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Are Tuukka Rask's last 5 games cause for concern?

Jan 10, 2014|

With Dennis Seidenberg gone for the season, suddenly Tuukka Rask looks human. We discuss whether this is a cause for concern moving forward or just a statistical blip on Rask's radar.

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Lester Bruins games have been ugly UG. LY Uggla was gross sale while can't. You don't know Obama camera gear rule GLY. I gotta say some gotta you gotta -- -- ugly. What she says you ugly you got ugly yellow mama says you ugly you you GL watt and you ain't got no alibi you ugly. -- -- -- -- -- It is. A better watch out there what they were watch out I guess he -- the story. The story out of Boston. This guy. As to women. The stop raping loudly. Based app that will worker process. On orange line. When I'm when. -- I'm sergeant -- they kill him I know I'll talk to laugh. The victim. 27 your romance this -- -- on the head was treated at the CN faced. So -- of nineteen year old women were wrapping. There restaurant and 30. PM. And. I wonder if it's true yeah -- ahead. So what are what are they had skills are probably would clearly bitten guys that we just stopped -- stopped doing it so loudly. And they stab them. Agree reasonably sleaze. A good -- late Powell. They can't -- it waiting for the Orange Line with a razor blade. Okay he's got those that keep down winner Gordon with the bullied. But anyway you're talking of a -- -- and faith Baptist. And talk about the brutality Seidenberg. To go ask any new audio into programmers -- No we aren't we don't. You know none. And rounds that you don't. To go to our producer by a of this story that disparity can even call that out of his blown away about just the cheerleader anyway that's our who's looking couple Wesley Snipes and now while. So you're watching the Bruins last night in you were frustrated once again and you were saying to yourself what this guy. Supposed to be good. For the big. They've got a contract. The guy said that because that's not really -- my mind works maybe maybe other people react that way when you see a couple of baggage that has been very. Three out of five he's been pulled from -- in the other two has been particularly good -- -- gave up five goals. Combined in those other two games the Bruins have been lousy recently starting with the goaltender -- Julian had some pretty choice words afterwards saying that they needed to play better from the goaltender on out that they need some big saves and obviously. They haven't gotten for a couple of games here but. I don't think this is he took a problem I think duke hasn't played well but I don't think it's -- problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they were able to get -- law that. I step up they have a system that allows guys to step up and have pretty good young talent coming out of Providence they were able to do -- fairly seamlessly. But it required core players to play even better Patrice Bergeron. Upped his game Lucic upped its game creek she -- Rask Seidenberg let's put him on that list all those guys up their game now all of the sudden. You take away one of those core or -- core guys and Dennis Seidenberg. Who was already upping his game you take EU you're asking people like Bergeron to play at a higher level. For even longer mean what can -- step up for 45 games yes. -- trees Bergeron -- the rest of the core to make up for the deficiencies everywhere else for ten. 1520 games. Eventually that's going to me and you get those two problems I get a little slump by talk or ask and then you send them out west to battle to with a better -- now in the NHL combine it altogether and I think you get we've had. Why do you think that they don't Charles a great player yes I do you think Patrice Bergeron to replied do I do think I took arrest is a great goaltender I think he -- I get it right. So. You can talk about injuries all you want it really comes down to. The performance of your star players your star players have to play like stars and that will get you through some injuries as -- -- earlier. Hearing you talk about the Bruins reminds me of of the patriot. And it's not my way of sneaking get a cup football league that's -- -- -- I'm saying is. We look at the -- -- patriots they've had injuries this year. Yet they are in a position. Still to get where they -- ago because. They're stars or their big star. Has has played well he has he has delivered some victories that probably should have been victories. He stepped up. So when you have when you have injuries and you have. Your your B level players. Were either up underperforming or out that's when your stars have to carry and it hit. -- they did they did for awhile like he carried them for a while but you know he's if your star you do it. I guess I just look at and say OK -- they can do that and they did for awhile in this team has been dealing with the injuries from most of the year and by the way. Chart came off the ice they went down to the -- with the trainers. Middle skate in their practice don't know what his availability is going to be for tomorrow's another injury that you're gonna have to watch he's he's clearly been playing injured last week or so as well. I just think it. You can do that for awhile but eventually. They they have to be themselves they are who they are eventually when you losing another core member like Seidenberg in charge trying to play hurt. And you've got all the other guys that are entered into playing let's face it the kings and ducks are excellent teams all the way out west I mean. Eventually you do hit a point of critical mass where your team is going to in a fall apart under the bounce back tomorrow against San Jose maybe