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NFL Sunday: Recapping the Patriots' Victory Over the Colts in the Divisional Round -- Cue up the "Blount Puns"

Jan 12, 2014|

Dale Arnold, Matt Chatham and Chris Price are usually the pregame edition of WEEI's Patriots coverage, however today they are basically playing the role of the postgame while they recap the Patriots/Colts game last night at a rainy Gillette Stadium. They discuss the unbelievable performance by LeGarrette Blount last night who had 166 rushing yards and 4 TD's! Stevan Ridley added 2 TDs of his own making Tom Brady's night an easy one. Brady did make some key passes, but the story last night was certainly the rushing attack. The boys also discuss the coming out party for Jamie Collins who had an excellent game, especially in his down field coverage. They get into all the big plays last night, including the strange punt play that led to a safety and having to use Stephen Gostkowski as the punter with Brady as a holder for the rest of the night.

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Not a single touchdown pass for either Russell Wilson or Tom break. Raising have a lovely you know O'Neal of the things -- we're running game takes on sort of center stage and we've been talking about this. Passing game Renaissance for a couple years -- remember a quote from of Coca Morse who reacts -- the coach Belichick believed it was about two years ago. And he was asked at the podium about this sort of it's become a passing the -- -- for the throwaway comment to the key for the next comment. He has sniffed that. Mallory -- maybe 2% of the -- And -- But it still. Sorts of Italy it's always interest and be eating when -- stepped to the four. Yeah at this time of year especially to you know win when it's when it's cold weather where little nasty right when he -- mean a little bit more. You see teams like that rise to speak at all I think in the last few years the patriots haven't. Turn to ground and pound on other -- or know what -- -- and I read more about it and -- idea is to contribute -- yet and there's the flip side you know maybe if they had. You know the -- would have but I I just it was -- it's been fascinating to me to watch the evolution of this offense. Over the course a year this offense has changed -- no offense I have seen. In New England maybe ever since 2006 but the change in season 2% and doubles with a fascinating part of this amendment. The store teams are in -- animals the older over fifty times agreement to be able book. Make the season just about just being in game adjustment of repressed what we started we have an offense that really in a lot of ways was based around. You know kind of settlement Amendola. Running game in neighboring goes down in the opener and it is kind of have to. Cobble it together because you don't have -- Amendola until Gradkowski comes back six weeks in immigrant comes you can ramp back up. In and Gradkowski is out so this offense has new poll. 83 or four different solutions over the course but it kind of reminds me of but the thing the thing I guess it's an industry interest -- all that is all the things that they would have needed to run the game like they do now. Chapman gentlemen former Olympian but it's not a lack of metals and pieces to on the game or -- -- now tonight they had to we've all yeah a bit farewell. We're all I think they they had to come to the unfortunate assessment properly. They didn't have the weapons at receiver to be debt that fooling around a lot football team they don't have it right now. Good for Julian Edelman you know Pro Bowl deserves everything deserves all that. Just don't have what they need and especially with gronkowski out. I think it was an intelligent assessment well Tom current provides us the statistical nugget for the day. Tom Brady has thrown 75 passes over the last three games total. He has never thrown fewer than 75 passes in any three game stretch in his career. He has completed 41 of the 75 his lowest three game completion total since 2004. I mean that's how different this he has and we were we've been talking about it the last few weeks you know and and blunt force trauma and all those. Bad puns that we were right all it's opera but this has been I think an assessment by Bill Belichick a correct one that this gives us our best chance to. They have the same all along those same lines in his Tom's numbers did the where's that blunt has had almost as many Russian -- of the last three games this Thomas had passing. In in that it's been interesting again the idea that the -- -- into the vault ever since that Cleveland team. The rushing attempts have gone up steadily the passing attempts have gone now. The real big spike. Obviously the ball -- that was huge but the part of that was Miami correctly and -- and other real big you know what. Our staff favorites of -- he threw the -- lot in mind but the running game -- -- for -- -- -- production was up there were running the gauntlet in the also gotten at those numbers were a little bit skewed because the story through a lot down the stretch out in in that -- did that I think acting both -- democratically millennium and -- replica. Both finished with least in -- Well I guess the reason the requests are trying to frame it that way is. The one thing that will be interest embassy is now you go forward and -- there may -- your home and it's not raining next week against India -- traveled the government. In either scenario maybe you're not in the torrential when the -- in the last two times. It -- be interest in the city of that was what forced the hand you know to recover on