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Previewing Colts @ Pats with ESPN's Mark Schlereth

Jan 10, 2014|

We break down and preview the big divisional playoff game with ESPN analyst and former Bronco Mark Schlereth.

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Reflecting so -- so the very. Character what's the matter with you nobody wants a week later in the -- Yeah that was very understated ultimate nature boy it was very or yet. Probably by the -- expected easily. Really did not have. And it's like we're growth that -- to get to the kind of like about -- get to all nobody cares is kinda miserable it very straight forward. The hole is also understand. Our. And I think he could strike out of the large as one of the largest arms in the world brother to wrap but he got -- Jack why do you strap is armed to your belt and that even makes cents after it had to make -- -- protecting -- to -- march -- the homeless -- -- -- PM I'm mark -- orient. And we're good already and it's been two weeks of preparation here in New England at. Finally found out lastly who they were gonna play and now after what seems like you on we get to play the game tomorrow night what do you think. I'm you know I am. I believe it reached gonna win that. Game you know -- the Indianapolis and he -- ramshackle. From the standpoint. Yet there you're -- got. At that was terrible but they are ramshackle from DNC he -- at the bank deputy he's not a verbal threat offensively and they -- a while ago. You know -- they just 44 points on the Borden and at a vertical threat they're all sent a big the second period Indianapolis Colts beat up -- the stinger that -- it was introduced me to step and I'm not expect. But you know I was telling him which is and the conversation carry wind obvious that looked -- alive where this conversation. And I was like yeah I'm really nervous about Indianapolis com. Then emotional calm back down 38 to two about a -- mean that stick so much that you both physically emotionally. And I think -- property that are cool like to sort this step at a goes. It is the Indianapolis Colts sitcom back from double digit deficits three times that he. The following game each time. They law there are only three. Andy at the combined score 97 to 28 in those gates I just think there's a lot cute -- back in the energy expenditure spectrum back. And how beat they are physically especially beat the -- of the ball. On I just really like doing there dispatch. -- let me follow my neck and I can see how you could expend a lot of energy within the game you're down 30103 quarter and and you you have to fight to get back. How does that carry over to Monday and Tuesday European. Want to thank the emotionally you're spit your drinking and then from corporations and point. Do you viewed the chromatic with the same kind of -- emotional excitement for our future's so drained I mean obviously. You know when you look at what they've done after double digit comebacks during the course of the -- and they've come on the air placed flat they haven't played well I know the playoffs that that the regulars -- But you know I always looked at the weakest preparation leading up to the game is really what's that you -- perhaps success. During the game and if you're physically worn out from the combat in your emotionally worn out but come back. I think it's really court to practice with the intensity that you need to practice with that success on game day and -- -- -- at that. Part of a few of those comebacks. During the course of my career -- played in Detroit beat down eighteen -- -- and dignity and over time into the second half that game with overtime. I'll we had I think about seventy place in the -- sixty someplace in the fourth quarter and overtime Malone. To keep that come back to go so you're physically we're worn out that next week -- be so I just think it's. I think it's really tough emotional thing come back -- understand what so a lot of that can be. You know you you can -- jets for that but I can be really confident Gordon England successful. March Lara joining us here on WEEI how do you attack the colts defense if you're the patriots a mean they've been running the ball well recently the course we have Tom Brady. What is the best way to attack this colts defense. Well I think you definitely have this exploit the running game ready yet to be physical with them -- you know there -- smaller. On the edges of their defense. All the road map that was great leverage and they're smaller they're studying -- that. They edited defense for the downhill kind of a downhill aspects to your running game kind of seek yet but downhill yep not a -- -- thing. So I think that's part of it. In the -- -- that you have to be able to do right now as you look they're -- that's secondary they're beat up. Indianapolis Colts these horrible in that aspect. Also also to me one -- you run the ball with great success you're gonna get the wall matchups with. I'll with -- -- menu negate those with him and bill you're gonna have some really. Great opportunities. To exploit him down the field so. All I think go to the things that you have to attack the patriots all that it let me start to appear one and -- -- bludgeoning dispute ensues. But -- worn down and they got pushed around last week -- inner city. The market not a gambler well OK I gamble sometimes but I can stop any time I want it to I don't need to do it. But also this nine and a half points in China have ten points seen various sports books have. On the Broncos favored over the chargers and I think the Broncos win them a little surprised by the spread. Do you think the Broncos who -- as well in our US surprised by the spread -- nine. I'm not as product by the spread I think there's a couple of things that people look at it and obvious but I think that Thursday night game he got to throw that out the window on -- The extenuating circumstances in bowl with that Thursday night game that lawsuit charters. Only completed 22% of their third down conversions that greatest terrible they had no what spoke about increased but he gave -- 50% emerges to San Diego. I would suspect that will go -- -- now on eight demo on third down. And that brought -- had basically their third or fourth quarter. Locked up with him won't won't let OP ERC a dominant car Marty packed. That'll be -- difference make because he'd been exceptional he's all locked up. On -- talent but you don't see those things continuing that trend continuing. The bottom line is when you run out came off but you guys know this is. So many times you -- in Apple's -- and Peyton Manning was there. And yet came out on the up