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Jan 10, 2014|

Ben Kichen and Russ Goldman break down the latest transfer news and how it affects the MLS and what is the latest on new MLS teams.

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Welcome into another edition of the WTI. Soccer cast I'm your host -- it's -- -- don't ban from the salt and always show weekdays on WB yeah right two to six. Four or you can follow me on Twitter at. Young men W media and today as what I think will be a trend moving forward I'm joined by Ross Goldman. Follow him on Twitter app -- underscore Goldman. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We gotta get you in the studio that's the next step on the phone we got two -- in here once is begging for. They. Are sentenced and I will jump right and we are. Just let you guys in on this. -- are talking a little bit before the show we're talking about some lose the news that's been going on the -- the last wanted to update so you guys on what's going on. And so latest stuff we've heard some big transfers coming to the analysts and again. There's some bigger names that are kind of him. Raise some eyebrows here around the soccer world you know -- right. -- what he sees movement lately and potentially moving through the rest of the month here. Well listen there's been a lot of talk about -- -- speculations by rampant. In England in and Michael -- that's been a big part of it actually today. The latest on the area Bob Ryan movies costs Costa Rican. Player and is he now has the opportunity to -- along -- there -- more or. Or on apartment transfer. The floor manager made an announcement during this process that is now open to seek. Employment elsewhere basically look for other clubs social Brian -- could be -- -- -- interest and speculation done that I wanted to share -- you got a -- default Lara. Odd is in the top -- -- another battle a growing speculation that that arsenal need to. -- -- striker and what happened last it was very strange and very interesting. All of a sudden aren't in the top -- talks. Our personal FaceBook page this is his official FaceBook page there was a picture of them it's not broken it's not an up -- own Jersey. Which. With this with this having -- -- -- our arsenal to the title. So again why we don't like a whole week. Exactly exactly this is on Dem -- our purpose -- official. FaceBook page. And as you can imagine when when back up and out there are stories starter run rampant that broke top one of the people on the -- to. Arsenal and basically begging for arsenal to come get him. And odd. And then again did you called back and forth on the director of communications. Perform -- came out on Twitter incident that that he was not you know he was not in charge of -- went for a Twitter -- our FaceBook account. Complex which was gonna get to the bottom of it I haven't heard a incensed but are obviously the speculation can go back and forth. Does he want at least does he want a -- and nothing's been added since except. That I can vendor came out the very next day. It's stated that he you know they talked about -- -- specifically and said that he was not on that list of players that they are looking. So he was dissing distancing himself from. Those rumors and speculation. Correct correct -- blood but honestly beyond. The betting lines a brokered talked arsenal are still huge in England. But the old. Big bet on transfers. Oh absolutely done. How different that all they know they've got on transfers absolutely there's a betting line. On to the talk -- talked to move from from -- to -- you can actually bet on it. But I know you can bet on basically anything that goes on exports but that's just protect. Utterly ridiculous. But OK so. How would you. You know parallel that you like football for example how what would that same course be. Yet if a player did something similar to that here how would the reaction -- The reaction here would be. Unbelievable it would be they would be one killing the player. To killing the team for letting this get out and that could have imagined if Tom Brady put on his FaceBook page which I've ball. Instead I want a place as -- the -- organize my hometown can't put our picture and saying 49ers come and get it what do you think the reaction. His house who get their -- tires and it gets slashed. His dogs were awful -- of -- -- and be removed. Right right so. So facilitate that. To -- that would be -- and and you can imagine what was going on in England again this a week ago things have cooled off a little bit. And I haven't really heard much about it since except. That the media and England are still pushing this but it's been downplayed meeting that that nothing has really come out of this. Because of what -- some vendors -- in this press conference last week. But the media is still playing it out there's still like I said the odds is still on him to move but but those -- just betting odds. And if you're asking me -- I don't think he moves is just a gut feeling I don't think all we're going to sell and blood I again which I find it interesting data that this is on his official FaceBook page someone someone associated with -- had to put that out there. This might not have come from -- talked at all but someone obviously it is looking into law. You know to grow is an agent and possibly try to push something through it did it's a fascinating thing. It's not the first time that something like this