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Pete Carroll 15 years later... a different coach now?

Jan 10, 2014|

We discuss Pete Carroll's legacy in New England and whether or not he's become a different coach now that he's in charge for the Seattle Seahawks.

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61777979837. Marks in Northampton I'm mark. -- -- 040. Obviously quote the patriots and local interest -- churn out there -- -- Carol. I don't think it. A lot of the media you know. -- be -- and so. And there's a lot of treatment and the coach they wouldn't the next Austria's if you win this -- Finish. On the national -- at a local you. Pete Carroll the -- I it's a good question I think but I've I don't look at this week and yet the Super Bowl. If they if he wins the Super Bowl -- it gets to super. Nice -- when -- got to win I was admirable wouldn't be enough tickets I kid because our advocates beyond Pete Carroll Martin you'd -- you bring up a great question. So there's the New England aspect of Pete Carroll we we you know how we look at him he was just like a college coach. Who got thrown into a pro locker room it was over his head -- in between Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick. To me that sexually but I was dated in between Arab parts of -- -- in terms of a timeline right so. He he was just the the outline here. That's one part of the party it's just that style work. Let's dial very often has been mocked in the NFL. -- -- you don't have a lot of guys you know with political give them a lot of cheerleader types. Among NFL head coaches. For the black guy who won the Super Bowl won a Super Bowl last year John Harbaugh kind of guy. Is is Mike McCarthy to -- Mike Tomlin is Belichick is Tom Coughlin. Pete Carroll has a different style than most coach -- -- but at this point but if that's the -- he wins that validate. But he's been winning your idea of what is suitable yet but I haven't seen a problem with his style so far he's had four he's been -- for four years right. He's been to the -- eased into the playoffs three of those four year yeah. The one year he didn't go to the playoffs he had divorced Jackson and they -- game out of the playoffs with a quarterback that nobody thinks is one of the top 32 in the game correct and then took a rookie and brought him to distill the -- won a playoff game last year. And they have the number one seed in the playoffs this year. Mean certainly the style has worked in the regular season Russ got there haven't turned on them haven't turned into a bad team they've improved essentially every year he's been there well. I was and how -- well -- this how does it work in the criticism of him here I know he has evolved to not -- -- Certain of it I'm not it's as -- short of it as you are just looking from afar use arm up close look at from afar. Is worked out well for -- has built a a good team but the criticism -- here. Was that you could -- It was eating animals substitute teacher but this isn't in the -- -- about it before -- but it passed out but it has look at history is not a disciplined team. Right it didn't have a disciplined team and the guys that they think something happens in Seattle let this thing is the elephant -- to come and come -- say it. A lot of guys were banned for performance enhancing drugs. -- A lot of things happened on his -- -- that's of our future do you think that I don't look over here you guys do whatever the heck you want well that part variants that are part of it and second the wanna give away these tickets we've got two tickets for tomorrow night and the will continue this conversation two tickets. You wanted to see the patriots in the cold tomorrow do you want to. Artist and a day rain you wanna sit there Gillette Stadium Yasser -- watch the patriots in the colts in what -- Alaska -- that is going to be -- -- out some of what I did all you need to do is get your phone. Not gonna call -- money you need to text. Text the code word. -- ATS. Text. 2379837. -- in the next ten minutes and you'll be injured when a pair of AFC divisional playoff tickets for Saturday's game courtesy. Of Pepsi line for now so text. He ATS. 237937. -- -- After ex -- the 379. -- good comment you're below our listeners but geez people mr. -- course. Tax tax tax property -- -- and saint -- The clock work via text. -- -- more work. After the so yeah you know you mean you mean it's -- that that Pete Carroll's style hasn't prevented that team from going where they need ago. It another way of saying it. Without calling -- a substitute teacher. I'd -- to step back and be little war. Let's be a little more conservative with -- and say. That Pete Carroll's teams. Don't always do the little things necessary. To win games. It went last year in Atlanta had a great comeback what do -- win. Miss managed to secure the -- is -- his team that was mismanagement on it that they didn't -- managed that the end of that game last year and that. What were they not supposed to score a touchdown there. It wasn't like the bailout -- -- -- bailout and they were nothing else they can do they allow allow the team to come back and 31 seconds and kick a field yet what how many timeouts no timer on his -- -- Well look I mean he completed 32 great passes on I don't. You're right it they let it go on and I blame them for not winning the game but I only was -- mismanagement and Canada that's how how does a team how does a team that. That that got -- up by the way penalize us exactly what