team immune or was that was at this revelation that they have that hey this is who we could be this is who we've got. Or was this sort of conditions that helped push him down that route and say hey now hey I've found a Picasso that -- been playing. You know cards on top -- that -- rip off the top realized what I've got here now maybe we can make something morbid but -- -- bullet -- they'll continue to make these decisions on the conditions don't force and that I think it was interesting to -- I think that there's something to that I think the conditions I think the matchup also ruby -- -- the -- -- -- you -- -- the -- I I well I I looked -- an awful secondary and went into this -- -- and what Brady's going to be able to make some -- against this group. And I don't have the weapons to do it's also just honestly I think there's something to your idea of them writing with a hot in the habit to beat you go -- the Baltimore game Baltimore it was a -- -- one difference in me. So you're looking at a situation if you are the patriots this week obviously. -- -- -- You don't have to believe don't have much much -- what's going on Ottoman just looking at the numbers you're seeing Diego was the sixth best team in the league in the run this year. Have -- inconsistent defense up and down Denver was the third best team against the run this year so. I don't know meant to your point if he would be so inclined to go as heavy when it comes to run the ball. Going for job I think the it's the -- the -- separate -- that it's match habits and I think there was a reason buffalo. As disruptive and and cooler it is those guys are with Darius and Williams and all those guys up front. Blasting what to do was drop back in the pop pocket seven step into slumps are playing games and twisted and running and -- passed a little bit. I think the story fits the colts as well I mean Robert Mathis is in the came to common disrupt the game -- screw things up. The last to do is drop back pass a -- and they'd always run at it yet you run -- -- or less and in -- there was some interstates up the world on the game were the -- from for a state the first -- they they took. They substitute him out quite a bill that map askew became kind of a situation players -- John Abraham later his career -- -- in -- and still -- 506070. Connecting -- Plan maybe the sixty to 70% play Carroll Campbell rely in my -- yours as good job in those numbers but I didn't get the sense that. -- that it wasn't Mathis -- are alarmed by any measure an M when he came in I would say just guessing regular -- -- more about attracting interest Reggie. I stated they ran at him when they ran 75%. But I mean it wasn't exclusive there -- times -- -- formations they stole away from them. But what Mathis those rules not so much just overpowering the small guy. He's -- to pursue. So he gets under gets past Paris you know and and you don't -- behind you punch felt the ball cause turnovers out of the one thing they did that I thought was kind of cool. Is what they would motion in the wide receiver on the backside when they -- -- -- -- one away from a -- fuel with. Wait for the Iranian though. And -- to put up a pretty good fight but imagine if you don't motion Danny back in to try to have an -- -- community dispute the past it's like a little fly and you Emeka thank. But if it worked out in your dinner tackle has to cut off the super fast -- on the -- -- just -- somebody can -- foot -- -- blown up a little bit. The help tackle keep him from cut trees not a good thing. You know this better than we do because you've been there. Though the word has been and Michael Holley when he spent a year imbedded with the team wrote about this is well that Bill Belichick is very willing to listen to the player leadership. That -- -- so you know that group of captains he gets together with them on a regular basis any lessons to. When that when the story of the season is ultimately hold. I wonder if were gonna hear that Logan Mankins in particular said hey we gotta run the ball let's let's let us let us do what. We I think part of the yeah I don't know the -- you know did that but I I think -- would be likely that. The whole group will admit dot com coming advocating is while. For this reason there was a -- portion of a season where. There were -- protected -- As a group and part of that. You know it is is is because you are not good pass protector there are also facing and we talked about -- but it does northeast some really good for off course. But I guess my point is in its not like they were played poorly coached issue got tough matchup some whatever yep -- match up to you have to make me drop back fifty times. I lose five it makes it a really bad game you know five really bad low lights makes for a book report it. The best way to help those guys and that's that's not exclusive that was just off the sublime as a whole. Is a lot on the road -- half the place so that each time it is a pass play the guy has run pass conflict things unflappable achieved so I think you'll. Just simply judging that these are these guys best skills we should use in that way. It also helps -- VO stumpel becomes play actual look at those -- for Tom that throwing -- and terrible on the field I'll something to do this the repeated the event. Policy to receiving little something when they'd be looked triggered the start of the year but be reduced from three judiciously. Over the course of the first eight to twelve games. It was really ten to twelve carries a dream it was no centers where he looked the same as he does now either know you aren't more -- has -- -- did you do it was really interesting