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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Pats vs Colts Edition - 1/10/14

Jan 10, 2014|

We discuss four topics specifically related to the Pats-Colts rivalry as they prepare to face off again on Sat night.

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-- Now -- -- -- tolley store or roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the record. Could definitely use loans and -- -- Or four brought you by CB on your technology ally -- a business to manage one outlets seem beyond manage your technology bad. We have. Also about the divisional round and -- -- the first game of the weekend saints vs Seahawks will feature battle of the little QBs. Reasons put -- hall of fame numbers in his career so far and Russell Wilson is off to a great start when all is said and done schools will have the better career. Russell Wilson ball stop pit stop you don't believe that of course you know I know you love Russell wilt Russell. And you can't name a girl Russell. Right -- can't name a girl we'll see what Russell Wilson's government. Florida the -- that somehow that when you love love Russell Wilson but. Not your love is taking it too far you do not believe that buffalo. We'll have the numbers. You'll Harrington at that that don't work -- so Kettering funerals in both character named after Blake Carrington -- here. Were open but you don't believe that Russell Wilson is gonna happen numbers that to agree. But of course it will have. You think you're gonna have more Super Bowl -- Drew Brees has one bright bright and animals AB gets anymore him would you be surprised -- Drew Brees never went inevitable. Held his deliveries. I mean is it early to mid thirties right. Nobody may surprise you that -- and I don't know what I wouldn't be. But the price 3435. Yet now would be surprised aren't so -- Russell Wilson went two or three super no you don't think so not what. I can't see you know what I can't do. That you tell me started front next rehearsals and Russell character and now he's not -- on the -- so little -- with every -- -- 334 or five Russell Wilson's been hurt in. -- -- -- stapled to -- back it's Friday Friday prayer for me now. I can't I got this I have a mental block here when it comes to Pete Carroll. Our respect Pete Carroll. As a defensive guy I respect Pete Carroll as nice guy I'd like to have him as a neighbor. I don't think. Pete Carroll team. Is capable of winning multiple Super Bowl if it weren't even if you've got one Super Bowl -- I don't see -- Really felt look I mean I you know -- you know yes Pete Carroll team winning a Super Bowl is very possible that -- Pete Carroll has this flaws I'm not gonna be just that -- from swap here that he's the perfect coach he's not. His teams tend not to be disciplined to make a lot of bad decisions in games are hospitalized -- -- -- at bat but they're also the best team Italy so they're not prepared. -- record wise they are right there I mean they they are as good as any other team in the league right here too many penalties -- -- talented Greek defense. It's possible that they did that that he gets in the way of them winning -- anybody who's looking at Pete Carroll now seen the same guy that was here in New England it. A decade ago I was looking at the wrong got a subtle yet I don't see there's just a different -- -- he his his system is different -- our -- -- stylish appearance. Exactly that's my eyes were opened watching him up close for three. My eyes were opened it completely different person than I thought it was. The -- upon leaving in the spotlight still knowing for whatever reason this doesn't seem to mind. -- he doesn't undercut on the way they did here they don't go to the back stairs to the office and trying to talk to Paul Allen the owner. They don't do any of that stuff that they respect immensely forum. He's got tough guys under him. He's got a fantastic young quarterback and an excellent defense and a well built team that is negotiated without their two top wide receivers this year were also in order beautiful -- they ask for money. Barack Obama you know what they call after promoting what is that thing in Seattle every wanna build something into anything it's called spam. Spend all our money and how -- gonna -- this -- spent on my creative. Much assure you. -- to be out there exactly the pool boy. Yes she does know where you don't know we don't know which -- you. Being you know what Pete Carroll can detonate bird. He's gonna say you know I was not here raking leaves. I finished my yard and particularly I decided to worry. That guy knows -- -- familiar alarm toward. It. At. Pete Carroll says it's. Your apartment there at the Acura and decided and you've got to stop the mail it's -- Come by any time. Nice guy. Russell significantly more easy you'll walk any stops it -- somewhere c'mon that's Pete Russell Wilson went to liberty. -- As we are -- Cam Newton and -- camper maker cut from the same cloth. Which QB would you rather have on