happened to the patriots with the browns this year. It was almost the exact same thing 31 seconds -- -- the browns missed the 58 yard field goal -- -- from Atlantic like a 54 yard field I mean it was. It was almost the exact same thing. There was almost no difference whatsoever. That hatred are representative for -- body -- outside a car outside -- inside. Where if 58 yarder inside. It is a different situation right out of the and that's -- the Seahawks had airplane in the don't have enough credit front so what the same situation I just mean that it was 31 seconds and you're right they're not understand why it's great thing happened the patriots bad I think they -- the detail I think well. I think Peters. I think Pete in the details. If if I had the -- Outlook. When the Super Bowl mark asked the question what changed my opinion. Well I say I was wrong about Pete when the Super Bowl damn right the first one -- -- that the well I -- I was wrong about it like a black. Both for his his history has -- and a little too -- -- a little to look the other way not crossing the -- got in the eyes. Enough Alitalia jet and I'll agree with the on the last point not the first I don't think the raw rough thing is affecting him. I don't link to substitute teacher thing is affecting I think -- attention to detail especially in game management that may very well affect. So I mean I don't think rob rob guys seem to respond to it. When I respond to what is what I like no I find peace in knowing kind of comparison is on the sideline yes not for me I don't want a platform. I'd rather go play for somebody is different personality. But it's the work I haven't seen anyone in Seattle and four years turn on Pete embarrass some say this rock rock crap doesn't work in the -- -- -- to speed as well. He's got he's he's got charisma he's got about our Arnold and he's got guys under him who'll kick your hands. He thought I mean he's he's that he's found a way to build around that personality of -- He is the bodies and number one and John Schneider -- to -- so. That's the difference maybe maybe they don't like it but it's kind of foolish. You to turn on him when he's the guy who do seem to like they had to get intuit. They seem like a lot they want the jump up and down raw rock crap that's kind of how they were made. Six or 777979837. -- in the car currently. -- -- -- -- Adored airport are a couple of paralleled that of -- noted that it ever really seen anyone speak to at all. And then kind of -- -- -- importantly you're. Addressed that are. So I think that's kind of interesting there no one really drawn any parallels between the patriots have been here and the patriots have 2006. Because. Going into that seat and they had a very similar situation where. Everyone says it was number -- your throats -- Kabila -- you didn't go in free agency app and just lost their leading receiver the current bridge fire trade during the previous season yeah. Until they try to came in with Nolan gets the ball. You know that the patriots go twelve months for just the same they'll make the playoffs and they end up losing in the AFC championship Peyton Manning and colts. Are and correct what -- is that the year that they also lost Richard Seymour injury so he defense of our. I -- think that funny did it is very similar sort of the issue that they addressed. Coming into the seat in the McCarron made a war they only got AFC championship but. What do you think your chances are of making it I get past -- Manning and the colts individually. And then out of Deb Goldberg. Here has got here day keynote speech typically addressed. All of those needs stimulus Harrisonburg -- who welcome to now. -- Well art what their chairs and I think that is there's that question I think their chance to pretty good and going to be the call quality of the colts tomorrow. That puts him in the AFC championship game. Are they added -- eventually be underdogs going in the Denver Denver went shortly well. But chances are pretty good. Facing the Broncos they've faced them before they played them here they were down to the Broncos came back and they beat them. Now think it's outrageous it's it's our. I would say it's -- it's unlikely. Because the Broncos will be favored at home -- Broncos are the that this like I say the slightly better team. In the patriot. But as far as the parallels -- post six some parallels about -- definitely he's right. But make that transition 07 I think they were forced to do that no seven because -- 06. They have anybody can have anybody that they wanted to bank on for a future. It. A next year should have chronic back should have Carlson and dollars and here -- also these guys are gonna develop. I don't think it's the Sammy get the next year -- was -- call those like are you gotta go Reche Caldwell Doug Gabriel you're just not good and even last -- clinic to the play completely different -- 617779. -- resentment Mitch is in Pembroke I'm match. -- depart Gaffney caught on -- I haven't seen it went on to talk to Bill Belichick and and one of the finger semblance you know warrants and equity universe -- -- America would make my recent. And if you go to their practices they compete. From Richmond that seniors they compete. And so it's important thing that happened when bill got impeachment would Pete Carroll is that under Pete Carroll don't stop can keep. Do you remember he got rid of some of the year older car from that -- and they stopped competing. Some of the Jackie cat because they would