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Peter King, SI: Previews NFL divisional weekend

Jan 10, 2014|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni from Seattle to preview the playoff weekend in the NFL and talk about some keys to each game.

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We go through we go to Seattle on like this. Peter King the Monday Morning Quarterback. Sports Illustrated and CNN QB dot com. On location in Seattle Peter King how -- you. Everything's going great -- every year we got Andrew Luck we got Tom Brady we got Saturday night. Peter it's. It's the match up the we've been talking about all week here we started today talking about Andrew Luck saw -- each gets a lot of accolades he would. People can bear did Joseph Montana. It did it's its own GM. Take Michael Jordan like a late in games that we received from Andrew Luck these first two years an all time great to make. Well you know. 898. Eight there's always can go back to her the Parcells is -- -- -- -- better. He say about guys who were really good read -- You know don't put him in Kenya. But there's very few guys -- you would look at early in your career and say that. Although it might be a fluke you know like like Andrew Luck and I think most people look at him right now and -- He's on his way to have that they're having you know top and when he. Quarterback career. And I think the biggest unions. And a I mean here's a couple of a couple of -- in the east so precocious about the game he knows so much about. It -- reasoning -- Because obviously you're dead as a pro quarterback and I think he also learned the other side the team also. You learn the lean side you learn. You know you're nothing literature teammates. And that it you know the immediate part of it doesn't matter I never forget a year ago going Indianapolis. At all. Trucks -- in England the colts were really hot. And I said they were. We're probably you know intimacy they lose this we were partly you're putting -- welcome recover. So I mean is there anyway I can get some -- -- them like. You know -- go to dinner with -- one day this week. You know or spent some time at home -- government. Lava and then -- would need for photo shoot now this came back. He give you fifteen minutes of the facility there's been nine after Thursday afternoon after practice. And it would not I didn't take personally it was a rude it was suggests. You know you are gonna do any of that stuff now be Monday in the future. He will you know say -- -- -- meters something but it's not. -- he's had agreed right now to set himself apart from the crowd so I think. I think more than anything into it yet. Yeah -- I think I think he gets it and I think you will be one of the greats to discuss we have an earlier is he right now I mean obviously Manning. The first couple years you knew you're looking at but he wasn't may be that guy and he had the great comeback last week but we can't forget the first happened. And last year is it do you expect greatness out of Andrew Luck you're on Saturday night walked away going wow. I think one of the one of the reasons why I skeptical that. Equally wanna -- you know when you look back -- your career where I'm skeptical played one of his great games. Is that you know personally got hit quite a bit this season so I think the patriots are probably going to be able to pressure. And -- secondly there it completely you -- you'll you'll be able some good things against their passing game. You know he's not been averse to making some huge mistake sort of the first airports. You know where he was actually outplayed by Alex -- You know and -- early in the third quarter so I mean I kind of look at him right now and just say. I think he can be great any week but I also think he can still make mistakes as -- still learning and again. Peter you join us couple weeks ago when he said this is the the the season that this is the post season joint cattlemen ghosts and everyone's. Household and shows who he is I we all expected that to be Danny in and dole and I look at the way that. Animal was so featured and I think the defense is including chuck the goggles on Saturday -- -- focus on Julian element I think. -- a big post season and a big game Saturday for -- dole if settlement is covered the way the golf seems to cover Wes Welker. I would agree with -- -- because clearly. There there and you know I don't know if you're going to be able to cover. Julian element because you know the way the ways it truck now want to cover her very simple reason. I think for the last month of the season. -- seen. Teens. Eat you don't really try different things you know return to cover Julian settlement. And you know to devote a lot of time and energy in people. The covering Julian element but. If you're Tom bring the outlook and -- this week. Okay the last six weeks of the season. -- targeted Julian settlement at least nine times every game. And if you look at what has happened in the last six weeks if you -- draw a line of demarcation. Before. That Denver game because that was you know that that was it. The ten -- point of the season for the patriots. And then you look at that. And he basically safe from that point on the last sixteen doesn't see they got right thing and KeyCorp 53 ball. The last six weeks. So you know again. You section nine involved -- game and team out there are devoting time -- energy. People that try to cover you and two out of every three times that Tom Brady looks that you completing a pass. I mean I think I'm basically saying that I have a lot of respect for chart but I'd be really really good coach. And I think that strategically they're good the car. But I did I mean I think also. That I like Mike Patton. In buffalo -- like eating peas. In