to see him. The -- he has arrived you know leap year. Running as well as he's always run well. Mean he was running like this I think it started years just there were fewer carries I think you've built into this role as the year's gone on some of them because of read -- progression just a little bit with ball security issues need to be more being reintegrated back -- be -- as the year's gone on but I think. The emergence of blunt again you'll like OC and force just another aspect of fact that this offense is just the ball and he's one of the guys the double the war. Patriots' ran the ball 46 times with a ball 25 times almost a 21. Run to pass ratio I mean I just -- and I'm sure it's happened in the Brady era but I bet it's been awhile. Yeah the thing that I I like that it went to that kind of ratio but they stuck with that is their worst series. If you. Pollster in the game where I mean it's still tight -- -- and out there for -- -- yet would return the next series and continue to -- I mean that's tough to -- mean -- Josh -- -- the credit wasn't like I think we've seen this earlier in the season where. You know maybe they would commit to the run for series or two of -- work it was covered you know what you DNC a much more. Book I want post article was still tight I mean I think and re watching and I didn't -- the -- left of what the stadium last night. You felt like it wasn't quite so close got a got a little hand out of hand at the end at the at the front half and it was really got kind of spaced out -- got close in the middle when he -- lock cut it to seven and it's stayed their for a series exactly that was a moment where it got a little -- area at the -- and I think a lot of people -- -- anticipated being that close. Think a lot of -- it was -- well you know fourteen nothing did they got to the big lead when he wants aren't -- feel pretty good about self but but Lott was able to. The liver that lightning strike cut it back to seven and a lot of people would it mean. It's stating capital purposes but what I think is impressive about that sequence though is then they -- -- with are believed to three and -- by the patriots and them did that the colts have one of their own. And and yet it doesn't get thrown at Toledo this -- we have been real mobile and do they they they continue to believe and it. Consulates in big throws down the stretch but the play action Rosa wasn't just simply stand got to run six receivers that well this is something you've talked about for a while you're much prefer. Or not much. You you'd rather seat Tom under -- more than he has that. And you've been talking about that for a while too much shotgun. It really does limit you're running options -- a fair amount -- and every run play out of the -- in effect becomes a drop like you like it better when he's up under center and I do and especially for -- things were talking about earlier when you want -- you know because this this particular team as a team that likes to flop they've become all hobble around the ball. And when they see your formation come up big spread to them ago that there are certain players that like to put opposite the tide and -- is usually the OPEC guy. When it was Warner in the electrical or over the tide and they'll bad habit like the ruled on the seat view a particular site what they want and what you declare than do their thing some teams don't do that some teams -- mirrored him either guy rotates down based on what of formation intelligent. When your under senator. You can let them spurt out and do that. And then you can audible from a lot like like we mentioned not that you can audible from the gun but the -- -- go back under center but in the options are little more limited -- -- drop is like the ailments and things like that. I just think under setter allows you to be sort of symmetrical -- anyway. -- can change a relatively quickly all the guys have to know to just number spots would -- -- quick. But we can do both on the move we get it can be a little more -- you don't -- last attitude to that point after the game a lot of guys locker rooms that -- you looked -- didn't -- for a lot of yards but you he was the guy went and became the line. He saw the defense in he checked out Kimi to call out -- you're gonna run the ball so I think that. We look at Brady's numbers and we see thirteen for money for a 190 -- -- are just pedestrian performance. You was the guy who was -- -- in goal drove -- -- exactly drove the bus he was making sure with a proper level like two Q should. He was the guy was put in Google those drives -- 567 minute drive that we're out last night. It'll affect him -- group at quarterback even like it even when the numbers weren't. You know the typical Brady leaf season post season numbers he played a huge role I agree and a Harlan I think something that we don't catch crystal were at the stadium like that. It is I think France or get a good shot -- this did you get the broadcasts to Jack up the volume. Well I watched tobacco markets this morning you notice how -- instances where Thomas changing the might call. When he about the blitzer you know changing some sort of communication with the slot -- changing their -- accommodations like he this is one of those more. Game manager -- hasn't negative connotation you what does that we're gonna battle last night after yeah a lot of guys -- -- signal what is all in the last spring about the press conference was elect to be agreement. You know at but Dolly -- it was it was it was high level quarterback play even though the numbers -- Let me ask you this if if the Patriots defense. Gave up 234 rushing yards on 46 attempts