you're not worried. It's not come on worried I mean I don't think this means they're not Stanley Cup champion team I still think they're capable of doing and what they do for five or ten game stretch. In early January does not. Necessarily show what they're going to be in April to may right I mean. We've seen really good teams play badly during the regular season. Are weaker to at a time I don't have a problem was dramatic and play badly for like the last month or so the regular season it's it's possible. But ARAMARK my time between aboard -- -- in my experience. Reached him at. I haven't necessarily translate to the playoffs but I do think US a good question earlier when you wonder about the importance of the system to the to the goal here. Right you -- Tim Thomas. Put up unbelievable numbers with this defensive system with these defensive players the quotas in place. You've seen took arrested the same thing in one case Tim Thomas was never supposed to amount to anything he was an older guy that they found in the scrap heap and turned him into as -- winner. And the other side you have to go Rask who was traded for develop supposed to be the future with inevitably going to start to rise to. To -- to this number one goalie status was supposed to be Starr from the time he was first brought in to Boston from Toronto. Right I mean so you have two guys -- completely different heritage is. And both have been enormously successful brought their team to within one case -- Stanley Cup the other the other guy just you know with -- gamer to a winning one. And it does make you ask the question just how important is the goaltender in this system how much of it is what -- does defensively. -- what chart does well I Brazil -- avid which you can't have both ways that I don't think if you can't get filming that a good team will struggle every now and then. -- in the regular season can have a five or ten game stretch -- look very good start to wonder about the system at -- I'll bring the system ought not on the -- I'm wondering about the system I'm not saying it's a bad system. And he's a great system I'm not knocking the welfare of our sport or that that that. Hookah is somehow a product of the system. Or. You know the he has his breakdown -- Happened at the same time that Dennis Seidenberg goes. Well I think it's I think it's a coincidence. Is that slump. Dennis Seidenberg is out of Dennis Seidenberg -- head and if he's there right now they're helping. -- the slump still happen. And it's just not. It is is not a simple I don't know I don't think I don't know I don't know the I -- that's why you gotta ask the question Michael I don't know what I don't know that I mean I I think dead. I seen that this system can make average goalies look better right I mean we've seen Bruins back -- looked pretty damn good to. Because this is a very good system that they've got a -- please. Was a deep -- system that -- the goalie -- coach goalies well they have guys like Chara Seidenberg. And it's not just the system it's the defense to players they have in it for the most part stay at home guys. You gotta to recruit a new team to have a Dennis Wideman you've had guys that think offense first but for the most part 56 defenders at the time. Are going to be thinking defense defense first stay at home. Right we give my goalie good looks at the -- allow him to see what he's what he's trying to block. And and it's certainly helped elevate their game when I think you're what you think we're really looking at is a goal with a lot of talent to grass I think he's a very talented eagle. I think he's a good goal -- And I think he's also inflated by the system you can have both right and you can you can't be good goalie was made to look even better about what's around you is that marquee Broder. It is an -- -- to a -- I don't know an excellent goalie college coed these incredible trapping defense in front of him. That's what I've always assume part and in what but what do you think of I could have very very good goalie. Who played for the greatest defensive team may -- ever in front of that habit is now also called playing -- your your team's strength yet I'm gonna let him maybe you have that he had that place because of Martin Brodeur what what came first with the system war. Where the strength of the goaltender -- he's so good you say well wait a minute. This is what we've got. So we're gonna build everything around him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Took harassed benefits from having -- benefits from having Seidenberg to number one defensive players in front of benefits from now. He his numbers look better because those guys in there doesn't mean he's just a product of the system -- some chump. But you throw back there it doesn't matter he does do does well because of the system. You have apple. -- Matt I think that's I mean I think that maybe hiding a little bit there may be hiding because. That's a safe place. Where where you're saying because like I can easily I can easily turn around today. Hey Russell Wilson benefits from. What he has in Seattle Tom Brady benefits at this year but operating in the past Peyton Manning they have benefited from the systems the playing -- Teammates that they have -- -- took arrest. But that's not tell me. What you think of it is is he a -- line premier goaltender or not I think years. Do you think -- No you don't not a ballot. Frontline premier means top three in the league yes -- I think the guy you saw last night might -- Thank Jonathan Quick might be I mean I think that I'm -- -- again it's difficult to tell exactly because that team is built very similarly to the Bruins. I -- happiness spam act. At kings team is stacked I can't believe they're third in the conference