is -- with ball I don't know if you remember. Last year with the whole situation with Clint Dempsey yeah but Dempsey and that's been dot com. All the sudden I woke up 1 morning and I saw on I saw. The whole thing about Clint Dempsey moving to look at all on the official. Doesn't age and and I was like what is going on in the -- it was. With something behind the -- something god god god. Something went wrong there between Nelson and Liverpool and and became a huge media and and this is a similar situation it's just it's funny. They'll Foreman now in the middle of of this again and so we're -- some more crazy situation involving the transfer window. And it ended always seems to -- my -- to some race. Well it's funny you bring up Dempsey thing because. The year no one cared. Nobody cared. Did you did you see that tag line go higher on the post -- at the bottom of the screenings of whatever. But I can imagine and I read obviously -- that was going on people were lifted out. Because they dates on the report -- air here in Boston on NASA. So. Yeah I I can only imagine -- numbered years -- -- equate someone says -- off correctly. Blaine Gabbert. -- so there's other transfer rumors going on going around speculation. One of them involves. US national team star Michael Bradley what have you been hearing about him is he going to be moving. Is the game changing leagues or just stay in the league or will he stay put. Well it would -- he's going to be moving then and it's funny because Taylor -- of all people tweeted some huge news coming down the line about Michael Bradley. We've been. All much to go to Toronto FC. And and I was like what is going on this is that this is -- huge move for for not only to run -- but also and the last. To get someone like Michael Bradley back. And I actually had a little bit of a vested interest in this because I -- Michael Bradley at home to be on -- -- -- all were registered. In Michael Bradley. But it looks like this is going to happen then he's going to be he's gonna make a -- of what I am not sure of the numbers I've heard different numbers. But it's not like he's gonna make a good amount of money to move from robot. Two and -- last but -- also opens up the question -- looking forwards it to this summer. In the World Cup is this the right move for the US men's national team that out Michael probably move from. From Syria Camelot. Now full disclosure to anyone listening this and saying that he talked about those are done. Here's -- -- I was updating myself on what was going on I'd been a little bit away from the world for the soccer world for a little bit. As researching and my computer crashed -- probably all the power and I'm not -- women on the soccer search so that's why am I might be a little -- date here and thank god prosecutors to -- union line so. Michael Bradley moves back to the analysts what does that mean for him on the national team is this a good move for him. For the World Cup coming up maybe get a little more Ron you know he was it like Iran and -- -- he's gonna get more run and second put in better shape for the World Cup coming up. What here's the situation she will play -- war for Toronto lets see he was pretty much bank getting squeezed out of Roma. They'd -- just added another central midfielder and he was basically that's in line to. You know and that's central midfield back up to replay so so he was basically behind another player. And and then it would be hands -- he was releasing diminishing. Minutes on the pitch so it made sense for him to move. Didn't except -- and the move to and bought tickets -- going to find out because again he's not going to be playing against the same level competition. But. He will be -- -- he will be closer to home. And it's -- need based on what I've been reading that this might be a move. Twofold one -- like I said he's gonna make a good amount of money which is good for him personally is two he's going to be closer to home. For for better quality of life I guess you could say being being being back in North America in the air you know near -- you -- -- while and because it was family. You know on talk about extensively I'm sure it is -- looked a little more with him in Rome. But now he's going to be back home so so I think that's a factor -- one that was also a factor with Clint Dempsey I know going from. Going from taught them back to Seattle because again he wanted to come home you know these players -- now start to come back. And am now lots are armed making that effort to bring them back which I find very interesting. Because it's going to alternately. And it's gonna make a war you know I think -- is that more. Don't -- it it would allow more players to think that maybe we can come back as well. Won't make them a better player I don't know I. I guess we're gonna find out what the effect will be. With Clint Dempsey played in Seattle before the World Cup and now. You out on Michael Bradley played for Toronto let's see what they'd be a better player played regularly. But and then the last. -- so we had talked in the past and is one of things I'd talk to. I'd asked Jay heaps about in the past as well was. How how do you view. A scab list players. Mostly in it in the context of what the composition normally was was. Establish international players coming to play in the analysts and now what you're seeing is established. National players coming back to the analysts -- you've seen everyone wants to get