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NFL Sunday: Turnovers Are an Issue, But This is not the Last We've Seen From Andrew Luck

Jan 12, 2014|

The NFL Sunday gang discusses the play of Andrew Luck. Sure, he has struggled with turnovers in the playoffs, but he clearly has all the makeup of a great QB with a ton of promise heading into his prime years. They talk about the Colts in general and what they need to do to get over the hump.

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Spoil myself when are we can't protect him -- limit turnovers. Have a chance to one you know there's agreed to -- so. Proud you know proud to do posting because of -- court has reversed part of our chances of him and just just couldn't couldn't get over at home. Your your purchases are the ones. Can I ask you guys are really dumb question I mean. Maybe even dumber than some of the other questions I ask you. Did the dumb question is you know. If you take away the intercept continue it -- that now what what you've seen of Andrew Luck so far in his very young NFL career and even what you saw. Times last night. And his ability to throw the foot ball. What you guys think this is going to be really really good at some point. -- -- can be good next year I did that mean that's the guy who. Unity you know we we went back and forth on the chiefs game and whether or not that was keeps. You know given it to -- way or the -- -- I think of body you were. Over the first yours through to get that into law. That that's who that quarterback is in the he's going to be we talked about or Ambien a little bit Favre -- In effect if -- -- rose sometimes that you should make we saw them a couple of times but I I I think we're looking and they re -- When do you mean this is going to be the guy for them in here. Yeah I mean unify had to be dizzy just need more guys around we talked about bella part of what. You know when you know you don't have them you do need you -- -- -- ball and he does have a legitimate. Problem right now recoil into. You really her -- when you do that and then I think. Off to a road on this week I was. -- into -- trying to figure you know some sort of as a couple. Guys that Leslie Roland mentioned have reduced to number in half from the regular season prior. -- -- -- -- -- The -- what are they shouldn't be able to win that yes the what do you don't really who have that the porn you know maybe your boy he threw three interceptions. After he was down 31. Yet they came back door and the problem rather than pick up of the way and we re -- then but. I can think is interesting to watch I think news there's a psychological -- that you watch how to Andy Dalton. It's sort of treated in the way Andrew Luck is treated again I -- upside vendors or the way that we can still serve I think we. Person who -- talk about -- yes -- for the game. What's unique about -- How -- is you are to reset in the pocket it's not so much scrambling to get away he does a pretty good news for first -- to last night. What his ability to -- hole little to really quickly. And reset himself -- to move the pocket himself in the recent but the industry out of pocket we're back again and then also to make the ridiculous those -- or five of the vote for who sealed your way. But all that said it is -- percent -- sort of -- -- Obama Biden will be extra patient mode mobile for garlic and -- -- 300000. To. He had multiple formal who has -- as well what the conversation around him cause he's not on it now won more playoff games is he the guy going before we go personal -- of course. And I can think of what an after market close of the first overall -- thing. Well I think he deserves an equal level scrutiny before because of his end of your performances because -- -- -- -- through things and think first of boy and yet give certain content that have to look at the old. In Cincinnati. In BP he's not in the kind of more of what he's getting in you know what's in it that figures into -- well I think the other thing about -- now you expect -- on him going forward are going to be even higher. And it worked his first two years in question is whether he's going people to speak his team to the next while I pinkie and but I think it's going to be interesting to watch him go to the rowing team get to them what do you think you need to back in the that it not a stud. But someone who aren't already -- of that this year while I think someone who get to 800 yards a season in -- to -- and I think you need another -- -- -- and again we talked about the last -- don't know the long term future someone like Richard -- -- you -- -- guy there who's going to be at two other -- QY Hilton will be cleaner you guys there -- -- -- you could bank on. Seventy ED is seventy EDT. I'm curious habits of the Brasilia. -- caused the way I thought she did last and I thought -- Y Hilton was a nice complementary piece Lester will pay to play in this is a nice player economic reforms hopefully you can be a solid guy. And just exploded in your two. Watch Brazil few times last night that separation pretty good ball skills was this guy. You know before -- have -- you know the world -- But not you know watching him and Mike you know maybe that is the other guy you know in the end and don't -- him and all the other good the other vote do they have. The have a habit there in the -- you find him he pulled that are real big talking pieces and -- Agree the got a front running game and its interest in the there -- Trent Richardson because you looks to me like a guy what it would much prefer. Fullback in front of them traditional running game is not a draw wherever he -- not. Solve runner he's an Alabama running back from a hole. Saw Mark -- have some tests yesterday in the other game might think he's the -- to play in the league but. It does seem like square peg round hole by by -- about where you moving to his being need to -- on the entry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Patriots playing with house money. I mean given they certainly don't go away but I know I know exactly what's