there's erred in that conference that's how good -- the -- -- right there -- hey -- is that well a lot of it was a six with a six or seven last year with the Blackhawks. I think it was seven wasn't the they -- in the game seven how to get a separate I -- -- etc. -- -- overtime -- -- they they lost in overtime looked quick and -- at times this year and maybe that's apartment I -- and studying the LA -- but the -- -- You're watching from last night's 61777979837. Joan Quincy how did you. Don't I don't think Joseph great are a couple of quick comment first -- Burlington on the patriots try to make court. It's a bar last -- you know not you might have some injury -- -- -- -- all that are obviously not -- of -- are the way he has in the past. You know I'm just thinking that some of the elite goalies. You know EST. And I have to say that a lot of them would love to play on -- -- in terms of the system that you know quote as. And I think it can. A lot of goalies. Look. -- wanna see this world to respect looked a lot better than they might -- and some other systems. Pump rats is very talent that these are obviously shown that. We don't really not sure what he's going to mentally or physically right now armies we knock on the door each year. So are are just leave -- -- real court the other one on the patriots coming up -- predict a 3121 patriots won outright war right. Are the colts defense basically stinks. I don't think they can -- shut down the line and the pass. -- if they try to concentrate one or the other either way of the patriot you're ready to -- So look at that some -- scoring. I don't think Patricia locket and the colts. What the defense stay out -- I'm gonna go aboard a 3121 to the patriots. Thirty want to anyone -- can see that I can see that happening. I think a lot of people are are predicting area high scoring game. Hear a lot of -- 38343431. Those types. I can see a are gonna go -- lower matters he would not -- -- 124 to seventeen accuracy has sought to force of 24 when we're pointing to -- overnight rain Chad I don't think the -- in the team's gonna get into the thirties. In the rain in Foxborough running game will be more important. I don't see -- a -- out -- -- that he didn't calls fumble Bullington of ball they wanna talk a lot more patriots 61777979837. Is tomorrow night. Of course we all get to watch find out what really happens and also the importance of this system in the goalie in it. -- Julian steam struggling right now it's not just the system it's also the players right the system helps the problem isn't that will change the system the problem is that one of the key -- in that we'll hurt. As Dennis Seidenberg and they've yet to replace him Jack Edwards gave us a suggestion as to how they could play four in -- -- -- WB. It's a rumor going around that Dan Girardi might be available and if that Rangers defenseman is available. You'd have to be at the very top of the list. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the kind of player who so much like Seidenberg music complementary player he makes the players which I'm on the I'd better. While -- you don't really notice. How good a job he still. I was Jack Edwards of -- and all of us yesterday talked Bruins Dan Girardi New York Rangers may be available as a trade target for the bees. How much is a costly asked Jack that is well. Was cost again. A lot. Or more carefully at the rate in Q what they're really want that they need correct and they need a great player who could play. -- I don't know maybe they maybe they were bought for wade and dark. Prospects in return. You know maybe they will want a guy like -- -- a very out of what guy is willing to quite absolutely anybody's for the right reason. You know maybe they'd want somebody. A real like all the a player I can't either brought sporting what order -- what -- get it. And on believe this package which are. -- so -- equate a couple of lower prospects that you haven't talked as much about -- to bring back a defenseman after watching what they look like without Seidenberg maybe you don't need to pull it. Trigger on that today. But do you see them is as a playoff contender without Dennis Seidenberg. I don't know that I deal I mean I think you're gonna need to find somebody and if you can find some -- -- Girardi who's in the last year of his deal. You're probably gonna have to sacrifice a little bit of the depth a little bit of the future in order to get somebody -- there isn't a lefty another deal. It is the last of his deal was across a much. So the prices Ohio writes a price so -- for -- in the -- -- contract that much about it you know what you're still that was that was Jackson a lot. And the Quaid and what you think giving -- -- in a couple of prospects. Yeah you you're not a not a huge fan of I'm. I am -- -- -- fan but I mean again he's a bottom he he's a what do -- the number five defenseman on your team. Right I mean I know he's gonna be your number five defenseman for the next couple years that you're giving up some of your future. But he's he's not a top four defensive -- or might be now. Might have to -- What happened to be married for -- -- -- but that's the point. And yes right now he's being forced duke but you did not set up your team thinking that -- -- -- the top four defenseman is -- bodies of a a final third pair defense. Far who can fight but he got guys that fight. I mean I like got a McQuay ash on court is back in the next game I mean you've got guys -- can fight and the quake relief for you can I like quite a lot this is not a knock -- -- session. But -- I like Dennis Seidenberg more if you don't have him for the rest of the season and still wanna take advantage and still think he can do something special. They can't try to find