out go play in the the premier -- No pun intended the premier -- -- -- You wanna see them go play fair and it's great to see them finally come back now another move that goes on to what I was saying with the international stars coming here is another move. But Toronto. To follow how does to flow impact. Toronto and impact the analysts. Can't believe me I think it impacts the MLS since Toronto tremendously. -- -- DePaul is a proven gold score -- goal -- scored a 142. Goals in nine years at Taiwan. And unfortunately for hand. He has been coming off the bench for very long time now and I've tortured in the past been unhappy to see him go because he. Scores like crazy against forms are are -- to say goodbye to commit to vote because I know. That this is someone that just needs time and he is going to score goals. He just has that -- so what he's going to bring with a combination of and improperly. Toronto let's see are all are all of a sudden going from the bottom of the league to being -- Which is amazing. How quickly things can chatted with with two players you have a creative central midfielder. And now you have a -- score. Toronto. Are are basically called big time basically say we're going to buy our way to a championship. And again I'm not I'm not a big proponent of this but if it helps Soledad the last. -- -- And it's a double edged sword. That is an absolute double edged sword but the what you said buying your way to a championship it's not like in baseball the Yankees and Red Sox were. They've got millions upon millions upon millions of dollars at the disposal this the -- less work. They have the money at their disposal not in that. Quantity. And -- say. Overstretched themselves we've -- isn't soccer leagues in the United States in the seventies of the cosmos. They overspent for those stars in the collapse the entire league and we didn't have a real true league until 1996. Do you see that happening at some point do you see. More stars coming in and crippling teams because they have to play you see it in Russia a little bit don't. They brought in a ton of big names and and they can't afford them and that's -- same thing happened in Turkey. With the exception of one or two teams that tried to bring in these big stars they couldn't afford to pay him. And they crippled themselves same thing in China. Do you have the fear that that could happen here at BMO last that they start to get greedy in trying overpay for these guys and it hurts them in the long run. Well let's hope not honestly did you -- have a great examples of of how it's gone wrong. And it's what executed talk about a club like the -- the -- have never done the -- have never gone after a huge international -- paid big bucks. And it's flooded then because I've always wanted him to -- if you look at it is it worth it. David Beckham you could argue is that what that. What to work and so what -- what did I say the outcome of the David Beckham effect what's worked well it brought them. Couple titles abrupt and notoriety I in the end I actually pick it did help and the loss overall course LA galaxy. Well I holed about I think that's a different case because back and yes his skills had declined. Was still a very it was in the -- MLS player. His skills had been in decline for awhile but he was the biggest name in the world. A soccer because Americans ask don't follow soccer knew who David Beckham Wallace. Drink if I was not on that same level central plateau not on that same month none of those guys are on that same level the only way you could bring in someone that's even close to being that same level is. Messi and Ronaldo. Those are the only two names that people kind of know that don't follow soccer. You pay a lot of money to to follow who's a very good player 31 years old. So he's getting a little bit older but he stood at the wheels around and -- data will be very exciting -- bring up the reds. Not ever doing that and I don't get the inclination that they ever will do that. Do you like that approaches like you said I am the same ways you I wanted to see them do it. But I'm kind of changed my mind -- in the other players coming -- other teams and to see if we cant develop teams here that can compete and beat those teams do you. Seemed to semi. I've changed my mind on this for years and I I was basically very upset that they were not bring in one of these big names well when I saw other clubs doing it but then. When you see the approach of the reps with the academy and the academy already has has you know proven with two. Really good players coming through you have Diego but -- and his. And Scotty called welcome and throw it and they decide to put their money in the academy they had a choice and they basically. Chose to build their future through an academy and it's already paying off. And even know at first glance like what are they doing. I think I think in the end they're gonna end up being right because they're -- they're doing it the right way they are trying to build their old talent. And dot and it's working so I don't want them to do it now honestly I don't want them. To try to bring in the next big name because. The model that they're building is gonna help them for years to come out -- -- -- -- -- stage with. With the rest herself years -- have -- something really nice step and I don't want us seeing them basically try to do something like these have. Well the North American Soccer -- did. I mean it didn't really