your team and do you see these two being the next generations. Manning -- Start from -- with the last question Manning Brady you know I'm sergeant told -- -- a -- part question. -- hook it -- I don't think it Manning Brady. I do I like both of these quarterbacks. It's a great question younger it is you're on a roll here it's two great questions and -- I -- go with me to go with -- Mexico I think he's going to be in a better situation try to -- and it just. If it's a simple it's a simple thing of the -- and make any more stable organization. It's a it's a better mix with the owner of the head coach. That the people who wore around him but he's gonna have more opportunities. To be hiked gonna have more of a playoff opportunities so he'll be considered the better court. I don't know that. Either of them are great leaders. I don't know that that's the strength of either of these two quarterbacks the way I think it is one of the big strengths of Tom Brady Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson's on the other guys. We've talked about. There's something we talked about it after the Carolina game that you just has. He's got a style until that I don't wanna just crush I don't wanna be -- -- -- and just failure can't win this guy's too immature but he definitely does it differently has discount for -- and I don't. I don't know that I'd seen that you can't do that in the NF on the David approve it that you can and I'll I'll happily say I totally it's got I don't mind it. Panama unionized Cam Newton with the Superman thing it's not just the Superman big smile and I -- the smile man I mean I think Cam Newton is that is part of good guy. -- -- when they lose. Trying to like cheering for the flight trying to get the crowd all -- double to the players are fighting it's just not a style I've ever seen when the Super -- other than Jim McMahon who was such a small part of what that team was doing an. In the history of football. I just I I have some questions differently than the quarterback's gotta be like from corporate kinds of corporate stooge a little -- know a little bit. Yeah emotional quarterbacks a little bit emotional a little bit. But mostly corporate it. I Cam Newton I don't think you ever think his emotions get the best -- them in the game. But I don't watch him and worked and our I don't out of he's still out of his emotions -- them out of control I don't know that you would I don't know -- I I don't I don't I don't watch enough to be able to answer that question I don't wanna. I wanna make up an answer but. It's just a question mark on him I don't know that it's I don't wanna be that guys are you can't win with Cam Newton -- -- quarterback -- you may very well be able to I just can't come up with a lot of examples. When it's happened before and and -- predict. The same way just some odd decisions that he makes -- -- -- -- rapidly achieve the odds are now well I'm glad he didn't say was I -- -- great -- the -- but still. What you think. He was an idiot if -- shaved eyebrows these bigger idiot making a -- losing in an option which you're sharing your eyebrows now but don't win a bet that involved in the future of my -- but have you made a bet. And you lost it. Do you think you would say welcome. And data that publicly what your connector or something else do we really have to shave my eyebrows who's better who would I take I think I take him sort of ceremony that means it would keep our governor would cut the differences and achieve his eyebrows. Sunday afternoon the charges will be visiting the Broncos provided the pats win Saturday night. Who would you rather face in the AFC championship game. -- brought up a little hole coat in here and bring me the -- brother. What a breath Jack you wanna beat the Hulk Hogan right here a piece of my arm around her waist really talking about number three. Up and afterward older brother her little. Bit about what the smartest patriots out there -- wouldn't vote to count the victories. I'm gonna take about -- years later. Know what. Don't want the Broncos. You wanna you wanna you wanna face the best. Brain -- and never get enough of it Wes Welker. The whole Wes Welker Belichick thing -- and -- -- that Welker Manning vs Brady. Telecheck Britain's John Oxford Jack they'll real deep in the end. Yeah other crash. All. Star. -- -- -- -- Don't understand why is dropping his arm to Brady's -- this is helping about that he heard you heard but what about connect to waste of -- wheels -- -- what you strapped and we shall not armed. So maybe his you can see shrunk so much five years like I actually agree with the -- -- -- it doesn't hurt your -- to do that but I'm with you aren't yet I would say that I Iraq I'd like to see the Broncos I'd like to see that match up. The patriots and and San Diego's Adam is there some history there but not the way it would be Brady and Manning. Chance to go to the Super Bowl on the line again feel like the old days how could you not prefer that that that's the way -- The last three times