five point one yards per attempt. Wouldn't we be crying for for adjustments from the defense why didn't the defense had just why did Matt Patricia changed things up. Is part of the problem here because Campbell backed what you were saying where Brady would go up the line of scrimmage check -- -- a running play because that's what they were given on. Did the colts not change things up enough when it was obvious that they couldn't stop the run early. I think as a great point because I actually mentioned this earlier on Twitter was of his poems. Intrigue that they came out for several series -- just simply went eleven personal one tied -- but two receivers on the field and Donald Brown's in the -- Which tells me. I gonna try you know -- -- we're not even got to admit we're not gonna try to establish the run game run game today from from jump street from right off the bat is going to be Cutler. And I thought that was like you know at the same point you you limit yourself in the mix in draws of course will be a trap play here and again and noble try to get the run game going a little bit. When it's not a commitment to its not so we're gonna try to tick for -- were gonna try to take the pressure -- Frederick. But really this is going to be blocks game from snapple and announced -- throws an interception that he should the throttle quick pitch. And I think you saw the games particulate temple -- you watch like throughout the course the game he has 456 of some of the best for its analyses. But real -- -- -- -- -- in this could be it this is probably in -- Parker drastic but this the first -- -- -- it was a little far. -- -- he's got he's a little far vision in mayonnaise in as a compliment it daddy because in a year to he's going to be able to make those throws he's going to be able to get that window. Probably 90% of the time it's just not there yet in you almost feel a little bit bad about the the progression and we are used this course of his career. Because people are going to unfairly tagged him as a gunslinger so it's it's it's it's going to be fun to watch him play but -- -- Tuesday. When we come back we'll talk about eight coming out party last night at Gillette Stadium. This is NFL Sunday presented by Coke plant ski insurance at a plant scheme they shops or use a visit the -- -- dot com today. On first -- -- Brady head off. Yeah. Okay. 83 yards and down. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- And again piles of garbage and be physical more physical and another team. And -- -- that -- if there's there's a great seeing you know -- the same thing they did you see what they did last week and O'Connell from 28 points down rallied and won. So we had to guard apparently physically and just give up front apparently. Just always worth a winning start of the -- with a little AC DC and go from there. If it was kind of fun watching the game last night with a hockey guy. I was working with Billy -- we were -- the Bruins last night but you know we had. Both monitors crank that we are watchable things and and the hockey guy it was was dumbfounded by the concept. That and in this case were talking Deion Branch that while the second week the house signing guys in the commander roster if you wanted to they didn't they didn't have him active. Where in the NHL you couldn't do that. The real and by rule re -- the unions -- -- -- -- in the -- have -- the reason I bring that up result on Masco tweeted out a few minutes ago so can I request to release. Ash -- c'mon guys Lee. The we were joking about that online last night while the affected well you know we we know visibly -- punter out there who might be available in those knowing him pretty well after. But right now he played a week ago for Cincinnati but -- they released him today. -- -- -- Right now they -- but if they released them. I'm curious that -- -- because he probably was aboard your son -- is -- late season cyanide that acceptable bill you still we -- he -- -- at as. As portal and he doubled the -- -- -- -- -- exactly until March unless he gets released he's still part of the -- goals program of course picking all the season. But a player in fact we're we're not gonna bring him back. They could do win that solid snake it's a you know what's ultimately gonna release -- And I'm just using this is at the radical because I don't think your punter is going to be available via authentic coming week as -- -- -- a restaurant one. Once stood up partner but you know the problem -- that meet kid being the punter. Is that I don't like to see TB twelve as the holder. I was scared that -- -- -- back now -- is that we are also that was I mean it was not disturb a question as to who was going to be the backup punter last nine. Because it and rightfully so we thought what you mean to be Brees stepped in because the report does practice Donald thank you like India had -- -- who's gonna hold and we saw a couple of times and I think that was one of the reasons. Into the sports entrepreneurs forum but I think that was one of the reasons that it was in the third quarter. They decided to go for too in that situation I think that lead into a panicking or also pleaded well. But we also saw Ryan mallet look like he was getting ready to come in kind of you know duel with new service the -- the intricacies that we'll work it out but but then Brady was out there we have radio after the -- the last time he did it. Was the Orange Bowl Orange Bowl mission which we you know in your 414 years ago back in 2000 though. With I guess the basket I shot war I was shocked he was the guy is it doesn't it'll improve that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As -- during his rookie year. Where he's where he'd done -- because he worked as a quarterback before meeting in fort. -- interesting thing in the wake of all this was. We had a long discussion with goats cows -- -- it was on Thursday saying. The little bit about the relationship you developed the right now holder to -- the tale about how important was -- gonna get the angle right got to make sure -- through this way in. You know if it's raining or windy it's open but this week in he compared it to the relationship pitcher if a pitcher gets you students are together again exactly so. I was asked how that all sorts -- not just the punting now not just how to do that but how all of the workers hold -- you know I really felt bad for any. Who has one bad snap this entire year what it was my only -- You during the game and a few that we discussed. We have with Sam and with seating. On the sideline all by himself. In no I I swear I don't remember a single bad snap this year -- other than actually had a couple shoot you want to make -- a -- but again conditions American ever to you guys doing that you have a sword about whether. Yeah I mean any rock solid since he's been here and it probably the worst possible -- -- but that was interesting though and bad bets now actually happened from midfield in Israel -- the ice. That's that's about as bad as happens you can it ends up being able to figure it which is which crazy but I think. Interest in to see what they do this week I hope nothing and I think that the best way to instill confidence and elegance and their -- each and every time is just because there was one flub. -- brilliant guy and necessarily. But maybe if you don't know it's a pretty -- -- things happened those guys have that intestinal fortitude that's their job I mean may have extreme pressure on him basically never recovered it'd. It happened. You know they they got through I am sure you -- dog cussing all the others that are there out there. Way to dry weather in play in domes -- -- slogging around ms. rain storms each week I don't we don't gonna do it again I don't think they're gonna do anything with Aiken who I said has been spent you know and -- job. I do think you have to think about the possibility of getting a pondering here and I know -- on -- and a half joking right in his -- a few minutes ago. And I'm Angela they have a list -- every single position you know who's available you but it Chris Kluwe. These trees and jury and might appeal -- the -- I don't think about down for us. But you -- know and I know the way you feel like Chris -- him that he was really good last night during the team on Twitter now offering some real interesting insight as to what happens in situations like this special teams situation. We in York holder goes out in your you know when when your long snapper you know fired well over your head what you do with that but that's like if you have a chance -- -- Look him up on Twitter and Chris were craft. Yet -- really -- in for me I thought what goes on during medium on the Simon with a specialist and some like that while those thought the issue with -- not not -- the ball. You know on the back -- by virtue of picking -- about but I'm curious what they say to him in meetings now. Usually there sales the last resort to -- with it. -- killed and injured as a as what happened but not not particular choice to -- back Indians say god buddy just can. Yet given given to don't go don't leave the -- -- tackle three of them -- -- score and that is that they -- played it when they reviewed it I'm thinking oh god please don't let dispute then you know past let it be a fumble in the end zone. I mean that was huge play in the game at that -- in my right that the got a bullet stand up and kept the three they were able to -- that the number of her that was really -- in that situation. That was. Going for safety net situation was probably the best during the course of the capsule come out of that ugliness for effort for that featured two terms that specialty group. Don't wasn't you know we we talk about a scouts you have an agreement as a punter. It was a -- goodnight the group special the only took a couple of bad penalties the blocking the block and Michael's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had the Davis figured if Davis yet have that the supposed to block in the back it was I thought it was pretty clean news comes from the side did get a nice nine are now block. The -- fell. And rolled to a stomachs of mixed ethnic he felt that way with me -- board that was a great return violence program but apart from that on the days so. That was the -- -- but the Tokyo will be penalties -- there was there was another block in the back with Slater took its first penalty the year with a block in the back I want to ask you specifically about video and he missed a tackle to which shocked nobody you don't came back yeah -- got on the senate -- had intimidated his motor. Is there and we we've we've talked about how great Julian Edelman is the department earlier there were a couple of times last night where you all most if you're putrid and you wanted to -- that update yeah exactly stopped him on east last yet either north south or hit the ground it's just a moment where where you'd just you you want -- it looked Julian just he. It just to -- to the -- delete this -- you know it is it's going to be it's located at bill is the ultimate the first -- in my epidemic dramatic Africa. Early but that once he's cleared that man now that north and south picked through the irritation and I can critique of us have returned to us and we'd look at