expected to destroyed itself by buying all these big names. And put it happened with them now last. If too many of these players comment you could have a problem but again they only have a certain East Timor have certain about a dozen native players. But you can still spend -- -- a money. Have to be careful. But honestly I've at this point I've changed my mind on this I don't want to the reds do it. -- I I don't I like the top but they're going on they actually just they just signed Charlie -- I don't know. -- as a business. They just signed Charlie Davies duster type Applera I wanna see them bring okay Charlie Davis is is someone that can score goals. And and -- he had an unfortunate accident has been fighting back to those -- -- really to become the player that he wants lots. But that's the type. But to actually building a team instead of bringing in. That starts you know notre you know again I you know that that New York Yankees mentality that's what that's what. It's going on to -- about what happened with the LA galaxy. I don't like it. I too like bringing in these types of players I don't like the overall philosophy because like he said. It's happened in China it's going on in Russia if they can destroy an entirely. Yeah yeah and that's what's your mind now one of the other things that can destroy our league is over expansion. And it hasn't destroyed hockey. It it won't destroy ot you but you see what -- did was they over expanded into the US. And put teams in warm weather climates and eventually had to move those teams back to Canada where they have loyal fan bases and they know those -- about. Now the rumors going around him less for a little while I was Beckham's trying to get a team in Miami. And we know they did their there's an agreement and that will be in new team New York FC starting soon. And there's rumors with -- other cities what are you hearing do you think that Beckham will be successful in getting -- team in Miami. I think -- I think he has a wake up based on him -- and David Beckham honestly and and what he's brought to. You know what I know that they're going to have another team I would say that Miami would have to be the front runner. Partially because because of David Beckham the that you have other cities and and that's where it gets an interest in. Then other cities honestly I think deserved it more than Miami. I agree Miami had a franchise -- that they didn't sport so. Exactly exactly that you and I were talking doctor before we start as. There are some good soccer cities. Actually deserve I think over Miami and I'll -- Saint Louis and that you were talking about Minneapolis. You know again there there are other cities I think a war authority. Are getting another and now less. Came again. We're gonna have New York City at one and and and I believe we're also having a -- one as well on and that's great. But I think that they should be careful. Be very careful in day out next and I just don't think that my -- is the right place to go like he said it's already -- out there. Why would you wanna go back to a place where else I know who's behind it OK I understand David Beckham is behind it. But you look at a city quite like Saint Louis they're really out of rich tradition -- -- what you. Wouldn't you be better fiscal there will like you said Minneapolis. You know other names I've I've heard San Antonio and Atlanta. Atlanta be honest -- -- is not a sports town and I hate to put the -- and neither is Miami. Whenever it's Miami it's all treated its people from from other places. -- -- -- -- Whatever its roots. Like I said Minneapolis -- with our roots. Saint bullets they're definite roads I'll even throw instead -- taught him is that that's another name another city then and mentioned. Those are different markets dealt dealt with basically embraced. Another soccer team and you know Miami and Atlanta just won't they won't. There only being talked about one I think partially because like I said. Name recognition of David Beckham and and and in of this city everyone knows Miami and Atlanta but that doesn't mean that they have the right fit for. For another club and and the -- is is really growing at a nice pace but I don't want -- can upload it like he said. Coupled with the and it NHL expansion they need to be careful. And I think picking the next city you gotta be careful Miami would not be -- tried to make. I I and I it would Beatrice from either because simply because of it failed. And -- Jay heaps played there was a rookie there and it failed while he was there a collapse and and a mean felt like it was just bad team. They collapse they cease to be diffusion no more. So I don't I mean I wanna see Beckham involved because that's a big name and that can only help it cannot hurt your league is David Beckham is involved and it. I wanna -- involved. I don't think -- the right spot they don't even sport the Marlins who have won two world championships. In the past seventeen years. They've won two World Series and they've won two NBA championships and they had one. But they don't support their teams were thinking the -- Marlins part Cordoba house call how the holding and -- soccer stadium. With only 20000 people where they -- the play where the dolphins play. And that brings me to another item to leeward and talked about an hour on -- is the soccer specific stadiums now. I really like the soccer specific stadium GC good cool stadiums that are smaller. And