on the good end of that stick so to speak but. When you run the top in all that you can eliminate some possessions. Peyton Manning like any other quarterback in any other office. They're gonna start pressing and also -- you like a normal game this 1213 positions. -- only get the ball eight times we'd score on all eight positions that sometimes that'll force you into make some throws and decisions. That you normally would make. I just think I just think with the additional west -- are being healthy. And with the week off and some increases in San Diego right Matt you are right now. Just what percent are sure right now. I think Apple's wolf were ever to win this thing and and I'm not implement either but if I had you pick out the -- are covering -- for it. And mark I don't know he saw this article in the sporting news couple days ago was guy's name on there with sickness they had no. I either dvi or video on any ire have you seen this are -- -- the quarterback's left and had Brady as the eighth of the eight quarterback's left in the playoffs this year. Home what will -- right here. -- -- if you are lucky to be fair to him. He was only looking at their -- this year and look at anything historical just look at how they were playing this year and you look at accuracy. He looked at our mastering he looked at intangibles he looked at pocket awareness and he looked at mobility. I think those -- the five I think he looked at and he said just based on this year alone. Tom Brady is not number one not number two not number five he's number eight of the eight quarterbacks laughed. Is there anything to the fact that he is slip any order original redeemable seeing Jim beam was involved with Sarah Taylor. With -- look at that you look at the opposite of personnel -- -- been surrounded where he look at no gronkowski -- Hernandez you look at. You know Aaron Dobson and it in other guys plan and until -- hurt. It's doing element being the number one overseer try to figure out who's running backs are marine being out -- in the period I'm losing your starting tackle. -- -- But they did any of that the good. I could make you compelling argument that did it -- Brady has played. As well as he ever play even though some of his numbers are now based upon the people eat at around -- the majority dispute and -- I can make that compelling argument as well also. Yeah I think Jim beam is so I think that's a I think that's probably a pretty accurate assessment of how that -- article came to be. And user insulting Jim beam and I really did you guys are being fair to Jim -- -- to pick somebody else started out in order to characterize it here Johnnie Walker maybe. The -- like -- at Hosea eight mark who's the best human football. Called my I think complete team. On. And that it. It took questions. I would say probably. It would come down between. -- -- Seattle. As just complete team. That the movement -- cap and it scares me a little bit yet been made yet been great. Is accuracy -- not being great but. What he lacks accuracy makes -- in movement I think Seattle's exceptional football team. All of you eat sensibly office -- relentless defense or are outstanding. On. Offensively I think they run the ball exceptionally low I think Russell Wilson's. A great decision maker you know I would I would question some of the count on the outside you know some of the outta make -- placed on the outside and golden -- biggest kind of weapon big play maker but. I think they're very solid very balanced support so -- pro if I had a post put that probably goes Seattle's first. Home and then to beat him sit -- probably at. You got your 44 winners for this week. Yeah I got the block was beaten I get the Broncos beat mature workers. I have the patriots beaten Indianapolis. I had still beaten Carolina that he -- eating this. All chuck except for San Francisco where did they be the one upset of the week I mean eyes and you know with the line. One team on the road team -- -- -- won a road team that that I believe I think I think I do you think that saint have a chance to go in there and play. You know really a lot better I think they've got a little little trip is so what they were able to do last year -- The way you -- Seattle they're not very big eat sensibly up front. Their front seven has not -- big Red Bryant is the exception Easter enormous -- that they you know and equipped splits. Other than that they're not very big key to the best. -- there Arizona who beat him up there champ who went up 21 nothing to them up there hadn't had a personnel too tight you -- and just. Crammed down their throats and made their defense to back it all the in football track when people -- people they're good at it. But eventually that -- -- caught up in some in some double moved -- and and you beat the passing game so I think the saints will be much better products focusing on the Monday at the what did. Philadelphia last week in and they ran it thirty -- problem route 32 times. Today rebound I think they've got a little -- -- -- -- -- -- to be -- -- set since Seattle and indeed much better. That there were earlier in the seat when they went there got just -- rancher. Mark great to catch up with the man psyched for this weekend should be a lot of fun -- soon. Absolutely got it ARAMARK workers NFL live ESPN ESPN radio is gonna show there and on Twitter remarks -- as well. -- -- -- -- -- Patriots beat the colts Broncos beating the chargers. The 49ers who I do think there are the best team football I might beat him I think before and I don't know that they're I don't know that they're going to will go to the Super Bowl Gwinnett. But I think you might be right talent wise in one to 53 I think you're right. I just don't I don't know and then Seattle -- predicting he's such a wild -- I don't know what he gives you wouldn't in three straight games. Having Seattle beats. The saints but I don't think it's -- because you think it's -- -- -- -- argument look like that game. Month month and a half ago you know it's weird about Red Bryant be the big guy he's the five technique is not a three technique -- I think you mean most big guys there are three techniques he actually plays a technical Big Five could have been five technique -- -- Are you know he is a five technique but -- making the Oscars are so do you believe there right now -- you know you -- -- you know it sounded believes most of but I hate that stuff I absolutely do -- -- -- -- the national stuff. And what this what these games look like this weekend coming up for for about fifteen minutes will be at war patriot stock until -- out WB.

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