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NFL Sunday: Denver or San Diego - Who Do Patriots Fans Want to see in the AFC Championship?

Jan 12, 2014|

Dale, Matt and Chris talk about the Broncos and the Chargers and who the Pats match up better against. Clearly they would rather play at home, but the guys break down what each team brings to the table.

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. I know it's a little unusual for us to be on after a game but the patriots don't normally play on Saturday night of course. We were carrying the first game yesterday the the New Orleans game in Seattle was carried live here on sports radio and both games today will be on Sports Radio pregame show begins at 1230 today. Which can't be much simpler San Diego beats Denver they come here for the AFC championship game next week. Denver beat San Diego the patriots traveled the mile high city. And play in the AFC championship now at Dexter said any idea what time the game will be on next week. We talked about this off fair last week generally speaking they alternate. AFC and NFC championship games this year the AFC is first. You don't next year the NFC first. It is the AFC east turn to be the first game. The reason I I think it's probably going to be that way is to see apple is hosting. You're not gonna have them played at 1 o'clock game eastern time. They -- playing at at you know. Well no it's it's three insects are -- three and 600 billion Bagram played noon yeah I I I believe that the patriots game. Whether it's in Denver or here. And it's the AFC's turn to be first anyway but I believe it'll be the first game. I a couple of sort of you know my MBA -- -- they're trying to think another of their throw Ronald is crazy ideas about extra playoffs and one of two doubles bullets I'm curious if yup I wanted to just logistically could work it out so that you could own both nights do isu championships Saturday six senator says you -- -- have both prime -- you could due course because you have yet so you have to coordinate that. That this weekend's games gave both teams that are seven days maybe that rotated season on right it does seem like a waste of -- -- if you you know if you -- -- the whole thing now seems to be just don't miss it is possible -- -- there some there are some sanity to anatomy from -- standpoint added you know that you say that. They could complete people because annual selected dale run up of all the media marketing their mentor -- -- you know you -- a pregame -- for two hours like they do and you know yoga -- a little bit there's something to the idea of the way the final four does -- where they have championship Saturday. Yeah they have both of those schemes on that Saturday in in the championship game on Monday night. There huddle like that you know aspect to where you get through re here to what should be you know great schemes and when -- -- -- but I could totally -- to implement high dollar mark heading primetime stuff. So slots two different nights as opposed the -- look look at -- annulled if if the at about good they would they would chop it up by quarters and then. You know off. But Thursday's first quarter spectacular. To buy Golden Corral. Either way the at the patriots game is at three next Sunday whether it's here or whether it's in Denver 3 o'clock eastern. It is the the early game of the two conference championships next week so in answer the question it is the first game -- at 3 o'clock. Now the question is where it's going to be. To either place -- immune immune either way it is ridiculous. And so here in Denver and you get a three year at least two or three votes as well. And it it leads me into a text steer them in a mock a little. -- The techsters says now the New England is running the ball is Tom Brady becoming obsolete. -- protect and and -- a little bit impact here's my dumb stat of the day. The patriots. In the playoffs. -- four -- when Tom Brady doesn't throw a touchdown pass so Tom needs that -- -- just don't touchdown passes and and outsource that through my numbers never lie. That's why I said it's the it's the dumb status link you to lie with him that's the history. -- it's pretty unusual when you look at Tom Brady's playoff record and -- career record. It's you know there there have been only four times in his playoff history worry hasn't thrown -- touchdown pass that happened before you know in those four games. And look I love them running the football I've been begging him to run it for in the last month now and they've kind of picked up at the end. But I would say the chances of Tom Brady going back to back games without a touchdown pass are probably parties. Last time they broke forty points in Brady didn't throw a touchdown pass that guy over there was torrential Bravo. September I was themselves throwing them. September 30 200144. To thirteen over the Indianapolis. Tom readers -- starts. Into one Smith had almost a hundred yards on the ground. Doubt was that team where everyone remembers Brian Cox blasting Jerome Pathon into next week and that was the and it was really a lot of people feel that with the -- that the played it kick started the season you know people always go back to. The mold those eligible listed on Drew Bledsoe but I was that was the one where -- comic book -- eighteen it reverberated up and on the slot that got schooled so much and in the set think Dallas. -- that affecting our penalty. You wouldn't firing 30000 dollars a probable would have killed and driver moment in the realism and there's -- -- The big game today that everybody's going to be watching in these parts obviously is San Diego at Denver. If you wanna give an indication. -- how unfair the media can be at times. The front page of the Denver Post today the up front page. Is a full page photo of Peyton Manning from the back there. And the headline is legacy under a cloud. Peyton Manning -- first ballot hall of Famer and the headline in the Denver Post today says legacy under a clout. Now what we do agree on I think all of us is that there's probably no player under more pressure this weekend division playoff weekend and