kind. They can fill it up much easier now the -- play excellent I think it looks crappy on TV frankly. There isn't it it doesn't fill up it's not the right stadium. The fans aren't nearly close enough to -- action. Is that what you wanna see you wanna see more soccer specific stadiums and if you do do you think it'll help the sport in the states. In especially in cities like Boston. That don't have that sought to -- You know what this has been attacked people's minds for some years that and I want I want to -- To have a soccer specific stadium. Either in Boston or outside of Boston course it's in the city where we you have to access because I truly believe that they did this and and there's been talk about different cities like some horrible and and and -- Okay. Here's the situation they need to make this happen because you'll see -- -- of the reds fan base I truly believe that. If they'd move it to Boston. The big move into that area where it is now it is close to me out like that is close to -- -- But let's be honest it's a terrible location for the rents it really is it's terrible location that terrible stadium for the rest. They play on that terrible -- work. What it is it's horrible to watch. Watcher -- match I like watching a wave -- match has been much better than a Duhalde. But if for example there in Columbus. Doesn't that look so much better. Not only does so what better then it plays better and and that it did it's the combination of -- accusing. Real grass hey let's use real grass will wedges real real grass. And having a soccer specific stadium. That people are coming just just for the rest and I you know again I I think he would dismantle an -- for three of four years while we're talking about we're talking about it from from. From the reds organization were talking about it but nothing has happened nothing concrete -- -- it's very frustrating. Because I think that is the number one thing to take the -- to really made the -- known more of Boston. They need a soccer specific stadium. And argues this analogy and I actually believe it is if they built that they will come you know I agree go back to fill the -- if they'd built that. It will come I actually believe that. Well it's been -- to the dreams and he woke. Up that's a common misquoted line. If you build it he will come and he needs father not to -- -- true. I we're not talking sports movies here unless you talk about bend like Beckham. Answers it is actually really I've never actually -- and I can't say anything I've never seen it I know Keira Knightley and she is. -- All gonna tell you -- to get it to get a chance just just rented trust me trust me you'll like it until you see it. People might have told you what it's about and it really is a wonderful movie and you know still see wild like it's so much trust me you'll like it. All right well like -- -- imagining now are running around -- little soccer shorts are. I'm gonna don't -- it on right now. So another one of things that came on the news this this past week or so was. News of the World Cup in 20/20. Two. And I don't know why they ever agreed to do it here why you would ever agree to do it in the Middle East in the summer it's the African desert. What the hell were they thinking and now they're trying to change time by changing it to. Like start November 15. And maybe ended January. Do you rusty like what the hell they're doing potentially changing the start date or should they just say screw this. Productivity we're gonna put up a new. We're gonna vote on a new place. Screw this we're gonna vote on new place. Is there any chance in hell that that happens no. And that's unfortunate part of this this is all political -- All things going on. You know behind the scenes that this was a political move this you know again with which feet by and all that stuff that this what's going on behind the scenes. That can't have no control over. This was you know again kind of a done deal and at the time I'm like why is it going to Qatar. Why do Qatar you know why is -- -- -- and off. And there are there are sober reason and money has to be part of it and it's unfortunate. I don't see it changing. I see happening in the a debt saying is that if this starts in the middle of November and January. I think that's awful. And I know what to help her for it and doing their placating hobbies. Arabian shots. Of these oil magnets that have been buying -- teams replicating them in. I understand it from a business standpoint -- really truly do because if you build interest there there's a lot of money there by teams that spend. It makes sense on a financial. Standpoint. For the -- themselves. But. Screw the fans the people that want to pay him watch this stuff and densely traveled to destination places. The tickets for Brazil or outrageous. I do it priced me out. It's Brazil it's not that far away and it's that's a great destination to go to read -- cordless. Hell wants to go to -- In the middle of the spring and summer. I don't wanna go to a desert anytime. I'm not gonna go to a desert outside. But I think it's a real shame and I think it really. It really screw something up for us here in the states and I think it screws up. Across Europe when the leagues are going on you're stopping the league's. So they can play the World Cup and stretch it out over this amount of time. You know the American viewing stand. From November to January you've got three options already you've got bass