the pats and colts faced each other in the playoffs the winner went on to win the Super Bowl. -- that happen this year. Old I don't feel good about that I know. What are question. Are still loaded question. Benjamin. Of evidence there's no right the evidence says that the best team. Was coming out of the NFC and the only way. As those -- -- I think I'm the only way the NFC team that is but they are not NFC team at a disadvantage. All the teams remaining in the NFC would be favored. Over the patriots the Broncos Whitman out now nominated at the Broncos not the saints. Saints would be favored over the Broncos -- the -- to be favored over either. -- -- beat the same as Carolina would be favored you know I don't know but but I think they're better I think all of NFC teams saved for the world. I think those teams. Are better than than than teams and the AFC. Be curious recruitment is does this week -- I think I I get to see something -- I don't know in the playoffs in order to believe it or not I don't know I think they're gonna lose also sort of I don't know that I can put -- in that category but. Seahawks in niners I agree that both would be favored over either the patriots Broncos and I think I would take either of them over the patriots or the except. One thing the view today any attention to. Outdoors and that trigger Winnebago down there when -- -- gonna -- it. Right outside MetLife stadium. And we'll have great seats there. But we go to MetLife stadium. In February. The saints patriots 49ers. Patriots. Their road trip is 200 miles. The 49ers road trip is about 3000 miles. And it's 26 degrees. First Sunday -- that you -- against election -- he like that you like the niners yeah I think -- I mean yesterday you know Denver I don't think I like them in the cold the it's going to be them against either the niners are CEO now I think I like those two NFC teams over and you gotta be something has to look at the patriots if they do make it to the Super Bowl they're underdogs. Right are underdogs probably they are absolutely be underdogs and if they face Seattle we're here that's gonna guess what's gonna come down to. Seattle as -- Francisco comes out of the NFC. They're they're definitely underdogs by playing against the the question after question for those forced spoken throughout the war. Yeah. -- an event is -- -- that you could -- -- public that's only one finger what's the matter with you that's not for making it difficult to -- that he wouldn't do. -- -- Tickets to giveaway in the 5 o'clock hour pick tickets for tomorrow night. Patriots and -- to give those away in the 5 o'clock -- or -- you can win them coming up but after 5 o'clock. It's better food truck and I am out of government as an early that was gonna and and drive down to New York -- debate style. We said before. We may extend we may add a person were you done that we had Doug lane like we'd do radio on the on the way down along. I'm. Timeframe that you could bring about he's gonna stay away from the time. And -- here where you went wrong directions you know -- no doubt if I was driving I would what is. An app for this idiot you know -- -- restored to. So we have -- who's gonna put us on the year that you need from the -- the will be able to second drive to the show as we drive. And then we need someone who can cook is that we -- have a truck and make some money. Anonymous cook. So we need someone who has some ability. To popcorn. So gourmet it up -- -- I don't know. I told you got to put. I charged coupled I know it's threatening to write that much for oil and truffle salt I -- I kept you are looking at normal income in the truffle oil traders tell me about the so I think that it. I don't think you wanted to hear Coker who beat you label you purposely ignored the thing about the troubles but I think there are a lot of people. In this area. -- -- cook who we now. Mike -- We -- -- success. Couple people. We had a we had meetings I come in here in this in this Hearst news in the studio now. -- -- -- My good friend points and just our fire out from around them to say Aaron they would they could come along and and in this would be. This in the great operation -- taught English to jointly got something. And moment about his knees or into Boston out of them that recognize the other stories stories after I don't know I don't know Hollywood in the and I don't I went Hollywood when Vegas doesn't do anything to do this anymore and did. Now and this thing he's gonna invest if he's under investigators on site but not really is not relevant to a great show Sports Radio investigations are rumors are we are a lot more -- it's a lot more football to talk today also -- tool that hockey talk what the heck is happening the Bruins they have to watch this game for the second time in three nights out west. They got destroyed by a good team but destroyed anomalous what's going on what does that mean for took Rask is passed in his future that's next alcoholic WB.

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