keep completely and I think Carol -- works well with college it's more hungry. And wanna get to the next level wanna win the national championship and asked if they do that they move on after four years. I think a real test for Pete Carroll is going to be can you sustain. A championship level employees and hungry right now there and paying down -- stuff works great. -- is that they had a challenge for example what what how many coaches have sustained a championship let let you know but I think of their Bill Belichick but but Mitch and Mitch I think this is your plan this weather report. Does that step back to a stallion is that style not it is not asking that -- win a championship eat he thinks he can probably. But can you hit with that style OK is that sustainable. That that that Pete Carroll thing in an activity Carol -- everybody knows -- -- funny that you don't -- -- premise that he brings up compete on the -- thing right compete every day says it over and over again a thousand times everyday that is his month to compete everyday forcing guys to compete for every position. Michael your number. Beckman again Pete -- patriot yes -- a couple -- -- -- -- -- press conference all of -- played hard and I'm really probably did a great job. -- There nobody's arguing about he circa 1999. That's not the argument the argument is how -- -- he's not the same guy that he wants. No but I think the raw rush -- -- -- that's -- problem so I think it and that's -- learned that the guys get these million dollar athlete. That we don't -- we get a jump district and our work and not the Belichick and we need to improve until well we got out of. I mean again I think that's right from afar and wrong from up close and and I don't -- pulled hey I was up -- so -- know what's going on more is that not which you don't but I -- you're from from out far away. That's exactly what I said. I mean I was on the -- -- elder -- the entire tournament for the first. Months I said exactly what he just has -- area -- Mike I'm a darn and then I watched it work Mike I'm telling you if if that guy. Winds -- Super Bowl. I will say well. You know. I didn't think was possible no one here that was possible when when the winds -- from 1098 right. And then Pete Carroll was out. In the broader ability nobody nobody thought that. Carol would emerge as he Super Bowl winning coach put if he actually does it and he's responsible. For making some of the stuff happen he's got power. -- it's not like he he accidentally took over -- Barry -- taking over great situation to stumbling into a Super Bowl. He helped created -- that happened -- credit in the world. I don't think you can happen six or sentenced him to have a 979837. More on this more on the patriots maybe some were -- could talk as well -- -- WE. What statement. What -- statement about hang in India and never -- Just hangs with the very -- common practice well that's a fantastic illustration and somebody just gonna jump up -- make the -- -- -- into -- -- Okay. Okay. -- looked -- that there's so many cool things about his game you know if you go back to what first up is all about. But they didn't they give us that that play against -- Republicans rushed the passer like you can't I've never seen eight sacks and one half. Due to shoot your eye you can see it's not working -- -- as a laugh and they're not taken it seriously. That was the same day it that's the other attackers to hackers -- -- -- -- stole from the Packers spells heroin. Literally the -- Pete -- the Seahawks are today a -- or whatnot as well but that he was here it's an interesting subject -- like this tax that is Camille Little -- AT&T text like 37937. Michael -- -- Pete Carroll was introduces the pats coach Chris Slade there was armor on the shoulder and said that. Until like playing for this guy man you right then it would not last America yes. I do too. I was here I remember the same thing and clearly went into the Seattle thing believing the same thing about -- -- But the Carolyn do that CO that was the history here that was history here in 190. It they history in Seattle when he first got there was first thing he did TJ Houshmandzadeh why I. I don't care that you're making a ton of money it's gonna hurt us. Cap wise -- money wise about you stinky camp like your cut Dubai. LenDale White I'm bringing -- played from the US CU one of my guys the tee which -- -- -- -- late for meeting your cut about. None of this substitute teacher crap run all over me do whatever you want we're gonna go play pick up basketball together now -- cut the -- You can't place it later you don't wanna play up to live up to the rules -- And he established himself right there is having the power be able cup people Matt Hasselbeck was a sacred now. You brought in Charlie Whitehurst said you're gonna compete and Matt Hasselbeck in a press conference for Charlie Whitehurst -- Charlie waters is -- chump. What's he doing now he is the backup quarterback for the San Diego Chargers again. He's back backing up Philip Rivers. It was like Jesus was there again exactly the clipboard clipboard Jesus we're talking about what was at CBJ he's one of the worst quarterbacks I've ever watched the parties are really. But he brought immense that you're gonna compete with the starting quarterback here and that's what's gonna happen. So I. You know the IK okay I can't let it -- the time articulate economic. You guys -- but I do a candidate I don't -- but politically but I can command enjoying it I'm enjoying