what you've got hockey you've got football now you're gonna add a fourth into the mix. And throw it at odd times because it's in the Middle East. It sucks for American sense it really -- or not does and I think it's actually European -- too because they're gonna miss -- watching their team during the regular season. It's a bonus to have during the summer it's like yes this year we get soccer almost year round. But not torn between two. No it analysts and it's too bad because again we're talking about the World Cup. This summer and I'm really looking forward to it it's going to be in Brazil it should be unbelievable. And and we talked about on the last show this to be the most competitive World Cup ever. But we're gonna look forward to Cotter. You know and you know in another eight years then I'm I'm telling you this has you know classically written all over it to use that effort. You can say it's on a -- to us I'm -- well I'll have my interns -- it's. Okay -- but the but it really it really has nightmare written all over and and again look like you mentioned. It's about money and in particular reason it's not that this could hardly wait god today really deserve it no. -- they don't deserve it. They don't deserve it there there are many other nations that I think would do much better job. Then cutter that care about it and and that's what if that's what makes it worse not what you know again that's which shows what. What it's all but unfortunately it really hurts people that care about the game is that it comes down to money to countdown to like he said. -- -- -- These countries you know they they put a lot of money into these franchises status -- factor. And there's no way of getting around that and unfortunately they're getting their way they're gonna get it when they want it. To -- also fortunate gonna suffer for now I. I'm pretty sure room right on this one correct me if I'm wrong but. The -- the last I'm Susan Ingram was 1966 from the one correct. The -- it's been. Almost fifty years. Since it was an England. That would be far more impact Poland and so much better for the viewer and the experience the fans there. And I think it would still drop far more money. Why why. Why is that under consideration. Good question and I know that they were looking into the European championships in England and I would love to see the World Cup there again like he said it's it's been outlawing -- and I think would be issue I think would be wonderful because again that one -- in England you know it -- -- to go -- UK you can avid. -- evidence Scotland you can happen in Ireland if you wanted it would be tremendous that they did. And I looked up to the World Cup. In the UK I -- I think it would be great. But unfortunately electric said that it's it's it doesn't seem like it's gonna happen anytime soon. Another there was also -- becoming backyard you know obviously I would like to see here in the US. But why not give -- to a place that really deserves and and loves the game what we're began. Go back to you -- I totally agree that. And I understand. Why I wanted here too obviously but I understand you gotta go other places and it was here in 94 which in the news. -- the World Cup's. That was a -- ago that was very long ago but it. You've gone. You know. 20/20 two that could have been perfect time -- in the US. And and you allowed maybe MLS has gotten to a point where. Soccer's become a little bit more mainstream here in the states by that point which I'm hoping it will it really do you think it will I think did eventually. I don't know of LeapFrog hockey. But I think it'll come close. And in some instances are -- in some cities are -- So. It's -- Carter. Helped me then I don't want to say anymore and so it depressed about it. Well it'd be years away but but but actually. It doesn't it does come out fairly quick you know it does it you know it it's only it's only two -- -- -- hit. And and and that world where where in color and that -- -- that will really be talked about it being talked about the growth here of the game then and I'm telling you. It has been incredible and I I've mentioned this before I've I've actually. Talk to someone that works it works and NBC and Dodd told me that that they're very happy with the ratings that the Barclays Premier League it's getting. They also -- obvious -- -- on the last and and -- the game is growing and even hear from Boston where where again this podcast. -- that the by the you're doing this podcast because there are so many fans of the game here. And I even those say some in the media don't like the game I have to I have to tell them that there's there's stuck with it because it's growing. -- people to care about it. You are in Boston I know that for fact and -- I think it's some political week or not I think the revs will get to that point which they are addicted they're not they'll never get to the -- into the celtics'. But I think there will be a factor here Boston. There's only two media members here in Boston. Really mainstream media members that I can actually sit down and have a conversation about -- what's going on. Around the world 33 exit three media members Mike charity. Loves the game he follows it he knows everything that's gone on and -- and sometimes when I talk to him he's updating me on something about it. Jack Edwards with a bronze. Played College Hockey he College Soccer he knows this work really well he doesn't keep up with a very much