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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 01/10/14

Jan 10, 2014|

Please answer what is asked of you, or us, that is.

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Text 37937. Or call 617779. -- -- -- -- Then it's time for answers the question generic answer the question with -- -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question would. It was a bomber. But we're getting special guest I was told to answer instantly -- He thought that was going to be it was told they would be it was like candidates that I apologize -- -- -- are out myself I you know whatever thousand times to go to. -- -- -- You know ice crucial isn't it back in the day but I apologize a thousand times you'll get them again. In this -- rate on from there and -- your best bit out of it was yours to work the best bit of all time it was. I would hope has -- penalty does not always agreed -- just because it's not -- NYPD TNT Diebler. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What that I grabbing physically and OK although he has -- Grady disavows any knowledge -- memory of -- working on right that's right that's right I will take part of your ticket. Ticket it would seem to it. Fitness studio eventually he'll walk in line. People -- pop up David departed for one time it's coming though breezy read the paper and let's -- we got an answer the question brought you by ARS restoration specialists if your property your facility manager and don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place. Prepare contact RS -- 774611111. Or go to heiress her. Dot com Mike is usually what they call hosted a talk he reached -- to restore because you don't want to get -- gaming it this kind of weather from the rate freezes over. That's when you get ice damming of flooding inside your bruises here for so if -- what if your pipes freeze and burst. That is that -- -- they -- -- -- -- that's a disaster for a portrait of -- call critical -- that's absolutely 77461. Level up all my friends there. Rich. Jets he's -- steam yeah he's of -- -- are always quiet humble professionals. And everywhere. Guys if you eliminated helmets in the NFL would you eliminate the concussion. Know what you have a different problem. If you didn't have helmets and let -- face mask if guys played without helmets and who are we don't leather helmets so you know face astronaut helmets whatsoever you're talking hockey. They're going out there they're playing football. For the point is if without help him like a leather -- they won't hit the same way and so I think it can raise. Your titles at each other and that's accidentally cracked it I'm developing a new -- McGrath and how it all at the same thing that you have your -- air bag so when contact happens a year big blows up it's made out of bubble wrap. And and party favors you're -- disorder while it seriously when that was the thing you know concussions but that thing blows up and party favors follow -- On the field it's great. Next question part of this can be taken two -- the question is what is the best life now. Do you think this means because they capitalized life. You think they mean what's the best album of a band live. -- do you think they'd be in the band live from the midnight I don't know maybe the band like offshore throwing sure they don't think throwing copper was up for pretty darn sure they don't mean the payment. I saw live Peter Frampton song live in my opinion. There are now Frampton comes a -- to -- grave that when it's. I don't know something like that what color changing hands on. That's the best live now as of him that you like all this -- -- it's -- Bob Marley at the the rocks. I -- a bestselling mystery. Today so -- limestone sixes out the of the -- the boot on Cheap Trick is famous line via. If you -- like she'd first which I don't really know what album is has a really good lie about as Bob -- Yeah and in that live album is route you've -- -- really live in the hole and this is here right where does -- never -- yet stay away from -- -- the Hollywood -- could atonement was girls screaming. How do you not mentioned exit stage left. It's -- to keep all four of those -- What else -- that area and it wasn't that. That is the beauty of great buy it live -- another good live album -- It was Jake never Jaycee playing with the roots. It's easy unplugged. I think what you see you hear -- upon -- and that's what we go to the next question are. A guy that is not a question -- -- comment on the your Pete Carroll thing there are still people in Cleveland that he Belichick and -- -- So he how many how many how many times has built into the super balls that he left -- -- Returns -- -- principles -- -- knowing your point is if you were to win the -- everyone would change their mind something they would. But that's though they having the people in Cleveland who hate Belichick don't say he's