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Mark Wahlberg joins D&C to talk about the release of Lone Survivor

Jan 10, 2014|

Wahlberg chats with Gerry, Kirk and the Big O about the release of Lone Survivor. Wahlberg explains the challenges in portraying a Navy Seal and talks about his upcoming projects.

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If you do not know. The plot line for this -- and of course it is a Colorado it is -- -- -- -- Marcus throw unless real -- You almost died four of -- friends did in this in this movie well the wrong -- -- pre you know nineteen Navy SEALs actually blowing up and he was talking about the match you were three -- survived and obviously they were going yen. The take out a Taliban. Leader in -- -- -- shown. And then. He ends up having somebody who takes eminently Afghans. Take him into one of the villages. -- trial a -- -- big goal line. And rescued him cared forum. And lied for him stock up for him and obviously saved the guy's life and apparently. It's a very graphic movie that's whatever it sure you know you grabbed a new book rate but on film. It's a very raw book coming in almost reads like Marcus wrote it himself musical Ryder. But he has some attitude on meet today he has some attitude and I think. The that the center of the story is these four guys on this mission there and train Navy SEALs are obviously. You know sneaking in there try to find this Taliban commander and they come across three goat herders the called goat herds could goat herders. You know free farmers one is fourteen years old and they have this moral dilemma. Do we kill them. And live and finished the mission do we let them go and hope for the best tournament we tied them up and maybe by axles and other or will they let them go. And it was a missed it within hours after that they are all there weren't -- Taliban that doubled and rent and I think Americans speak for Marcus hopefully we'll talk to him soon. I think he lives every day with a very. Disturbing regret that regret is that he didn't put a bullet in the head of a fourteen year old bull. But in this book and he lays -- out what choice did they have you know the choices. Let them go and die which three of his friends did. Or kill them and live in their mind that was it they let the ago and they died and I think he regrets and I think he's big problem. Throughout the book to a story is the rules of engagement you know that every time they think and two and some -- say what -- the lawyers get involved here what do we read about this the New York Times. They truly live with that fear with that apprehension that everything they do will be scrutinized back home by the media. And he has more than one rent in this book and elephants in the movie. More than one -- in his book against. The media back home in the states and how they were -- everything they do. It sounds like it's going to be an amazing movie opens nationwide tonight it's called lone survivor -- star Boston's own Mark Wahlberg joins us. Live right now on the AT&T phone line -- mark could talk together how REM. Morning calm I saw you in an interview here awhile back saying that in you've done a lot of things in your career for old and a lot of different roles and a lot of different type of a plot you've called this year most satisfying movie role -- -- process play Oakland certainly the most important because you know we're paying tribute to these guys industrialised every data provided the freedom you know. Some of us have a tendency to take for granted it. And he goes at first I was part of -- -- that it wasn't about my own individual gold as an actor. It was about paying tribute to these guys and being part of something that was far more important anymore and individuals. You know extra experience. What was it like mark playing -- navy seal. With real Navy SEALs watching every move you make. Pretty intense pretty intimidating -- you know we know we're all committed doing the right thing and these are the kind of guys and impressed with terrorism. You know you -- earn their respect and -- their -- -- goes to a price pressure on them what you're gonna give. And what you're gonna put out there and you know once you do that you're you're welcome with open arms and being not being welcomed France's -- -- community of very special honor. What I'm looking American Iran to -- page market that kind of amazed -- -- restart at -- you are now what point in your career you get the start to kind of do whatever you want because now you can pick and choose your roles he produced what was the turning point view. In your crew became a guy who had kind of control the whole thing. -- -- a couple -- -- -- a couple of pivotal moment but I think that was the word decided to just take full control and start making decisions based on my own agenda. Was kind of right after our -- departure alien planet of the apes. It was like. You know I was being offered a lot of things that I was able to pick and choose but I was choosing based on the filmmakers approach to the material on the part of Arafat audience as well -- wanted to ceemea. You know both of those movies I chose. Because of the director not necessarily -- can make a remake of planet or truth about Charlie. But. You know to that I just decided that's going to do invincible for a Brothers in the departed. And I -- just make -- -- -- -- people enjoy seeing in the federal I wanted to develop. I'll tell me this market you're reading the book while a reading the script. You think Marcus Latrell in the four others should have shot the goat herders. I don't think they wouldn't made that decision I think that that's a more important on the market that he would rather be -- eleven -- -- his brother's -- But these guys wouldn't have to understand. -- -- -- They're warriors they didn't look for the so called right they -- doing -- An insurmountable. They wanna go 400 against four. So no I don't think there would I think they wouldn't it chose it's you know you know actual effect of compassion let them go and engage. And not in the big fight that's what they wanted and unfortunate that it didn't work out favor. I thought it was a great read by you with the AF fife last year couple months ago when you're asked about that how rough and rigorous this training was. As an actor to performance. As a navy seal did you (%expletive) off a lot of people in in Hollywood when you were when you did -- Probably put -- my concern -- that you know sitting there next markets which are watching this movie and I couldn't think about art experience in the movie Arkansas I think about. Without him having to relive. What he went through real life friends and you know his Brothers never coming home. And you know there have been able to watch