a way to replace 6177797937. Jane hello Dave Byrd. Let's not go out there with -- I realized or talked about the Iraq shouldn't -- your struggle doctor that your party sitting by our. He. No we haven't ever been done it's about -- what it was about about it. I don't think he's the -- goalie there and -- but he they aren't import wait too long. And I think he definitely looked good when he had a good defense and -- then I agree with you -- Seidenberg is amazing defensive player and a lot of talent potentially deadly minibus they expect better. And what he he -- which are the first line during the playoffs to me that I was unstoppable the present line. You know I think Jane I think they took a Rask is better job than Dennis Seidenberg is in his. I think to around. I should have been stopped I don't think I mean the rebound and -- you know and he he would indeed. Like I can operate around. Higher like and he's he's a slump and so I don't think anybody is is gonna defend. What's happening how he's playing right now he can't -- some people we wouldn't offended at the atomic -- of either. But I don't remember anybody saying anything about Tuukka last year. When he signed his contract the Bruins. We went to six games with the eventual Stanley Cup champs and Tuukka Rask signed a long term contract ensuring it seemed that he's -- ensuring that his career word would start and end here this -- -- NHL career. We started in here and there were very very few complaints. I'd I don't know if I Biden now that he's in a slump while. I contracts too long and he's not only got you thought is only guy Lester attitude. And I still think -- I guess I'm looking I'm not telling the contract is too long I think he's a great fit for what the Bruins are trying to do you know he's a great fit here. He plays this system perfectly he's a great match you put a couple of -- defensive players in front of -- like Chara Seidenberg and a defense system like clothes and duke is a great positional goalie play into -- quick and is a very good -- -- is a bad -- don't know as I don't know that as a -- I mean he's batted an SS extra there's some probably in the five to ten range part of the goalies in the NHL -- three guys. Who with the injuries that you you've enumerated. I don't like are the injuries that you pointed out here listed yes thank you. -- three guys who would look good. In this situation he talked about the injuries took a colossus Seidenberg. Three goaltenders with a better than Tuukka. Given given given these challenges. And still think he can come up with many. -- it take a dig at it the talented guy slumping and the team feeling. The fatigue feeling in. I don't know distracted it's January they're thinking about football playoff -- whatever it is -- maybe thinking about the Olympics -- got a lot going on where to think about the Olympics and -- -- that's another part of this -- is going to be playing for -- throughout the Olympics extra -- and terror -- a -- has already played a lot of minutes I mean I told you right from the beginning of the year this year but I wanted to see a lot more Chad Johnson because I was worried about -- -- being exhausted -- But at this point he's been sat down and three of the last five games it should be an issue of exhaustion anymore right. Just -- Connecticut I dostum. In the third dusted. So what's up as much as -- tonight. -- thanks -- my call I just I'm propagated all of that and actually -- doubles and I've grown up in that streak to twelve Connecticut but that's all doubled very closely for a long time. And nobody's mentioned -- -- -- -- You -- -- that -- is that the tires -- that. You know it's not one thing I think. Only twelve ruined and just how good to corrected -- you look at Marty Booker on. You know -- the -- look at bottomed arguably not the best goaltender all time. He he additionally. Around technically sound am I guess what I'm trying to get it if you look at the guys -- want some years you have free agency. The report -- the -- miners. You know pinnacle retiring even retiring. -- And defenseman in -- -- Play out who I'm in 1996. At dusk and again no it doesn't think he's great he's great there's no doubt him -- -- murder -- goal. But you don't think that he's aided by a lot of those incredible names you just mentioned plus a defensive system the change talking. I if you look at the doubles and look at -- head coaches at these cat. I'm not a Smart they'll play the same -- out at that point that's -- -- that I hadn't thought of that one. That's it and Colbert was one of them by the way although that many coaches that they've had. Closed Larry Robinson. The late great pat burns. Had a lot of people. Hell -- decided for awhile I'll coach the team or. But at that the star remained the same. Why is that. All the coaches thought the same way you know I mean again yeah I mean most of them I'll play the trap right. They were the ones that originated the trap that I don't remember doubles team. With Broder that didn't play the same I think I also extremely excellent we got this can actually is a great goaltender I mean again I don't know. I don't sports ratings I have to -- either -- or -- -- he's amazing you don't -- -- camping waking people don't have to -- like that to -- rather go to -- BI -- is really good and teams need to look even better by playing -- perfect system for him. That helped change the game. The 61777979837. Talking hockey giving away patriots think it's back to the patriots conversation as well. I'm pretty well done talking about like new angles on the patriarchs -- -- -- but it you've got more -- I -- -- -- -- before there were more new -- that came pouring into -- one -- -- -- -- -- W --

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