Johnny could coat. I don't think that it -- there says that's it it's Cleveland. Triplett was Belichick the Belichick in Cleveland Pete -- hate your thoughts reform. Different. Hate Pete Carroll to hate them. Day that he was he was mocked yeah I thought it was over his head -- -- something to be blessed -- substitute teacher analogy works you -- your notes will be cannibals and ceremonies at the end of skewed by -- press conference. People have to join us. -- Yeah it did he hits his final press conference it was ridiculous. He went and he -- outside the stadium could be -- by all the people were ripping -- -- for dessert but he. You're by the government that and Jack Jack. It's Cleveland over -- they're the players the players showed up and they were -- -- Ty Law. Lawyer but -- -- take your pictures like a big party. We -- part of it at that verdict of writers strike it was Webster district government unit where I swear. It bush guys wants college football used a different ball in the NFL it's got to be the dumbest thing aren't that different game altogether or is it different -- they're babies. Why do they use a difficult out all you can expand now wanted to use the room that. Gas -- but they're fair question as well because that college kids what it's hard to evaluate football is supposed to be minor league football why don't they just use the symbol. These same ball in December oh yeah. I uniforms. Are you object to that. The one thing I liking college football and always I'd like -- in called durable and I'm glad it's not the NFL. Is the clocks -- for first I like that like the way it allows teams to come back from deficits that you might not be able to. I don't. -- like that particular Christmas. -- should be one game and ultimately I don't everybody plays by the same rules. As we should be. Next question if you repeat a public toilet not Europe but he -- what if would you -- the seat on or in lots part of the question and with -- -- or gamble with your name. You posted as the gambler wants to. Efforts to push it -- that touch. Do you ever gamble with your own team at home store. -- -- -- fundamental -- in. -- What's a flaw in your your just any picks up velocity. -- them as any liquid immediately exit velocity program ideas it's that time and it's it's that. There's this aspect actor he controlled -- how mr. And if you really tall accusing you frequently it implies a supply tract problems with a eloquently problem with a with a year. It -- splash of that seat and -- an issue. Back out of it -- -- I should be talking about seat occupancy. All I see what the secret world is you have to go to -- Saturday. But this rule you know did you reform or dad shaking my dad not likes is -- deleted you'd take a tennis. It's like you know it's it's -- reform. Really know about her what tilted to the title. That's a mother goose is. Person that -- boost. Next question. The past eight current athlete or not. You know. C'mon somebody -- -- -- in this room have told you we have produced a game is that -- on the and that was about at a picture. But that is region we appreciate your every. -- who take a picture with an -- every day we take pictures and put it on the law but -- -- temperatures in the -- to work. Public network is that what that -- theory I did the one time I wanted to be the only -- to -- wil Cordero. You know I have a I have -- Don't have in my house -- you -- that -- everywhere but today I have a picture one picture of me you. -- -- Real as the boxing -- -- that -- -- picture of Bobby that one with the guys in the boxing gloves can disappear today we're back to the ought to to the office figured OK finally all the crap will be cleaned out but no. Don't picture is. Hello -- -- there's those other pictures that are sitting around -- office of the big on that -- that they can finally lifted. That will be adding that there will be I don't Ellis Valentine I don't -- at all. That we won't have -- the TV. Artwork done prediction my final for me. You know what might yeah might yet the story might in this room -- a lot of them there's about seven. I'm gonna go with a nice solid. Vintage. New England Patriots. Indianapolis Colts tied the game that means. The colts score fewer points than you expect. Somewhere between ten and fourteen points let's let's settle on fourteenth for the colts. Give -- 2426. For the major 12614. Point 614 patriots. We're going to the AFC championship game Jack at the New England Patriots brother to got to beat the Hulk Hogan. If you're struggling get a big football Hulk brother. The twenty. Wanted it -- and brother but to come up more points. To 33 to 24. I Mikey for four hours coming up next stick around for Mikey we'll talk to guys on Monday from Gillette with Bill Belichick win or lose good -- got -- -- yellow mama says you ugly. You you GL -- and you ain't got no alibi you ugly.

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