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Breaking down the Patriots playoff win over the Colts

Jan 12, 2014|

FOXBORO -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price break down the Patriots run attack and their win over the Colts.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike Cottrell had joined as always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com Christopher price. Chris were standing and an end zone that seems to be a very appropriate place to be after the patriots Lloyd -- blunt. Set a patriots playoff record with four count them four. Rushing touchdowns. Yet you can get out there that I had three of them on the two yard variety and one of 73 yards breaking really the game wide open at that point. The patriots rolled to wait 4322. Win over Andrew -- and the Indianapolis Colts in the on again off again rain storms here at Gillette Stadium the patriots are in the AFC championship. For a third consecutive season Chris what was the biggest tech take away for you from this big divisional playoff victory. This is a bigger. Physical. Mentally tough and physically tough team on both sides of the ball they can beat you a number of different ways now the colts let's be fair here the colts are not a great defensive team. Especially against the run they're one of the worst in Italy against the run this year. But the Gallagher blunt Steven Ridley Shane Vereen chipped in as well. If they bring this dimension going forward offensively. This is going to be a tough team to stop is going to be very difficult offense to stop if they're able to continue to move the chains on the ground especially just -- that's huge for this team. Well I thought also a big moment in the game right off the that apple was the interception by Alfonzo Dennett one of two he had on the night. Really setting the tempo for the Patriots defense it was like they were inside. Andrew -- mind really from the get go and obviously when Bill Belichick is your head coach you shouldn't be that surprised with -- game plan defensively. For the patriots what did you think and what were the big things that stood out the most to yield. I fit they got great play from their linebackers today Jamie colony Collins in particular the rookie linebacker you've been coming along to this point this season but this really was a revelation I thought he got a lot of the steps. That previously went to Brandon Spikes -- you really showed me a lot to seeming to agree tackle for loss had a sack. At an interception was very active particularly in pass coverage working extensively against -- clear. Very impressive work Donta hightower also very impressive he talked to -- frankly this week about his shortcomings are about how he struggled at times is here he appears to be a place where he really needs to be right now so. Really defense -- -- -- group that sit out we would -- linebackers no McCormick came we're a couple of picks. But that line backing core was really impressive the -- Chris correct me if I'm wrong but I found it fascinating that Jamie Collins have a -- game he did including the interception. On the day that the story broke that allegedly. Brandon Spikes missed the meeting on the Friday of the bye week to be you know during the snowstorm that was the same -- -- the snowstorm. And the report from Chris mortenson of ESPN was that that was the final straw that from bill ballot Jack. And they finally decided okay you've got a bad enough banged up knee you're going on injured reserve. Goodbye for the rest of the season Jamie Collins is the future of this team or part of it in their line backing core. One of the things that really stood out for me over the course of the year when you're talking about Collins the -- you kind of slowed down a little bit you're talking but a very hyper athletic guy. Who really had a tendency at least two a sizable portion here. To over one place and now he seems to kind of ratcheted back a little bit. And it's paying off there a couple there -- where he -- was caught out of position -- running plays but overall he's where he needs to be looked he's not gonna be a Pro Bowl linebackers -- rookie. But I think where he is right now he's playing the kind of defense it's gonna serve this team well going forward this year in particular. All right Jamie Collins certainly an unsung hero of the get this game but maybe being number one unsung hero of the game to meet Stephen gets cal ski Ryan Allen. He gets tackled crunched on that play that turned into a safety when Danny Aiken snapped it over his head. And it was Steven gets koskie who had to step into the fold and step into the fire. And at punt and I thought he did a fabulous job and Tom Brady of course toward the end of the game in the second half he also held on a couple of extra points for discounts give -- talk about what. The job that Stephen Gostkowski did as a punter. I think he did a very good job ready he did as well as could be expected it was a little -- interesting to see him out there that role -- -- speculated it might have been Brady. Knowing Brady's ability and in his affinity for punting no way in the world they'd risk that exactly but I was surprised though that they saw him in there will be some there's a holder. About that was very interesting I know Ryan mallet has some background there. It looked like memo was on the sidelines generated to do their jobs so be fast and how they approach this going forward because. Obviously discuss you don't wanna put too much honestly don't know it's easy to say well just be -- viewpoint but if there's got to ski goes down -- really in trouble so. I would imagine. Depending on the severity obviously of Allen's injury right now there -- some punters out there there are some available names out there would be surprised to the patriots at least maybe kick the tires on a couple of guys this week depending again on the severity injured right now. All right -- well the patriots are in the AFC championship once again for the third consecutive year but this time it will not be against the Baltimore Ravens. We know that -- shall be fascinating to see how the week unfolds. Here at Gillette Stadium. The patriots were able to a march through the raindrops here -- July. And come away with a a 4322. Win over Andrew -- and the Indianapolis Colts from a wet and soggy. Gillette Stadium he's -- reprise some might portray Elliott WEEI. Dot com.

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