of the Baldwin court Obama's not -- I couldn't Gallagher at least available as if it is you know. What they get it sucks when your brother in your column was your gonna what you do what I was gonna have that feeling where. You know the higher name or do any harm because I think the best can't we don't know that the because it's -- -- always had the wrong group. -- -- I don't know I you know I wouldn't put it yeah I mean all of that he was not hiring John what was hiring and then John walks into his offices as we don't mean where young guys John no matter and I didn't hit with your interview. We'll take a break welcome back -- a couple of minutes Tommy current will join us that top the hour NFL Sunday presented by Lansky insurance. -- they shop to use a visit -- dot com today.

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