it. But if if if he has evolved and he does evolve a story comeback story. Oh like the comeback story. Yeah exactly my point -- -- it's here and yet it would 300 got you got wiped out 300 what was it yeah. The roster. Is actually 300. Well cheated four letter network it and read. 300 roster he may need a tremendous amount those 300 why every week they -- or five at 300 moves him I don't think so but I think it was -- -- okay. You could he keep you we're gonna work with any guys because it is. Important and the Europeans. It's trading at fitted to your pets it's something nobody else is doing. Duty to actual -- -- that accident the title but it's not absolutely and I give you one of the need to think about action. With the 88 -- Cool wildly successful whole range of weird stuff. -- Lou everybody -- and food. Or do we get it close -- members of a man. Now but I do -- -- in the story. His nickname was Wiki Wiki. -- if you can't get it at an ultra it's a little spots and watched you talk about going to Super Bowl his his his history was. They were good in the odd numbered years or they're. They were good and even -- years in baton odd numbered years or something like that to an -- in other words it was inconsistent so I don't know Pete Carroll one. That on his -- but I but I think the ideas that even though it doesn't look like what we expect doesn't mean something can't work -- and maybe can't -- -- over 200 -- -- 200 over 200 transactions last year crazy right let's go to his guys -- and go to town. I'm mad okay I was gonna Boston got a bomb and then I don't tunnel Tom in Springfield policy in commonwealth want common common Springfield screw this all. -- -- -- you have guys like Tom. Pity -- little gripe -- Michael -- you know. I think number one year old got to go all the way and shot. It Michael you so why Arab Belichick but you can't -- -- today. And sooner or later via tablet coming out party warrior out here or bust nets aren't. -- 100 million we're amenable. But it is the man that does not already go hang. Same comic called -- view rights. How could you not be talking about the Seattle Seahawks were in Boston moron that's going. I would. Go back and fourth review that is more not to -- that it was not good enough dropped the Mike and walk away if you go on here. Your community. -- -- Where in Boston. And irony nor are -- in and -- -- -- he relaxed body of the stupidest. Well you've been ignoring the Green Bay back little you know hitting the -- Boston. Wanna get a busters in New Bedford Boston. I lost their I don't. I don't -- -- top -- let me let me tired man. It's all well it's all about Indiana and politically a lot of good New England to create a ball -- bowl quarterback. And no act. Five -- the only the only quarterback they've they would know what we -- -- ma. I don't know what would go to pitchers it's who it's. Buster buster for eagle on the Hulk Hulk Hulk Hogan desert act better you do right now -- out on. Their -- Bluster or mustard let me ask you question -- with a top four quarterbacks. Koppel who. Aren't just -- -- focused not -- not so -- Let's do applause the applause on the play Peyton Manning this year. Did they play him this year he's that they play Peyton Manning this year. They went in today when. Did they -- and yes. OK next items and. -- is playing really quarterback. The top four quarterbacks Italy does say it's Manning ominously -- breeze. I wanna say it's Brady and it's Rodgers they played two of those quarterbacks this year they played briefly played Manning did beat them. Come on buster evidently in the elite quarterbacks come on buster -- could really play nearly quarterback's gonna play an elite quarterback. On Saturday. There is -- look at the only quarterback. It's about these I don't know yet on the doorstep. Who is that it what was Mike to Rico's thing yesterday he's been invited to -- it indicates that yet he's been invited to sit with the adults and relativity does with the operative I tell you what. He wins this game and maybe one more this year -- gets to Super Bowl he sure gonna be in that category that conversation isn't. If he wins tomorrow in the rain over Tom Brady the two that you're going to be looking at Angela differently than you were today. I think to -- I think you look at that's part one of the process. It's like he's. If I chart -- -- again to a fraternity. So part one is is dealing with -- Tom Brady -- to. Didn't tighten -- the real. It doesn't go to balls down on the way to Super Bowl on the road to say easily right right I mean if he takes down a chiefs team that went nine and go to start the year a patriots team with Tom Brady in Foxborough and pay outstanding in Denver he is a yes or at that point I mean with with especially with. The number one overall pick that -- the agents that are being united he he is in the club at that point Thompson Wakefield -- -- term in the shoulder as I -- and obviously arm. I think this year and on the interest income pubic opinion you know look it's nineteen that the -- And are great players they have -- quarterback and it just scrapped when now. -- John Kerry. It's like I can see that also -- you mean the first -- that both of advocates are talking about government. Yeah I mean I mean I mean they're good players but I mean it and they want to act. That first one such a good defense of line but I I think they did though I think they had a lot of of a lot of terrific players. It but that they have especially the first one didn't have the -- the outrageousness the flamboyance of the patriots a man they have I mean just budget got a straight line and you got Kentucky got him in -- The second time around yet appear Paul. Kiwanuka and the guests are pretty good defense honest and found a way to get at break you know Hakim nicks Victor Cruz's second time around and Eli Manning committed against a lot of best -- that it would suitable to -- but the question why were we were talking earlier I can't remember what day it was as it was Tuesday maybe Wednesday. Yeah you said -- think you can put Belichick and Tom Brady in Jacksonville and and -- -- -- nonlethal thinks. I don't think Jacksonville. Is that good from. Player to -- 53. But that giants team. Both of them they were the patriots are two. I don't like you know Tom Brady helps a lot -- what a couple -- got a lot of good players patrons have a lot of good players. That they are now is a -- compete. -- to make between them and those giants teams of both have some good players they're built differently in the giants really we're just built to come after you on defense and just attack the quarterback. Battling this patriots team doesn't as well as those giants did but. The -- he does some things that that those giants get the analogy deep maybe not full of stars except the quarterback position but pretty deep. Now while maybe it ends up the same the same and go to Tim -- -- attacked him. There or not vote for him an edit its wanted to stay diplomat -- helping while he was here you can't let with a press conference after a lot. That the sport but it's absolutely blast the dome yeah -- what you -- -- about -- completely. Don't that he -- eighteen and let you didn't know what the and that's the funny thing that I remembered from Pete Carroll air. Yeah I am. A professional on on the part of you know Arturo your column mr. on football columnist for the Boston Globe when you're. You're going -- a coach at a press conference like that and -- lives on professional coach of the -- Announcing but that's what. What do you think -- -- Paula before back to back -- if Ron Borges had the opportunity to do that again and you said to Iran for -- attack -- I just want you to know. He -- fire if you attack. And then added fuel Bill Belichick for the next will have -- -- you'd rather do it all over I -- shot is now what -- they -- it is -- beach it is that you know get the hell lot of scarcity of challenged him to a fight should be thrown out of the room army's top of the what what what do you think it. What -- -- would he have made. That would have gotten him a little more credit. And I don't think. Attacking important that there are about that report to look at what you were looking for a strike and what. You know -- who sat out with a bunch of it I think it look little like Cheney action at all. That would be good that he. Had to look there's no doubt you're -- the Pete Carroll thing didn't work in New England he at that time in his life and this city it was not agreed it. By there were the question isn't it Pete Carroll worked here would work here again the answers are now busy working and how does Canada work somewhere elsewhere where he's a better it was on a murder he is covering up he's been given the power to actually allow his vision to succeed and an amount and currently it's yes. Are actually on the verge of what I think the problem -- running Q is it potentially if you don't win. -- you don't get this all went all the essentially it's gonna -- and. But that's true of every team. That's true of every coach and every style. Third year and. Inmates don't run the asylum there I I think they did hear a bit but they don't they -- I think the problem is -- was trying to put on it. What happened here and say the same thing is repeating itself of Sargent Pete Carroll patriots go thirteen three. That's part of the -- I mean they didn't already -- there are bad -- they were a mediocre to good team not agree to -- -- -- oil. It made him that. He made America right now I think it might well you know I agree that -- migrate the intake -- -- right I know that -- to the navy hey mediocre it was not a fit here it wasn't working. Nobody is is. Debating the Pete Carroll didn't work here but that's -- I think our original is working there and not having the same problems that's why the original question. From mark in North Hampton. Remember you mark was -- Well well new England sports writers. Talk show host of fans. Change their opinions about Pete -- they win this. Ball and answered yes I don't think that I think some will on the front wheel on the golf course any will you have to you don't have to -- after the union no matter what they is told to that structure this -- -- there like this -- notes like. But this is literally -- -- -- I you don't think you'll still be plenty of people who will refuse even if Pete -- -- -- a Super Bowl -- and opens the wall now if the deal about -- -- wind you have to give credit absolutely I think you're right. But that doesn't mean everybody actually well. I think -- -- with special -- We know for I don't know meanwhile is based -- Okay it's -- a special game I don't know we heard what are not you know I don't I wanted to know much about goes on but but may be. And a Al west responsible for what goes on between six and 7 PM. 3790 threesome any question you got anything in the world send the text will answer him. With somebody else amateur soccer -- -- --

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