the movie that was -- -- watch other movies have been a part of politic about what those guys went through. And -- and it's so that just kind of changed things for me and I was guilty of that myself you know it recorded the fighter. And I -- for three years and our car -- -- along the token there's nothing compared to what they do. And an Indian in my world. Yes -- -- more difficult than anything has been a part of you know -- diving into his training these guys have been up that mountain for as long as we work. It certainly the most difficult thing I did but he can't compare to what they don't. -- July and was something after the F files it was -- yet -- the line was something like wanted to go home and eat chicken at the end of the day actors get to do you think of you or do you think you could be a -- You know what it's easy for me to say that from here you know like I you know. There was a couple -- but I don't know if that's particularly special individual. Two it's become a -- and you know all the deals will say you know when they walk in the room. The first kind of approach training that he uses so the guys that don't back that can make it up because gonna make it because they have all the physical attributes that are in the first -- during the -- It's kind of weird kind of corner -- -- it isn't physically imposing a user has mental toughness to talk about. You know like -- -- like to think tonight I looked like a real deal made those guys proud you know that was my chops up. And -- Ted -- was ago right that's gonna happen. Where to go obvious in this great hope that cold weather too much longer. That -- all signed up they got him on the contrary. At this -- that was an easy you know he's he's a bit they tricked him into -- you know four picture deal from the beginning because I. It was Ernie quite when your -- demo we read the script he said Keyes you know is this is this actually gonna work can this happen. Remaining time it's one of those things glad to distort my gut you know because when I started reading it you know you can effect it would -- they tell you the idea -- retirement. It was brilliant and I can only tell you the subject rather -- an idea and it's. It felt pretty crazy out there. And start reading it wrong and pages and you forget to -- had a very I think it's just what a great buddy comedies of all time. And then and then you realize again though it is about talking -- and assistants. But you've got to go to your gut and not thankfully I didn't. It sounds like a fine line a real fine line you probably don't know. It's -- you'll actually see the reaction on your execution. Yeah I mean every single person that ever made a movie has -- the intention of making the best possible versions that -- I can guarantee that. But it doesn't -- about where. Tell us that did the did the girls' names one after another how many takes that'd take -- Was that written on teleprompter funny how did you do that. No I actually spent a long time learning those lines and it was the most difficult piece of dialogue -- I've ever learn because it's just. Fifty cent and random names that have no connection anything whatsoever. Not destroy the old girlfriends. You know according repatriate them could Dakotas and event business to do that -- like -- tried to duplicate different things or take pictures. Or just think there's another magazine to put a name to that base and and do that sort of thing. And the you know I kept doing that it was just it still wasn't lead you lead locking in the way you know normal artwork. I figured it was all in all your old girlfriends from Dorchester and this reeled them off. You know what I did slip a couple of them as. Flat. You know. Not all okay you want him back and releasing a list and maybe listening remember. It doesn't which is about it and it. Rihanna amber screen about it because here David Crystal Smith autumn ruby Cilic are here we are actually anxious tell Courtney -- Jenny. Could that mean nowhere else -- between every indicator because -- over the decade. Once finalized a one final thing you do this reality show now with your brother a poll with the -- with the restaurants and mom. Mom's gonna be a star now yes. Yes you are you concerned are you concerned about this. I am well are concerned about where he goes -- goes the -- Because necessary demanding makeup and hair people and I'm not concerned about the show because it's an amazing. Story that America and they try to build a business. It's not Jersey Shore. It's quality television. Certainly wouldn't spend all these years -- -- vibrant just sort of where it was system you know exploitation. Reality show. But -- the big difference that I had to my Brothers superstar chef. And we're trying to build -- new business that we can build in our community. To pass on from generation to generation and we're very cute about the show was fantastic people going to be very very surprised. I Marcus Latrell meets Micky ward and dark Gailey who comes out alive. Who would have just they market to -- out. -- publicist says he's he's he's all right. Market like fiction picture it and it's that they worry about that at all with your -- trying to play a guy who's a lot -- knew that even a factor. I'm not playing. You know Larry Bird where people aren't that familiar with market. And all the other kind of guys were big guys and all the other actors are all color different size or tried to and so. You know no that wasn't a concern I think it really comes down to be believed like even when I played Micky ward -- on our network our -- 190. They keep part of 142 run shot that movie but it might want to 65. But all the other guys around the same way to tell. So you have no shot at -- Larry berg story that you recommend. I it must you've got a long way good luck with all lone survivor people are already raving about it we wish the best of luck with a and it's always good talking again I have at Atlanta have a good one. Mark Wilbur ware a time like with a field on to the old days and it's. I Mike and Matt -- going to be -- at -- and I apologize thanks for coming and yeah no I did not know the high bid for the election. -- 500 -- excellent 45. Over the it was us it was great seeing you guys assume you'll hear from me. Pretty. Good deal that you know fell overboard or decide settled down in Saint -- will be given to call if I tune into your show we YouTube and Marsha yes he'll go let's say we think people that money minute LB I'll be here will be talking about the excellent title game chargers patriot -- -- -- -- -- must -- your -- in the other -- they want to do crossover. That's it and the other great seeing you guys. Are having -- -- everybody out there thank you.

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