but he knows the sport really well. And Dave O'Brien here WEEI. He got a chance to do. To do play about -- World Cup. And he he didn't really know much about the sport but -- fellow models and after that so you can but that's all the time I bring it up to someone else they'll laugh at me. I'm gonna add one other name to that that that might surprise you. Chris Gasper the possible. I've never met Chris I've never had a conversation -- them that I was actually surprised me. But that's good to know I like I enjoy chris' work I think he's very talented so I'm glad to hear that now just wanna open document. Chris Gasper is is a huge fan of soccer and -- for facts so so there's another guy and and unfortunately like you said. You know we don't hear you know we don't hear too much about soccer on. On your station and I'm -- Then you're able to do this podcast and I hope maybe got leads to more talk about soccer on their VI on on the other radio stations on TV because. It's growing band and people can you know. One -- deny that it is silent they're wrong I. I hate to -- their wrong and it and eventually people like you -- are gonna get I wish it was gonna have more talk about the game we're gonna see it more here from Boston. Well let's let's let our audience that are. Small audience in our little secret what we're what we're planning and you don't know exactly what it is yet but I'm gonna break it down for him you're gonna like this so. Once the World Cup starts this is our plan. We're gonna go into the studio at 2 PM Monday we're gonna lock the hosts out and you and I will just jump in sort of a World Cup. I was an -- out. I'm doubt without bad stuff after a substitute Catania I wouldn't -- -- -- -- locked up but not good demand. That is we will do that one day it will happen this summer I guarantee it. And I might get fired it's okay though it'll be worth it because -- -- dent in the newspaper forward and we'll get real. Real honest decent soccer talk on air or I don't care it's -- five minutes good true soccer talk on W it's gonna happen. OK okay what -- Obviously. A lot to do but I don't want to expired then I don't wanna see. Get fired either I probably won't I can probably -- -- I couldn't convince them to send me to resort probably convince them to be five minutes. I can make it worth while. Well you know -- I'm down -- talking about but so are drawn under the eyes you know if you wanna do that sometimes you note you know where I am and I'm I'm available for that. Russ where where else can we I hear you on a weekly basis. Sure. For small and much work out of Russia disgruntled when you can actually hear my -- -- doing. And a few hours' time it's called. -- talked at all possible that you can actually access it on. -- talk radio dot com you can download on iTunes and stitcher radio that's where you can hear me. I believe or not they also ban patriots. Digits podcast is well -- forced into you can download that and those places and on blog talk -- dot com. All right you do -- Republicans from Britain football's like every sport jacket and I do love soccer but I'm football -- -- Prediction Saturday night -- that's what's gonna happen. You know what I I've already predicted this domestic but this I think it's going to be closed for the first but really believe that because I I. I really have. You know I have stayed simply an update in a different way Obama is reluctant and I think he's the real -- I've actually wrote about and several years ago called and the next Brady. I think he's got to prove me right. I think they'll keep the clots. But I think again with the conditions being rain you know being you know it's going to be tough out there that he's gonna have a hard time throwing the ball a little bit. Because there are going to be some wind -- and I think eventually the patriots will. Will extend this game extend the lead and I see the patriots when he and I predicted 3470. Our rights -- Figure in 21. Or 1714. At half time -- -- I like it I'm pretty much right there with yeah I think it's going to be 31 to twenty. The tape for the pats and I I think they'll be heading to Denver next weekend which would be the dream scenario. Brady Manning could be the last one I hope it's not. By that it's it's a rivalry that encompasses generation. And it's been going on for over ten years now so it it's the best rivalry in the last twenty years of football wise thanks so. -- and up if you don't like analysis but what about Bob that rivalry I actually went to the very first -- in game. The old. Foxboro Stadium I identify. On form one for a while we're Brady -- over me headaches. And these gains are epic in the want to have Woolsey about Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks of all time probably the best regular season quarterback of all time. But something happened in the playoffs so -- we'll see what happens we'll just leave it at that. All right Russ thank you very much for joining me Dennis Ross Goldman. And you can follow him on Twitter at Ross underscored Goldman you can follow me. On Twitter young Ben WEEI you'll get a lot out of me but just corresponding. To -- are trying to repackage and dumped on trying to stop me -- hit that crap. Does he probably well but Russ thank you very much again for joining me and I will get -- -- here soon I want you to do this in studio with me. All right touches and -- thanks guys listen.

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