carefully -- I know was a blocker the last thing you'll like it used to have to sustain blocks and not know what's going on behind you because that's usually the penalties column. When you know you sort of a mental clock had been -- upheld it I'll let held I'd like -- is gonna break behind me but if you -- right back and forth and back for. You don't know pay you don't know which side to be blocked a horse I ever should be should -- less of -- -- to be electric turn. A -- -- the rights to rights and on -- a weblog where reporters has got to go and and it's -- on and on -- premieres. -- booster we -- -- and guys do so definitely appreciate -- -- cut cut up the field and he's done most of that'll year story a couple of times last I -- only be used to. My final note here on on -- holder you go back to the first game yesterday in Seattle and it was miserable their for much of the day. But Shayne Graham missed a field goal because the holder gave in the laces -- And and look at -- thank Tom Brady spy on the laces. On on his play I mean he did exactly it was not that I. I'm I'm not shocked that Brady can DeWitt. -- from a patriots -- Irony -- about that situation but but he did all those things that you didn't see done for an oral. As I kept trying to think -- you what the train of thought might being to stick and Tommy out there I can imagine what Brian Moehler felt like. You're you're cold you you stand there you have a step on the field all year even if you had been the guy rap and doing that. Maybe because Tom you know there -- not the -- fuel snaps percent. What he's taken snaps each and every down from shotgun you know or under senator he's handling the ball over and over and over and maybe is a coach you feel comfortable that you don't want. He doing this more than stick and a pair COLT fans out there that hasn't been on the fuel a year. It's it's it's a curveball but I guess you know not knowing who that other guys who would have been level and he's a guy has handled the warmer something like -- -- come with the and Tommy out their descent. -- -- -- -- Let's answer the of the the techsters question and and the -- or got this wrong as well last night. Endeared or was basically saying -- now and should've fallen on the ball exactly which he didn't want him to do given ball first and goal of the to give the defense it and stuff via the techsters says. Shouldn't -- check. Have challenged the play its ruling complete passes out of a fumbled on the rough spot the ball by yet that's exactly why don't challenge the life. I don't want them to have the ball first and goal of the -- I'll take that two points. You got a great punt. You know get it out of there. Take the two points and and then make your have your defense make -- stand I don't want him the ball first -- the five yard line. I I will take quick break here and this is I give Callahan a hard time about this and now I feel guilty. Callahan is the worst in radio paying off on the tees like he -- something and it doesn't pan off but I got thinking about special teams stuff tonight. I got sidetracked I will pay off the -- when we come back we'll talk about the coming out party. In just a couple of minutes NFL Sunday presented by the Penske insurance at the Penske they shops or use save. Visit the -- -- dot com today. It's pretty consistent and don't do it. You're in your -- starts with. The way that was coached you know how we go about playing situational football which is huge in the NFL. And feels a little times or more games at a loss than warm and just trying to put yourself in a position to make the mistakes -- -- game. For all of those people who say don't know if it'd been an incomplete pass the ball would've been out the forty or 45 yard line you don't understand it was reviewed right. He didn't have to challenge because on a change of possession like that its review and it was review. And they ruled that it was a fumble -- not an incomplete pass but it's beside the point. Jamie Collins played eight total of 25%. Of the defensive snaps during the season. And that number built as the season went along it started very low and kind of built up he was he was up to about thirty year. 35% of the defensive snaps as the as the season went along. Last night he played every defensive snap of the game every single one. I will say it's a bit jarring when you see a guy wearing 91 to wonder -- parents don't feel covering a receiver for intercepting the ball. I know he's not really a defensive lineman used to wearing 91 but always he Athlon. We talked about this before the show to the idea of having. A coverage linebacker. He's not really -- -- you know immunities he he's one of those guys who got to meet his bones -- a big safety and kind of grew into his job and was. You don't mad mad you got a great line knew he was really the best football player not a bad teams who just bring him down and did you also wise yeah -- restaurant as you know we kind of -- -- yeah -- any developed a rep as a is a guy who. It was a pass rush it and you kind of it was funny I talked to his and I talked to different corners southern desperate after draft and the kind of move them around where but he knew -- because he was. Such a hyper athletic guy and he was a Smart guy -- a really good football I Q when you put a few different spaces. He is. That guy now I think he's grown into that role where he could be and we talk about you know. You dream Wilson might have been that guy that bigger guy who can kind of run with iTunes and run out of running backs and you don't working coverage. He showed me last night running stride for stride with Colby clean