your -- today I can't say that they don't think that we're sure today. When I look at this team and and the injuries they've over comments and how they've gotten there in their. Eight AFC championship game of the Bill Belichick Tom Brady era. A win next week in their in their sixth super bowl of the Brady Belichick Europe and I don't think there's anybody on the planet. As as I kept falling as the season went on it would -- mail and on and on that up. That they were going to be two things first of all this -- the birds three year and if you care to name and that puts him in WB I mean you guys that. Goes into two -- in terms -- -- it is true I just you guys ended going to three -- -- 010 through four. I I -- you know you look at some degree. I understand that it's still make the -- -- to -- time to -- something -- to the -- time from -- 12000 or. Arm and the patriots joined on two teams that ended up there at three right now -- Packers mid continent seven dolphins have -- the -- Three. The other thing for me it is just. It's it's the really. I wonder it. Would be applicable in -- All of all say that we applicable in well we don't know how to store is -- and but I wonder -- experience at this point. Would be willing to say. Look I don't hear from now on how the season and I think this season. You know -- -- -- Ohio I don't know you know if you don't when he championship and -- -- I I just think it's one of those deals where you know your understand a third. And or try to score you army and if you don't score you're going to be pissed about your stove could have been stranded driver and I'm we'll get. -- give it less so than you know sort of found money idea or just the united you know -- we're here now. I think a lot of people up with a lot of focus directly so. On a coach Belichick and the job done overcoming all the bubbles and it's well documented all hoping these guys about the go through. I would take it maybe a step further review what would you. Answered this is maybe the best scouting department you're in the history of the Belichick there cause in the event of not hitting on so personally urged -- Oval on recorder -- my suspicion. Understanding of Josh titles available. To -- about -- or that creditors while. Unthinkable. Jamie -- again not just that he was right to a three years from now with the accelerated growth and to be ready to go towards him -- Think of and I mean literally you could could. You to -- this thing they had been hit on what it doesn't do to be in the laser and right it of this you know threw for which would have been reasonable these doesn't. We know where there are right now. The idea that Logan Ryan ruling -- be OK enough and you want to be able to contribute to make some place. The idea that all those right -- yeah what you guys in his -- as -- how many hits they had -- made a rule would be in the position they are right now. It wouldn't have been at a reasonable that distillate fuel level to be here going in the last night's game I broke it -- it did these earlier in the week there. Site the relies more on their row you've been in you're there in left in the -- that are not a choice yeah exactly you're not talk about I mean Denver has like. -- rookies on the two to three man roster no way of the -- at seven the chargers have nine tickets -- fifteen guys. Are being guessing it's fourteen now but they're being asked to leave significant role these are not just back into the roster. You know. National teams but I mean these are guys were getting if it's now touching columns last night T-Mobile line you all know -- Dobson over the course central Compton. Did you guys are integral to the success of this team in the don't have the big names like we saw. I was about 2000 -- the gold standard of the draft caught. Being able to. Instantly deliver. Because that was -- you have got a tire war in the thought to him being open you don't have the big names like that like in terms of being able to read. You the good -- people around the nation when it comes to building Iraq are these guys have been how we buy it opens the I just think all things being -- Anybody who set all yet despite all that I expect him to be in an AFC championship game right if you lie. I didn't think it would be -- I thought when Vince went down there were gonna have -- time I think it is that it they're rude boys out this way. You would never expect that a few notes and you. That's awaited sense to -- -- had brought the playground and you don't agree to another you're here you're here. Almost like why not yeah exactly and a one of those people that I get the sense Mateen you and actually I it was -- -- didn't work out with the in the last season. What I felt like. From -- conversations with a lot of guys like the Matthew Slater and likes older and at Logan they spoke glowingly of last year's team of how close -- a word out -- -- -- bill was very complimentary as animated feature -- brought -- was a different. I was extremely close. And selflessness was all another roster. And it worked out the right. Cut back commencing cycle where you've got a lot of different faces what they've found people with your blog that's -- -- on whatever they needed to. They had the first joneses and the silver slowing -- and just kind of a lot of good stories guys who have cut and -- it -- And that feeling of that in tangible thing that these guys have it back again. Now you can always have it if you -- you that this doesn't happen for you the story of what is neat pretty. Well I think they've gotten that again and I picked you you get that sense from Belichick in his comments at some of the guys -- what Ninkovich and Slater. Talk about how they how to have that. -- -- Sense of internal or Specter locker guys -- free to the right return it seemed to be we stole rolling in the same group. Take a look at two games being played today when we come back in just couple of minutes NFL Sunday presented by Lansky insurance. Let's -- bait shop so you save visit the Lansky dot com today.

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