Peyton Manning is that fair. Though the goal post season I would I would stretch out to the post -- did this is the guy who has the most to gain the most to lose when it comes the legacies. This post season its lead me to Denver where. Why I think part of that goes into. The kind of year they had a regular season when you have this sort of insane numerical. Accumulation kind of thing like the patriots are also now have a thing and and oh by the way they won their first eighteen games. You wanna pay off. Because you can't presume it's never going to be like this again related to the probability of -- -- like that again isn't very good. So yes you certainly don't waste that kind of deal and and an amazingly enough at least from the offensive side of the ball but have Julius Thomas back. As Walker's gonna play again. You really there's no team in the NFL who has better weapons I think offensively Dominica. With a with a three -- at wide receivers and the great tight end. And of Iran you know -- some -- will be the guy again and they got a good buffer -- draft pick as a back that could potentially be there was really talent everywhere. And then you give him one of the vessel time quarterbacks that in and of itself -- pressure do you have investment and you got a payoff when you've been invested. The other thing too is it in from mean Heaton in Denver feels like month meaning Kansas City. In that chiefs team was really good but they had that window. Montana was there for two years and they couldn't get it done and I think there is a little bit of pressure. When you're talking about the idea of the Broncos essentially pushing all the trips to the middle of the table for this really probably three media for your window rate stays healthy. And so that's accelerated a little bit too I think if it was a younger quarterback. You could feel like this guy could grow with the rest of the team and you have a bigger window but you look at quarterback in the same thing is true here in New England but you look at record America's late thirties. And he's not gonna be around forever so I think that when there was a little bit smaller than it would be for another hour heading up please into. Hours at this point it's just mind my real talk portion of the show Padilla as a quarterback I think. I think Peyton certainly can win the games for them in a big picture. Boy that the turn over matters so it's it's almost revealed the too much credit too much blame kind of thing where. He if you were to go out and throw couple -- late giveaways and possessions they don't do it on the other side it's it's one of those positions where you can sometimes in the loss on a guy and you know -- a team sport. But that's said. If you plays. Comparable regular season game it was -- well. And they don't play well defensively they can never went so be it that's when you -- into it. Patched -- his personal legacy he would do that -- sport there at the end of the day and mrs. -- got historical truth. Quarterbacks are on the field for about 40% of what. Those teams kitchen about the warning in Leo Forbes as the phantom injury literally on the field for more than less than half the snaps a game it's this complex so. Certainly gonna get all the credit and year old boy and that's how we sell -- market these came to package them what. He can only control so -- this is still football I think his legacy set broad brush this warming for a minute. And again I will -- about obviously I'm not stupid a year you'd rather play at home next mean that's a pretty obvious case. But I'm just talking about the two teams involved San Diego and Denver and I know that -- put up those other worldly numbers patriots and actually beaten Denver already this year. Which of these two teams to the patriots match up best against an AFC championship chargers. I do I editing as a -- not to -- a bucket put him on a neutral field it's the same thing I think but chargers defense to mean. Is wildly inconsistent I think that they've had some really great moments this year. But I also think there are moments where you don't know -- you're gonna get I think offensively they're really good I think Philip Rivers a great year and having you as a group of guys around him. Ryan Matthews you know one -- would head. That are as good as right you don't position it's gonna try to plated David he's hurt I don't know what you -- I just I just think when you look at the scene -- good defense. That is a matchup from the patriots and I feel really good about if those two teams in the future. This missile some Ryder -- writing content that's fine but I don't think there's a better matchup -- -- there's a better matchup on each side I think there. There you'd much prefer to play the San Diego office in the Denver office but I absolutely I think you'd much rather put the Denver defense from the city would be -- -- -- -- consistent two point but I think there's more there. Potentially Denver demure looks like but to sue of so much and I understand they also be drawn producer style plate is generally. The other teams up to score points Texaco the old -- Margaret for a couple years ago work or scored 45 they're gonna score thirty and it's not an indication that. You know we're a different style we do from play call things -- gold their last that was unique about football. But deaths that I don't feel like there's danger the you know you don't ever Von Miller -- -- more Dumervil Shaun Phillips is a nice play he can still get up there makes a place. Believes that the guy used to be a solid player they've they've got some play makers put. By and large here dwarfs not you know. Is a gutsy guys but it's not it's not a poor defense by any stretch but it's Oscar. And -- and I think really there's there's one side of each of those cute -- that your brother face and sort of in the event that there was an amalgam they'd have one really good team but I think both of them are pretty. -- if they were an amalgam than they'd be the Seattle sea off a bit ago who looked pretty darn good on both sides of the football. But. And and we give back to the other obvious point which is you'd