Baltimore. Like Kevin Coyle in Miami in the last three weeks -- when he -- ball so I just think. It's easy to say we're gonna try to take him out of the game but people have been able to do. Peter British -- season ending hi all our it's -- guess in the shows that it you know if anybody Donald Brown. But -- derby because he's guy we've relied on spend their every single week force whether you agree with that or not but the point is that. Running the football hasn't -- season one of their strengths but can't it be with a guy like spikes but going down -- much you worried about the rushing defense. Well I would just say that I understand. What everybody has seen about how. Because I mean everybody is sort of well you know looking -- what he would do it then and they -- in huge trouble. -- -- look at Donald brown. And you know I mean you know anyway. He in the last. Season in the last few weeks I mean you don't have to run it a lot but -- run it. Very productively. You know Heidi hurt her. You know Faraci averaged over -- for the year I think what has happened in this post eaten. Is that you know if I'm. You know it kind of the at a table and the colts. I'm saying -- -- you know I want Donald brown and Trent Richardson to have very prominent roles. In this game plan in part because we like keep it away from Tom Brady and also in part. Because you know this team this year the patriots. Our -- vulnerable against the run they've shown a week after week they're you know they're surrendering -- -- have to care so. I wouldn't necessarily. Mean I think everybody. And you understand because of the marquee value quarterbacks. They're making -- mean drew our number eight game and well could be. But I think he could also be -- now virtually every game as well. We're talking leader. It's bright -- -- -- great Peter King is joining us let's talk about the weakening general Peter you are in Seattle of the four. Home teams this weekend well let's Pete Sampras Cisco. Carolina aside because that. And that's such a close game the other three it's a pretty big favorites when you look at Vegas what a surprise in the most what road team going in -- two win of those three teams that the go to Seattle went to Denver and to win -- what would surprise you the most this weekend. Probably New Orleans coming here and winning I mean. If you look at the the defender. Diego game I think anybody would be -- that the outcome here. It is not keen attention to gains this year Denver 48 and Diego forty -- San Diego has tripled the rushing yards. The dead bird goes when they played against each other this year so you know anybody thinks that. Diego is a jarring an underdog -- disparate and watched games this I don't know Edgar could win by one now. But I think San Diego's got shot here I would pick Denver burning and -- yogurt shop and the Indianapolis has shut anybody. -- does. You know even that he you know basically put 35 points on the board. In 25 minutes or whatever they did last week. You know I've got tremendous respect for their offense. To be able to score a -- New Orleans I definitely think this -- pregnancy a lot of areas that the wind but since then. About this game. Drew Brees threw two interceptions in each of the last three. Road games. He ends and that the four road games from here was game at Seattle where he -- lousy at eight to. And so. I would just be surprised that they -- but I wouldn't be sharp because we ball he Drew Brees played great. Jimmy grain markets -- -- in a weapon but I think the home field advantage plus the fact -- was over to see art facility yesterday. And that not only did. -- urban and the great practice. And his running the best that anybody. In the organization has seen him since the day at the trees you know last spring. Bought a car it's you know he -- See you something right now that nobody else has at this time in the post he's been with cheers. A legitimate boost from a guy hasn't been around the whole year. Peter judgment day has pulled himself water running for the head job to go in Cleveland was that him not being -- did -- him seeing the writing on the wall. I think it was more of the former. I think just being you look -- it Lou and 37 years old. And basically -- run out of Denver. So he understands that. That he probably. Has one chance at being head coach. If if he's unsuccessful -- in his career. So I think part of it was dark -- realizing that might wake up. When he gets fired by Cleveland. And UB40 one years old and don't know that next one here got to be assistant coach on his part in the NFL. -- probably never gonna you know averaging. I think part of it was that. -- on target to others. I mean he loves being -- is absolutely loved it. And -- if you feel like you're coaching your -- right now we air it would have to be great situation now to be fair. I'm not sure the browns would require adjustment in. Because even -- -- have one -- -- last week for seven and a half hours. You know in New England last Saturday. Even though they had -- meeting. And Jimmy hasn't really like we've seen -- he also understands that in some ways they're tired -- -- -- a bit of a PR wire. Because. You can't -- -- coach. And get rowdy in the press conference. By that I mean you can't have eighteen medical treatment at Cleveland plain dealer and the Akron Beacon Journal all the TV radio station. Sing this -- still want to hire you can't do it. Better -- a lot of people who would say where -- -- failed to the only art music coach and it felt so. There and that I think -- on the -- Peter great stuff should be a really fun weekend of football starts to moral. In Seattle forty coverage all week and on Monday Morning Quarterback on the Monday morning.

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