and you would now they're all that often but. When he's out there on an island by himself at the deal be your point you know that that number 91 covering a -- you know it easier for. -- all all the whole squad -- eagle well we -- -- to -- a good -- he was actually stemmed from the formation overflowing here. Just thought I would. Without the day and spreadsheet it was more than fog up -- -- -- a lot of meat and you saw the played on the cold side low memory worry at that really output -- flips his ship out space jumps. Q Joseph was a UBQ so often incompletion there you'll -- I'm like I did that was wears a while back guy has sort of safety DNA. That's not like a defense of and can run fast. That's. Safety DNA they grew a little bigger doubled the heavier. I think the cool thing Millwood with Jamie -- just been sort of the maturation and I think the idea and notion the practice inning of a ruling matters. You know molding your own dime meld them into what you think he can be tried him a lot of different ways and figure out what fits his strikes. Using him as southern misused him he wouldn't be you would be beautiful -- has been as a hangover guys they gave him an opportunity early in the season those late pre season games. But Ambien defense event in the line rushing guys got some opportunities and in September -- October to try that -- walls rotational guy that's really what Michael became and earned that job. When they took him off the ball. And allowed him to roll and played him you know is this sort of space player. He really found his niche he's been -- one I wanted I I was searching hard last night threw seven Twitter. Got a lot of people's panties in bunches but I mentioned sort of a couple traffic as somebody that was that they have at a guy like this since recently. I mentioned the name Gary Guyton and people go -- bothered but I am not trying to say I think QB a better player than Gary. What was unique and different about Gary that he was pretty high hip -- Spinner he was heavy guy was athletic -- straight -- speed was incredibly action with fast. He was the so called cover linebacker at that time he wasn't anywhere near as athletic as Jamie is much -- playmaker. What came up with a lot of name and album -- you guys still remember the reference I think this is his body type this is the kind of player he has could be in -- -- group. Her Boss -- Yet Jim -- now chips brother had that same sort of super hyper athletic DNA is a lighter body 63 to 35 to forty guy longer longer leaner it's like champ with champ was have year. He reminds them out of a Boss Bailey had a -- like 45 career your career at at Detroit then went to Denver for year to. Fisher quarter were short a little bit -- knee injury earlier that season but it was OMB you all up a rookie guys first year. The more Mora watched Jamie. He brutally looks a lot like armor boss or is where the idea -- -- -- the -- that is -- an interest in cup I will say this to one of the things that. -- -- Did he needed that guy and you know we've gone back and forth on the idea of a coverage linebacker -- what that building means in. In in how that fits into the overall scheme but I that this is. You look at his. His physical and you you look at his skills that you look at what he brings to the field Uga again you do you talked to -- is clearly very Smart young male or going to football -- Q. This is a guy who could feed into general Goa report notes import remember this is not a guy who's gonna take over for spikes and that's a -- -- We haven't but I wanna go there McCain because let's go back let's go back to Friday. Other patriots put Brandon Spikes on IR ending his season a guy who we gave props for. Late in the season for playing obviously hobbled you could tell when he ring and you could tell when he got up from plays and it takes some guts to play the way he did -- Reports come out after this happened that the reason the patriots placed him on IR was because he was late for a meeting on Friday. Something that this time of year they get little touchy about that did not Tommy Tommy Curran. Rural fall of that and sort of -- differently from furtherance Tommy had said that you kind of contradict the story and said that it wasn't that he was late he actually missed the entire day. We that was Tommy's story -- not only didn't come late viewed the cult sultan. That was -- -- level -- yeah that's that's why he was placed on IR it's almost as though bill ballot tech in effect was saying you know what. It's not worth it anymore thanks but no thanks. And then you see Collins with that kind of break out performance on Sunday and in the sand itself. Spikes is a free agent at the end of the season they gonna bring him back because I don't think they are anymore. I think despite situation. Strikes me is it'll last straw. Kind of a situation where -- says you know what were were done were done -- I'm just I've had enough of this situation. Look brain and I like he's a player -- what we're gonna move on it at this point in having Brandon Spikes is going to be one of the great questions this year. On the free agent market I don't think he's coming back to knowing that I think going -- gonna move on from him. But I think it's gonna be fasting NCAA how much money he gets in -- where he goes because they pinkie will ultimately be over perceived by some I think you. I think people will see the skills that people see the package people will look at the numbers and look at him as a -- run stopper Andy will probably or for paper -- which because -- it. Part of the story and I that's -- that's huge -- via because I don't know enough about what level locker -- do know that. -- Well liked by the guys you have several likes -- he's very much I'm sure they love how we played -- -- and so it's a it's a conflicting story elements and it's real picture it is but it's just that. You know that he he kinda has a little bit of Talib enemies kind of curve ball what he's been a good soldier. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just you could see a disconnect starting near and look he did. -- -- hurt in you have to respect a guy who did that you do or points especially -- podium where he was. Clearly dragged around to a of that lake is in he was not where you'd be physically. But I just think it's reached an untenable point with the franchise in the -- free story pre story as I mentioned I thought that. I that this section might be sort of a comparable situation to west -- deal. Where this -- idea of slotting. This idea of framing you not is what -- you know and he is one of the most unique to violent. On usual can cause a fumble by himself to -- it striking you know Mel spine -- thing. It's rare. But when the plate percentages get down into the 60% and stuff you are talking about rotational players start talking about. Oh -- what you -- -- replete with like Ted Johnson had was and as we're role were Ted was. You did -- mr. McCormack repeat he was still stored in my climbed back with heading next home but then. Roman -- man and it became a sort of three man rotation -- between the 22 -- and Roman. And it was just slate you know how do you frame that on the open market you know -- -- Michael Burke worked as a matter pitched his regular defense we're talking 5060 -- By a percentage stuff like that. I think you can get to a situation where it's much like west was a quote unquote slot receiver the numbers you're looking for not wide receiver much as I MO. Rondell linebacker not a linebackers -- and so it's. I think he'll he'll come up against that presuming this knee injury as a as a -- of assault jobless not a big humans affect the number. That makes it more difficult to find free agent market for Wessels was a little more impacted. Because it did you fit a very specific thing I like there's a lot of teams in the -- would use that your scheme needs sort of you know although a couple of areas. You what you brought up the point that -- Garret blunt was almost like you know they were there -- and they were Wheaton in the weeds in the end you know in and unleashing him at the end of the season. In Jimmy Collins case I think there is something to that -- when you look at the progression of defensive snaps through the season. And to your point about you know you'll learn by practicing you'll learn more you earn more trust your earn more plays and all of a sudden yesterday he got unleashed. And it's going to be hard deletion back up again. The unique thing that was do that -- decreasing nearly as -- show was him as the hog rusher and we talked about that last couple years in the show where. It's not necessary a blitz which just that you -- man is the guy in the backfield. You hugged him you you -- imports and the that he beasts real fans out goes up prerogative take him. But it forces to keep the back in the protection -- picture books right. In -- ruling -- power of the back twice got some nice hits on the quarterback and you know help for fluttered up -- from -- And then finally got that third sack of the Barack realized while discuss a little runaway freight train you know. Rolling ball bouncing ball a butcher knives and said. But he he came in to -- him cut this big dude and economy and Jamie that's when he saw that. Extreme atlases and he's big for all laid the cut kept dispute on the other side and got the that's where you that a -- -- this is different that's where you sort of see this is different -- the thing for me. Over the course of your watching him we've talked about this before it looks like he's slowed down a little bit in I'd say that is a good thing. Because at the start of the year. He was -- billion miles an hour now in part it is dispute out of position -- he's out of position and he's just he's fly directly anyways coming in and quarterback Russian yet to get himself run -- Is it did to beat ten yards past the quarterback who's going a million miles an -- all the time. He's started to slow down a little bit in he's no longer the guy who's overrunning -- play there were there was -- play last night we talked about before him where he was caught out of position and it looked like it was a it was a bad play or fewer and fewer of those when you're talking about college in his overall development really impressed I tweeted about that at the time he you can -- wait for the field and kind of grabbed my attention when I was about plane was on the ball -- over the tied him to wait for appeal. And then it may be watching and that I saw half those are putting oppressive place so your your point Chris is perfect it was. He's got the point where one or two or three about what the game that's really that's really -- a rookie for a young player that's very. -- we'll take a break we'll come back with more in just couple of minutes we will at some point during the course of this program preview the AFC championship game and what's the best opponent forget about the location obviously you'd rather play at home. Just talk about what would be the best opponent for the patriots next week we'll find out later today if it's the chargers or the Broncos. NFL Sunday presented by two Penske insurance it combines ski day shops or use save visit to plant -- dot com today.

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