much rather play an AFC championship game here that -- San Diego winning. You don't wanna have to go to Denver if you can avoid it's I mean you just rather not you'd find -- I also think too this is a different team at home and we've talked about that don't you know a couple times of Christie at this is a really good old. I think in that kind of gets under sold a little bit I can't. Put my finger on what it is you know you talk about home field advantage or or you know whether or whatever it is but did this team. Over the course the 2013. Season has been pretty consistent -- It comes to you know claim a good sixty minutes noted that built into -- -- they need to on the road they've obviously ramped up and down the stretch with noted that nice when in Baltimore but he -- That is as sure -- thing as you can get when you're talking but the 2013 which too few really good about their chances on the matter with that I think that the what's transpired in the last month. Mix them travel. And their are not into the emergence and -- -- just don't think that they're not a good I'm nothing if they're not a good road team but -- thing if you want -- -- If you wanna bet on one thing on this team -- is this is their ability and I must say that even to have sort of counter which -- sent out to simply say -- but I think the emergence of that part of -- game. Has made them less matchup dependent. They don't need to match -- perfectly to necessarily be chewed up that they had to have the perfect -- before but there certain. Teams in styles that you thought was going to be a -- Now I think they have the ability to bring it to you him to dictate to you how it's going to be as opposed tractor who Wear -- and distributed to. You've got to the vigor one part of the -- you've really got to try hard to stop and I really don't think. I think you know again -- through this but just to talk radio here so in the event that you were to pass this next round to the super ball. This development with the patriots of the burdens of running ability to be multiple that way. Helps them so much against the San Francisco's of the world against the Seattle the world. It would be -- probably especially if you're playing a suitable outdoors in the Indies in the absence of that we'd be talking a little bit more like we were talking towards the end of last year it's sort of open here we'll see how it goes if they placing Diego I would be really fast news the -- -- to approach them. Offensively because. This -- eagle run defense is pretty good. But their pass defense over the course the year has been pretty bad the worst simply comes to pass defense. If there -- a situation here winners forty degrees and clear in -- it's great you know agreed environment does -- you decide to open up. There's pre decided you know it'd be -- go back to go sling the ball a lot trying to find trying to find at a minimum Dolan you know -- in space. I just. You really interest to see how all of that develops going -- do wind up almost mute feature two games. Bill Belichick had a conference call with the media already this morning which wouldn't participate in -- -- -- about it at all one of the things he did -- in the conference call. But after all the talk about the -- in the rain in the wind and it was miserable for -- -- the day year there yesterday. He said that weather was a minimal factor in the way the game was played last night. Well the one thing that wasn't there. That I always wonderment I'm never had to throw football. On the coaches told the paper for -- The apt as the wind is hopeful and feel like it was terribly windy of what rate was driving little sideways rain and so it's like they were all wet but we can still do things -- wanna do that can deal. Didn't see a lot of ball handling issues which I think is kind of surprised -- from either team I mean there was the one Bobble interception that what that was about Baldwin in Mosul but on the back shoulder at the gas -- -- -- -- -- but I tell area. I would call by the babble -- remains a slightly behind a bit about that you know -- -- on him so much. But all of that I mean warming. You know Danny Allan. The intrepid thought about it and you think of a situation where a guy it was simply fumbled the ball around have a tough time grabbing -- few drops and -- tiger temple -- drop their worst. -- -- -- -- -- -- guys look like probably got hurt again you know it would the other a -- there were some struggles global security design but I don't people don't like holes through it I don't think it was anything like buffalo and I think that's one of things that -- that -- it wasn't anything like -- not challenges -- -- -- got really we talked before the -- about this -- the -- bad for the game. It was re UV was do you miss really nasty it was a miserable -- I was walked in the field. Warrants and dress shoes of sued them for now some later. And nobody should seize your feet office you can Wear themselves feel it is okay mister Kraft got to figure nominees got that the cool little -- issues everywhere he goes down. A more -- but -- I yells what the field -- small prints are wonderful people and and just out there trying to give the little lamb for a head up to this or watch the game. And I was surprised how much standing water and it -- Seoul march. There was elect my shoes it was cold out. Almost talk level like you know like there was big you'd skewed due to absorb a little bit you go to under the surface of holding -- pop up like there was. Standing water in the TARP that thing for good amount of the day. So maybe it's much more on the Airbus field itself wasn't possible mass but -- -- coach visited in the fact that effectively. And I AM take the opportunity when we come back after the break a mock the football media for one brief shining moment -- that -- included but all have you all. This this is one of those characters and remotely on. I'm at a mock all of you when we come back in just a moment NFL Sunday presented by complaints ski insurance. At the landscape they shops that use a visit to play its -- dot com today.

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